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Moscow State Historical and Ethnographic Theater

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 06 october on Finist-Clear Falcon

Very pleased!

Oksana was 27 june on Tale of a good Mary ...

Children laughed, helped, experienced and empathized. For the parent, more is not necessary. Plus huge in the selection of music and songs! All images are vivid, memorable. Cock, Stepmother and daughter, Baba Yaga pleased. Maryushka is a beauty and a real Russian girl. I strongly advise you from the very young age, the plot is fascinating. Although mine is almost seven years old, I still liked it. Theater adore this one!

Natal`ya was 29 november on Tushino

A beautiful theater and a wonderful performance for those who are not indifferent to the words "spirituality" and "patriotism," for whom the indissoluble connection of Russian history, culture, mentality with Orthodoxy and who our sources are dear are indisputable.

Galina was 12 october on Lyceum pupil

Great performance! Denis Beresnev is a very talented actor. He also impressed the theater itself, an amazing state when viewed. Be sure to come to a children's play with a 7-year-old daughter. Many thanks for a great evening.

Lenajet was 07 december on Zimove animal

I am delighted with the performance, an excellent performance of actors, colorful costumes, an interesting story, music. We watched the performance with a child of 4.5 years (slightly younger than the stated age), but the topic was clear.

Nino was 15 june on Lyceum pupil

In the play "The pupil of the Lyceum" really talented young actors play Pushkin (D. Beresnev), Pushchina, Kuchelbekera, Delviga.Trugatelnye Dasha and Masha. The young are young!

Elena was 18 january on Zimove animal

Excellent, I liked it very much

Ekaterina was 17 june on Comedy about Frol Skobeev

The performance is just wonderful, really great comedy! Initially went with her husband to this performance to just diversify the evening and did not particularly expect that the performance would surprise us with something, but it turned out that this performance is just a find! The actors' play is simply amazing, lots of funny moments and an excellent story. The performance was looked at in one breath and did not want the story to end, all the heroes were very fond of it. Also I want to note perfectly chosen costumes that are completely tolerated in that era of Russian life, where all customs and traditions were observed, besides the atmosphere in the theater plunges you into the world of hospitality, during the intermission all spectators are treated with tasty mint tea. Thanks to all the staff and actors of this beautiful theater, we will definitely visit your other performances, I hope there will be a similar good impression from other productions.

Irina was 02 october on Cossack action

A wonderful performance. We received great pleasure. There are almost no dialogues in it, but there are songs. Cossack songs that touch to the depths of the soul. Break a tear. Shivers run through the skin from the voices. Thank you very much to all the actors for the game.

Tat`yana was 21 december on As a Frenchman took Moscow

I really liked the historical and ethnographic theater with its warm, soulful atmosphere, a great game of actors. And the play "As a Frenchman took Moscow" is worth seeing everyone: both adults and children. A real Russian word! The spirit of patriotism!

Elena was 24 june on Marya-Morevna and Kashchei the Immortal

Good afternoon! My daughter (2 and a half years) attended the play Marya Morevna and Kashchei Immortal. They liked everything. The daughter watched the tale without stopping. The only remark from my grandmother - behind the sitting family, which rustled the whole performance, crunched, chewed. But this is already dependent on the culture of the viewer. The fairy tale and atmosphere in the theater pleased us. We will continue to be your audience! Sincerely, Elena

Uriy was 07 september on By the pike's will

Ladies and gentlemen! We liked the performance. Immediately bought tickets for October. Thank you for starting the show with rhythmic music and "turning on" the audience. This is important for small viewers, so as not to be afraid of the dark hall. In my opinion, the light from the stroboscope from children's plays 0+ can be removed. It will be great if the cafe at the theater will work. Thanks again for the emotions. Gorodilov Yuri

Roman was 08 march on Folk mosaic

Wonderful, many thanks!

Elena was 03 june on Tale of a good Mary ...

How was it unexpected to get to a spectacular performance in the theater of your district! The actors are wonderful. All the staff is very kind. Fairy tale, although old, but the director introduced modern jokes. It turned out great. The hall is also excellent. The amphitheater is made so that even the babies are all clearly visible from the last rows !!! In short, we can not get enough of what is awesome place in ten minutes walk from our house!

Elena was 19 january on Russian calendar

Thank you, I liked it very much.

Ekaterina was 25 january on Tale of a good Mary ...

Good and good performance

Natal`ya was 06 may on As a Frenchman took Moscow

A wonderful performance, combining the talent and work of the director and actors, respect for Russian history, a remarkably subtle reflection of the Russian national mentality.

Anna was 20 october on By the pike's will

Thank you! I liked it very much

Only for children
Only adults
129327, Moskva, Rudnevoy ul., 3
03 h 00 min


Performance for the 210th birthday of Alexander Pushkin

Duration: 3 hours with intermission

Director: Mikhail Mizyukov

Artists: Olga Sokolova, Mikhail Mizyukov

Actors: Dmitry Sergin, Svetlana Shchegolkova, Victor Pristmatov, Sergey Vasiliev, Igor Stam, Oleg Gusev, Roman Bulatov, Natalia Mikhailova, Anastasia Solovyova, Lyudmila Kopnina, Vitalina Demchenko, Dmitry Kolygo, Anton Paramonov, Anton Chudetsky, Natalya Mikheeva, Pavel Suetin, Vasily Dyshko, Nikolai Antropov and others.

Tickets: 300-500 rubles.

The 210th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin is dedicated to

Pushkin is a symbol of our national self-consciousness, the center of our culture, and precisely because of this performance of this great poet of Russia appeared in the repertoire of the Moscow State Historical and Ethnographic Theater.

The artistic director of the theater, Mikhail Mizyukov, opened for all of us the play by Andrey Platonov "The Lyceum Student" written in 1950 and acquainting the viewer with the beautiful period of Pushkin's youth - the period of his studies in the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, which has become a time of fervent youthful dreams and the first poetic experiments. Strictly speaking, Pushkin is here - the same age as those young schoolchildren, who will come today to the auditorium.

In the course of the story, we get acquainted with his closest surroundings, getting into the Petersburg house of Olga Pushkin's sister Olga. We see his nurse Arina Rodionovna, who was the poet's greatest spiritual affection and replaced his mother. We will also see Uncle Pushkin Vasily Lvovich, as well as Pushkin's famous friend Pyotr Chaadayev. We will also meet with the famous poet Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky, who highly valued the poems of the young Alexander.

We have to plunge into the real atmosphere of the lyceum life, recreated vividly and accurately. To see personally the famous Lyceum friends of Pushkin - Ivan Puschina, Wilhelm Kuchelbecker and Anton Delvig - whom we will get to know and love.

We will see the famous scene of the lyceum exam, in which the young Sasha for the first time publicly read his "Memoirs in Tsarskoe Selo". Dreaming of freedom in Russia, the liberation of the people from serfdom, Pushkin in 1820 sent to the southern exile. It is at this point that the play ends. Ahead in front of the young poet is a long way through all of Russia, which is now his home.

Grant of the city of Moscow for the development of theatrical and musical art, addressed to the younger generation


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