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Theater of Dramatic Improvisations

Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 19 april on A happy ending. Premiere!

I would work on the mise en scene and the emotional component) but thanks for the interesting experience

Sergey was 12 may on Stormy days

The performance was fun and very much.

Anna was 29 december on NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION

I liked both the performance and the clockwork clown before the performance. At the presentation of a good atmosphere, a wonderful grandfather Frost, beautiful Snow Maiden, daughter liked the fox Ludwig. Thank you very much for the New Year mood!

Alena was 31 october on Cat in the Boots

Many thanks to the cast! My daughter and I were delighted. Everything is great, I liked everything.

Aleksandr was 04 january on Cylinder

Thank you, I liked it, thanks for the interesting performance, there is something to think about

Igor` was 22 march on Room for a lonely man

I liked it, especially the role of Lyudmila. Thank you.

Oksana was 30 march on A meeting in the suburbs

I really liked the performance, a great game of actors, I highly recommend it!

Uliya was 16 march on Warsaw melody

Great performance! Very lyrical and beautiful. There remains a good aftertaste.

Elena was 15 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

The performance is excellent, the actors play superbly, naturally, fervently, give all 100! Very positive, life-affirming, really liked, looks at one go, creates a holiday atmosphere. My son was also ecstatic (he was 20), although he went to the play with skepticism, he thought that the children's tyagomotina, but later did not want to leave, so we plan to go to the next play at the Moscow Art Theater.

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Theatrical New Year
Saint-Petersburg.  Theatrical New Year12+
Purchased earlier: 9
from 500 rubles
About Hedgehog and Bear cub. PREMIERE!
Purchased earlier: 21
from 400 rubles
Pygmalion. Premiere.
Saint-Petersburg.  Pygmalion. Premiere.12+
Purchased earlier: 28
from 500 rubles
Moy mug - Fedor Dostoevskiy. Prem`era!
from 400 rubles
Saint-Petersburg.  Bankrupt12+
Purchased earlier: 39
from 500 rubles
Profession of Mrs. Warren
Saint-Petersburg.  Profession of Mrs. Warren16+
Purchased earlier: 30
from 500 rubles
Cat in the Boots
Saint-Petersburg.  Cat in the Boots1+
Purchased earlier: 99
from 400 rubles
The lord who pays
Saint-Petersburg.  The lord who pays18+
Purchased earlier: 171
from 500 rubles
Magnificent cuckold
Saint-Petersburg.  Magnificent cuckold12+
Purchased earlier: 20
from 500 rubles
We choose, we are chosen
Saint-Petersburg.  We choose, we are chosen6+
Purchased earlier: 54
from 400 rubles
silver wedding
Saint-Petersburg.  silver wedding12+
Purchased earlier: 41
from 500 rubles
Grishkin's books
Saint-Petersburg.  Grishkin's books4+
Purchased earlier: 45
from 400 rubles
The Gull
Saint-Petersburg.  The Gull12+
Purchased earlier: 77
from 500 rubles
With love, do not joke! PREMIERE!
Purchased earlier: 42
from 500 rubles