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Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 31 december on My darling

They watched the whole family on December 31, 2014. The performance is well-directed, the actors play - at the highest level! I advise you to look, do not regret it!

Irina was 06 august on My darling

Good afternoon. Actor's game is of high quality, but a little overplayed. The production is somewhat vulgar. Generally speaking, the time flies quickly, not boringly, but does not give a positive charge for the rest of the evening. For work - thanks !!!

Dmitriy was 06 august on My darling

The comedy itself and the production is beyond praise. But the scene did not like.

Lubov` was 26 march on Men in slippers

I watched the performance on March 26 in the "Meridian". Simply super! So great an actor's game that I'm overwhelmed with emotions! Thank you so much for your work! Ilyin, Poroshina and Feklistov Actors with a capital letter! Very subtle, heartfelt, ironic! !!

Elena was 26 march on Men in slippers

And the men in the house slippers were very good! In the annotation to the statement it is written that the performance is easy and funny. And he seemed to me also very deep, incredibly touching. Only at first glance this is a story about a love, not even a triangle, but a square, about the typical, charming henpecked, who are so wonderfully played by Andrei Ilyin and Sergei Kolesnikov. In fact, everything is deeper. This is a story about faithfulness, the warmth of friendship and the cold of loneliness. On how important it is to make a right choice in life, choice by heart! About how terrible it is to be alone in this sometimes very unjust and cruel world. "I once read that lonely people live less than married people, and I was scared," Ilyin's hero shares with a friend. This fact forced him to associate his life with a woman whom he really did not like, but was afraid to admit it to himself. And the hero Kolesnikov, who had just come out of prison, where he had unfairly spent more than a year, tells how behind the bars he was desperately envious of real, venerable bandyugans. He was envious, because they were visited by friends. And to him for all the time, no one visited, no wife, who immediately filed for divorce, no adult son, no turning away in an instant friends, no one .... And yet the performance is not at all tragic, it is with a lot of light, good humor, with a funny-sounding topic of henpecked. Oh. How beautiful Ilyin is! Very thin, deep and versatile actor. Surprised and Sergei Kolesnikov, playing the tragedy of his hero somehow very light. In the role of the main character Jeanne Epple shone enchantingly. Her Anna - moderately snap, slightly more than moderately - scandalous, and also eccentric, sexy, extravagant .... in a word, a true woman. I will not retell all the twists and turns of the plot, suddenly you will see this performance.

Uliya was 24 jule on Men in slippers

A wonderful performance. An excellent actor's play !!!!

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