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Feedbacks from viewers
Tatiana was 06 november on It's time to live

in fact, this is an escape. to another city, to the theater. when it is so necessary. see how others run away. to breathe quietly and not to interrupt the tinnitus on stage, to see cities and countries, houses locked and open. He is a racer, a dude and a rational waster of habits, accidentally (by chance?) Exchanged this for more “suddenly”, “illogical” and “so truly” in his life. She is a soul, striving for freedom, which, on the one hand, understands that there is no way to get away from this intrusive and alluring acquaintance with the inevitable, and on the other ... it is ready for the present day to dive into the whirlpool with its head, without regretting anything. she is afraid of the night, but Night is fighting for her, defending the right to life the next day. strikingly beautiful, straight-line hints, with the light capturing details, adding the necessary shade to them

Svetlana was 17 september on Bride on call or misunderstanding on stiletto heels

I did not like the performance, the plot does not hold, we sat through to the end with difficulty. The indicator was that after the intermission, much less people remained and during the second act people got up and left.

Karina was 10 october on Bride on call or misunderstanding on stiletto heels

Beautiful performance. Very interesting story, looked at one breath. I liked the acting of the actors, it felt like they were your best friends telling a story that happened to them the other day. Recommended for viewing

Karina was 10 october on Bride on call or misunderstanding on stiletto heels

the performance really liked. easy and with good actors. a wonderful story. I recommend

Tat`yana was 04 october on It's time to live

A wonderful play of actors! Very deep setting. Choreography at the highest level. Interesting director's findings.

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