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Theater "Cherry Orchard" A.Vilkina

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 18 march on Million under the contract

March 17, 2019 watched the play "Million contract". I liked the performance. If you want to spend a pleasant evening watching a good English play, watching the play of two great actors, then you are here.

Dmitriy was 28 january on Sacred Beasts

Alas, disappointment. The performance is the most boring. The finale is worthy of a cheap TV show. The performer of the main male role played indistinctly, with one expression on his face and spoke ate audibly.

Yakusheva was 24 october on Pippi Long Stocking

We went with a girl of 8 years. Loved it. Communication of artists with the kids in the hall, the play of actors, the modern hall and the new building. We are going to Aladdin. Recommended.

Mariya was 01 october on Old-fashioned comedy

Very pleasant and sincere performance. Thank you very much for the pleasure given to the magnificent actors Olga Shirokova and Vadim Raikin.

Elena was 24 september on Aladdin (based on the tales of the "1001th Night")

In general, the performance was like: an interesting story, beautiful costumes, young merry artists. The most striking of them are the roles of the wizard Jaffar and the maid Zeynab. Technical solutions fully correspond to the "magic" plan. Well done! What I would like to wish: print beautiful programs. For such a vivid spectacle, it's rather poor. And in the theater there are no trivia)))

Oksana was 17 jule on The Twelfth Night

Thanks for a wonderful evening! Easy and interesting performance. Wonderful actors. Very nice and cozy theater.

Uliya was 18 april on My poor Marat

I'll run ahead and say that the play DOSTOYNY go all !! The truth is gathered, because it will not rest for the head, but a pleasant thoughtfulness and at times a smile on his face, but through sorrow and tears. Now I will write about what I did not like. The first time was in this theater. Just say the building is conveniently located right by the metro, but it feels like they are there temporarily, not their own building. The hall is on the 4th floor, the hall in front of the auditorium is interestingly executed, but there is absolutely no buffet. People in the intermission (and the play was going on for over three hours) stood in line with a single apparatus with coffee, not of very good quality. My phone is out of order, so there are no outlets anywhere. Somehow everything is not arranged. The hall itself is small, but it does not spoil. There are some remnants of scenery of another performance or rubbish visible behind the grid. There is no curtain, and he would have been by the way, would have created a boundary of perception - in general, some kind of unconstitutionality. Now about the performance "My poor Marat" chose by responses. Well, the play itself. Arbuzov simply could not write a bad play! I thought all the war is a tax, everything is bad and everyone died at the end. It was wrong! Three hours and full of pleasure. And for several days now I am impressed by the game of young actors. Although honestly I will not tell the main character, somehow both the voice and the type are not the same, but I did not spoil the general impression. This would be A-Agyreevu, Akinshin and it would be better. But the two main characters are something. How nice it was to look at them, do not be honest! Actors who play organically fit in their characters. I do not remember what their name is, but thank you. Marat is like Menshikov, with the same subtle humor, sarcasm and such slightly arrogant submission of himself, Leonidik is his antipode. Transition to the presentation of his feelings and thoughts in the third person - "He thought he was loved" - "He has no one left but you". compels, worries, regrets .. The actor plays great. Do you know how difficult it is to convey humor to dignity, through pain, doom ?! So he succeeds, but most importantly, no matter how vulnerable he is at the most nudge moments, he always behaves like a real man, I'll tell you honestly both the heroes are some "correct real men" you dream about, although everyone there is at least one, but a big minus, but they fade in front of their virtues. I personally wanted to meet, like Lika, such rare men on their way. In general, you can write a lot, not enough space. Exciting from the very first second and holds all 3 hours of the performance. I was sitting in the 5th row, but it's better to sit down at 1, where each movement, facial expressions, emotions would be seen to the smallest detail. On the 5th row, we had to lean forward to see through the heads. You do not believe in any falsity, any finesse, you believe them unconditionally, but what kind of humor? !!! Awesome. "The hands of the foot means the groom!". Guys are real talents. With a minimum of scenery, I would like to have more organizers, well, at least add curtains to the window when the postwar years come, flower on the windowsill, watch with a pendulum or cuckoo, carpet on the floor well, just poor, the actors completely their game, emotional background pass atmosphere of war, blockade, famine. Separately I will say that the Music and the video series are chosen amazingly "Architect of my soul", "Breathe", "last summer when I was alive" it seems Arbenin or night Snipers. Waltz is certainly not the same, rather weak, something better known than those times. All three - Lika, Marat, Leonidik and touching, and funny, and ridiculous. The whole drama of these people is that they lived in a different time from the present: they are more human, more educated, intelligent and lyrical. The times were hard, fatal and not that now, but then people were PEOPLE. Real, without masks, are respect and love. I will definitely read this play and once again I'll go see the play. I will advise everyone. Although it seems to me that the younger generation will be incomprehensible at the age of 16, unless they were raised by grandmothers and grandfathers and on the literature of Vampilov, Shukshin, Okudzhava and so on

Zritel was 15 february on A sad anecdote

Incredibly good performance, glorifying the eternal theme of a small man. We must live and not grieve, do not lose heart, however. And in the end, as this statement by A.Vilkin says, it's better to laugh than to cry. I personally absolutely agree with this.

Irina was 05 january on Christmas Eve

Were with my husband on December 28, just before the New Year! I liked everything very much! And the play. And the theater. Young actors are laid out, very interesting, there were many children, but they just sat with bated breath. I know how a teacher, what children are in the theater, and if they do not like. My husband was very pleased, he laughed heartily. Very interesting solutions for the director for some moments of the play.

Alla was 27 november on Christmas Eve

the performance was not liked. Artists are good fellows, the production is horrible. ALL THE CLASSIC OVERRIDED

Veronika was 24 november on Crime and Punishment

Great performance! The actors were impressed with the game 👍🏻

Ol`ga was 17 november on Tango Butterfly

Stunning theater, wonderful actors, very cozy atmosphere. I already watched several productions, but it was on this one that I was bored. An interesting story, a good game, but there are more interesting performances in this theater.

Anna was 08 march on Letters from the Earth

Amazing warmth of the idea of ​​love! Very touching performance, filled with subtle humor and poetry. Such in our uneasy time, when one negative film is pouring from the TV screens, it is simply necessary! Teaches to believe and love!

Irina was 18 september on Pippi Long Stocking

Went with children 10 years. I liked the performance. A wonderful play of actors, a cozy room, soft chairs. Peppy's gorgeous! Bloom, too))) A lot of interactive: soap bubbles, throwing balls into the hall under the enthusiastic cries of children, and so on. Children are happy, I also liked it. Thanks to the theater and artists. I recommend to everyone.

Uliya was 07 february on Tango Butterfly

Great performance, I advise! Cozy, comfortable atmosphere, Olga Shirokova gorgeously played! Thanks for a nice evening !!!

Uliya was 07 february on Tango Butterfly

"Butterfly" looked in October. Now, after a lapse of time, rethinking, I'm going to go again. Probably, there will be people who do not immediately understand the essence of the production - those who have not encountered such in life. But on those who by fate's will have witnessed or - God forbid! - a participant in similar events, "Tango Butterfly" makes an indelible impression! In the second act, many spectators cried, part sat, shocked by the plot and a stunning game of actors. Such performances are necessary for the modern world - with its indifference and cruelty. They make you think!

Uliya was 04 november on Glass Menagerie

One of my favorite performances in the ITC "Cherry Orchard"! I watched several times and I'll go again! Striking, emotionally-saturated action! Actors play amazing! A statement for those who are used to thinking about the causes and consequences of events happening around them. "Glass menagerie" touches on the burning issues - the conflict of fathers and children, the problem of disabled people, finding their place in life, psychological complexes and many others. To look necessarily!

Nasiba was 24 march on Glass Menagerie

The first time was at the Theater of Nations, to get acquainted with the theater the performance was chosen very successfully, from my point of view. Stunning performance of actors, the atmosphere created by the artist on stage, an excellent direction. It is delightful !!!

Anna was 18 february on Thirteenth Star

Went to the play with a friend. At first confused description - rabbits, parable, detective ... It would seem that there can be a common between them! As it turned out, nothing was feared!))) An exciting adventure, unusual scenery, charismatic characters! Actors are very colorful, unusually accustomed to the role. I will not disclose the plot, for that he is a detective))))

Svetlana was 17 june on Aladdin (based on the tales of the "1001th Night")

A wonderful performance, the family went to adults and children 17 and 7 years old, everyone liked it. Very fun, beautiful costumes. Thanks for a great time !!!

Svetlana was 16 june on Christmas Eve

Beautiful performance. Very interesting statement. Went with children 7 and 17 years, experienced as a child 7 years old sit out an evening performance, but time flew by. It was very fun, beautiful costumes, dances, songs. Highly recommend !!!

Zritel was 30 june on Old-fashioned comedy

The duet of Olga Shirokova and Vadim Raikin is a rare theatrical miracle in our time, for which viewers rush to the theater!

Tat`yana was 25 june on Million under the contract

Today I watched the amazing performance "One Million on Contract." There are only two actors, two wonderful actors. Beauty Valentine Emelyanova and an interesting man Rifat Safiullin. Secrets, riddles and of course love! Bravo to the artists! Bravo to the theater and the director!

Zritel was 05 may on Wolves and Sheep

A bright performance with impeccable acting. The play on Ostrovsky in the best traditions of the Russian theater.

Elena was 10 june on Crime and Punishment

06/10/2017 went to the play "Crime and Punishment" (Moscow Theater Center "Cherry Orchard"). Very convenient location of the theater, near the subway. The hall is small, cozy, the chairs are comfortable, there is no microphone on the stage. The performance was chic, throughout the action was in a state of numbness, when the artists bowed, it was difficult to return to the real world, there were deep feelings for the heroes. The setting is classical, which allows you to better understand the work "Crime and Punishment". All artists were perceived as real heroes, but I especially want to mention the work of Viktor Bochkov (the role of Marmalades) and Safiullin Rifat (the role of Svidrigailov). Those who wish to refresh the memory of Dostoevsky's novel, I recommend that you visit this play. Admiration has no limits, even the next day my son (18 years) discussed the idea of ​​the work and actions of the characters, and how genuinely the artists broadcast it on stage.

Tat`yana was 30 june on Old-fashioned comedy

A wonderful performance! It's amazing that there were a lot of young people in the hall, although the play is a little "old-fashioned". The actor's ensemble is amazing. Every time I get to this theater, I know that I'll go home in a fine mood.

Zritel was 29 june on Johnny and Hes

As they say in such cases, a very difficult, but very necessary for modern society performance, which can not be missed!

Ol`ga was 24 june on A sad anecdote!

This is a funny and sad story about the fate of the poor tailor Shimen-Ele (Sergei Kovalev), who goes to buy a goat And who would have thought that this very goat will play a fatal role in his life. Further more. Incongruous events and accidents, clinging one after another, grow into a long chain, entangling the protagonist so much that there is no road back. It would seem. Or is there still? What if, say, to return a goat? By the way, the goat liked me especially. Oh oooochen charming goat (Aksinya Oleynik)! However, the goat (Alexei Shchukin) is also not a mistake there! And all the rest! Theme-Gitl (Ludmila Kozhevnikova) so, in general, the fire! A goat as it was milked, ah! This must be seen! Personally, I was staring! This performance as a cabbage for the same goat, the closer to the finale, the more there are the most different interrelated events, and the more distinct the core, the essence and meaning of what is happening on the stage. Each event has a root cause. And humor, irony and the ability to laugh at themselves help to live and cope with difficulties. And I can not help noticing the excellent work of the choreographer (Maria Ostapenko). Dances, like nothing else, most emphatically emphasize the world of the national culture of the Jewish people. Well, the dreams of a poor tailor are absolutely beautiful! Go to the theater!

Zritel was 25 june on Million under the contract

On May 19, they watched the premiere performance "One Million on Contract." From the first minutes the performance fascinates, the plot enthralls and leads to itself. The acting duet of Valentina Emelyanova and Rifat Safiulina is above all praise! Grateful readers deservedly accepted the artists on bows very warmly.

Elena was 17 june on Aladdin (based on the tales of the "1001th Night")

I advise the performance of the small audience and their parents. The performance is stunning, beautiful costumes, music, dances. Charge positive emotions. Jin-Miracle!

Marina was 11 february on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

Easy performance, funny. The second act, in my opinion, was more alive, there the whole fire is both part of the action and part of the actor's game. I will not say that it's very funny, but in the second act, a smile is guaranteed to the ears. Actors are very worthy of playing. In the play itself there are some platitudes that at first are somewhat depressing, but only in the beginning of the play.

Ekaterina was 24 december on Pippi Long Stocking

Thanks to the theater for the pleasure of the show! And thank you for the services of buying tickets. SMS reminders very timely !!!

Uliya was 30 june on Old-fashioned comedy

Wonderful performance! Beautiful, kind, sincere! After him, I want to live and love! And what language! What are the clothes for the heroine! I am delighted!

Elena was 24 december on Pippi Long Stocking

A dynamic, bright performance. A wonderful play of actors. Thank you.

Tat`yana was 24 june on All Mice Love Cheese

Great performance! Many thanks to the actors! The performance is designed for children of 6,7,8 years, but we, an adult and a child of 9 years old, also liked everything very much. We recommend you to go, you will not regret it.

Petr was 23 june on My poor Marat

Was at the play on September 28, 2016. For a long time I did not get such pleasure from a qualitative and professional production. All actors do not play, but live the life of their heroes. Neither a gram of falsehood, full self-giving, magnificent reincarnations in age and emotions. And when such a virtuoso performance of actors is accompanied by no less qualitative direction and a deep life story, it remains only to thank all participants of the performance for the evening that they presented to the audience. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Marina was 04 june on Pippi Long Stocking

I brought two grandchildren 4 and 9 years into the New Year holidays. I liked everything: the theater itself, and the play. Full delight. The children looked with great interest, even the youngest was clear and boring. With the older grandson (9 years) came to watch again. The houses continued to play at Pippi a few more days. As an adult spectator I will say that the performance is really very interesting, only positive emotions. After watching, there is a long-forgotten sense of joy.

Alla was 04 june on Pippi Long Stocking

Were at the premiere on 19.12 with children 6-7 years old. From the performance in full delight: wonderful music, extraordinary energy, acting for 10 points ... HUGE THANKS to the actors, the director and everyone who worked on the show. I want to return to such theater.

Natal`ya was 03 june on Tartuffe

March 13, visited the theater center "Cherry Orchard" on Sukharevskaya. The performance of Ostrovsky's play "Sheep and wolves" I liked very much; Actors are just great; Was very pleased! I advise everyone!

Alla was 04 june on Pippi Long Stocking

Were at the premiere, all in full delight - both children and adults! A great play of actors, wonderful music and a very pleasant atmosphere of the theater itself. I just want to extend the children's repertoire. Thank you so much.

Uliya was 24 june on All Mice Love Cheese

Were with the child on March 5. And really - a great, winding musical for children! Colorful and dynamic. To actors - special thanks, they are laid out in full. Photos on the site do not convey the beauty of the performance. The daughter is delighted! A little later we will come again!

Aleksandra was 25 june on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

We watched "Scandal, or something that the public is not recommended to watch." In the theater itself is a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere, I advise everyone! We liked the play with my friends, it looks easy, time passed by unnoticed. They laughed heartily :) Actors GOOD FELLOWS !!!

Natal`ya was 17 june on Sacred Beasts

Were at the play "Sacred Beasts" at the theater center "Cherry Orchard". Shocked the game of actors, in particular, AMVilkin and Olga Shirokova. Especially liked some points, I should say, quite unexpected! This is the highlight of the play. Be sure to come back here again!

Anna was 04 june on Pippi Long Stocking

With pleasure we went with the whole family. The play was like a daughter (7 years), so we are with her husband. Very important topics are touched upon. Revised their views on the work of Lindgren. Thank you!

Uliya was 11 june on The Cherry Orchard

The performance is good! Actors of the theater especially succeeded in the roles of Ranevskaya (it was brilliantly played by People's Artiste Olga Shirokova) and Firsa! The performer of the role of Lopakhin - Sergei Kovalev is also on top! The production is interesting with curious director's finds! In a word, this must be seen!

Anna was 19 may on On the Golden Lake

A wonderful performance, awakening the most kind human feelings! How good that in modern theaters there are still such productions that make you think and empathize! Watch necessarily!

Konstantin was 25 march on Wolves and Sheep

Thank you for a nice evening in a good company. They laughed heartily. An interesting classical statement of a remarkable Russian play.

Anna was 07 june on Russian Jam

It is possible to treat Ulitskaya differently as a person, a writer or a playwright, but it's worth watching the play in the production of "The Cherry Orchard"! At least for the sake of excellent acting, colorful costumes and interesting scenery. And it's nice to be in a new, very beautiful and cozy theater, where everything is done with care of the audience.

Uliya was 16 june on Christmas Eve

Wonderful performance! Were at the premiere - inexpressible delight! Beautiful, bright, cheerful tale with songs, dances, jokes, jokes! The plasticity of actors is amazing - they dance very well! Songs are beautiful, for a long time they settle in the head. I want to remember and quote the performance. I advise everyone to see. You will not regret!

Dmitriy was 18 june on The Twelfth Night

Was at the premiere on 11.12.2015 on Shakespeare-12th night. I really liked the performance, very fresh, not wiped, beautiful outfits! And the essence, the theme of the play during the performance opened! , I personally already watched about 10 performances and was pleased with the theater, money for tickets was spent in vain !!!)

Tat`yana was 25 june on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

We watched with my husband and girlfriend, we have not laughed so long! We go to the theater 2 times a month, this is the best that was seen today!

Irina was 08 june on Crime and Punishment

A stunning performance. Despite the small number of spectators, the actors gave a hundred percent. Shook the game of secondary heroes.

Irina was 01 jule on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

A wonderful performance! A great game of actors! Thank you!

Lorik was 05 may on Wolves and Sheep

Great performance! Thank you! I recommend !

Ol`ga was 08 june on Crime and Punishment

The performance surpassed all my expectations! This is an amazing actor's work! Emotionality is off scale! Almost throughout the performance, tears sprang involuntarily down my cheeks, I did not think that a well-known work would cause such a storm of emotions ... Actors BRAVO !!!

Marina was 04 february on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

Was on the 4th of February at this performance. Artists played, as in one breath: with such enthusiasm, enthusiasm, sincerity! Thank you for the pleasure given to the whole theater team.

Botagoz was 19 january on Crime and Punishment

The actors' play was simply amazing, there were scenes where I shed tears and more than once. I liked the design of the scenes and the play of light during the performance was also amazing. Very much all I advise!

Nikita was 10 june on Crime and Punishment

We, together with the first-year students of the Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, NNIU MEPhI, decided to attend this performance to diversify our leisure time, and spend a pleasant time, so to speak, "to be culturally enriched". Honestly, this was my first visit to the Moscow theater, and we chose the performance of this director - Sergey Kovalyov, because we really liked his theatrical historical staging of the carnival in Kolomenskoye. Yesterday, when I arrived at the theater of Armen Jigarkhanyan, I thought that the performance would go on too long and become boring, because the declared length of the performance: 2 hours and 50 minutes. But as soon as the performance began, my view was confined to the stage until the very end, the moment when the curtain fell. In fact, it turned out that the play was going on for more than three hours, but he captured us so much, so amazed and amazed that we with the guys were watching "in one breath". Everyone just crazy! Especially I would like to note the impeccable performance of artists: Alexei Shchukin (Raskolnikov), Mikhail Bezobrazov (Marmeladov), Rifat Safiulin (Svidrigailov), Alexander Borisov (Razumihin) - we immediately recognized him, since he was shot in "The Street of Broken Lights". Personally, I found out in Raskolnikov, and while I was watching I really began to worry about the hero and sympathize with him! I was able to study in detail the Crime and Punishment at school, and indeed, what I saw on the stage was in full conformity with my ideas that appeared while reading Dostoevsky's original masterpiece! Komar Nikita, a first-year student at the Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, NNIU MEPhI.

Il`ya was 19 november on Crime and Punishment

Great performance!

Natal`ya was 28 october on Wolves and Sheep

Good acting

Margarita was 25 june on Scandal Or What The Public Watch Is Not Recommended

To be honest, I expected to see amazing mysteries of behind-the-scenes life, amazing transformations. But unfortunately the author did not reveal all the wonders of the creation of the play. I liked the game of actors, even those who did not have big roles.

Irina was 04 june on Pippi Long Stocking

Wonderful performance !!!!! We watched with my granddaughter (9 years). Beautiful, musical, cheerful. The hall is very cozy. The actors play is authentic. After watching the granddaughter decided that you need to look at other performances of your theater. Expand the school repertoire. THANKS for the delivered good mood.

Uliya was 11 may on Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy

Interesting, colorful performance! Perhaps, the most non-standard production of those that we saw in this theater. If you are a supporter of eccentricity - then Yvonne you will like. The actors play wonderful, the scenery is beautiful, the costumes are interesting. Bravo!

Irina was 03 june on Tartuffe

Visited the play "Tartuffe" on March 27. I liked the play of actors, and especially the role of Darina! It seemed that she was the real head of the good family of Orgon. A lot of humorous and ironic moments, plus the beautiful decoration of the stage and costumes did not give to get bored and turned the usual day off into a real holiday! I liked the theater: a convenient location, a cozy room, a pleasant atmosphere! Thank you so much!

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