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Feedbacks from viewers
Ludmila was 14 september on Fatal inheritance

We were with a friend on March 8, 2018. I liked the actors' play very much. The plot is called "and laughter and tears and love." Nothing vulgar, as it happens now in many performances. We had a pleasant festive evening. Many thanks to the organizers.

Marina was 26 march on Bestia

I liked the performance, had a great rest, laughed heartily)) went to Catherine Barnabas, but were not disappointed by the play of Anna Dankova. Male composition is amazing, we love it! Who has not seen - go, you will not regret! Big ticket thanks separate for the opportunity to buy tickets without unnecessary trouble!

Oksana was 06 november on Love on Mondays

Very positive and easy performance! Time flew by. Actors are great fellows, bravo!

Leonid was 27 september on Bestia

So I have never laughed! Super!!!

Vera was 27 august on "Premiere, the comedy" The Teacher of Dances. "In the main role

In this performance I liked only how E. Papunaishvili dances. The play is, in my opinion, primitive, uneasy, even vulgar. From Lope de Vega only the names of heroes. I left after the first act. Where are the talented modern authors of plays and directors!

Vera was 05 january on Bride for banker

I gave tickets to the play for my friends. It was terribly embarrassing for such a disgusting performance. Instead of rest and impressions, they struggled with sleep. . The whole show is drawn by one actress-Tatiana Orlova. Entreprise, I understand, but not that much. Very disappointed. I will not advise anyone on this performance.

Andrey was 06 january on Elka on Taganka "Ivan Tsarevich, gray wolf and others

Great performance! Children were delighted! Adults too, especially from how vigorously and amicably the children's audience of the audience dissuaded the heroes from rash acts)))

Gul`nara was 06 january on Elka on Taganka "Ivan Tsarevich, gray wolf and others

Very pleased! Thank you!

Gul`nara was 06 january on Elka on Taganka "Ivan Tsarevich, gray wolf and others

I liked it very much. I was with children of 8 and 13 years old, both were satisfied. And she laughed heartily. I recommend.

Oxana was 20 november on Fatal inheritance

Great performance! Were with my mother and husband. We really liked the actors' play and the plot. We had a great Saturday night. I recommend!

Nataliya was 07 november on Love on Mondays

Great performance. We got a lot of pleasure from the game of actors.

Marina was 30 october on Wheel of Fortune

A wonderful performance, an excellent performance of actors, has not laughed so long. THANKS!

Marina was 30 october on Wheel of Fortune

Was with a friend 28 10 2017 at the play "Wheel of Fortune". Delicious, easy, funny. The actors play is excellent. THANK YOU!

Galina was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

A wonderful performance, a musical, wonderful actors' play, colorful costumes and scenery - everything is fine! Since the play was watched on New Year's Eve, there was also a program in the foyer - tricks, trained pigeons, clowns and, of course, Santa Claus - everything is professional and colorful, it's a pity that there is not enough space in the foyer and little children can be seen, even on the hands of adults .

Mariya was 30 december on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked it very much!

Nataliya was 04 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

Wonderful, musical, instructive, cheerful performance. It was interesting to watch children (10 and 7 years) and adults. Especially our family liked Koschey the Immortal. Before the performance in the foyer of the theater, an illusionist and a tamer with poodles pleased.

Ekaterina was 02 january on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Evgeniy was 08 january on Yolka "The mystery of the flower - semicolour"

On October 23, my son and I visited the play "The Secret of the Tsvetik-Semitsvetika". The performance is magnificent, the plot captures from the first minutes. Stunning scenery, gorgeous costumes. Son 5 years old and he was delighted with the performance: empathized with the main characters, tried to remember the words of the songs. Many thanks to the authors of the play for the main words at the end of the show "Let's give love to people ...". Low bow to the actors, health, success and prosperity: you presented the holiday to everyone present with your gorgeous game!

Viktoriya was 04 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

Child, and I also really liked it. Daughter (age 4.7 years) wanted to stay on the second show. Hardly persuaded to go home.

Anfisa was 28 december on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

Went with the child first-graders. Very much liked not only the child but we ourselves.

Elena was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

The play "two women yaga" super! I liked both adults and children!

Oksana was 04 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

The play really liked the child 4.5 years and 12 years, and grandmother! Thank you very much!

Nadegda was 04 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

Excellent, I liked both children and adults.

Elena was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! My daughter was very pleased!

Ludmila was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

Children are delighted :)

Larisa was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

We really enjoyed. We were delighted.

Natal`ya was 04 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

All very much!

Ekaterina was 27 december on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

It was great! Representation was very pleased, both children and adults! But the grandfather frost met and played painfully too little - more time to frost!

Irina was 28 december on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

I liked the play, although it was not for the little spectators, it turned out to be long for 4-year-old kids. Many moments, especially humor, delighted adults. The characters are very bright, memorable, especially the children liked and remember Koschey the Immortal (performed by Dmitry Belotserkovsky), Baba-Yaga is simply a miracle. Thanks to the huge staff of the theater.

Natal`ya was 05 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Two Baba Yaga"

I liked it, especially porridge. Both children and adults are delighted. Many thanks to all

Natal`ya was 02 january on Yolka on Taganka "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors"

I liked, at a good level, the tree and the play.

Irina was 07 january on Yolka on the Taganka "Chippolino"

Were at the play "Chippolino" with his granddaughter for 5 years. Performance musical, colorful. I liked it very much.

Lubov` was 29 october on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

I liked the performance very much. Actors well done. We watched in one breath.

Nadegda was 27 september on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

Excellent, I liked the performance, I had a very positive time.

Tat`yana was 31 january on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

Modest, but tasteful! If you want to leave a fuss behind your back, enter the world of humor and good acting, do not even doubt your choice

Julia was 27 september on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

We really liked the performance, the actors played convincingly, like the decision with the scenery, they laughed out a lot. Thanks for the holiday!

Marina was 23 march on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

All very much! Well done.

Irina was 23 march on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

A wonderful game of actors and a soulful atmosphere))) Thank you very much, be sure to come back!

Rashid was 23 february on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

I always admired Filatov's work, and you helped me take the first step in the opposite direction. Well, what can be said, it's a pity not for money and not even time, sorry for the deceived expectations. I can not wish you good luck, but I wish for less "hack-tour."

Aleksandr was 23 february on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

Thank you for a nice holiday on a festive evening.

Ol`ga was 23 february on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

The performance really liked! Thank you !

Elena was 23 february on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

Thank you! All liked it.

Stanislav was 23 february on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

A good version of the production, pleased)

Elena was 22 november on Tale of Fedot-Sagittarius

I liked the performance very much. A wonderful game of actors, wonderful staging. Thank you for an unforgettable evening in the theater. We will definitely come to other performances. Thank you.

Evgeniy was 14 may on Bestia

A great game of actors! Barnabas is wonderful in this role !!

Natal`ya was 29 april on Wheel of Fortune

Comedy, what can I say) Time passed quickly, and at the end of the play you understand the whole farce of our life .. and in fact much of this is exactly what happens))) The full audience hall, which is very pleasing, the actors' game is good, almost all of them we see On the television screen, so their work on the stage is interesting. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Uliya was 11 jule on Charming cuckolds

The first act seemed a bit prolonged, but the 2nd act brought great pleasure and positive) Hall laughed)

Aleksandr was 14 september on Charming cuckolds

The composition is a little disappointed. For setting wins only when the game is excellent, and it was not bad at all. The second branch was saved by the first and, first of all, thanks to E. Biryukova.

Aleksandr was 14 september on Charming cuckolds

Unfortunately they were disappointed. A year ago there were at this performance performed by another composition: - heaven and earth. Sorry for the time and money spent.

Elena was 14 september on Charming cuckolds

Very pleased! )

Aleksey was 19 jule on Charming cuckolds

Everything is wonderful thank you!

Vladimir was 19 jule on Charming cuckolds

Charming! For a long time I did not experience such positive emotions. THANK YOU!

Sergey was 21 june on Charming cuckolds

Well, oh-oh, very charming. ;-)

Uliya was 12 april on Charming cuckolds

I really liked the performance, the actors are super. The only thing that confused was people talking loudly during the performance and constantly calling phones.

Natal`ya was 12 april on Charming cuckolds

Cheerful, positive play. But it's very stuffy in the hall. Thanks!

Natal`ya was 12 april on Charming cuckolds

Thank you for your service, I will continue to contact you! The performance is 4 out of 5. Easy sometimes even funny.

Elena was 14 february on Charming cuckolds

The performance, not very much, the acting was mediocre. Overplayed or under-played. Thank you for the convenient service and care!

Irina was 05 january on Charming cuckolds

Dear, everything is just super! You are wonderful! Thank you all very much! Just words are not enough to describe all my feelings and experiences ... I cried! Low to you all bow! I am happy that I had the honor to see such an amazing thing, causing such deep, tremendous feelings and sensations! Good luck and happiness to the whole team that worked on this wonderful musical !!!

Irina was 05 january on Charming cuckolds

We really liked))) was an excellent performance. The actors play is wonderful, bright, fun!

Vyacheslav was 09 november on Charming cuckolds

The performance is not bad, all the actors play fun, fervently, I recommend to go!

Anna was 09 november on Charming cuckolds

Thank you! Great performance, good, merry evening)

Evgeniya was 27 jule on Charming cuckolds

The theme of the play is not new at all. Therefore, "comedy surprises" do not have to wait. The first section is rather boring: the emphasis is probably more directed not at the actors' play, but on their external data. Humor becomes transparent and obvious. In the second part of the comedy, the main characters change, and priorities change with them. The hall is already laughing. In general, the performance is easy, kind.

Ruzaliya was 29 april on Wheel of Fortune

Easy funny comedy, but not devoid of meaning)) a ​​good game of young, but already well-known artists. Go, do not regret it.

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