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Theater of Drama and Comedy "FEST"

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 02 march on The Elusive Funtik

For the first time, she was disappointed with the production of Fest, this is not a performance in its usual sense, but a show, interaction with the audience .. As such, there is no story, continuous songs ..

Sonya was 13 february on Saturday every day

Spectacular, colorful, fun. A 6-year-old child knows a fairy tale, she was completely delighted. I did not want it to end) each actor added charm and mood. Thank you, and beautiful

Prygunova Mariya Aleksandrovna was 14 october on Killer Whale

Sumptuously!!! A real game of real actors! The actress in the role of Aunt Vary is incomparable !!! I urge everyone to actively participate in the struggle to preserve the FEST theater in Mytishchi. Often we visit the famous theaters of Moscow, so it feels like famous actors work out in a hurry and ran on for the money.

Tat`yana was 01 september on Oscar

I love the FEST theater! I love everything these guys do! Including the comedy Oscar. Very funny and sincere! Definitely recommend it!

Elena was 04 april on Mafiosi

My husband was delighted! THANK!

Victoria was 04 april on Saturday every day

We enjoyed it so much! Thanks to the actors, Mrs. Bryukman is awesome !!!! My son is 6 years old with a review "mega liked it!" Thank!

Diana was 04 march on Engagement

Awesome acting game! The hall was not large, so there was an opportunity to see the faces, the emotions of the characters, all the experiences lived with them.

Liliya was 26 february on Killer Whale

We went with my husband on February 23. Ochchen liked the performance, as Oscar and his wife, instructions for use and others! I am delighted with this theater and its actors. For me he stands on the same level with the Small and the Operetta Theater. All played as the last time. In the end, many had tears in their eyes. I really hope that the arbitrariness of the administration towards the theater will be stopped.

Oksana was 25 february on Among the guests in one shirt

Yesterday went to the play "Among the guests in one shirt." Musical performance, Many thanks to the director of the performance (for some reason it is not specified), choreographer N. Chukarina and musical designer V. Shashek, who so musically beat these, such complicated, avant-garde and slightly weirdish works of Harms. The game of actors, as always fascinates. Songs, dances, jokes, work with the viewer, all this can not leave indifferent any viewer. Our family always with great pleasure goes to the performances in our favorite theater FEST!

Ludmila was 01 february on Ghosts

Great cast. Igor Bondarenko, as always, at the height! Thank you for the performance!

Elena was 03 december on Teremok

A child (4 years old) is delighted, asking for another performance. Thank you very much, fest!

Elena was 27 november on Breakfast at the head

Thank! I love our FEST! The troupe is awesome! Every time I get a lot of pleasure! Thank you very much!!!

Kseniya was 27 november on Romeo and Juliet

This is the best performance that I saw in the FEST, I will go again and my spouse will take it with me!

Ludmila was 11 october on Cyrano de Bergerac

What interesting work the theater team "FEST"! The performance “Cyrano de Bergerac” is no exception. Subtle, elegant, delicate! New reading of the famous works of E. Rostand, but so unexpected! Even in the lobby, before the performance begins, spectators are included in the game as participants in a theatrical performance. Everything is great is invented - scenography with elements of computer graphics on top! And the game of actors, however, as always, is beyond praise! My favorite actor Dmitry Polyansky in the role of Cyrano struck me once again with his versatility. Very pleased with the young talented actress Anastasia Moskvin in the role of Roxanne. The integral game of all the artists in the performance creates an unforgettable impression from the viewing of this wonderful spectacle. For me, this is real modern theater art. Thank you for this work! I recommend to all

Elena was 07 january on Ruslan and Ludmila

Exciting, unusual, creative. Even the daughter, who is in the difficult age of solid nihilism, found the play interesting. Accurate adherence to the author's text, actualized his presentation, there is no heaping up of scenery, an inspired actor's game. 3 hours in one breath. Bravo!!!

Aleksey was 31 august on KISS OF POWER

Well, impressive. The theme is eternal, with the original arrangement captures. The troupe is cool!

Uliya was 20 march on Warsaw melody

Very romantic setting! maybe more for women / girls and romantically minded men :) I would highly recommend. I'm impressed for the second day. Excellent play of actors, especially A.Yudina. There are moments where you can laugh, there are sad, and also those where you should think. Images of young people after the war are presented, they have a completely different way of thinking and another more pure attitude to life. It's a pity there are no such left now, or very few.

Anna was 26 february on Ghosts

A fine cast. Do not give bored.

Firuza was 01 june on Saturday every day

I liked the performance very much! Thank you.

Katerina was 10 november on Saturday every day

I liked children very much. Especially the storyteller and Frau Bruckman is the height of delight!

Elena was 10 november on Saturday every day

I really liked my son for 9 years

Ol`ga was 10 november on Saturday every day

The performance really liked! Excellent acting and a great theater atmosphere. Thanks for your work!

Anna was 15 february on Saturday every day

went with a child of 5.5 years, really liked the performance.

Galina was 05 april on School of Snowmen

A great performance, both for children and adults. In some places it is too modern, but according to the children's reaction it is understandable - the director guessed right. Thank you! enjoyed watching

Elena was 02 march on School of Snowmen

Very fouled. We watched without stopping.

Uliya was 02 march on School of Snowmen

Beautiful, clever, professional! And most importantly - it was interesting and funny even for the youngest children and the oldest adult. Many thanks and creative success! Family Debt (4-ro children from 4 years to 9.).

Ol`ga was 30 november on Provincial

The professionalism of the actors made the play a real comedy, intended literally for all age groups. Many unusual decisions. The mood is just wonderful!

Fedotova was 22 june on This, girls, war

really liked it

Elena was 28 september on Provincial


Anna was 24 november on Provincial

The play really liked, touched to the depths of my soul. But it struck me that some of the actors were wearing jeans, it did not fit in with the era in question

Irina was 25 january on Three piglets

Just a wonderful performance! They were the whole family (the child was 4.5 years old). I watched without distraction, worrying for the heroes and answering the questions of the actors!)))) I liked the play very much! It is interesting even for adults! All strongly recommend !!!)))) A lot of positive emotions!

Lubov` was 02 march on School of Snowmen

The performance is very dynamic and bright.

Aleksandr was 30 november on Treasure Island Pelican

First time in your theater. I liked the theater and the play.

Ekaterina was 29 december on Not quite a simple fairy tale

We visit the theater with her daughter regularly from 4 years old. Now she is 6. I like the performances very much. Some were several times. At this performance once again let's go, this is the desire of the child, she was delighted. From myself I want to add that the actors always have very beautiful costumes. And you feel full emotional feedback. Thanks to the team!

Maria was 30 march on The stories about Brother Rabbit and his friends

The play liked the children of primary school age, very cheerful.

Natal`ya was 29 november on Wolves and sheeps

At the play was November 29 - I liked very much, and the performance itself and the overall atmosphere of the theater FEST! There were no problems with the purchase of electronic tickets, it was very convenient, there were several reminders for SMS and e-mail. I was satisfied, I recommend!

Anton was 04 april on Wolves and sheeps

Thank you so much. Suddenly, a good play of actors. We will come again

Evgeniya was 21 february on Wolves and sheeps

Great performance! Thank you for the pleasure!

Ol`ga was 29 november on Wolves and sheeps

I really liked the production of "Wolves and Sheep". Good acting, it turned out very comedy. Moreover, I generally like this theater and I'm happy to buy tickets for the glasses that interest me.

Alina was 25 february on The Bat

Simply magnificent performance !!! Be sure to go and you will not regret. They left the theater with their husband in wild ecstasy, although they are indifferent to musical comedies. Theater FEST at height !!!

Olesya was 26 september on The Bat

Good day to all! We went to the musical comedy "The Bat" on the same name of the operetta by J. Strauss on September 26th, the beautiful actors play, everything was very fun, lively and easy, there were a lot of teenagers in the hall, they laughed heartily, a very interesting dance idea with huge fans and light effect and shadows, spent a magical evening, wonderful experiences!

Tat`yana was 02 april on The Bat

We have been attending this theater for 12 years. And this performance, like practically everything else is wonderful. Light, cheerful, musical. Actors all perfectly play, sing, dance. I highly recommend it to everyone !!!!

Aleksandr was 02 november on The Bat

An excellent performance presented by magnificent actors. Fame FAST! ;)

Irina was 22 november on Wife. Instructions for use

I really liked the performance! Thanks to the actors and the director! thought that it would be boring, but everything turned out to be quite vital and unpredictable !!!!! Thanks to the theater staff. we are a bit late,

Anna was 25 november on The Bat

The first time were in Festa, the performance really liked, bought tickets online, very quickly and conveniently.

Oksana was 01 november on The Bat

Amazing performance! Light, fun, exciting! A wonderful actor's game and a wonderful atmosphere on stage!

Uliya was 13 november on The Elusive Funtik

I liked everything, but this is a show, not a performance.

Elena was 03 november on Suicide

An unusual beginning and a splendid outcome! All the actors play brilliantly, I will note the work of Polyansky and Kuzmenko. Very dynamic and, despite the name, a cheerful performance !!! Bravo, FAST!

El`viza was 07 february on Three sisters

I liked everything very much. thank you very much

Kuzya was 25 january on Our people - we will be counted

We went to the play with two families. Everyone liked it! Actors are super! After the play, a few days later he remembered his moments and laughed!

Galina was 17 april on Marriage

Simply awesome actors play. We laughed all two hours and practically roared at the end. such emotions in the audience are expensive. Thanks for your work!

Kseniya was 17 april on Marriage

Went to the play "Marriage" based on the work of Nikolai Gogol. left a very pleasant impression, a lot of humorous scenes. very worthy embodiment of the work!

Lubashechka was 26 october on Suicide

I liked it very much, laughed heartily.

Ivan was 09 november on Marriage

Simply super !! I liked it very much. We watched a second time. Thank you.

Alla was 07 december on Suicide


Svetlana was 07 december on Suicide

I liked it very much. And the actors play and the production itself.

Nastya was 22 february on Suicide

The theater is small, but very cozy. The performance really liked: dynamic, funny. Anton Kuzmenko in the role of the Intelligent is simply inimitable. The only thing, very much regretted that she did not take flowers.

Irina was 07 february on Three sisters

Many thanks! Particularly pleased that the performance was liked by schoolchildren

Aleksey was 06 december on Three sisters

Three sisters. Amazing, a sea of ​​emotions, a beautiful setting and a game.

Visitor was 09 november on Marriage

Many thanks for the wonderful evening)

Anna was 10 october on The Elusive Funtik

The play, I liked it very much. The child was delighted!

Elena was 10 october on Warsaw melody

Very sensual, gentle performance! His action takes us to the middle of the twentieth century, where a special "post-war" youth lives - hardened by the hardships of war, knowing the real price of life, but not forgotten how to love and dream. It is very pleasant to observe the talented play of young actors, especially A. Yudina. I strongly advise to go to young people to feel the special romanticism of that time and to witness the birth of love, which knows no boundaries and prohibitions!

Svetlana was 01 february on Three piglets

I really liked the play and my children. The only thing that in some moments, the music was very loud. And in the rest - well done! More than once will come to you.

Yana was 20 november on Plague on both your houses

An excellent performance! The actors play wonderful, Ardov - super! Very beautiful musical accompaniment of the play.

Aleksandr was 16 november on Come to visit

"Come to visit" is something incredible. Probably this is the best performance we've watched lately. Incredible actors play, great music, sparkling humor - enjoyment from the first to the last minute!

Alina was 09 april on Three piglets

We went with my daughter for 4.5 years, I liked not only her but also my husband and I). My daughter asks me to go to this play again!

Uliya was 02 november on Three piglets

A stunning performance, charming piglets! Were with my son for 3, 5 years, the child watched the play without stopping, and now he wants to go back to Three Pigs. I liked the animation before the show and at the end. The child is delighted, but for parents this is the most important thing. thank you

Dar`ya was 01 february on Come to visit

I really liked the play. The actors play is amazing. It did not even immediately become clear that only two actors were playing. So reincarnate in the role of different people in a fraction of seconds, so that the viewer is misleadingly worthy of all praise!

Mariya was 02 march on Three piglets

We really enjoyed!

Uliya was 16 may on Miracles on the forest edge

We went on a day off to a fairy tale, the daughter is delighted! I thought I would not sit out for an hour (we are 2.3 years old), but she looked with her mouth open, literally! Although we usually stand on the ears! Now he asks for more!

Irina was 07 june on Come to visit

Everything is fine: the actors' play, the theater, the purchase of tickets. We had a wonderful evening, thank you.

Irina was 18 october on Marjuka and the Lieutenant

Very pleased! The husband is delighted! Said: now only in the "Fest" for all the performances!

Mihail was 15 february on Ghosts

Thank you very much! We received great pleasure from the performance and the actors' play. We will definitely visit your theater and recommend to friends.

Anna was 25 october on Miracles on the forest edge

The performance really liked! For kids from an early age. especially liked the bunny! It's great that after the play the kids are collected and played with them! Great theater! We will definitely return there!

Igor` was 12 june on Miracles on the forest edge

Our granddaughter Nastenka (7,5 years) is delighted with the performance "Miracles on the forest edge" Many thanks!

Ekaterina was 23 november on Ghosts

Everything is very convenient with tickets and an excellent performance. Thanks

Andrey was 20 october on The croaker at Lukomorye

Very good! Thank you !

Ol`ga was 21 may on Plague on both your houses

A great performance that I want to watch again and again

Elena was 20 april on Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday evening, together with my daughter (14 years old), I visited the wonderful Moscow theater "festival", the production of "Romeo and Juliet." Many pupils with teachers came to the play, and I was determined that there would not be a room in the hall but Ah ... Actors, almost all the young guys, played so remarkably that all the young people in the auditorium were involved in what was happening and watched the performance, as it seemed, holding their breath.Thank you all! All the great fellows! Thank you for a wonderful evening !!!

Natal`ya was 01 february on Three piglets

Were at the play on February 1, we come for the second time, I liked it very much, the actress's game is simply gorgeous!

Natal`ya was 21 march on Killer Whale

I really liked the performance, I will definitely go to * Three sisters *!

Natal`ya was 02 november on Three piglets

I liked it very much. It is a pity that for children there are not enough performances.

Pavel was 18 october on Killer Whale

Went to the play with his wife. I was always happy with the actors of our Mytishchi Theater and here they were just superb! Excellent comedy for Leo Tolstoy, I advise you to go necessarily, and take your children with you =)

Ekaterina was 25 january on Three piglets

Great performance. The child is delighted. Be sure to come to all performances for our age

Elena was 28 september on Sea Wolf

I went with my son for 3.5 years on September 28. The performance was very popular both for children and adults!

Anna was 17 november on Breakfast at the head


Sveta was 05 april on Ghosts

I liked it very much

Tat`yana was 31 october on Come to visit

On October 31, 15, they visited the performance "Come to visit" at the FEST Theater in Mytischi MO. Very easy, funny performance. A wonderful game and skill of dressing and reincarnation of actors. A cozy hall, where you admired the place, everything is clearly visible and audible! I recommend a performance for a pleasant pastime!

Dar`ya was 01 february on Three piglets

Great performance! She was 2 months old for 3 months, did not look up, sympathized with the main characters, applauded. Very fun and fervent. Asked to see this performance!

Svetlana was 03 november on Killer Whale

A very bright and sincere play of the actors-especially liked the aunt, the drunk Pankrat and Raisa. We got a great pleasure and bought tickets for the wolves and the sheep. Wish: it would be better if the Killer Whale at the beginning of the performance sang live. I liked the fact that when ordering an electronic ticket, it was reported about 70 rubles for the service, but in reality every ticket was initially more expensive by 80 rubles. What's more, in the cashier, total 150r.payment from the ticket. This is too much!

Tat`yana was 25 november on Romeo and Juliet

We went to this play on November 25, 2016. Honestly, I was reluctant ... thinking that it would be boring and boring ... How mistaken I was! The performance was extraordinary, the actors' play was captured from the very beginning !!! Musical accompaniment is super! To say that I liked it, did not say anything, VERY LIKED! I rarely have a desire to see the performance again, and here I'm still in the process of watching the performance I realized, I want to see it again! Thanks to the actors, the director !!! Guys FELLOWS !!! In Romeo, I just fell in love))) I want to say that there were a lot of children in the hall for 13 years, after all it's too early ... Probably from the age of 15 will understand, and they were not interested ... or just a generation with us is growing .. .

Dariya was 24 may on Three piglets

Very pleased! It is a pity that there are only two performances for kids))

Rinat was 21 may on Plague on both your houses

A wonderful performance. We are delighted. Got a lot of fun.

Tat`yana was 21 march on Killer Whale

Aesthetic pleasure, pleasure, pleasure ... The hall is so small and cozy that you see every emotion in the eyes of the actors. I look forward to seeing you again!

Mariya was 23 november on Ghosts

Actors were as always on top, and the plot is pretty funny) I liked it very much, thank you)

Natalya was 20 november on Plague on both your houses

Thank you, everything was good! We will come again!

Tamara was 07 december on Sea Wolf

We liked the sea wolf. Colorful costumes, a wonderful game of actors.

Ekaterina was 01 february on Three piglets

The play "Three Little Pigs" went to watch with a four-year-old daughter. The performance is just fine for this age, I liked absolutely everything, and the actors' play, and the scenery. I recommend!

Nadegda was 16 february on Sea Wolf

The child really liked it, and we do not mind visiting you yet.

Sergey was 15 february on Ghosts

Cheerful performance, thank you!

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