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Moscow Children`s Shadow Theater

Feedbacks from viewers
Nadegda was 11 march on Kitten named Woof

What is fun to watch for children and adults? Of course, about the adventures! And those are not few in the play "Kitten named Gav" in the Moscow Children's Theater of Shadows. The statement based on the book by Grigory Oster does not need retelling, but it’s worth telling about how the fairy tale is shown. In front of the audience on the screen are not the classic black shadows, but the colored and transparent to the light Chinese dolls. All the characters resemble real animals - graceful feline habits and sharp dog movements. All the dolls have paws bent in their wrists, Kota and Dog open their mouths, and even Kota has a plastic back, due to all this, it seems that we are not looking at the dolls, but at the drawing cartoon. Production designer Alexander Krupenin used a minimum of scenery - on the stage there was a house with an attic and a kennel, trees behind the fence and drying clothes on ropes, and viewers see it as if in a cut, sometimes a projection on the screen is used. Heroes during the performance appear not only against the background of the house, but also in the window in the attic and on the fence - we were curious how puppeteers move from that side of the screen? Of all the characters I like the Dog - kind, prudent and ready to correct their mistakes, and the Cat liked the daughter, the director of the play Victor Pronin plays it by the way. In the end, all the actors step onto the stage and in turn show on the screen where the hero voiced by him appears. After the performance, my daughter and I talked about friendship, dissimilarity, about whether to share, about the opinions of others and our own. It is important to know that in a fairy tale there are many dialogues (!), The actors try to mix the puppets on the screen at this time, creating dynamics, but still the kids will probably seem boring. The recommended age of 5+, maybe even a little older. Duration 1 hour with intermission. We visited the theater a second time, arrived in advance to examine all the dolls on the walls in the lobby. It also operates a face painting, buffet and sell small toys (prices are slightly above average).

Nadegda was 04 march on My phone rang ...

The curtain is an open book and pictures come to life on its pages, so you can see it in the play “My Phone Ranged” at the Moscow Children's Shadow Theater. The heroes in the book are shadows, but the figures casting shadows seem made so mobile that you look at the screen and as if you see the black-and-white movie about the journey “Moscow - Paris - New York”. However, do not think that this is an ordinary performance, director Svetlana Dorozhko and production designer Lyubov Nurmukhambetova filled it with everything that can surprise and please the children: - the huge telephone of the USSR times on the scene turns into a screen for color shadows or a dolls scene; - a large Soviet toy wooden train of large size sends chocolate, galoshes, books and other necessary things; - aluminum cans, teapot, wash and clothes of actors - all refers to the life of Korney Ivanovich; - and five Korneev Chukovsky (two women play) constantly answer phone calls, descend into the hall and amuse the audience using the techniques of dummy and pantomime; - there are some minor additions in the text, but audio is also included with the author’s voice from 1944. A play-joke in one act, 40 minutes long, age limit 3+ My daughter first saw the theater of shadows, she was so keen on what was happening on stage, that she was not at all distracted (unlike me) by kids (!) talking aloud and their parents. In her opinion, the performance ended too quickly, I wanted to see more :) After we discussed why the actors have mustaches and false noses, why such costumes and unusual phones? We also liked the theater itself, on the walls of a puppet from various performances, in the hall there were transforming chairs with steps and friendly young staff.

Margarita was 13 may on My phone rang ...

Excellent performance, went with her daughter (1year 10 months) The child was delighted, danced the whole performance, worried about the artists))) Suitable even for such kids, very comfortable chairs for children they all can see

Elena was 18 january on Black Chicken

We watched with the daughter (10 years) the play "Black Chicken" on January 18, 2015 at 13.30 in the big hall. I liked the atmosphere and the exhibition exposition of the theater. The cozy hall and the envisaged transformation of the seats for children pleasantly surprised. The performance is amazing in its combination of people, dolls and shadows. The only thing that burdened the viewing of the performance was a very loud sound - as it seemed - calculated not for this room. But as the child noticed, to understand whether a good theater or not - you must go to this theater at least a couple of times.

Ol`ga was 10 june on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Were on the "Humpbacked Horse" on January 17, 2015. The children were delighted, they could not rest them later - they were pretending to be buffoons, they wanted to tell the fairy tale about themselves. Thanks to the great theater! Children 5, 6, and 8 years.

Anna was 19 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

My child is delighted with this performance! Colorful, interesting, intelligible and straight on the tale! Thank you so much!

Vladimir was 18 may on Black Chicken

Thank you for the performance. Children liked it. We do not regret that we went. Electronic tickets are extremely convenient!

Uliya was 22 march on Black Chicken

Was with children 5 and 10 years. Prior to that, we read the book and watched the cartoon, so the story was familiar and I did not have to endlessly answer questions. Both children were VERY interesting, they did not look away. I often miss the children's plays, but this one looked with great pleasure. Very comfortable small room, we sat in the middle, the children could clearly see. I want to note the transforming seats, on which you can put the kids. There is an intermission in the play, but there is no buffet in the theater, only 2 vending machines with water / juices / chips and soft padded stools where you can sit.

Irina was 19 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

The performance is interesting, the actors are great. We watched in one breath. Beautiful music. We will come again. Thank you!

Vera was 28 march on My phone rang ...

Wonderful performance! More info on the site! Cheerful idea and beautiful actors, thank you very much!

Ol`ga was 01 may on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Great performance. Thank you for the pleasure. Be sure to visit your other performances.

Oksana was 22 march on Black Chicken

The play really liked the child and 8 years old and my mother, thank you!

Nina was 01 may on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you. Very bright performance. Children and adults are delighted.

Svetlana was 22 march on Black Chicken

I would like to sincerely thank the creative troupe of the shadow theater for the brilliant, highly artistic play "Black Chicken". Beautiful production, deeply emotional plot, magnificent costumes, dolls, scenery and of course, incredibly touching music that sounds throughout the performance. I was at the theater with my son for 5.5 years, who, despite his young age, had an extraordinary sense of all the morality that lay in the production of this remarkable work. Thank you from the heart !!!

Irina was 22 march on Black Chicken

We walked with my son for 6,5 years. I liked this performance very much. It was sad, of course, but it makes us think about many things. Sin thought :-) Thanks to everyone who did the play! He knocks on the soul!

Ekaterina was 22 march on Black Chicken

Thank you! Really liked it!

Mariya was 22 march on Black Chicken

A child of 9 years and grandfather were very satisfied with the theater and the performance, especially since the work is now extremely urgent for the first! ..)) Thanks!

Dmitriy was 22 march on Black Chicken

A great performance with a very high quality production and musical accompaniment! We went together with a 4-year-old daughter and I, and my daughter in full delight! Thank you for the quality, great staging and playing the actors!

Svetashova Irina Evgen`evna was 22 march on Black Chicken

Stunning performance, children 10.12 years in ecstasy. It is a pity that for this age there are no more performances. In general, the atmosphere is very friendly and caring about the audience. On such as you are holding a children's world, you are not indifferent or greedy! Thank you so much!

Dmitriy was 22 march on Black Chicken

Great performance! Great production! Great dolls! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 22 march on Black Chicken

Beautiful performance. I liked both my and my 4 year old goddaughter. Thanks to the creators.

Anton was 22 march on Black Chicken

Thank you for the performance

Petr was 08 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A magnificent performance, combining a skomoroshie performance (for everyone to look), a puppet show and, of course, magnificent shadows. It's a pity that Ivanushka did not go for the fire-bird. The child for a long time was surprised, how so))

Violetta was 08 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you! Elegant performance. Yesterday I had already purchased tickets for other performances of the shadow theater.

Ekaterina was 08 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Humpbacked horse is a wonderful performance! I liked both the child and me, we will definitely go to the plays of the children's shadow theater!

Elizaveta was 22 february on Nice Lisa

My daughter was very unhappy, dreamed of seeing a play using shadows (as the theater itself is positioning), but it turned out to be an ordinary puppet show

Ruslana was 08 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Many thanks. The performance was interesting, fun, enjoyed viewing.

Uliya was 22 february on Nice Lisa

All right, all are happy

Elena was 22 february on Nice Lisa

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! For me, as for my mother, the indicator of the excellent work of actors is my child. The second day the daughter tells everyone about the adventures of the cat Lisa. We wish you prosperity, sympathetic viewers and look forward to new productions!

Marina was 08 february on My phone rang ...

Thank you for the wonderful action! We will recommend this wonderful performance to all boys and girls.

Maksim was 08 february on My phone rang ...

I liked everything very much

Vasiliy was 03 january on Nice Lisa

Thank you, I liked the performance very much!

Nataliya was 19 january on Black Chicken

A beautiful performance with an adequate age criteria is a moral message. Harmonious combination of puppet theater with stained glass windows. For sincerity, thank you!

Tat`yana was 19 january on Black Chicken

Good afternoon! Just a great production. I liked very much my child 9 years old. I recommend to all!

Elena was 19 january on Black Chicken

It was very interesting! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 04 january on Nice Lisa

Very pleased, thank you very much.

Aleksandr was 31 december on My phone rang ...

A wonderful performance. It was fun, interesting, unexpectedly warm and good)

Lenajet was 06 may on Nice Lisa

I enjoyed watching this performance. Good fairy tale, great actors, interesting shadow dolls. And when he saw the book "Nice Lisa" in the bookstore, they bought it without hesitation. And re-read already several times.

Ekaterina was 31 december on My phone rang ...

Many thanks to the theater for the wonderful performance! This is our second visit to Kornei Ivanovich :-) And, judging by the daughter's emotions after the performance, not the last one :-)

Oksana was 05 january on Nice Lisa

The performance was liked except for the amateur presentation of Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden with improvised unsuccessful dialogue

Ekaterina was 30 november on My phone rang ...

Many thanks for the REAL performance! Wonderful 40min of "phone conversations" :-)

Valentina was 05 january on Nice Lisa

Children 3 years and 4.5 did not like. They left after the intermission.

Elena was 30 november on My phone rang ...

Excellent! And my mother and son for 5 years really liked it)

Ol`ga was 30 november on My phone rang ...

A wonderful performance - talented actors brought pleasure to both children and adults! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 30 november on My phone rang ...

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed! Excellent staging and acting. The child was delighted, especially struck by the number of Korneev Ivanovichs;) Let's go to your performances!

Ekaterina was 30 november on My phone rang ...

Really liked it! Both adults and children!

Ol`ga was 04 november on My phone rang ...

Grateful to the theater, the actors for an interesting joke-performance! The child is thrilled: It was really funny, good presentation. Thank you all for your attention and benevolence.

Vera was 04 november on My phone rang ...

Thank you very much, I liked the performance! The child was very pleased!)

Anna was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Were walking with her son, she liked the performance, even her husband was surprised at the ending, merry buffoons;) the son told everything in detail! Cozy theater! Thanks, come again;)

Dar`ya was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked everything very much. Thank you!

Elionora was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you. All liked it

Aleksandra was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked both the child and me. Thank you.

Ilja was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you! I liked it very much

Ol`ga was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Very much it was pleasant to children, to us the adult and in general they the big fellows! Thank you)

Anna was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thanks, we liked it!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Измайловский б-р., 60/10
01 h 25 min
Skomoroshie representation "all surprisingly" in two acts. In the fairground fairy-tale, the audience will be played by the most real buffoons - (the first professional actors in Russia), and, as they should by status, laugh the respectable audience, and most importantly - show magical black shadows.

And the characters of your favorite fairy tale will come to life on the screens .... And among the mysterious black silhouettes, the golden mare, the blue stars and the red Month-Mesyatsovich suddenly flash through an unexpected colorful spot ...


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