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Theater of V.F. Komissarzhevskaya

Feedbacks from viewers
Dmitriy was 09 january on Estimate that you are God

I liked it very much, Excellent performance. A wonderful game of actors.

Ludmila was 05 december on TWELVE MONTHS

A wonderful children's play, beautiful costumes. Of the minuses, the first act is delayed, about 1 hour and 20 minutes, the children have already begun to lose interest. Children liked it and this is important.

Only for children
Only adults
191011, Санкт-Петербург, Итальянская ул., 19
02 h 35 min

S. Buranov's play in two acts

Statement by NA of Russia George Korolchuk

Artist - Kristina Koshkina

Music design - з.р. Culture of Russia Vladlen Neplokh

Lyrical comedy from modern life, the circumstances of which often breed generations in different countries, and each other's understanding is given to each with difficulty and not immediately.

Sometimes, in order to evaluate the past time, we must stop and, turning around, look carefully back.

What's left behind? Maybe a wonderful time, which now will cause a light, full of weightless sadness smile, when they lived to their fullest. Did not drive the mobile version, did not create virtual counterparts, and looked into the eyes opposite. When confessions, feelings - everything was real, and the wall separating people seemed the least of the problems.

Yes, maybe it was then, it is very difficult. I did not even live ... I had to survive. Minor pensions, work as cleaners and loaders. But life values ​​were real. And patriotism did not seem superficial and ostentatious. Even if they were not nice, they loved their homeland.

And watching the living and close fate of the main characters who suffer there, on the stage in the bright beams of the spotlights, does not at all seem to be looking at some seedy, inferior retro. No, on the contrary, what is happening causes a mild nostalgic sadness, which can make you look at many things differently.


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