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Theater DOC (Center Documentary stage)

Feedbacks from viewers
Lena was 18 february on Pagans

Were at the performance 17.02.19 g., Very much. Before the start there was a bit of a sensation — a weekend evening, and now out of a carefree mood they would be plunged into dramatic darkness, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise that the theme of the play, without losing its seriousness and depth, was in fact light, fluid, not at all gloomy, not cumbersome morality and time flew by. It is a pity that they have lost such a talented screenwriter and writer. Thanks to the actors for this work !!! Performance +18!

Juli was 16 january on ADULTS OUTSIDE

Thanks to everyone who worked on the performance for a great evening! I visit Moscow periodically and always come to the theater doc to see and listen to the living. Probably, real maturity comes with the ability of self-irony and the ability to refrain from proving your own solvency, and this, in turn, allows you not to be a "serious adult", because why? Well this is so ridiculous. And periodically. After all, a gradual "freeze" cancels life inside. A delightful "sixteen-year-old" girl in red tights says white verse about herself so that in the beginning and in the middle it is funny, and in the end her throat tickles from tears. The beautiful surdo-wonder-woman is unusually charismatic and, indeed, wonder! And Lena, who got the work "about which one can only dream of," is simply enchantingly funny, artistic and fragile. The performance is for those who love not invented stories from the mouths of magical storytellers and those who take themselves too seriously.

Olesya was 13 jule on Pagans

Strong performance! Powerful emotions! As however every time after visiting this theater! Thanks to the cast! I highly recommend that everyone +18)) to view!

Ulya was 03 april on Berlusputin

The performance is very good. Saves completely from illusions, if they were. And sad, of course, because our responsibility has not been canceled. Thanks to the theater! Thanks to the actors!

Igor` was 05 march on Casting

Very good. Recomended. Thank you very much.

Vladislav was 16 january on Pagans

I did not know what to expect, but I really liked the performance!

Sergey was 05 january on Pagans

Great performance! Remained under great impression both from the plot, and from the game of actors. Recommended to relatives and friends. They were also delighted.

Yana was 27 december on 24 plus

Great performance! Wonderful time. All the actors play their roles perfectly, feel the closeness with each hero and experience with them all the emotions. Thank you for a well spent evening!

Natalia was 05 december on FUNDAMENTALISTS

Excellent, chamber work. Artists play fine, from the first minutes of the play entering their roles, sometimes playing so convincingly that the viewer begins to feel real emotions towards them. Very interesting visual accompaniment, two small screens on the wall, where alternately appear images of b / w heroes and images from the phone. The performance is complex, multi-layered, and due to its intimacy it seems as if it involves the viewer in his game, where everyone is an equal participant in the action. The main themes of the play are religion / faith / theology. It would seem close, but completely different concepts. The protagonist is a theologian, scientist, he considers all processes and everything that happens to him from the point of view of science. The main character is a girl / woman who believes, her words and deeds are imbued with faith. From the very beginning it becomes clear that the heroes, speaking of one thing, say, nevertheless, about different things. Both heroes are fundamentalists, each in his own way, it is difficult to say whether they understand this themselves. The performance will suit the viewer who is ready for a frank conversation on the themes of religion and faith.

Svetlana was 01 december on Berlusputin

Opposition stances can certainly take place in the center of Moscow, but in general this performance is simply terrible! Direct insults against specific people in public places are not permissible and this is no longer a satire. This is a badly veiled rudeness! It's a shame!

Vladislav was 28 november on Pagans

Just great!

Vladislav was 28 november on Pagans

A fine performance, at first the atmosphere of such theater was unusual, but then it got used, and the performance was simply amazed. The plot is not the most impressive, but the actors play is fascinating. Thanks to all the actors again!

Evgeniy was 13 november on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

~ 70% of perception of media products depends not on the picture, but on the sounds. In this performance, sounds are perfectly realized, on the basis of which you yourself "complete" the scenery. The brain at first does not believe its happiness - "we were not given ready visual images ?!" And then comes off in full - the rain, the trampling of feet, the battle, clothes, the appearance of heroes, places, events. The show itself for me that nothing has changed in the past few hundred years - what we have been, remain so. We speak about the importance of goals, faith, cooperation, self-realization, family, honesty, and we rush, betray, fall into pride, throw our comrades-in-arms. Unusually and well.

Valentina was 07 november on THE MAN FROM THE PODOLSK

Not bad, but it could be much better if the actor, who plays the main role of the detainee, would actually play the "animal", as determined by his policemen. He also played someone in whom it's hard to see even an animal, rather he played a "vegetable". It's hard to believe that a character like that can write music, meet a girl. The rest of the actors were alive and interesting, and they simply saved the performance.

Aleksandr was 30 october on 24 plus

Thank you, very interesting performance, a bit overwhelming, because on the one hand about the known things, and on the other - there is something inexplicable. There is some highlight in the presentation. Stunning aftertaste is the moment of linking into one contradictory thought. It seems to be a performance, and not a performance. There is something from what really surrounds us, and something from the films of M. Antonioni, only the plot is more dynamic, and something, on the contrary, is difficult to imagine in real life or in the cinema. And, it would seem, the opposite sex and romance are also given as one inseparable whole.

Irina was 26 october on AUTHENTIC HISTORY

Were with my friend in the play I liked the production and I liked it. The action itself is the intertwining of mythological heroes and their actions and modern reality. Observing the action on the scene of the myth of Sisyphean labor, plunged into self-sinking ...)) And Medea forced inwardly weep, empathizing with her. Thank you ТЕАТР.doc!

Igor` was 12 october on Berlusputin

On the advice of friends came for the first time to Teatr.doc and immediately to such a performance, on such a topic! Where else could we hear and see such things! We are delighted and fascinated by the play and reincarnation of Milena Tskhovreba, the performer of the main role. Thanks to all the actors, see you at new plays!

Viktoriya was 28 may on Tolstoy - Stolypin

A stunning performance! The staging of the talented Vladimir Mirzoyev, a brilliant play of actors, representing a harmonious and powerful ensemble!

Uliya was 14 october on Tolstoy - Stolypin

Great performance!

Oksana was 11 january on Tolstoy - Stolypin

The impression is complicated. The play aroused interest, the production - a few puzzled questions, the actors are charming, but the text often sounded with poor articulation, in Tolstoy and Stolypin's dialogues we fell asleep. Sorry that without the enthusiasm

Natalia was 23 october on Tolstoy - Stolypin

I really liked the performance. I would recommend it to my friends. There was not enough at the screenwriter's premiere

Konstantin was 15 march on Tolstoy - Stolypin

A wonderful performance, as always, relevant, interesting as a story, and execution! Thank you!

Mariya was 25 september on DISCOVER OUR COMMUNICATION ...

On Friday (September 22) was at the play. Today is Sunday, and I'm still scrolling through some scenes in my head. It seems to me that both children and parents must watch this performance. It does not matter whether the child is adopted or not, the child and the adult will never be equal: one needs protection, another gives it, one learns the world, the other is responsible for the safety of this knowledge. One loves, and the second wants to feel loved. How terrible, when respect is replaced by fear, love - manipulation, excitement - contempt. How it was possible to fit a million parent and child errors that are so familiar, in only an hour. I can not imagine how hard it is for actors, because in 5 minutes you begin to believe in what is happening. You become part of the play, empathize, get angry, puzzled, despise, hope. Very strong range of feelings. The viewer will not remain indifferent.

Valentina was 21 september on Outside the Theater / What if I do not?

Visited this theater in the play "Outside the theater." True, this is not a performance, it's life. Life, where there is sadness, and joy, and shame, and pride, and indifference, and love. Here you sympathize with each story and understand a lot about yourself, and then another few days you go under the impression. An extraordinary combination of professionalism and sincerity is amazing! You believe actors, you believe to tears, you believe in your soul, and you want to return to this theater, and more than once.

Larisa was 17 may on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

It is described unusually - all characters are male, but all roles are performed by women. There are four of them, although in general there should have been five scenarios, but four of them coped, though with small overlays. Dressed in different colors right there in the hall, they appear before us by the Turkish sultan Mehmed with their subjects (in red), the Byzantine king Constantine with his commanders (in gold), then Europeans (in blue). Their story is accompanied by sounds that they themselves create - then rolling beans, pebbles, beads and nuts (I really liked the version of my friend - "the sands of time", and as if by this rustling and rolling it seemed to enter us into a trance), then a gnashing of a cup About a saucer, something that is unbearably disgusting some kind of device, and then a dull thud and ever increasing to the sound of the music triangles, which, with the fall of Constantinople, became a ringing of bells and eventually a tocker. Story-narration-reasoning is conducted on behalf of conquerors and defeated, on behalf of defenders and attackers, on behalf of rulers and their subordinates, and each has its own truth and its own idea of ​​those events. But how really everything happened? We will never know. A performance is one of the versions that also takes place. The decoration of the play is very modest. Decorations are gypsum busts placed on the stage and in window openings. Costumes are hoodies of three colors. Props - stones, beads, nuts, saucer cups, lanterns.

Visitor was 21 may on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

Spektakl 'otlichniy! Material, igra aktris (!), Muzyka / zvuk - na ochen 'dostoynom urovne. Vodil na spektakl 'semyu i druzey; Znayu, shto oni vo mnogom razdelyayut moyu otsenku. Bezuslovno rekomenduyu.

Svetlana was 25 february on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

A wonderful performance - history, friendship, faith! Naivety, loyalty, cruelty, valor! Music, silence, tears! There are all ... and a little more!

Vika was 23 march on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

A wonderful performance: both the director and the girls. By education - a historian.

Anna was 12 november on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

Everything would be fine, but the "musical compositions of a talented young modern composer", composed especially for the performance, which sound like it is stated in the program - 10-12 minutes - this is really not an "entertaining pause", but a serious test for the audience. Check yourself - how many minutes of grinding a porcelain dish about a porcelain saucer your mind will stand ... How many minutes do you stand chaotic blows on musical triangles ... Forewarned, then, is armed. I knew in advance about porcelain cups - I would not have gone to listen to it for nothing.

Natal`ya was 12 november on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

Very interesting performance. Like all

Elena was 18 november on 150 Reasons Not to Protect Motherland

Wonderful performance, many thanks

Olesya was 28 december on Outside the Theater / What if I do not?

Great work! Perhaps the best this day, which I watched in the theater doc, not offended by other authors), perhaps the statement touched something personal, made me look deeper into myself, ask myself questions. And it's not even an actor's vocation, but in the ability and desire to go wherever you dreamed, even through thorns. Again, the question of frankness, I always take off my hat before such a game, before the courage to remain naked and unmoved by the opinions of others. Actors - brave! Author - Respect and new works!

Natal`ya was 29 february on Outside the Theater / What if I do not?

Yesterday, by the will of fate, I found myself in Teatr.doc in an absolutely magnificent production "Outside the theater / And what if I do not" ... The fate of the actor is always a matter of pride, interest, and even envy, hell, but sometimes also pity , No matter how it sounds scary. Seven people within an hour talk about their destiny, pointing out the amazing image that stands for the word "actor". There is a place for laughter and real insurmountable longing. And all here in moderation. Add a little smiles - and there will be a farce, add a little bit of sadness and it is unclear how to cope with this weight of reflection. But we were able to withstand this balance between life and the stage. True, it seems now that I stand on the stage of the theater and ask myself the same questions. Once I managed to answer myself, do I like journalism, so there were quotes on the left hand. Today they are sullied, because I'm talking about the eternal again. We know one thing - to live your profession, for someone it's words, for someone Cassandra ... Thank you. Thanks for all, dammit!


In fact, in my opinion, a unique performance. Faryatyev's fantasies are plentiful, it was possible to "get" it as if to rediscover an excellent, very ingenious and precise text by Alla Sokolova. And this, strangely enough, a big surprise for the viewer. It seems to me that there is no such faryatyev anymore. Such an accurate, gentle, funny, dear.

Aleksandra was 30 june on THE MAN FROM THE PODOLSK

The play is a reminder, that life is not somewhere far away, and not somewhere near, and not there when that, and not sometime later. Life is here and now, and to oversleep it to you, fearing to look into the eyes of monsters is your choice, to oversleep and not to see and hear, to choose a white noise, to choose a monster under the bed and fear of it, but it is possible that there are no monsters, but there is a beautiful , Even if it's a dusty day, where there are thousands of dialogues and movements, colors and sounds, listen, get real, and suddenly feel that here and now, beats in rhythm with your heart, and all this is yours, your such short and fleeting blue-winged butterfly a life.

Aleksandra was 14 june on CANTOGRAD

This is one of the most truthful performances, about the fact that there are no winners and losers in the war, but there are thousands of mutilated destinies, which "have to warm ourselves together by one stove."

Anna was 18 june on TSVETAEVA. WARDROBE

Went with my husband. We really liked the evening. It was wonderful! It's wonderful :) Well, a miracle: 0 scenery, 2 actresses and a sea of ​​impressions ... ... "Marina invited us to Montmartre." It was fun, joked a lot ... "then she left. We never met again. ... Never seen each other. 5 rules Marina Tsvetaeva in Teatr.doc. Extremely warming 90 minutes of memories. To be gentle, mad and noisy. - So long to live! - Charming and smart, - It's lovely to be! It is more gentle than all who are and have been, Do not know the guilt ... - O disturbance, that in the grave We are all equal!

Olesya was 28 june on FOR TANGO, DO NOT TWO

Were a women's company, it attracted exactly that the performance is autobiographical and staged by a woman. Liked! Perhaps someone will say that it is simple, but, in my opinion, very accurately and accurately, about life and without preukras. Great courage is needed to look like this, standing in front of the audience's eyes, talking about what most people are afraid to admit out loud even to themselves all their lives! Bravo, Marina! Thank you from us and wishes to create and create!

Olesya was 28 june on FOR TANGO, DO NOT TWO

Very brave work! I take off my hat before frankness, Marina, you are brave!

Olesya was 20 june on Casting

I liked it very much, I do not even want to understand the components, because they are all good! And still there is a wholeness and an idea. Thanks to the author and actors!

Svetlana was 01 june on Berlusputin

Were at the play on January 18, all sooo liked. When they went out into the street I said: "In my opinion, this was the best performance in our life." We came home and bought 2 more tickets to Teatr.doc, but already to another play) Thank you for what you have!

Svetlana was 15 june on Pagans

Beautiful production and real, live actors.

Alla was 04 august on Pagans

We were at the play on August 4, 2016. I really liked the game actors. They seemed to live on the stage, they felt. And I liked that the plot did not let go. It was interesting. The second time I attend the play in a small, cozy hall. I am impressed by this atmosphere and involvement.

Lena was 01 june on Berlusputin

Were on the play on November 9, a wonderful performance! Witty, satirical, light and cheerful! I personally had a feeling that what I thought about our state system, why sometimes it seems that we live by some sort of cattle rules (I mean that on roads outside the rules themselves are people on expensive cars and so on .) Suddenly they took and said from the stage!) Straight, straightforward and accurate! Thank you, great fun!

Alexandra was 14 june on DISCOVER OUR COMMUNICATION ...

Were at the play on November 12. For the first time I was in this theater .. I liked the atmosphere itself - alive and laid-back. And the discussion after the performance is a very interesting moment, it seemed to me that for me personally, even a little more interesting than the performance itself. Because you can clarify a lot, hidden in the process of setting!

Il`ya was 16 october on ACTORS

A very interesting search for the format from the director, captures the viewer's attention. The actors are also great fellows! And it was really funny. We spent time with pleasure, I recommend.

Svetlana was 05 november on FOR TANGO, DO NOT TWO

Very pleased! The actors made me think about love, life, time ... Two days passed, but I still think about this play.

Sergey was 27 june on AUTHENTIC HISTORY

The first staging in this theater, which I visited. The main thing that I understood - to all those who believe that the theater - art of the 20th century (as I myself thought before) - is urgently here. This is a real modern theater, light, casual, cheerful, understandable, speaking modern language. Beautiful actors and a beautiful setting. I recommend to all!

Inna was 18 march on 24 plus

Beautiful performance. I advise everyone. Actors are wonderful as well as staging. Just BRAVO!

Inna was 18 march on 24 plus

Thank you for a great evening! I liked it very much. The actors are wonderful, the production is excellent. The plot is liked. I strongly advise!

Ol`ga was 27 june on AUTHENTIC HISTORY

Great production, guys are not lazy to play, try. Easy, thoughtful presentation. I recommend!

Anna was 15 june on Pagans

Already almost a year has passed, but still impressed by the performance - just do not have enough words to describe your condition ... knocking right through ... of course, if life "corrected", if not - may not be able to ... there were some ...

Spring008 was 28 june on 24 plus

A beautiful staging. I wanted to sob and laugh and laugh at the same time.

Anna was 08 april on FORGIVING CHANGE

The first time in this theater. She considered herself a conservative, but the proposed format made an impression. I can not say unequivocally what I liked, but I was curious. I definitely go to other plays in this theater. And I really want to see the same performance after several shows. He certainly transforms, and very interesting in that.

Pavel was 05 april on Pagans

I visit theaters quite rarely. At some point, stopped walking, because the performances began to seem composed of stamps. But on a good recommendation he looked at the play "Pagans" at the MLC theater. Firstly, I really liked that the script was very important and not an easy problem. It is not so easy to talk seriously about matters of faith, especially from the stage, and at the same time avoid edification. Secondly, I was very pleased with the performance of actors, especially Elena Nesterova and Tatiana Vladimirova: this is more than a game. And a pleasant impression left from the chamber theater itself with a minimum of scenery and lighting effects. The only thing that slightly spoiled the impression is that the height difference between the rows is very small, and from the third row (with my growth of 182) it was not particularly clear to the actors. I really want to see other theater productions.

Kristina was 09 june on ACTORS

The performance is unmatched! One of the best I've seen in recent times! I'm still impressed. Thanks for the emotions !!

Mariya was 12 march on Casting

Great performance! I highly recommend to viewing. Unexpected finale and looks in one breath.

Ekaterina was 20 june on Casting

A stunning performance - well-delivered, very realistic and with quality humor. One and a half hours look in one breath. I highly recommend it to everyone, except people sensitive to mat, its in the play in abundance.

Natal`ya was 15 june on Pagans

Not all performances can be safely recommended to friends .. One of such "Pagans" in the production of Teatra.doc. Very controversial ... And it's not even the saturation of the profanity in the speech of the actors (as you know, you can not turn out the lyrics from the song of the words and you will not change the author's text-the playwright Anna Yablonskaya is no longer alive) and not even in the minimalism of the production itself (lack of scenery, Costumes and props). Apparently, the very idea of ​​the play was too controversial for me. And by the way ... with all my love for the chamber theaters, this seemed to me really quite tiny)))

Evgeniy was 01 june on Berlusputin

Fantastically bright and sharp! I would like Putin to remain only in this play)) I express special admiration to the performer of the main role! This is the best female work in the theater, which I saw.

Natal`ya was 15 june on Pagans

It seemed to me, "Gentiles" - about the crisis of faith. In it everyone is ready to believe in anything that promises to be saved (from poverty, love, alcoholism), but the heroes are not ready to make efforts to believe in themselves, to try to correct something by themselves. On the fact that if something develops, then not for long. I hate the sharp social-with math, screaming. My neighbors have enough of this behind the wall. Therefore, it seemed that the "Pagans" were enough to read (Anna Yablonskaya), and walking on them (at least in Teatr.dok) was optional ...

Marina was 27 august on Casting

The performance is very emotional, the actors play is excellent! Good mood is provided! I advise everyone!

Ol`ga was 18 june on Pagans

Once again, Teatr.Dok does not disappoint:) Actors-BRAVO!

Dar`ya was 09 june on Berlusputin

Very pleased! A busy day!

Sivcov was 01 june on Berlusputin

Everyone should see this! For 2 hours you receive a program of a political education program about what happened and what is happening in our country, watching the wonderful game of actors. It is easy, deliberately accidentally touched upon many very complex issues of our reality. Masterfully published are the published memoirs of Lyudmila Putina about life with her husband on the stage. Willy-nilly you will reflect on how such people can have the right to propagate true family values. Especially I want to note the long enumeration-characteristics, reminiscent of the famous lists of transfers Francois Rabelais. In general, the prepared spectator will receive the greatest pleasure from the performance, for even a meaningless phrase carries a whole trail of images and meanings, and this recalls medieval texts that quoted the Holy Scripture abundantly, thus sending potential readers to a whole set of all kinds of characteristics. Many thanks to Varvara Faer for this text component! Together with the brilliant game Epishev and Germanova turned out to be a bomb.

Elena was 18 may on Berlusputin

It will be little to say that I really liked it. Sad and funny, but more sad. Sorry for the country and each of us ...

Evilina was 05 may on Pagans

Thank you, I liked it very much

Ekaterina was 31 march on Pagans

Many thanks! We watched the performance for the second time, I liked it even more than in the first.

Evgeniy was 31 march on Pagans

I really liked it, thank you !!!

Artem was 31 march on Pagans

This performance is worthy of the Mask, in composition, in depth, in sincerity and sharpness of execution. This performance is not about finding God, but about finding a person in yourself. We find heroes, we are still looking for. A brilliant performance!

Visitor was 17 march on Casting

I liked the actors! I liked the idea, but it did not hook. The first 20-30 minutes is interesting, then you already look "in stretch". Those. After watching there is no delight, looked and forgot.

Anush was 01 june on Berlusputin

Class!!! Do not be surprised if the performance is banned, for example.

Ekaterina was 16 february on Casting

I'm a fastidious spectator who selectively selects a place, since I'll sit out all myself, then I feel stifled \ dying \ sound loud \ almost fell asleep after a day's work, etc. But sometimes 1.5 hours for a hard chair and not being able to stretch my legs, I feel great. At this performance, in particular. A standing theater.

Ekaterina was 16 february on Casting

Thank you very much for the performance! We are planning to come to you more than once

Vladimir was 01 june on Berlusputin

I really liked it. A real political satire. Some "shutters" do not survive until the end ...

Tat`yana was 01 june on Berlusputin

Very interesting. There was a feeling that some riot police would break in and make everyone forget. The game Evdokia Germanova and Sergei Epishev very much.

Aleksandr was 14 december on Berlusputin

Thank you! Admired! Everything was wonderful! Both the performance and the Big-Ticket system.

Ekaterina was 02 december on Casting

Very funny! Although buggery with profanity ... And vooasche, Doc me yet never disappointed!

Artem was 10 november on Casting

I liked this performance very much, actors Igor Stamm and Konstantin Gatsalov played very well. It's funny and even very! Having looked at this performance you understand how castings pass for roles in theater or cinema! The time of the performance was not noticeable! And in general theater DOC is a cozy theater!

Nina was 15 november on Berlusputin

Thank you very much, we are absolutely delighted. Good luck and new sharp productions. For me it's a breath of fresh air.

Ekaterina was 15 november on Berlusputin

Good afternoon. We really liked the performance! Eudoxia Germanova was incomparable!

Marina was 15 november on Berlusputin

Super! I really liked it. Fans of the current regime should not look! I recommend!

Dmitriy was 30 october on Casting

Volchebno, in one breath and fun

Elena was 08 november on Pagans

I liked very much, the actors played wonderful.

Elena was 25 october on Berlusputin

I liked it very much. Feel free, fresh. And it would be very fun, if it were not so sad

Ol`ga was 25 october on Berlusputin

Thank you, we liked it, although it is unclear what to do about it

Evgeniy was 25 october on Berlusputin

A beautiful satire, all the famous shoals and shoals of P. are shown and played smartly The game of actors is wonderful, everyone laughed and even laughed :)

Ira was 01 june on Berlusputin

Apparently, the text is "updated" constantly, because it contains comments on almost yesterday's events. Not looking for a deep meaning and not asking the question "what to do?", It is a pleasure to watch this performance. Neat finale - I was very interested, as after the above you can find an elegant conclusion. Happened. A wonderful role for Hermanova. I advise you to take 1 row, not the second - there is no rise, but the audience is mostly grown up.

Evgeniy was 01 june on Berlusputin

A beautiful satire, all known shoals and shoals of P. are shown and played smartly. The game of actors at the highest level, laughed, even not, everyone was laughing!

Anna was 29 december on Berlusputin

A wonderful performance! A wonderful play of actors.

Oleg was 20 december on Casting

Everything was great. You guys are great fellows. Konstantin, Anna and the whole team - thank you so much. We will come again.

Stanislav was 20 december on Casting

Very much!

Elena was 02 november on Berlusputin

The performance was watched in the autumn of 2012. The gradual subthreshold of protest public moods calls into question the relevance of the performance itself. Since the topic is obviously acute political. A ruthless caricature. The very atmosphere of the theater, its semi-basement dilapidated room, create an atmosphere of clandestine encounters, make spectators, as it were, part of the production, conspirators, accomplices. Sometimes the caricature is so merciless, passing the permissible threshold (although, as I understood, the actors are just trying to convey that this threshold in art is not and should not be), that it seems as if an omone is about to arrive and tie all up. Politically active fans of the theater, I think, the show has already been watched. The rest I do not recommend.

Anastasiya was 15 june on Pagans

A brilliant performance. He is boldly adding to the top three best performances I've seen this year.

Anna was 18 june on 24 plus

Wonderfully had time. A lot of emotions after watching. I advise my friends and acquaintances.

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