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Feedbacks from viewers
Nataliya was 23 november on The Princess of the Circus

Classical operetta! Well-done production.

Elena was 20 september on Betting over the abyss

She was looking forward to a new performance in the theater of the musical “Paris over the Abyss”. I like this theater. Like musicals. I drive on them all my provincial friends coming to Moscow. An evening at the musical theater is always a guaranteed holiday! Revised the entire repertoire. The Circus Princess, Life is Beautiful, Cinderella are weaker, but also pretty decent. But what we watched on September 18th cannot be called a performance, a musical, or a revue ... Three big circus numbers, which are quite decent, I must say, and three more circus numbers - well, let’s say more or less. ALL! Neither a circus nor a theater. Rave! Went after this action in complete bewilderment. It was frankly a pity for time and money. Expensive and about nothing! There is not even hope that this will change; there is nothing to modify there. There is nothing to modify this! I do not recommend it!

Tat`yana was 07 january on The Princess of the Circus

Wonderful performance. Great mood guaranteed. I recommend to come with the whole family. Get great pleasure. Bravo to artists and directors! Thank.

Anna was 19 december on The Princess of the Circus

Last weekend we went to the Moscow Musical Theater for the production of "Circus Princess". I have already watched this play with my spouse, this time I decided to take my eldest son with me (8 years). The performance is stunning, spectacular! Not for one minute is impossible to break away from what is happening on the stage. Dancers, acrobats, actors - everything worked perfectly !!! This is the first performance in which I saw a combination of theatrical and circus art. I really liked the music. The arias, written by Imre Kalman, will still sound in my head for a long time: “Once again, the playpen is alive!”, “The aria of Mr. X.” Directed by Sebastian Soldevilla and Marina Shvydkoi managed to create a unique and high-quality product. The scene is always full, every change of scenery is played up. We never see emptiness. The musical has turned out absolutely family. Everyone will take something out of here: the child liked acrobatic stunts, my spouse and I liked the voices of the artists, the costumes, the movements, the story itself. Here you will not be told about the circus, here we see a story about love, betrayal, deception. In the vocal of Maria Biork, who played the role of Theodora Verdier, I have been in love for a long time (I saw her twice in Crime and Punishment). She has a very piercing voice. Eugene Shirokova beautiful in the image of Mr. X! I was very surprised by Ekaterina Novoselova (Mari Latush). I never could have imagined her as an acrobat! Only one flip in the first part is worth something !!!! A trio made a humorous note: Tony Bonvil (Dmitry Fedorov), Karolina Bonville (Elena Moiseeva) and Pelikan (Leonid Zhidkov). My son still remembers Tony hiding from his crazy mom. And the dance of Carolina with Pelikan caused a storm of applause !!!! The concept of acrobatic tricks was developed by Andrei Koltsov, he also performed the magnificent stunt of Mr. X. Circus (acrobatic) numbers are so subtly “woven” into this story that you cannot always understand who is in front of you: a theater or circus artist. I really liked the scene in which Theodore is surrounded by a crowd of fans. Especially, hooked that moment when she climbs up her crazy fans. Impressed and dinner people from high society with circus. Yes .... it seems I can describe every scene ... Absolutely everything is worthy of attention ... I recommend to visit !!!! You have to see it with your own eyes at least once !!!!

Anna was 09 november on Miracles and Kurales

There are performances that you want to revise again and again. The production of “Miracles and Kurales” in the Moscow Theater of the Musical we are watching for the second time, and I think the third is just around the corner. At the heart of the play is a tale by Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”. The performance is very bright, filled with magic and a riot of colors. Costumes alone are worth something!) Victoria Sevurkova and Het Tsabolov created something incredible. Alice in a classic dress (just like in the Disney cartoon). Her dress changes a little, falling into a magical country, it is covered with letters, Alice becomes the heroine of a dream tale that she has seen. The costumes of chess and card queens are magical !!!) Every detail is thought out, everything shines and glitters. Caterpillar, Hatter, White Rabbit - everyone is unique here! I really liked how they beat Alice, who grew in size and the sea of ​​her tears. The children laughed so much when huge hands and legs rushed from behind the screen, and tears were a separate conversation. I was impressed with the extras game: birds, roses, cards, chess - very bright in costumes and characters. Here the main villain is not a card queen at all, but a cunning joker. Ivan Latushko succeeded in this image, an angry fire was read in his eyes. I liked the idea of ​​the play very much: Alice is dreaming not just a dream, but all not familiar and relatives in new guises. Marina Shvydkaya put an excellent performance interesting both for adults and children. The performance is filled with a very subtle jura and sense, adults do not get bored, but watch with interest what is happening on stage. To further engage the audience in what is happening, the characters are constantly moving throughout the space of the hall. Here Alice hid on the balcony, here the rabbit ran past, here marched chess and cards. Asya Budrina (Alice) did an excellent job with her role. She is light, playful, naive, involuntarily you begin to believe that in front of you is not an adult girl, but a little mischievous girl. The hall is not very big, the voices of the heroes can be heard absolutely anywhere. Thanks to the Musical Theater for a wonderful performance!

Svetlana was 06 november on Miracles and Kurales

My grandchildren are in love with the theater no less than me, which means we are going to another cultural campaign. This time we watched the Musical "Miracles and Curlys" by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. We love the whole Moscow theater of the musical with the whole family. It is always interesting, bright performances, a great cast, original costumes and scenery and wonderful music. Immediately about the music - Vladimir Baskin wrote it to this production. Melodies well emphasize the characters of the characters, each with its own style and image. A musical is not an exact adherence to the beautifully beloved book, but a story about Alice, who could dream best of all. production director: Marina Shvydkaya told the story that a miracle is always there, you just need to lend a hand to it, or open a book. The premiere took place less than a year ago - I think many have not yet seen, so I will tell you a little more. staging - a real riot of fantasy and color. Absolutely amazing costumes - our applause for the artist -Victoria Sevrukova. My grandchildren are already asking to celebrate a birthday in the style of chess - they liked it so much. The scenery is minimalist, but they are successfully replaced by projections, on which also, like on the stage, miracles and transformations take place. It was pleasant to fall that the space of the auditorium was actively involved. Now, between the rows, the elusive and ever-late White Rabbit runs, then pawns are marching harmoniously and seriously to war ... For me, the best feedback on the quality of a children's play is always how our restless people behave. This time they looked at the scene, not looking up. And now, a few days after watching, they are having an insane tea party, then everyone is chopped off “head from the shoulders!” The musical is very kind: it has a place of friendship, courage. And there is a wonderful message to creativity in it: the leitmotif is the thought that to dream and invent is great. Superbly conceived and played the role of the Hatter. Thank you so much I want to say charming Alice - actress Ekaterina Novoselova, and the owner of the main theater award of the country "Golden Mask" Oksana Kostetskaya played the wise Caterpillar on the stage. Also in the musical shine Marat Abdrakhimov, Victoria Pivko, Evgeny Waltz, Andrei Gusev and other recognized masters of the genre. And the characteristic feature of children's productions in the Theater of the Musical is a special humor. Jokes and hints that make the presentation exciting for any age. From me definitely a recommendation to visit. A good magical story, full of music and bright colors, is waiting for you.

Ketevana was 31 december on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

The Musical Theater under the direction of Mikhail Shvydkoi is my personal opening of the year. I happened to see musicals on Broadway, adapted versions of Western musicals on the stage of MDM, but what the artists of the Musical Theater could do was not like anything. As you know, the theater begins with a hanger. Passing from the metro to the Palace of Culture. S.P. Gorbunova, we were surprised - how different the audience came that day on the Spectal. Noisy flocks of youth, middle-aged audiences and touchingly walking arm-in-arms for elderly couples. However, it is no wonder - all ages are submissive to good music. The second surprise of the evening is live music and voices. Many actors, especially young ones, are familiar with different musicals. Another pleasant surprise is the wonderful and charismatic Alex Kolgan, who performed many numbers in the play - with a marvelous voice and a pleasant manner of communicating with the audience in the hall. Tevye the milkman (the aria from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof") in his performance together with the actors of the theater - this number can be reviewed more than once! A "Burnt Sun" in Polish! Mikhail Shvydkoi in the role of entertainer - for a good funny, intelligent, immediately gave the entire holiday format of the acting skits. Although at the very beginning there was the impression that there would be more theatrical tales than music, but then everything was leveled out, and familiar melodies sounded to all. Another surprise of the evening - Sergei Inkov - dazzling, enchanting conductor. The right word, it was sometimes difficult to tear off the look and follow the action on the stage. Actually, retelling the muzkalnoe predstalenie - a thankless task. Two hours passed like one minute, and all the way back home I wanted to hum and dance in time to the melodies heard from the stage. Bright costumes, excellent choreography, wonderful music, fervent actors' eyes - that's the recipe that makes the presentation truly alive and festive.

Svetlana was 19 november on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

As I love karaoke, I can spend on it whole evenings. And I love the theater - and here is an absolutely perfect combination of theater and karaoke. To sing at first was embarrassed, and then realized that the whole room was engaged in the same))) Even the voice was "planted" with friends)))) I highly recommend it.

Aleksey was 25 april on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

Instead of the announced 3 hours the performance was 2 hours.

Uliya was 23 november on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

Easy, colorful performance. We were very pleased with the hits of the 1930s and 1970s. Everything is very stylish, bright, beautiful. I wanted to come to other performances.

Anna was 12 april on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

"Musical revue Life is beautiful" -Excellent performance

Elena was 03 january on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

Many thanks for the pleasure!

Nadegda was 02 march on The musical revue "Life is beautiful"

It was magical. This was spectacular. Sang along with friends and enjoyed a wonderful evening!

Irina was 11 march on The Princess of the Circus

Were at the play The Princess of the Circus on 8 March. A fine performance. They received a great pleasure-a real holiday.

Artem was 15 november on All about Cinderella

Cool "Cinderella" in the Moscow Theater of the musical! I was brought by a friend, went only for her and did not regret. They were amazed all the time: the Cinderella sisters, fused in the corset area, the Woodward, whose uncomplicated hair stood on end in a tight fit, a pumpkin with a bomb, chairs tied to the courtiers. But most of all I liked the king's crown. In my opinion, they are some kind of chandelier for the parts dismantled.

Svetlana was 15 november on All about Cinderella

The most carbonic spectacle of all that goes now in musical theaters. In addition to class music and live vocals, I liked the hooligan approach to the plot. Everything here was rearranged, up-to-date, but not spoiled at all. Particularly pleased with the fairy with helpers in worn-out tracksuits. Local brotherhood)))) And pumpkin, which turned out to be a bomb! It is necessary to think up such.

Elena was 12 october on The Princess of the Circus

Excellent gymnastics, were enthusiastic !!!! Gymnasts performed acrobatic stunts, excellent acting, beautiful scenery. Descend necessarily!

Irina was 31 march on Crime and Punishment

Did not like. The voice is not very much, only Marie Biork at the height. I would not recommend to my friends.

Anna was 15 november on The Princess of the Circus

Chic! Shine! Beauty! (From another operetta - but very accurately). Thanks to the whole theater. The duration is 2 hours 50 minutes. When buying a ticket - wrote that 2 hours. (Warning someone to go far home).

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