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Theater "Millennium"

Feedbacks from viewers
Uriy was 29 jule on He is in Argentina

On July 29 he attended the performance "He is in Argentina". I was certainly struck by the combination of the cast. It seemed to me that these two brilliant women were not compatible, but N. Chusova (director) agreed to combine the incompatible. The acting is brilliant. I am very ashamed of those spectators who left the hall before the end of the performance. If you are not a theatrical "hypocrite" I recommend watching this show.

Tamara was 16 august on He is in Argentina

I liked the performance very much. Brilliant Tatiana Vasilyeva! Laughter through tears ... Be sure to go!

Visitor was 25 march on He is in Argentina

Nice performance. The acting is great. The performance is ideal for an easy and unobtrusive evening.

Viktor was 24 october on He is in Argentina

24.10.15. The acting is great. I liked the performance very much, but it was possible to do without the crackle from the microphone at the scene "Dream". The audience of course supported Elena, but the sound engineer was a big "minus" !!!

Svetlana was 13 june on Be well, monsieur

Beautiful performance, all the actors were at their best. the hall is very cozy)

Svetlana was 07 june on Incorrigible liar

We were pleased to see the play Incorrigible Liar! And very soulfully after the performance Tatyana Vasilyevna sang, Olga Bogdanova recited poetry, and Sadalsky sang too, irresistible! Everything is sincere and warm !!!

Evgeniy was 25 january on Sly for hire

Super performance !!! Laughing from the heart. All the actors were great, especially like Nadezhda Angarskaya in her image.

Tamara was 10 january on Cinderella New Year's Ball

complete delight! and music! and the game of actors! more such performances

Anna was 10 january on Cinderella New Year's Ball

12.12.2015 We went with a daughter of 4.5 years to Cinderella. I liked the performance, the actors tried, well done. Lasts 1.20 with intermission. The hall is very comfortable, they took the orchestra 10 row 5-8 place, it is seen well (of course it is better to take closer to the central aisle).

Natal`ya was 07 december on Don Giovanni's tricks

I would like to share my opinion. The play was interesting for its cast, in my opinion I would note the excellent performance of Alexander S. - the role of a servant, I liked Alexander A. very much - the role of the father, as well as the magnificently performed statue. The participating actresses were also good, each in their own way. The leading role - Goshi K. seemed damp. In general, I liked the performance.

Andrey was 11 october on Day of surprises

Great performance !!! Actors bravo !!! Humor, of course, gives a little to Petrosyanshchina, but on the whole, we were very pleased !!!

Irina was 24 august on Man with home delivery

Excellent! Slightly greased impression of vulgar jokes, but their number in the total mass is not critical. Artists are all done well! Laughing and smiling all evening. Thank you!

Svetlana was 09 august on Don Giovanni's tricks

Today we visited the play. Feeling is twofold ... Fuck! We sat through until the end, as the actors' play was good. But many words cut the rumor ..

Alisa was 27 jule on When tomorrow comes

A wonderful performance! A good game of actors, an interesting plot and humor makes viewing easy and exciting!

Tat`yana was 24 april on Incorrigible liar

I go to this play for the second time. Knowing the plot is still feeling that you are watching for the first time. The husband is also just delighted with the great game of actors! In a word, BRAVO !!

Nelli was 10 april on Man with home delivery

Went to the play on April 6. I have not laughed at comedies for a long time. Sparrow-annealed "in full", as good as Kucheva and Polizeymako. I recommend it to everyone. A good mood is guaranteed ..

Tat`yana was 09 april on Man with home delivery

Wonderful performance !!!! Have fun !!! Stunning play of actors. All BRAVO !!!

Uliya was 09 april on Man with home delivery

Went with my husband on Friday. Easily, ironically, rested, got positive emotions. Thanks to the cast, everyone was worthy.

Irina was 09 april on Man with home delivery

Bravo! We charged with good mood and laughed heartily! I advise!

Natal`ya was 26 march on Catch me ... Can you?

I really love T. Vasiliev as always gorgeous! F. Dobronravov just fine, the rest of the actors, too, thanks, we liked the performance.

Lidiya was 12 march on Catch me ... Can you?

A hopeless platitude! Continuous cliches! I did not quit just because the performance without intermission did not want to disturb other viewers. I will not advise anyone to waste time on this performance

Dar`ya was 11 march on Incorrigible liar

Thank you for the bright impressions and excellent mood of the actors and spectators !!!! Great play of actors! Special thanks for the songs and poems performed by the actors in the second part

Elena was 09 march on Day of surprises

Were at the play on March 8, 2018. We got a lot of fun, the actors were on top, thank them very much for the game. The holiday was a success

Aleksandr was 26 february on Day of surprises

Excellent, light, modern comedy. Brilliant play of actors. My wife and I were very pleased.

Tat`yana was 26 february on Incorrigible liar

The performance was just on top !!! Were with my mother. Despite this plot of awkwardness, no one experienced it. Artists just bravo !!!!! I wanted to applaud standing !!!!

Lubov` was 26 february on Hanuma

Went with a friend. The play really liked! We enjoyed viewing. A great game of actors.

Ol`ga was 07 february on Day of surprises

This is the first performance in my life when I wanted to get up and leave. That's just terrible....

Diana was 19 january on Hanuma

I would love to leave an enthusiastic response, especially since the game of such artists as Volkova, Nosik, Vasilyeva and Rutberg was at a high level ... But here the performance of the songs under the soundtrack spoiled the whole impression! In a musical performance, just open your mouth instead of singing a song - it's an outright HALTURE !! I remember staging a play by the Leningradsky BDT ... It does not go to any comparison !!! If you swung, then do not shame!

Daniil was 06 january on Day of surprises

Not a long drawn-out production. Tatyana Vasilyeva, as always, is on top. Humor is a lot, a little black. Go, have fun.

Ivan was 11 december on Day of surprises

Unfortunately disappointed. Overplaying and flat humor. He wanted to leave at the intermission. The wife was ashamed. But I saw the outgoing audience.

Valeryi was 17 november on Man with home delivery

The performance is interesting. You have to visit and recharge with energy and subtle humor. The actors play beautifully. A.Nevskaya played; E.Vorobei; D. Miller; D. Tetruashvilly.

Anton was 07 november on Day of surprises

A funny performance, especially the son of Vasilyeva rzhachny, it really seemed that he was a bit overacting

Cvetlana was 07 november on Day of surprises

Excellent play-the classic game of your favorite actors-Tatiana Vasilieva, Marat Basharov-the performance went on in one breath, I wanted it not to end, I enjoyed visiting the Railwaymen's House-nice staff, great sound, comfortable chairs, long-familiar interiors. I recommend everyone to visit.

Nataliya was 31 october on Be well, monsieur

Excellent comedy with an interesting ending. A wonderful play of actors. I join the previous response: in view of the semicircular hall, there is no action from the side armchairs in the extreme right or left part of the scene. Fortunately, such scenes were few.

Garri was 01 october on Incorrigible liar

Great composition, dedication and a great mood!)

Suzanna was 13 august on Hanuma

A wonderful game of actors, great production! Got great pleasure from such a comedy! Thank you !

Irina was 13 august on Hanuma

Bochkarev is the decoration of this performance.

Aleksey was 13 august on Hanuma

Great performance. Got a real pleasure. Many artists are familiar from movies and TV. Therefore, it is twice pleasant to watch artists "alive". Beautiful artists, sparkling humor and fiery dances! A good impression was left by the theater itself-a beautiful hall, comfortable and aesthetic chairs, a beautiful view of the scene.

Viktor was 13 august on Hanuma

Thanks a lot more of these performances

Anton was 13 august on Hanuma

Excellent!!! Very funny!!!:)

Galina was 04 november on Hanuma


Ol`ga was 13 august on Hanuma

All very much ponravilos.Oktery all gorgeous.Open the Millenium Theater for yourself.

Veronika was 07 january on Hanuma

Full rapture.were on January 5. All is excellent. Do not regret the money. It's fun, zadorno.Ne haltura.Gruzinsky dances are amazing.

Elena was 08 jule on Hanuma

Great performance! We had a very good time! A lot of positive! The game of actors is above praise! We advise.

Marina was 26 september on Hanuma

I liked the performance! It was fun, fun, funny! I liked the acting of actors, especially Natalia Bochkareva, Julia Rutberg, Olga Volkova! Thank you! The only thing I did not like (in my opinion) is modern quotes from the Internet, YouTube, but again I repeat this my opinion. And everything is fine, great! I advise everyone. I got a lot of positive emotions !!!

Ol`ga was 27 april on Hanuma

Thank you great actors game

Elena was 06 december on Hanuma

We got great pleasure from viewing the play! A wonderful cast, play easily, from the heart. Danced so incendiary! Many thanks for the holiday!

Galina was 04 november on Hanuma

Thank you! Liked!

Natal`ya was 07 january on Be well, monsieur

This performance was visited on 01/07/2017. What can I say? Personally, I was not impressed with the performance. The actors tried. Yakubovich L. was on top. The audience sometimes laughed and applauded. We had places 32,33,34 6 row. Seen well.

Natal`ya was 01 april on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

Were with my friend in the play on March 17. Read the reviews, so we realized that we will not watch a highly intellectual performance. Remarkable Sergei Rubeko in the role of a policeman won. Tatyana Orlova is also good. Alexander Nosik - not bad. Victoria Tarasova ... well, I do not know, maybe this idea of ​​the director. They took tickets to the mezzanine for the action, so everything was fine. The hall was incomplete, so they moved closer to the middle. Everything is perfectly visible. In general, an easy evening with friends. A good mood, as always, you need to take with you.

Tamara was 01 april on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

The performance is great! Cheerful, energetic. T. Kravchenko - good!)) Excellent play A.Nosik, V.Tarasova, D.Matrosov. Everyone who has not forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life, who is not mired in an evil depressnake and dissatisfaction with life - I advise !! ))

Ol`ga was 20 september on Be well, monsieur

The play and the actors left the deepest and most pleasant impressions, thank you very much. A huge request to the management of the building: half the scene is blocked off from the outermost chairs, I would not like to correct it.

Evgeniya was 20 september on Be well, monsieur

Very satisfied, the actors' game is magnificent, and especially L. Yakubovich a and irresistible A. Makeeva! Bravo!

Marina was 20 september on Be well, monsieur

I liked the performance very much. A great play of actors. I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues. The best medicine for the autumn spleen.

Anna was 23 jule on Be well, monsieur

Very pleased!

Roman was 23 jule on Be well, monsieur

Very cute and cheerful performance.

Ekaterina was 21 august on Be well, monsieur

I really liked the performance, thank you!

Irina was 21 august on Be well, monsieur

Thank you! I liked the performance!

Ekaterina was 01 april on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

I agree with the response of Svetlana on July 16 - I did not bother to see a more incompetent statement, I'm sorry for my time.

Svetlana was 16 jule on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

A horrible performance, actors constantly forgot the text, they themselves laughed about it, played badly, there was no actor Nosik nor Panin in the play, instead of them the role played an incompetent actor who was not in the poster, wasting money and time in vain, do not go, do not go I recommend.

Aleksandra was 16 jule on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

Stunning acting game! Actress Victoria Tarasova - the best and charismatic!

Ekaterina was 16 jule on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

A great performance of the actors!

Ekaterina was 22 march on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

The performance is wonderful, very light and with humor. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful game on stage. We left the theater with a good mood and positive emotions.

Dar`ya was 01 april on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

A. Panin, T. Kravchenko well done !!!!!!! They played amazing, everyone laughed. I advise.

Uliya was 13 december on Be well, monsieur


Svetlana was 01 april on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

Kind, enlightening, sparkling performance. Required for viewing to the younger generation (this, of course, my opinion)

Evgeniy was 26 october on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

The performance is very interesting, I liked it, I had a good sense of humor among the actors, I recommend to everyone !!

Vera was 26 october on Adventurous family or how to steal a million

Thank you. Got great pleasure from the game of artists.

Tat`yana was 08 april on Be well, monsieur

I watched the performance on December 13 in the CCPM. I really liked the cast of actors. Perfectly coped with the role of L. Yakubovich and O. Volkov. Remarkably, G.Danilova, S.Rubeko and L.Kulagin played. In general, the performance is cheerful, dynamic, witty. After the performance, a fine mood remains for a long time. A great start to the weekend.

Oleg was 13 december on Be well, monsieur

Easy performance for a good mood. Great plays Leonid Yakubovich.

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