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Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 17 december on Le Tartuffe. Comedy

I was advised to watch the play Tartuffe at the Taganka Theater, so I went. A happy mistake - the play "Le Tartuffe. Comedy" in the same place. The second Moliere in the next two weeks, which I had fun. Here I did not laugh out loud, but the whole performance sat with a stupid smile under the mask. Moliere painted Tartuffe for a production at the Palais Royal. The director Yuri Muravitsky tried to stage it so that the king would laugh too. The actors, like puppets, in the brightest costumes with masked faces painted beyond recognition, that is, they were turned into characters of the commedia dell'arte. Carnival and farce, masquerade and fun. The costumes are a separate delight, the artist Galya Solodovnikova worked on them. The play was presented at the Snob magazine prize and he received it. I deservedly confirm. And now I have to take a ticket for another Tartuffe.

Nataliya was 18 february on RUN, ALICE, RUN

Great performance! We got great pleasure from the idea and its implementation!

Vladimir was 10 october on I'll call myself Gantenbain

Wonderful actors !!! Many thanks! Difficult for staging a work in the theater .. Cope! PS Very uncomfortable chairs in the hall .. You get tired physically. Highly!

Nika was 08 october on Tartuffe

Was on the play Tartuffe. Afraid frustrated. Fooled by expectations. Very good, right, decent. Sometimes it is a shame for the actors, this was not on Tartuffe. Beautiful classics in a very "respectful" performance. Thank you

Margarita was 27 september on The Master and Margarita

Was at the play on September 25, 2018. I liked it very much. I do not know how I managed to accommodate the whole novel in 2 actions. But it was possible !!. It remains a sense of integrity. With a minimum of stage design and props, it was possible to transfer all the scenes .. I really love this novel and tried to watch this work in different theaters - all the time I was leaving unsatisfied. For the first time - I liked it !! Thank you so much. Especially liked Koroviev - he turned out mischievous, it is such an easy thing he should be. Woland is beautiful !! Bravo! And in general, all the cast of actors - a low bow. If you like "Master and Margarita" - go to Taganka !!

Elena was 04 jule on Venetian twins

Were at the play on July 3, 2018, I liked it very much. The spectators applauded standing. Good acting. Even it seemed that the twins are two. Thank you so much!

Ulianna was 25 may on Cripple with Inishmana

Very good performance! The actors play is simply gorgeous !!!! Bravo !!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Artur was 30 march on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

I was at the play on the 28th of March, on vacation, in the hall there were a lot of schoolchildren ... remembered the school program, winged phrases, Chatsky - an extra person ... now, from the height of lived years, you look at it all from a different angle. You see, Chatsky at any time will be unruffled, in any society. Because it does not cause special sympathy ... I liked the scenery, the actors' play, I especially wanted to mention Skalozub ... the phrase in the end of the monologue prompted the animation at the end of the monologue, which Father Sophia said: - Why, b ... does the music still play? - I do not remember her in the play. Of the minuses - ventilation pumped up, it was stuffy. This somewhat reduces the perception of the performance and increases drowsiness ... therefore I put four points out of five. A performance - I recommend! At least because to compare their school and current impressions. The play is the same, and you?

Rustem was 21 november on Vladimir Vysotsky

The performance is liked. It is full.It is puzzling that the wet cleaning of the scene does not seem to have been done for a very long time and when opening the searchlights of luminous from the scene a huge cloud of dust rises, which in the light of the searchlights gradually sits on the spectators of the first rows.

Ernest was 17 november on Tartuffe

Were with my wife in the play Tartuffe. I liked the actors' play and the production itself. We sat in the third row and the impression was slightly overshadowed by the cloud of dust that rose when the illumination ramp was opened on the stage. Two days after the performance, there was an exacerbation of allergy.

Dmitriy was 13 november on A good man from Sezuana

A good performance. Holds to the end. It is clear why half a century ago he was a bomb. But for today, it's a bit rustic. I recommend everyone who is interested in the history of the Russian theater as a whole and the history of Taganka in particular.

Nadegda was 24 september on Tartuffe

Great performance. Looks at one go. A matchless game of actors.

Elena was 29 june on E-mail

Were at the play of the 8th .. I liked very much !! Very spiritual, family history .. a great game of actors!

Mariya was 29 april on Golden Dragon

An interesting production, makes you think about eternal questions. I can recommend everyone who likes modern art.

Mariya was 28 june on Wii

We bought tickets and did not regret it! "Viy" in rock processing is very cool!

Irina was 20 october on Venetian twins

A good, bright performance in the style of "Italian masks" (Harlequin, Brighello ...). The actors played excellently, vividly, cheerfully. Lovely costumes, music. Live communication with the audience. Got a good mood.

Svetlana was 07 june on Venetian twins

A wonderful, sparkling performance. Were on it on June 7, 2016. Time flies by unnoticed, despite the fatigue of the working day. Memorable work of the whole ensemble cast. Especially I would like to mention Dmitry Vysotsky, Polina Nechitailo, Yulia Stozharov and Nikita Luchikhin in the modest role of the porter.

Ol`ga was 01 april on Venetian twins

The performance really liked. Many thanks for the good mood you received.

Anastasiya was 13 june on Venetian twins

Wonderful performance, if you want to relax and just have fun! He's funny, with an interesting storyline and unexpected twists. The actors' play was also pleasantly surprised - everything is fervent and not forced, they really live on the stage.

Aleksandr was 24 october on On every sage it is rather simple

So it's a play. With the director's inflections.

Al`bina was 26 june on On every sage it is rather simple

The event was pleased with the soul rested a lot of thanks

Ganna was 19 june on Venetian twins

Great! The whole performance laughed. Many thanks for the good mood, the pleasure and the positive!

Aleksandr was 26 june on Life is a commodity to takeaway

It was interesting. In the solo performance, probably, the most important thing is not to lose the hall. It succeeded. The bonus in the form of a miniature "Mozart and Salieri" was as pleasantly unexpected, so indifferent played. Actually, the actors were able to draw music.

Anastasiya was 26 june on On every sage it is rather simple

I liked it very much. I advise. Especially Sergey Belyaev, he is simply great. Suddenly, there was the presence of a light "eroticism")) and the restriction of 18+ Well done! Very cozy, nice and easy.

Il`ya was 26 june on On every sage it is rather simple

I'll go again but only to another team

Anatoliy was 01 may on On every sage it is rather simple

Vanguard, the score is good

Kseniya was 01 may on On every sage it is rather simple

We are delighted! Unexpectedly, to the depths of the soul under the impression! Thank you so much! :-)

Svetlana was 01 may on On every sage it is rather simple

"On every wise man is quite simple" - a thing for all time. Excellent set design and play with light. Philip Kotov and Anastasia Kolpikova are remarkably plastic. So much liked the performance of the Theater on Tananke, that immediately took tickets for the next day. Thank you for a great time! Svetlana S.

Irina was 02 may on Venetian twins

Hello! Yesterday you visited your performance together with your mother, he liked both very much! And the scenery, and the work of the theater staff - everything was organized at a very high level, but I especially want to mention the amazing play of the actors. All played great, your theater is not in vain famous for its troupe. Special thanks to Alexander Lyrchikov, his improvisation in certain moments of the script has raised the mood to the whole audience.) Personally, I was in your theater for the first time, but now I hope to become his constant guest. Thank you for a wonderfully spent evening!

Mihail was 01 may on On every sage it is rather simple

Disappointed by the mediocre performance of actors. Not expected.

Svetlana was 02 may on Venetian twins

Very much!

Nu5 was 20 march on Venetian twins

Very much it was pleasant! For a long time so did not laugh) thanks!

Svetlana was 20 march on Venetian twins

I liked the play very much. I recommended it to my friends.

Galina was 20 march on Venetian twins

A very, very, very pleasant evening. Everyone fell a little into childhood and was ready to play along to the actors. Galloni - bravo. Taganka - three times bravo.

Lidiya was 20 march on Venetian twins

Amazing performance. Cheerful, witty. The hall only exploded with applause. Colorful costumes, great music, bright and at the same time easy playing of actors. The audience participated in the performance together with all the actors. I got great pleasure. People left after the performance with smiles on their faces.

Svetlana was 20 march on Venetian twins

Statement very ponravio, I will recommend to friends.

Nikolay was 09 march on On every sage it is rather simple

Good theater, great performance, thank you!

Ol`ga was 09 march on On every sage it is rather simple

Many thanks, very much!

Galina was 13 june on Venetian twins

Good afternoon, I went with my husband to this performance and were delighted! Very cheerful, interesting, colorful spectacle! To laugh did not cease all session! I recommend to all who want to spend time in a cozy atmosphere with a good mood !!!

Nelli was 05 february on On every sage it is rather simple

Great performance! I will definitely invite my friends to look again. Thanks to the actors!

Oleg was 05 february on On every sage it is rather simple

Passage for Mirzoyev's play. All of its brand-name techniques here do not necessarily look like. Played all the characters are very predictable. But Lindt in the first act with his eroticism and plasticity shocks

Ekaterina was 24 january on Venetian twins

Good afternoon. Thanks to the Taganka Theater for the evening and the performance of the Venetian twins. The performance is light, witty, incendiary act of actors. There was a sense of celebration as a child, when the hall is involved in the action taking place on the stage.

Nelli was 24 january on Venetian twins

Were on the play 24.01.14. To say what you liked is to say nothing! Great game, great mood! Actors live by their characters. Especially thank you very much to Alexander Larchovich and Igor Larin. With pleasure I go again.

Marina was 18 january on On every sage it is rather simple

A wonderful performance, all very much! The actors play is gorgeous.

Uliya was 24 january on Venetian twins

A beautiful easy comedy. We looked at one breath. Time passed unnoticed.

Valeriy was 24 january on Venetian twins

The Queen is in awe!

Ludmila was 25 december on Venetian twins

A wonderful performance, combining classical traditions of the Italian play with modernity. Very lively and interesting humor. No vulgarity and scruples, you can go with teenagers (12+). I recommend to everyone!

Natal`ya was 24 january on Venetian twins

A beautiful, lively game of actors, such energy can not be passed on to the viewer, everyone played with such pleasure! And what costumes! For a long time already, unfortunately, I have not seen anything like this in productions, but here there is just a riot of colors. In general, an easy, cheerful, costumed performance. Go, you will not regret, a great mood is guaranteed!

Kseniya was 15 june on On every sage it is rather simple

For a long time my parents wanted to go to the "Taganka Theater". The choice fell, almost, as always, on the classics - "On every sage." Not only that parents have not regretted, they have been under strong impression for several months already - from the play of venerable actors, and from the young, and from the theater itself. All in their places, all without hackwork! It is necessary now and descend or go!

Dar`ya was 13 june on Venetian twins

Light, positive, at the same time predictable. Me and my young man really liked, cheers up, advise !!

Viktoriya was 25 december on Venetian twins

The tickets were bought as a gift. The girl is delighted. Very funny comedy. Thank you:)

Andrey was 25 december on Venetian twins

Very good! Thank you!

Arhimag was 30 october on Venetian twins

Thank you for the great performance! As always on top

Yana was 03 november on On every sage it is rather simple

Great performance. Everyone to go!

Nataliya was 03 november on On every sage it is rather simple

Got great fun, thanks!

Visitor was 03 november on On every sage it is rather simple

Received an incredible pleasure. A wonderful game of actors - Kotov, Lindt - many more worthy incarnations. Special thanks to Antipov for PAUSE. The director and troupe pleased Art.

Natal`ya was 30 october on Venetian twins

The performance really liked! All the actors are simply gorgeous! Dmitry Vysotsky shockingly played such an ambiguous role! Thank you to the Taganka Theater for the pleasure and excellent mood!

Uliya was 17 november on Venetian twins

A bewildering spectator and a theater! It was very interesting! Thank you

Uliya was 03 november on On every sage it is rather simple

A magnificent performance in an interesting production!

Natal`ya was 03 november on On every sage it is rather simple

A wonderful performance, to you of prosperity and excellently ANSHLAGOV !!!! Your faithful spectator.

Oksana was 19 october on On every sage it is rather simple

I liked it, my husband does not.

Yana was 13 june on Venetian twins

A wonderful performance! It lifts the mood and energizes. I strongly advise you to go!

Veronika was 11 september on On every sage it is rather simple

The actors are futile! Full of delight! The theater as always - cozy, native, favorite. Tickets at the most appropriate prices. Went with my mother and husband - everyone is very happy. I want to go to Philip Kotov again, the actor is talented!

Tat`yana was 21 september on On every sage it is rather simple

Great performance! The cast is skillfully chosen and the director's decisions are not trivial. She laughed to tears.

Marina was 06 jule on Tartuffe

A stunning performance. We went with 17-year-old children, young people did not miss. Everyone was very happy and received a lot of positive emotions. The game of actors, which involve all viewers in the overall action, is beyond praise. Tickets were ordered on the site, all very quickly and conveniently. Many thanks!

Mariya was 27 june on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you very much for the performance. Had a good time. I recommend to everyone!

Valeriya was 13 december on Eugene Onegin

Beautiful production! I got a real pleasure from the artistic plan and the actors' play. I strongly advise!

Kseniya was 27 june on A good man from Sezuana

The performance is boring and weak, gone (for the first time in my life) after the first act! After watching this performance in another theater, this performance is in no way comparable. Alas, the time spent.

Elena was 27 november on Eugene Onegin

The performance really liked. Thank you so much. And laughed and sank

Kristina was 06 december on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

A great performance that you watch in one breath, wonderful and talented actors who completely transferred the whole atmosphere of comedy to the hall. I want to say a big thank you to the Taganka Theater for such inspirational performances!

Anya was 26 november on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

Good afternoon! Was with my mother in the play Woe from Wit - Woe to the Wit - Woe of Wit (Performance / Comedy) 26.11 There were enough vacant seats in the room, we were offered to choose a free place that is closer to the scene .. from the audience mostly schoolchildren and students. As for the performance, I expected a little more from the actors of the famous Taganka ... There are no decorations at all, some curtains shake two hours from side to side. Tickets are inexpensive, so how much they paid so much and received) Thank you :)

Anna14 was 04 november on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

Very cheerful and easy performance! But some places of the original could be slightly reduced

Irina was 04 november on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

I liked the performance very much! We went with my son, we went through the school program "Woe from Wit". The decoration with white canvases is very unusual, but great. The actors play is wonderful. Suits are chic. All liked it! One nuance: unfortunately Chatsky's monologue "Who are the judges?" Was not fully voiced, and the son taught him exactly in literature and he wanted to hear a monologue from the mouth of the main character.

Pavel was 31 january on A good man from Sezuana

01/31/2016 "The Taganka Theater". Ticket booking via "bigbilet". I liked everything very much! I ordered a ticket through "bigbilet" for the first time "on trial". I paid in the nearest "Euroset" to the house (only indicate there that you are looking for an order for "bigbilet", or they will start to "look for a plane" or what else). In the theater I had to apply to the cashier (with a PIN-code), which took 2 minutes. The play in the "favorite production" for a long time wanted to see, but it did not work. The youth team now operates on Taganka. While "eyes are burning"! Especially liked the actors: G. Volodin, T. Sidorenko, K. Lyubimov. I will not list all of them, tk. I'm afraid of making mistakes with names. Many thanks to all of them! Sincerely, P.V.

Mariya was 05 february on A good man from Sezuana

Liked, good performance. The heroes surprised their game, in a harmonious and without jambs.

Alisa was 04 november on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

Good day! I want to tell you about the hike to the play "Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit" theater in Taganka. Unfortunately, he did not take place in the main theater building, but in the Salyut Palace of Culture, but this did not affect the quality of the actors' play! Emotions from the performance remained very positive, because the classical production was a little diluted with modern jokes. Most liked Lisa, despite the fact that this is a secondary role, the girl was very natural, as if she is Lisa and always was. However, I was not at all pleased with the approach to decorations and costumes, but it's still a shell that can be changed, but the actors' play, their expressiveness - everything is fine and outshines the shortcomings of the production! I advise everyone to attend this event, especially since tickets at a ridiculous price.

Margarita was 04 november on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

If you want to watch a classic production, then you are not here. It is unfortunate that neither in the review nor in the reviews was it indicated that the play with a modern reading. The very work of Griboyedov is actual and modern without newfangled problems in the form of replicas about the Unified State Exam and Gazmanov's songs performed by Skalozub! They took children (class 8) to the play and wanted to show the classical production. Resume children after watching: in the middle of the performance I wanted to fall asleep (no wonder - adults too ...); Drugs - this is bad (indeed, from such a rattling mixture of Griboedov original and modern problems).

Uliya was 21 october on Eugene Onegin

"Eugene Onegin" is a wonderful performance! As always, a lot of positive emotions! Thank you!

Uliya was 06 june on Eugene Onegin

just awesome! Accidentally got into this performance (in connection with the death of Lyubimov they were replaced by Tartuffe) and did not regret it at all! The floor of the play was sitting with open mouths, although what could be more ordinary than a school program! An entirely new vision of netlenky with humor, songs, music and dances will not leave anyone indifferent! Highly recommended, appreciate both old and young! Thanks for the great game!

Elizaveta was 06 june on Eugene Onegin

Yesterday I hurried to the production of "Tartuffe", which was replaced by "Eugene Onegin", in connection with the very sad news: this world left Yuri Lyubimov. The production is very lively, interesting: here everyone will find a moment for themselves and laugh, and sink. This is an unusual and new look at Pushkin's Onegin! I had a wonderful evening and enjoyed the performance.

Dmitriy was 06 june on Eugene Onegin

Super evening. Thank you! !!

Anna was 05 june on Faustus

Stunning play of actors, original production, capacious decor immerse the viewer in the mystical world of Goethe, created by the director. Musical and dance accompaniment make the performance unusual, due to what it looks in one breath. It is desirable to read Faust before watching.

Ol`ga was 06 june on Eugene Onegin

Unusual stunning interpretation of Eugene Onegin! I liked it very much! Thank you for the performance!

Irina was 05 june on Faustus

Thank you very much for the performance! An interesting production, Mephistopheles was very interesting :-)

Vlad was 22 may on A good man from Sezuana

I liked it very much, thank you for the performance.

Ekaterina was 04 june on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

I liked the performance very much. One day!

Elena was 04 june on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

Very good comedy. Decades more!

Evgeniya was 04 june on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

Just a wonderful performance. Got great fun! The game of actors at the height!

Aleksandr was 22 may on A good man from Sezuana

Great setting. Many thanks to the entire production group, and individually to the stage designer and artists. This performance was for me personally an event that set the mood for many weeks.

Uriy was 31 may on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

A great and topical performance! Uncommon pitch, vivid emotions. Thank you)

Ekaterina was 22 may on A good man from Sezuana

My husband and I liked everything. A wonderful performance and an amazing actor's play.

Elena was 10 april on A good man from Sezuana

Many thanks for the pleasure!

Andrey was 18 april on Woe from Wit - Woe to Wit - Woe to Wit

I really enjoyed waiting for you from the upcoming announcements

Lubov` was 10 april on A good man from Sezuana

Thank you! Everything went perfectly!

Galina was 10 april on A good man from Sezuana

I liked the performance very much. Looks at one go. The actors play is gorgeous! Opinion about the performance is ambiguous. Thought all the time back to the plot. Of course, everything in the play is grotesque! Each actor creates his own unique image. The plasticity of the actors is amazing. Decorations minimum. Live music. Live performance of songs. During the performance it was funny places in places, touching places. The actors played with anguish. An excellent production. Required to view.

Maksim was 11 april on Faustus

The play seemed a bit "torn", not read this work does not understand what is happening on stage. The game of actors is good!

Svetlana was 27 april on Eugene Onegin

Great !! Bravo!!!! Thank you

Dmitriy was 08 june on Faustus

About a year and a half ago it was a wonderful performance. I was recently, I drove my father and friends, remembering my enthusiasm two years ago on the first viewing - everyone noticed not trying to play actors, I saw many technical overlays that were not there before. In the season before last I went to him four times, more, probably, I will never go. I recommend to go and see with my own eyes - the production has a good balance of the game and all sorts of variety that Lyubimov likes to put in, and of which Marat and Marquis de Sade are entirely composed.

Ira was 19 march on A good man from Sezuana

It's a heavy production, a non-routine of modern life, it's necessary to look at it, or rather, almost to participate, an atmosphere of presence is created, after seeing the hour, I forgot that I'll be nagging in the hall, full immersion, you have time to feel the "skin" of each hero, and after a long reflection. I recommend! Well, the "water carrier" is excellent)

Ekaterina was 19 march on A good man from Sezuana

I thank the troupe of the theater for the delightful performance.

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