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Feedbacks from viewers
Galina was 05 june on "Maria de Buenos Aires"

The production of "Maria de Buenos Aires" - an opera in the style of Tango "consists of questions and contradictions, as well as our whole life. Just like the real Tango - smooth and passionate. - A play about a girl, Maria, who earns a living by working in a brothel. But in the end it becomes a Saint, a symbol of Buenos Aires. - A man loves her as she is. But tormented by jealousy, persuades his friends to a brutal murder. “She sells love for money and gives preference to rich lord. But in the hope of saving his soul and the soul of his beloved, her soul persuades him to confess to what he has done ... The theater attracts the attention of the audience in all available ways: - First of all, there is an unreal choreography. The ensemble “Rusy” showed in the language of plasticity the everyday life of the “night butterflies” of Buenos Aires, the fight between the girls, the cruel murder of Mary. But most of all I remember the dance with the cloth, which symbolizes the ocean of the universe in which the soul wanders. - At the same time the actors sing great. - Music and sound occupy in it the same important place as what is happening on the stage. The theater specially ordered the arrangement of this composition for his team, the Russian Orchestra of Popular Music "The Masters of Russia". And this version of the world-famous composition is listened so organically that it seems that it was specially written for the Folk Orchestra. - In addition, there is a complex, hysterical dramaturgy, forcing you to live every second on the stage. - The magnificent work of the artist around the world: for example, in the lighting of chamber solo episodes and almost black and red or white scenes. This is a performance that combines opera, drama theater, ballet and psychological drama. We can say with confidence that “Maria de Buenos Aires” is an opera in the style of tango ”is a tense tour of the inner world of a person who has lost his way and, like all of us, is looking for his own way to Love.

Alena was 26 march on "Maria de Buenos Aires"

Very unusual and original thing! A lot of dancing, passion, and despite the tragedy of history, it was extremely interesting to watch until the last minute. Tango just mesmerizing! Bravo to producers and performers. More such non-standard works!

Elena was 25 march on "Maria de Buenos Aires"

Staging at the level of school amateur. It is clear that the operetta is not worth waiting for the depth from the genre, but in the libretto they tried to do it .. The dance-musical part is good, but everything else .....

Tat`yana was 19 october on The Scarlet Flower

Wonderful performances for children. This is the third play that my children watched in this theater. Colorful costumes, Russian folk music. Children are introduced to Russian traditions. Excellent. With pleasure we will go still.

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