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Theater "Roman"

Feedbacks from viewers
Vasiliy was 10 december on Singing strings of the soul

I liked the performance. He plunged me into the history of my life and my country, into a world of dreams and caused a stream of feelings. With all my heart I congratulate all the artists on the anniversary of the theater.

Nataliya was 22 november on Countess Gipsy

With all due respect to the theater, this performance did not make the proper impression. Firstly because of the age of the main characters. The performers of Don Cesar, Don José and the King - to put it mildly - are aged. King barely standing on his feet, what kind of love adventures in question? He is in bed only with a heating pad to lie, sorry, and not with his mistress. Don Cesar is also deeply behind ... It is evident that the actor plays on the conscience, but it is also clear that it is difficult for him, and this is not his role. He sings, and speaks for the most part, into a microphone standing in the middle of the stage. This performance, and not the concert of one performer, is an action, and here - at attention, into the microphone! Are there no young people in the theater who can play these roles? And the most important thing that did not like it was that in the gypsy (!) Theater the guitars became a useless attribute. They are not played, they just walk around with the stage, sometimes using it for other purposes. Perhaps the idea of ​​using guitars in the performance as guns is interesting, but I would like to be used for their intended purpose, i.e. played on them. Still, this is Romain! And they go there not just as in an ordinary theater, but in a gypsy theater! I would like to see gypsy dances and hear gypsy songs and unique ability to play this very guitar.

Elena was 17 april on We are Gypsies

Performance for the eyes and the soul! Colorfully, vividly, lyrically, musically, here are some epithets. I think that this performance is a visiting card of the theater. I liked it very much. Thank you.

Tat`yana was 25 december on Singing strings of the soul

Thanks to the great staff of the theater for a wonderful evening! A penetrating beautiful performance. Music and songs to goosebumps. Lyrical scenes to tears. Well done! The story of love and the formation of the theater so interested us that after the performance we read with interest in Wikipedia about all the main characters: Yanshin, Khmelev, Lyalya Chernaya, and, of course, about the theater itself. Thank you for the life story so wonderfully put on stage!

Elena was 11 december on Sorcery Love

Great. Great!

Mariya was 06 january on Princess of Kristana

Hello. Visited this theater for the first time. Was at the play with daughters 4 and 9 years. Everyone liked it!

Ol`ga was 06 january on Princess of Kristana

A very colorful, colorful play The children were very pleased

Elena was 02 january on Princess of Kristana


Ol`ga was 01 september on Singing strings of the soul

The play "Singing strings of the soul" is a story about the beginning of the theater's formation, its founders, whose names speak for themselves. A life story, the difficult fates of the three main characters: Nikolai Khmelev, Lali Chernoy and Mikhail Yanshin. The best playwright is life. Hardly anyone would have come up with a story more colorful, dramatic, and even more filled with love, passion and talent. Yes-yes, this is a true story of the life of three people, bright, talented and fatally connected among themselves. Reality really is much more interesting than fiction. And in this performance, a great direction. In the final of the first scene I was ready to applaud the director! But it turned out that Nikolai Sergienko, who plays the role of Khmelev, and so impressed me in the first scene, is the director. Actor and director. And People's Artist of Russia. Magic. It was the real magic of the theater. When the space of a scene suddenly becomes something bigger, it becomes a portal, which has opened up another reality, another real life. And from that moment on I really forgot that I was watching a performance in the theater. I held my breath and watched this other life. I watched how love clouded the eyes, admired the impulses of genuine tenderness, prided, empathized, approved, envied and amazed! And not a second did not remain indifferent! I also admired every time someone sang, played or danced! It is impossible not to admire! Moreover, both songs and dances are so harmoniously intertwined in the play! It is impossible to tell the story of the formation of a gypsy theater without songs and dances, it is impossible without them to understand the phenomenon of the Roma people. Oh, how they dance! I have never seen so many different versions of "gypsy" in my life :) But do not think that this performance is one complete fun and dancing. Like any reality, it is far from the slickness of a fairy tale. And in the scene about the war times, I could not stand it, and treacherous tears came to my eyes. Strongly played. And, maybe, and not played at all, but all the senses are felt, lived and experienced. How sincerely Lyalya plays Honored Artist of Russia Olga Yankovskaya, it seems even that she looks very much like her! And Sergey Surakov is beautiful in his role as an unfortunate lover. Go to the theater!

Ol`ga was 01 september on We are Gypsies

I personally started a new theatrical season with an unusual one! How else to call the play "We are Gypsies" of the Moscow Theater "Romain" Because it is unusual in many ways! First of all, this is not a performance in its usual form, it is a musical spectacle. in which there is no single plot, and the uneasy and surprising fate of the Roma people is told with the help of songs and dances. The second and not the least unusuality of the performance is that the costumes of the actors for him were created, perhaps, by the most famous fashion designer of our country! In the performance you will see Vyacheslav Zaitsev's costumes Little, where they can boast of such! The next unusual thing is that practically the whole troupe of the theater is involved in the play! And when you come to this performance, you can see so many People and Honored Artists on one stage, that your head will go round with delight! Nikolay Slichenko Nikolay Sergienko Ekaterina Zhemchuzhnaya Tatyana Black Olga Yankovskaya Moses Oglu Irena Morozova Yes, do you enumerate all of them! However, the youth in this theater does not lag behind! How many new talented stars and already very bright stars have risen on the stage of the theater "Roman". You know how difficult it is to convey in words the ecstasy that you experience when watching the vortex of bright skirts and shawls grow ever stronger and more powerful in your eyes when several goddesses of gypsy dance are dancing at the same time! It's impossible to convey! How impossible it is to capture with the help of technology! Any photos and videos - just a mean and faded reflection of what is actually happening. And magic happens! The magic of a real theater, in which everyone who went on stage, went there not to play, but left to share with the audience his life, his talent, his energy, his love! Theater "Roman" - an amazing place! Yes, this is a specific theater! The theater is unique! The only gypsy theater! A theater that grew up once from a gypsy choir that has been so popular in Russia since the 18th century! But the gypsies, once long ago forced to leave their homeland somewhere in ancient India, settled not only in Russia. Ancient gypsies scattered throughout Europe and even made it to Africa. You will also learn about this by watching the play. By the way, have you ever thought that if not all, then so many fatal beauties had gipsy roots? Carmen, Esmeralda - that's where this passion comes from, this storm, this beauty! And how many examples in our Russian history and literature of how men lost their heads because of the beautiful Gypsies! However, all of you also have every chance to lose your head! Personally, I already have two favorite actresses in this theater! And romances! I still can not decide who is all the more penetratingly performed by women's romances, or men ... But definitely, better than gypsies, they are not performed by anybody! All passion, all pain, all love - in every sound. Shivers, trembling and wild delight! That's what you will experience when you hear how they sing in this performance! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! No wonder one of my friend went to this show 5 times already! I very much understand it! Go and you!

Veronika was 04 january on Princess Kristana!

Yesterday we visited the play "The Princess of Kristana". Very simple story, but the performance carried away - two hours flew like 15 minutes. It is a pity that there were no gypsy songs and dances in the foyer near the tree - there were Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. The care and attention of the theater employees was very pleasant. Savior for everything! And with the Jubilee of Nikolai Alekseevich! Health and good luck

Roman was 23 february on Gypsy Bride

Performance The Gypsy bride in Romain visited on 23.02.15. Tickets bought through (paid in Euroset). With the tickets was already for 40 minutes. after the idea of ​​a festive evening to visit the play. Tickets are not that expensive, they are 1000 rubles each. for one place in the VIP box on a soft leather sofa! The performance is not just good, it's beautiful, it's phenomenally played, perfectly set. I'm still under the impression !!! BRAVO!!!

Djavansoart was 14 september on Princess Kristana!

A wonderful performance with an interesting story line. There are enough jokes, over which both children and adults laughed. But the play itself is more suitable for children from 5 years old. The daughter of 3 years was frightened at the end of the first act, when the main characters waited for the attack of the lion, who crept up behind and All scared. Also I expected more songs and dances. The most important thing that the children liked, so 5 points.

Ekaterina was 06 october on Princess Kristana!

The child liked it. My husband and I are not very: the plot is too simple, scanty scenery, some actors were more like clowns.

Larisa was 26 january on Grushenka

I liked it very much. Good voices. Great music. Thank you for the pleasure

Mariya was 25 december on Grushenka

Thank you for the performance, we will definitely come again.

Ol`ga was 09 june on Diamonds and love

"Diamonds and love" - ​​this is exactly what girls always need, I decided and went to the Theater "Romain" for the corresponding performance. Comedy of positions on the gypsy mode. The genre of the performance implies grotesque and exaggeration, that is, it puts the actors in a difficult task: to play in such a way that it is not only bright, funny and intriguing, but also as natural as possible. Almost impossible, but only almost. And in the theater "Roman" I was shown that in the sitcom can be not only funny, but also exciting, and sometimes even painfully touching and even sad. And it is absolutely impossible without songs and dances. And it was in those moments when the sounds of the magical seven-string guitar poured from the stage, that real magic happened. The room then froze, turned completely into a rumor, then loudly applauded, then look ready to start dancing after the dancers on the stage. And I quite consciously call all viewers the general word "hall", because all of us, watching what is happening on stage, were like a single whole. Enchanted. Yes, a comedy of positions is always an easy thing, created specifically for the viewer to have a rest, laugh, relax. But I was pre-arranged to relax and relax, suddenly felt the flood of tears, barely hearing the first lines of the romance about the flying years performed by People's Artist of Russia Moisei Suleymanovich Oglu, who plays the main role. And it is he who "drags" the whole play on himself, being its core. A rare scene takes place without his participation. Bravo! Thanks to the amazing game of M. Oglu, I got so much sympathy for his character that now, after a few days, I miss him. The wife of Matilda, performed by Valery Yanysheva, and the unlucky, but lucky and resourceful contender for the son-in-law Nikolai (Sergey Surakov) and the delightful Angela (Angela Lekareva), suit him. But there is also Sano majordomo :) Oh, what a Peter Yanishev! You can listen! So with such a number of bright actors, with such a talented game with total dedication, simply ordinary ordinary performance simply could not turn out. It turned out a dynamic, cheerful, real and very kind performance. Go to the theater!

Vladimir was 07 june on Horseshoe of Happiness

Were with her husband at the play on October 7. I liked it. Beautiful songs with a guitar, incendiary dances. It's bright, noisy, as in this tabor visited.)) Excellent roles are played. The performance is a holiday.

Galina was 05 november on We are Gypsies

Good afternoon! Were in the play, amazing! Music, songs, dances, all very sincerely! Special thanks to Bigbilet for the excellent service!

Marina was 10 june on We are Gypsies

Colorful performance, good staging, great performance! Very pleased!

Inessa was 14 february on We are Gypsies

Magnificent performance, learned a lot about the history of the life of the Roma! Nikolay Slichenko is simply gorgeous !!!! Bravo for all the positive emotions and all the artists BRAVO !!!

Marina was 24 january on We are Gypsies

Very pleased! Slichenko was pleased, sang our favorite songs and even beat off tap dancing in the final! We are simply in a hurry!

Igor` was 18 january on Oath

The plot is as follows: Sandor (the son of a respected gypsy Baron Crozo loves the young Dae, Drago's daughter, they meet regularly, confess their love to each other, their relationship seems ideal.) Daey has an older sister, Uni. But, it's not so simple. Yuni was a little girl, they rode in the same boat with their father: a misfortune happened, the boat overturned, the father, rescuing daughters, was killed, Drago's mother hated her daughters, believing them to be guilty of the death of her husband, their father, and sworn an oath - Keep mourning "until your own death." C This Beginning The main idea of ​​the play was Drago, who kept her vow until her oldest daughter Yuni became an adult woman and entered into an open conflict with her mother, demanding the abolition of "mourning" - wanting to have a husband, children and a normal family. She is worried about the opinion of her relatives about the abolition of her vows, but, unexpectedly, she receives support from a respected member of their gypsy community: Kratso and his wife turn to Drago with a request to cancel the vow and allow the Drago daughters Find happiness in their family. The eldest son of Kratso - Sandor and all the conciliatory arrangements for the relationship between the two families and the marriage of daughters goes smoothly. But, no one goes into the details of matchmaking: after all, Sandor loves his youngest daughter, Dei, and he is married to the elder Uni. Shandor finds out this at the last moment of matchmaking. But, Shandor's father can not break his vow, cancel the wedding and demands that Shandor marry Yuni. The feelings of lovers do not interest him. The main motives of the behavior: "this word is an oath" and "what others think about us". What happens next - you will find out after visiting this beautiful musical, dynamic and tragic performance.

Dmitriy was 04 april on Gypsy paradise

There are a lot of good performances in the theater. But the Gypsy Paradise is a masterpiece. Performance Terrific. I saw him in August (almost 5 months ago), but the strength and depth of the production still do not give rest. I would recommend to watch this performance absolutely for everyone - both adults and senior schoolchildren. The actors play is excellent. Rarely in our days in the audience viewers look like tears.

Larisa was 27 september on We are Gypsies

Super, especially beaver younger

Sergey was 23 august on We are Gypsies

Everything was very cool and beautiful, charged with a great mood :-) good luck to you and many years :-)

Anna was 06 september on Horseshoe of Happiness


Nikolay was 07 september on Oath

The performance of the actors deserves the highest marks

Elena was 26 august on Gypsy paradise

The play did not like. A vulgar, tsynic, puffed farce. But the actors are laid out and play superbly.

Marina was 23 may on Horseshoe of Happiness

The performance really liked, great actors, great comedy, enjoyed it very much! Thank you!

Uriy was 15 may on Sorcery Love

I liked it very much. Thank you for a good evening!

Alena was 10 may on We are Gypsies

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Marina was 25 may on Oath

Got great fun! Thank you so much!

Sergey was 10 may on We are Gypsies

We really enjoyed !!! Many thanks !!!

Svetlana was 10 may on We are Gypsies

Thank you for the wonderful performance! Magnificent, NIKOLAI Slichenko !!! Bravo!!! Irena Morozova, bravo !!!

Elena was 12 april on We are Gypsies

I'm wildly excited because I love this culture.

Tat`yana was 04 april on Love Bells

We often visit theaters with family (1-2 times a week), and our recommendations are used by many friends and acquaintances! But to my deep regret, this performance, to put it mildly did not like) the game of many artists was all hack-work, but .... BUT in BAD play, even very good artists look pathetic) We LOVE THE THEATER "ROMEN" and wish success on prof. And all the best. And yet, it's about tech. Sound is just a disaster. Sincerely, Tatiana and Konstantin

Alla was 30 april on Horseshoe of Happiness

Dear Roman Theater, the performance "Horseshoe of Happiness" delivered our uninteresting company a great pleasure, a good mood and a lot of positivity. Thank you for your sincere songs and sparkling music with dances. I would especially like to thank for the game and the sparkling jokes of Solomon Moiseevich. Laughed to tears! Thank you all.

Elena was 26 april on We have a concert today

What can I say? The desired effect did not work! Waited for enthusiasm, fun, rhythm, energy ... We did not receive an incendiary, boring performance! (With a single exception !!!) and I do not want to talk about professional directing !!! All very very simple! Artists are mostly sluggish and boring !! But stunning gypsy energy and charm on my uzh and it will be difficult to rejoice !! singing and dancing are mediocre !!

Martynova Elena Vyacheslavovna was 26 march on We have a concert today

We express our gratitude for the remarkable incendiary concert on March 26th. Extremely outraged by the tactless behavior of the staff in the foyer of the 2nd floor after the concert. As the concert was without intermission, we decided to see the photos of the artists and take a picture after the concert: we were grabbed by the hands, by the shoulders, yelled and pushed to the stairs. They did not allow to stay even for 10 minutes. Such a boorish attitude was not met in any Moscow theater. We ask the administration to take measures

Visitor was 25 march on Countess Gipsy

Thank you for a pleasant evening spent in your theater.

Elena was 14 march on We have a concert today

Thank you very much! Everything was very cool!

Uliya was 12 march on Gypsy paradise

Very touching performance. A wonderful game of actors!

Dmitriy was 22 march on We are Gypsies

Thank you very much for the performance, everything is very spectacular, beautiful, I liked it!

Nikolay was 22 march on We are Gypsies

Thank you! Great event! Magnificently lived by all the participants of the action!

Elena was 16 march on Love Bells

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Yana was 09 march on Horseshoe of Happiness

My name is Yana. I went to the theater "Romain" on March 9 for the performance "Horseshoe of Happiness". For a long time I did not experience such pleasure and delight from the actors' play. I express my gratitude and my recognition. The theater itself I really liked the cordiality of the walls, the cordiality of the staff who accompanied the performance. It is very pleasant that the theater itself is well-groomed and very cozy. Thank you very much. I believe that this theater will now become for me a frequent place to visit.

Andrey was 09 march on Horseshoe of Happiness

Everything is super! We are delighted !!!!

Inna was 08 march on We are Gypsies

Representation very much! Live sound, amazing voices, incendiary dances, emotional acting! And there were tears in his eyes, and they did not start dancing! All just great! Thank you very much, we had a wonderful evening and had a lot of fun! Success and prosperity to your theater!

Elena was 05 march on Love Bells

We liked the event! Only very loudly the soundtrack sounds, sat partere 2 row - it was very well audible! Despite the large availability of seats, the actors played with the soul! For which many thanks to them! As for the director's decision of this work, it's hard for me to say ... The general state of the theater and especially the buffet were disappointing !!! Even after the request to remove the crumbs from the table, employees at the counter did not even move! Dirt, complete unsanitary ... As if they hinted at being part of the nomadic people ... They noticed this attitude in the canteen for a long time already: dirty, torn tablecloths (they probably did not change for a few years, they did not get erased either!), The tea was not freshly brewed, but apparently In the morning, everything looks miserable and lamentable, but the prices are like in a decent institution !! As your opinion: the theater begins not only with a hanger, is not it? Sincerely, Elena!

Galina was 22 february on We have a concert today

I liked the concert, the artists are beautiful. But it was very loud, sometimes the music from the speakers was simply deafening (row 5). Sometimes it seemed that the eardrums would burst, which reduced the impression. If not for this, the concert would be great

Mariya was 23 february on Love Bells

We are always very glad to see you, we will definitely come again. Thank you very much. Grateful audience.

Irina was 15 february on We are Gypsies

A lot of positive emotions! Thank you!!!

Elena was 01 june on We have a concert today

Went with my husband. Got great fun! Brightness of costumes, stunning voices and enthusiasm of performers, beautiful music! And that is very important: the minimum price of a ticket, you can often go and the whole family. I will like both adults and children. I recommend everyone to visit the theater "Roman"!

Visitor was 13 february on Horseshoe of Happiness

The performance liked a lot of humor laughed heartily, thank you.

Andrey was 31 january on Horseshoe of Happiness

I liked the performance very much. Colorful, musical. A good game of actors with dances and songs.

Tata was 12 february on We have a concert today

Sumptuously! Each second artist must be given the title of "People's Artist of Russia". It is remarkable that the people preserved their culture and identity. Successes and new creative upsurge!

Irina was 08 february on We are Gypsies

Many thanks, very much! Special thanks to Nikolai Alekseevich, for his charm and talent.

Alina was 10 june on We are Gypsies

The performance really liked! Bright costumes, incendiary dances, a sea of ​​impressions!

Visitor was 25 january on We are Gypsies

I liked it very much, thank you very much !!!

Mariya was 25 january on We are Gypsies

Beautiful costumes, a wonderful game of actors, I will definitely advise relatives and friends)

Galina was 25 january on We are Gypsies

We really liked the performance We are gypsies! A huge pasibo to Mr. Slichenko!

Tat`yana was 06 january on We have a concert today

All very much! The concert is just wonderful !!! Thank you very much for your pleasure!

Visitor was 11 january on Horseshoe of Happiness

Light, cheerful performance - a musical tale of love in the style of "Carmelita". Zest is the brilliant role of the old Jew, the hall moaned with delight. Despite the primitive plot and a simple unpretentious presentation of the play left a pleasant impression. After watching, I bought and gave tickets to my mother.

Marina was 06 january on We have a concert today

A beautiful bright magic concert!

Anton was 08 january on We are Gypsies

Thank you very much! Got a tremendous pleasure!

Irina was 11 january on Horseshoe of Happiness

Very pleased! Thank you

Natal`ya was 11 january on Horseshoe of Happiness

Super.skoro again to you.thank you

Ruslan was 10 january on Love Bells

I liked everything: especially the second branch. But I would like more singing, less talk. In any case, thank you very much! Sincerely, Marchenko Ruslan.

Elena was 06 january on We have a concert today

I liked the concert very much. Thank you very much!

Tat`yana was 15 december on Countess Gipsy

Thank you very much! I liked it very much. 5 points

Svetlana was 04 april on Gypsy paradise

I really liked the performance, the great actors and their skill. On the stage, both tragedy and love, everything is real. Well done!

Ol`ga was 29 december on Countess Gipsy

Wonderful performance

Elena was 10 june on We are Gypsies

The performance left a very good impression. Liked the soulful atmosphere. Feeling that they visited a hospitable hosts. Bribed the sincerity of the artists. After the performance you realize that cold professionalism and specialties are not all that the spectator can expect.

Nataliya was 26 october on We are Gypsies

Great performance! A unique combination of incendiary dances and lyrical songs leave an indelible mark on the soul. Many thanks to the head of the theater, Mr. Slichenko.

Andrey was 10 june on We are Gypsies

The play "We are Gypsies" is a visiting card of the "Roman" theater, the number of which has exceeded a thousand. The history of Gypsy culture on stage is from India, Egypt, to the present, where the main thing is not the plot, but the most incredible colorful act: lush skirts, sonorous voices, dances. In the final of the play Nikolai Slichenko himself invariably appears on the stage and performs several songs. In general, the performance will be of interest to those who want to get acquainted with the national gypsy culture.

Svetlana was 01 december on We are Gypsies

All liked it! We had a good rest, our feet started to dance. Just learned a new, for example, about Egypt. Thank you all!

Tat`yana was 31 october on Gypsy paradise

The performance made a very strong impression on me !!! The actors' play was very strong and convincing !!! Therefore, every moment lived in the soul! I thank your theater for a wonderful evening!

Irina was 01 december on We are Gypsies

Excellent setting. Thank you very much for your work and for the joy that you deliver. Blessing you and prosperity.

Svetlana was 01 december on We are Gypsies

Simply delight! Thank you for positive emotions.

Natal`ya was 01 december on We are Gypsies

Everything was great, thank you for such a wonderful holiday!

Mariya was 26 october on We are Gypsies

Everything is fine! Thank you

Elena was 12 october on We are Gypsies


Sil`va was 13 november on Horseshoe of Happiness

The actors' play filled the sea with positive emotions and only limited the positive impression. Thank you.

Natal`ya was 02 november on Horseshoe of Happiness

The performance is very positive. The energy of the gypsy dance creates a mood. The only negative is the singing to the soundtrack and the rumble of the speakers.

Ol`ga was 16 november on We are Gypsies

I really liked it! This is the third performance I've seen in the theater, every time it's a holiday. Thanks to all artists great!

Zamira was 24 october on Horseshoe of Happiness

We were delighted with the performance, we got a lot of positive! Thank you very much and BRAVO !!

Anastasiya was 01 november on We have a concert today

I liked the principle, but not a youth concert

Elena was 23 november on We are Gypsies

I liked it very much.

Ol`ga was 04 november on Countess Gipsy

Thank you, wonderful soloists. Massovka form does not hurt. We will come again

Anatoliy was 19 october on Sorcery Love

Thank you very much! Very pleased! Thank you for the pleasure!

Svetlana was 09 november on Gypsy paradise

I liked it, to tears. Thank you.

Kseniya was 02 april on Countess Gipsy

Good performance! I advise.

Irina was 06 october on We have a concert today

The performance really liked! The artists are amazing. Has received pleasure.

Svetlana was 07 june on Horseshoe of Happiness

I love the theater "Romain". Always sincere talented artists. "Horseshoe of Happiness" is a magnificent spectacle on the stage of the theater. Thanks to the whole troupe.

Ol`ga was 21 december on We are Gypsies

Thank you, everything was great

Kseniya was 10 june on We are Gypsies

Very interesting performance! Dancing and singing for glory) Slichenko well done)

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