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Lecture "Direct speech"

Feedbacks from viewers
Nadegda was 11 september on Dmitry Bykov and Alexey Ivashchenko. Cinderella

Super. Bykov, as always, on top. Had a great evening. Performance on the topic of the day)))

Ol`ga was 15 january on Tatyana Tolstaya. Creative evening.

Beautiful evening, informative, witty, relaxing. Two hours passed quickly. I’ll go with pleasure to another creative evening with T.N. Tolstoy

Larisa was 24 october on Konstantin Raikin. "Above the boon sky ..."

11.24.2017. I’m not very sensitive to poems, but I remember how .... twenty years ago, Konstantin Arkadyevich read O. Mandnlstam’s Violin and saw this event, decided to go. And did not regret it! Well tightened! :-) I made both the soul and the brain work. And even my beloved sounded, once in the distant 80s, sounded in his performance "Violinist". And in the final, my motto on life from Faust (translation of Pasternak) sounded at all. The evening is unusual. Without giving a half minute to rest, breaking off applause, K.A. abruptly moved from genre to genre, sometimes saying something before himself. It was an evening of mutual work. The work of one actor and a crowded audience hall. And it was a single organism! And so much was experienced with us during these short 120 minutes, - laughter, and tears, and love, and pain and at the same time pride in our Homeland, that this can only be described with the long-standing phrase "indescribable feelings." Thank you very much to everyone who gathered us last night in this room!

Elena was 18 february on "Requiem" by Mozart. Mystery and Forensic Science

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! Artem was, as always, a bright, captivating and subtle narrator. Be sure to go with him to "Italian in Algiers"!

Vladislava was 18 february on "Requiem" by Mozart. Mystery and Forensic Science

Great event, thank you

Uliya was 18 february on "Requiem" by Mozart. Mystery and Forensic Science

It was cool! Thank you

Oksana was 18 february on "Requiem" by Mozart. Mystery and Forensic Science

Thank you! It was cool!

Irina was 18 february on "Requiem" by Mozart. Mystery and Forensic Science

very much! great!

Elena was 25 june on Me or the brain?

Terrific! An accessible language to tell about such complex things, to fascinate the audience, telling about the experience with the "relocation of souls." Where do psychopaths come from in society? What is intuition? And what is the significance of the will of man? Which areas are activated by the monks in the prayer trance and how useful is meditation? To all these questions and not only we have received an exhaustive scientific explanation. Many thanks to the lecturer and organizers of the "Direct Speech" for the amazing speakers.

Elena was 25 june on Me or the brain?

Thank you, I want more))) will the lecture on the site be exhibited, like Bykov's lectures?

Mariya was 25 june on Me or the brain?

It was interesting, thank you

Vita was 25 june on Me or the brain?

Excellent, very informative, interesting and useful lecture. Wonderful lecturer. Thank you!

Elena was 17 april on Konstantin Raikin. "Above the boon sky ..."

I remain impressed by the Mono performance "Above the sky show booth ..."! Konstantin Raikin, for the first time I see him in this role. For me it was a magnificent evening given to us by this indisputably talented artist who possesses the divine gift of possession of the word and acting skill bestowed on him by the god and accepted by inheritance! It's great that the artist, when performing works of great poets, included his comments! For me it is especially valuable, because I'm always interested in what's important, as he says!

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121069, Moskva, Nikitskaya B. ul., 53
01 h 30 min


The poet, writer, journalist, literary critic and publicist Dmitry Bykov this time acts as a playwright and author of the libretto. His play "Cinderella" is an ironic, cheerful, contemporary, deep and, as always with Bykov, a brilliant perusal of the old fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Music for the play was written by Alexey Ivashchenko - one of the authors of Nord-Ost, the producer of the musical "Ordinary Miracle" and the author of numerous songs.
The authors will present their work to the public in the "author's reading by roles" mode. In connection with the abundance in the play of the roles of young handsome men, beautiful beauties and disgusting scoundrels, artists of Moscow musicals, Maria Ivashchenko, Pavel Levkin and Elvin Mukhutdinov, who will perform all these roles, will help the authors to read the play.
At the piano - musical director of the project Tatiana Solnyshkina.


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