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Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 06 november on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

Good performance, soulful. Teaches good and very importantly introduces children to our great Russian classics. I recommend children 7-10 years old. Not earlier. I saw how little kids were tormented.

Yulia was 14 october on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

It's just a MASTERPIECE !!!! like ALL in this theater !!!!! Kalinichev fellow)))))

Yulia was 30 october on "THE REAL ZAPAD" S.Shepard

This is a masterpiece performance !!!!!! Actors on top !!!! Especially Mikhail Kalinichev !!!!! I watched a single production in this theater, but this performance left the strongest impressions !!!! I especially want to say about the scenery! So everything is real) If they eat breakfast, they really do everything) and even rackets - and that was an American company !!!!

Yulia was 30 october on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

How did the USSR show ideally !!!!! Now, if in this performance they show England - as if it is there that you are, if America is exactly in its western part, and if in the USSR it is one hundred percent in the Soviet Union !!!!! Director, actors and decorators - 100 points !!!!!!

Mariya was 03 august on "WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGIN WOLF?" E. Olby

It was my first time with my husband in this theater. I liked the theater very much: friendly staff, comfortable chairs. The play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" also liked it, but did not immediately take it. Very well-designed scenery (as well as written in other reviews), the actors really lay out 100%, play with all the heart. In the end, both I and my husband were impressed. Many thanks to the whole troupe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have already scheduled several more performances, which we definitely want to see in this theater.

Vladlena was 19 february on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Just great! The actors play is amazing, it drags me from the beginning of the play to the end, I sat and did not even breathe in my mind. I experienced all the emotions together with the actors! I advise everyone!

Irina was 01 june on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

The performance really liked! A special impression of Artaud is a catholic resemblance to a real dog. The atmosphere of the theater is warm and cozy. Very polite staff.

Ol`ga was 03 january on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

Visited the play 03.01.15. with a 9-year-old daughter. In the lobby there is a large living tree. New Year's Interlude before the play. Friendly and friendly staff of the theater. The performance really liked! Kind and bright! About friendship, loyalty and support. An amazing and lively game of actors! They played with all their hearts. Original scenery. Thanks to the actors!

Viktoriya was 06 may on "SINDBAD-MARITIME" V. Shulzhik, J. Friedman

A beautiful, funny, emotional, musical performance! It is interesting for him to go to both children and adults.

Oksnik was 01 june on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

Very very good performance. Soulful theater. The actors are wonderful. Poodle just delight!

Mariya was 13 october on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

A wonderful performance, it was interesting to both children and adults. Many thanks to the director, artists and everyone who participated in the production. We plan and continue to attend your theater.

Irina was 03 november on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin

I was very pleased with my daughter for 6 years

Vasiliy was 19 january on "SINDBAD-MARITIME" V. Shulzhik, J. Friedman

The performance really liked! Thank you very much for all the staff of the theater! We will come to other performances!

Roman was 23 march on "WHITE PODEL" A. Kuprin


Tat`yana was 01 december on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

The performance is wonderful! The performance of the actors is excellent, the performance looks all in one breath. The impression was clouded by one-very cold in the auditorium. It is very uncomfortable to be in it. After the performance, they could not keep warm for a long time

Sergey was 16 december on "THREE BAGS OF WHITE WHEAT", V.Tendryakov, premiere

I liked the performance. He is heavy in many ways, but he easily lets the viewer understand simple things, such as: honesty and correctness of actions are often more important than the letter of the law; if a person does not hear and does not want to hear others - it's awful payoff, sooner or later. The cast is perfect! The decorations are minimal, but at this level of the game and the specifics of the theme - they are not necessary. Call this performance spectacular, inspiring or terrific can not. This is a play about our life, about its gray routine and about simple things, immutable values ​​and humanity. The performance is certainly interesting and leaves a strong impression. Those who go "behind the event" or "for the spectacle" - definitely not here. I recommend it to those who are interested in history, who regard the complexities of life as good lessons and for whom the sobriety of views on what is happening, who is not indifferent to the problems of the present, is the first place in life. The theater itself is beautiful, clean, bright, impressive with its architecture and beauty. Definitely - I'll go here again and again.

Natal`ya was 19 may on "ONE OF THE LAST NIGHTS OF Carnival" by K. Goldoni

In short, I liked it very much. I recommend. Liked everything. And a somewhat old-fashioned exterior and interior of the theater. And courtesy of the administrator and supervisors. But of course the most important thing is the play. It goes 2 hours and 15 minutes without intermission. A light, cheerful play by the wonderful Italian author Carlo Goldoni. A lot of jokes, but they do not fall into vulgarity, which is not uncommon, unfortunately, on the stage. Very pleased with the full impact of the actors on stage, because the comedy requires rhythm, speed, movement. In general, I want to say thank you to the site that I opened a new drama theater for me. And even the location of this theater somewhat on the outskirts of the city gives it very dear to me the modernity and simplicity.

Ekaterina was 20 april on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

A wonderful performance! Bergman is truly brilliant: all his ideas, all speeches and actions - they are completely preserved and transmitted with such zeal that you think, and the truth is that they are not the actors, but the people they play. But, unlike the movie, there was a lot of laughter, fun, but in the movie there was a place and sadness. In order to raise your spirits, take your mind off work days, you just need to see this play. Actors are very harmoniously fit into the images, they are absorbed by them. The only thing that has a little prevented is that some scenery obstructs the stage. Spotlights and extras - do not interfere, but the tables, in action before dinner at the reception (and in the scenes with the rooms), when they were only covered and left on the sides of the scene, are very inconvenient for review. It was possible to expose them later.

Uriy was 05 april on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

I hoped that the New Theater would not fail, and expectations were met. I am happy for the troupe, that everyone has the opportunity to "play enough" for nothing. And the repertoire is such that you will not find it in another theater. Well done artistic director. In general, the theater with its face and its position in the Moscow theater world. I would not neglect the classics. Especially the school program. Given the location of the theater, all the schools and colleges of the district would be mine.

Tat`yana was 05 april on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

Another marvelous evening in the New Theater! This time the performance "Smiles of a summer night," a romantic comedy. And it was the smiles of the whole play, light feathers covering all present, many smiles wanted, and I caught every one. Almost 3 hours passed like one instant. Wonderful, beautiful music that immerses you in some other reality and sets up another perception of reality. I love such performances, after which there is a slight aftertaste of incomprehension, and for me it is not just an easy romantic comedy, as I was catching signals all the evening, which, like mosquito bites, made it clear that I was not right / or right in this or that situation in of my life, that loved ones and loved ones should be appreciated now, then it may be too late that my life is also those who illuminate the path and those who make darkness and doubt, "that good is a terrible thing that smells bad," that for its love and feelings must be fought, do not give up on their own incidents, so as not to lose yourself, that in any situation there is a choice, and it depends only on yourself what you will do. The cast was wonderful, it felt like playing together on high. I liked everyone without exception, and yet, I think that I found another cool actor for myself ..... as if I am immersed in a huge, warm, boundless sea of ​​talent, a magnificent game, charm and voice, in which, the further you swim, the more and further you want to swim. And my flowers were a confirmation. Appetite comes with eating, so I still want to review the whole repertoire, because coming back from the theater, I feel "lightness of being" in spite of everything, and look at many of my complexities with a different look. Even some remoteness became completely invisible, because on the road you can bring your thoughts in order !!!!!!

Vitaliy was 02 february on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

I liked the performance very much! Great acting game!

El`vira was 03 january on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

Not a good staging-a school theater or a club in the village!

Vasiliy was 09 february on "GET THE SUN" I. Shmelev

Hello! The performance really liked! Thanks to all the artists and all the theater workers!

El`vira was 03 january on "SMILES OF SUMMER NIGHT" I. Bergman

Very good performance. With a great game of actors - who really like what they play. Thank you!

Roman was 23 february on "THE PELS OF THE SUNSHIP, THE SIREN OF THE TWO ..." A. Selin

The play with a large swing, rather weak. And the direction is good, but ... Time moves are too straightforward. But the guys-actors are trying. And in many respects redeem and drawbacks of the play and direction. The playing is gradually replaced by the Game ... Or is everything conceived? To emphasize the unreality of what is happening? In any case, the play is worth a look. I cut one more thing: Costumes. Stylized soldier's underwear. Well, in the cut and texture of the fabric, it does not draw on the present. But here realism would be quite appropriate. Or on the contrary - just white underwear, abstract. And so - neither that, nor this. This is the detail that would be very "add" to the play: life, realness, absurdity. And so - the ties on the "pants" and almost "trouser tailoring" and the threads on the back of the shirt ... In general, with a good work of the artist, this Dissonant and knock out of the mood. It's right that it is played without intermission: the emotional move of the play for a rest and a snack does not leave. And in general - I will repeat once more, it's worth looking at.

Tat`yana was 14 march on "THE PELS OF THE SUNSHIP, THE SIREN OF THE TWO ..." A. Selin

Were at this play with children (junior school age). They liked the play - nice music, dances, interesting theme - WWII, but I think the true meaning of the play was, for them, thank God, a mystery ... As far as I understood the director's idea, the performance that the life of young people is so beautiful and everything is ahead of them, that they should not be at war, the defense of the Motherland of their life is not worth it ...

Tat`yana was 29 september on "Reading for the Fallen in Despondency" M. Kucherskaya

"Reading for the despondent" M. Kucherskaya I really love this performance, I miss it, because every performance is a new little journey that makes you a little different .... I do not see in it any mockery or ridicule over faith and religion, everything is very delicate, with great respect and philosophical meaning ..... And again in my head some quotes ...... ...... Nadenka, it's too late (c) and tears come to my eyes ... ...... The main thing is that a man was good (with) ...... THANKS for the performance and amazing emotions)))

Roman was 30 november on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov


Tat`yana was 28 march on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

It was a tremendous shock !!!!! I wanted to see something that would turn something in my head, make me look differently at many things, so that the aftertaste remains, something that you will not forget the day after 2, but you will remember it for a long time and come back to it again and again. Each phrase of the heroes was close to me and responded with some sensations in my life, that is, I watched the play through the prism of my life, losing my phantasmagoria, pereodicheski plunging into another reality and returning, at the right time for myself. Fantastically complex text, a continuous philosophy ....., but it is so exciting, it makes you think ("think - not at all scary", as Vladimir said), digging in yourself and your thoughts is not always pleasant, but certainly useful .... .The actors did not just pronounce a complex text even for reading, but also delivered it to us sitting in the hall .... but they are so young! And I was pleasantly struck on bows with such tenderness, trembling and gratitude they accepted flowers, as if it was a crystal vessel that can not be dropped, they were grateful for the flowers! It was very sincere ... I think this show will have its own viewer, one who wants not only to go to the theater to go to the theater, go out to people - where you need to see others and show yourself, but also think and, then change in your life. I'm sure I will not just come to this theater once more, I still need to see a lot, and not just once again to experience strong and so different emotions! Thanks to all the actors for the amazing emotions!

Uliya was 27 october on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Excellent. Among the best that they saw in the theater. Thank you!

Irina was 22 january on "BROTHER ALESHA" V.Rozov

The performance impressed me. High professionalism of the actors, the relevance of the sound of the theme, humanity and ... finesse). The enchanting Kalinichev !!!! All - well done. There was not a single "false note", not a single superfluous "movement." From the first and until the last minute, the play does not let go. And after it - still a long thought in my head about the performance and the topic. I strongly recommend everyone !!!!!

Nelli was 21 may on "Reading for the Fallen in Despondency" M. Kucherskaya

Thank you for the bright and touching performance! For quiet joy, childlike sincerity and mischievous, but delicate humor.

Dar`ya was 14 april on "SHUTTERS" A.N. Ostrovsky

Very pleased with the performance! Merry, light and very accurately corresponds to the original play.

Oleg was 04 june on "RICH BRIDES" Ostrovsky

Thank you, everything was good

Anna was 13 april on "A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY FOR A PICNIC" T. Williams

Great! Thank you!

Alena was 22 march on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

Great performance! Excellent actors! The production left a lot of pleasant impressions.

Larisa was 21 march on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Were with my husband to the performances on 21.03.2015 (50 years). I liked the performance! The piercing play of the actors touched to tears! Very nice, quiet atmosphere in the theater. Despite the territorial remoteness of the theater, there was a desire to come to it again, to other performances.

Elena was 13 december on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

the first action could not understand the meaning, it was difficult to watch. Thanks to my son explained where it is ... Crying in the end. scary so far. I fell in love with this theater since the administrator ending up with women offering posters. polite lovers of their theater. thanks to the big-ticket, without him, I would never have learned about the theater too far from my place of residence. but I will come again and again THANKS

Tat`yana was 30 september on "DON JUAN" J.-B.Molière

"Don Giovanni" Moliere I can not say that this is 100% my performance, which I understand and accept from and to ..... But still the performance is funny, funny, light and cheerful, a little hooligan and with a note of sadness ... .. They say the king does the retinue, but not in this play ..... Don Juan (Alexander Zachinyaev) in his place and in his role. I'm such a hero by nature. And other characters are good: Charlotte (Tatyana Zhuravleva), Dimansh (Roman Breev), Sganarelle (Alexey Spirin) ........ you can list all ... I think that such a performance should be in the repertoire of the theater, necessarily) ))

Tat`yana was 29 november on "WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGIN WOLF?" E. Olby

In the theater, you can not deceive the viewer, this is a "reserve" of acting skills, since a good actor switches from his own existence to a state of acting, almost instantaneously, changing everything, right up to the look ....... The production known all over the world now exists A new theater !!!! First of all, they are struck by very beautiful and detailed scenery, speaking primarily about the prosperity of the inhabitants of the house, about material prosperity and well-being .... BUT when they appear, Martha and George, it becomes clear that well-being is only an appearance ...... .. The finest Irina Manuilova (Marta) and Oleg Burygin (George) !!!!!!! They do not play, they live their characters))))) You seem to "eavesdrop" your experience in their minds, but when you look "your movie" ... Reading Albee's play, I imagined all the characters, and Irina Vladimirovna, in the first place it just showed .... This is MY Marta)))) I could not tear my eyes from it))))) In many situations, recognizing themselves ..... oddly enough .... "Loneliness together" , to love hating and to hate loving ..... It's Martha and George ..... Where are you there, I do not see you ..... And for a long time - I do not see you for many years (c) so says Marta George. .... This is our relationship today ...... TV and feelings and experiences, associations interrupt each other and intertwine, as if you are asleep))))) Starting their cruel, verbal games, their own soul striptease, they want to again and again sort out their lives, what keeps them together at the cost of life , show your guests what can expect them in the future, that it's easy to live in your imaginary world, but the longer you live in it, the more you drown, like in a quagmire, from which you can not escape ..... That the emptiness of existence - it's very scary ..... if you go on your own principles and go on about people and circumstances .... Their son ........ How should these two be alone in their souls, living together to so many years, project it into reality ....... For many years they have learned to torment fairly each one knows where to "beat without a miss" ..... So George did not live up to Marta's hopes, which did not take into account desires and thoughts, as he wants to live himself ..... And he was too weak to resist such a pressure ..... In me, everything is already dull ....... I DO NOT HEAR YOU ......... I have no more strength to bear (c) George surrendered George and Martha - sad, sad, sad ...... He can make me happy, and I do not want happiness and yet I wait for happiness (c) ...... These are the words of Martha .... Do you understand that in the past, they were bound by a great, strong feeling that they have lost FOREVER? ???? ........ We must pay tribute to the young couple, Nick (Sergey Bradyuk / Eugene Rubin) and Hanni (Ekaterina Demakova) ...... Young and cynical Nick, who is ready to do everything to hurry up the career ladder, not bent on anything ....... And Hanni, who is nothing interesting, does not need .... and even a child from her husband does not enter into Hanni's life plans ... The night ends, the illusions bo There is no ......... But there was a chance to look at yourself differently and, perhaps, something else to fix in your life .... start all over again ...... GREAT PERFORMANCE !!! !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Katerina was 21 february on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

Great production! The play, which makes you think. Wonderful actors. As it is impossible by the way - discussion after the play, where you can ask questions to the director and actors or share your opinion.

Tat`yana was 30 november on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Wonderful performance

Tat`yana was 22 march on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

The performance really liked! And the music is great.

Elena was 20 december on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov


Roman was 25 october on "RICH BRIDES" Ostrovsky

Sorry but I'm late and I'm very sorry I did not hit!

Andrey was 08 november on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

Terribly bored, barely stayed. 3 hours, little action. Disappointed, but the New Drama Theater itself is very, very like, I will walk again.

Mihail was 20 october on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

The production is gorgeous. Not much was overshadowed by the fact that near the 3rd row. sat (the woman) the photographer constantly clicked right near the ear. very distracted from the chic deystva.pravda an hour later she was gone. Thanks to the administration.

Alena was 08 march on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

A very strong and frank performance about the fact that the demon is inside each of us, that what we believe in is what becomes our reality. Many static scenes make the play long and a bit boring. In the rest - everything is fine. It is unlikely that you will like those who want to see spectacular and dynamic action and, for sure, like those who are waiting for a philosophical drama - complex and multifaceted.

Igor` was 09 march on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

The performance is rather strange. I must admit that I did not understand anything. In one of the annotations, this is called a "psychological theater". Perhaps, my rejection of the performance is due to the fact that the psychology of homeless people is not interesting to me.

Kristina was 16 february on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance. I liked everything very much, the play of actors, especially Alexei Kalinin. Many thanks to the whole theater.

Kdb was 20 september on "WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGIN WOLF?" E. Olby

Were at the premiere of the play. Great acting game. The performance is 3 hours with 2 intermissions.

Rimma was 10 may on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Accidentally fell into this performance and were shocked. A magnificent performance. Stunning play of actors. We received great pleasure. Small, comfortable room. With pleasure we will return again.

Tat`yana was 30 november on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

great performance! all the actors played amazing. received a great pleasure. Thank you!

Marina was 26 october on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

A wonderful performance, piercing to the depths of the soul, affecting the most intimate emotions. Special thanks to the actors V. Davydovskaya and M. Kalinichev. It's unbelievable! Thank you!

Irina was 12 april on "FROM EVENING TO THE NEST" VSRozov

Very touching performance! Thank you for playing all the actors. Has received great pleasure !;)))

Ekaterina was 22 march on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

In the "Moscow Drama Theater" was the first time. Emotions are only positive! Interior, staff, the picture itself - everything has to comfort. It was interesting to watch, genuinely empathized with the heroes. In no case do I regret the money spent, time. I advise everyone to go myself, of course, I will come again.

Al`bert was 12 february on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

First a few words about the theater. Was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the staff and the homely cozy atmosphere. I visited the New Drama for the first time, I'll take it for a note - despite the sufficient distance from the metro, it is worth it to come back again and again! Now about the play. Of those works that require serious work from the viewer. At first it was somewhat boring, only 15 minutes later began to "turn on", the farther away, the stronger. After graduation, I was under the impression for a long time ... The next day I read the original text (this is a parable). I want to note that this is the rare case when the director and artists managed to expand the boundaries of the original, in particular, with waste from the storyline. What can I go for love? How much she blinds lovers? Is it permissible to wear a mask to please someone you love, and will it not bring suffering in the future? Will not it turn into vain attempts to show oneself a present, a mask? And the unsuccessful search for what was just a mask, or only a part of the whole? And can, on the contrary, artificially do everything that happens outside of love, and only she opens the mask? .. Visit the play, you will not regret it! The one who left at the very beginning - lost a lot. This is not a tape in the social network to create an impression for a second, and "put like"! And if someone starts to frighten naked scenes (which were put very delicately), or some frank jokes of Gurmizah, be wise - he's DEMON! The position obliges - he can not, really, talk like a teacher of singing in a kindergarten))

Gulya was 30 may on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

Was at this play 2 times! really liked! you look at one breath and worry for the heroes! The actors' play is simply fantastic! I advise everyone!

Marina was 15 november on "TOYBELE AND ITS DEMON" I. Singer, I. Fridman

A wonderful performance! Very emotional play of actors. I especially want to mention the brilliant play of the actors of the main actors Violetta Davydovskaya and Mikhail Kalinichev - they really believe. To tears! With pleasure I will recommend the performance to my friends and acquaintances!

Anastasiya was 21 february on "WAITING FOR THE YEAR" S. Beckett

A delightful play, a delightful game ...

Anna was 13 april on "A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY FOR A PICNIC" T. Williams

Wonderful! Thank you!

Aleksandr was 19 march on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

Were on March 19 with his wife. Theater: very cozy, quiet, some kind of home. We really enjoyed. Now, impressions about the play. Actors play just cool, we want to say: "Guys, thank you very much for those emotions that we received thanks to you!" And even the fact that the plot was known did not spoil the impression of the play. Who was not - always go. Thank you!

Viktoriya was 26 april on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

The performance from the first looks boring and prolonged. A lot of unnecessary episodes in which there is no point. I'm going to this performance to see the game of Mikhailov - the most brilliant character, which, by the way, keeps the meaning of the play. You will not get emotions at this performance.

Uliya was 02 march on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

We fell in love with the theater team, did not disappoint us again! 12 men, 12 jury judges are 12 different personalities played by our actors. And the idea is simple: fight for honesty and justice, never drop your hands and the truth will be on your side. Bravo! Well done!

Anna was 18 january on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

Were on January 18 at the play. In our opinion, the production and playing of actors is much brighter, more expressive and more interesting than the film adaptation of the 60s. 2 years visit the performances of the New Drama Theater and in most cases we are satisfied with the performance of the actors. Unfortunately, young actors periodically speak very quietly, or very quickly, it turns out some patter. It does not give pleasure. Also in the theater there are problems with ventilation. It's stuffy .... BUT! We recommend to go to this play. We really enjoyed!

Tat`yana was 19 march on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

"12 angry men"! I'm very glad that I got, and it's better late than never! Knowing the story perfectly, I could not take my eyes off the stage and the actors' game, trying to keep track of everyone ..... The play was for many years, but the power from him was just plain crazy! A minimum of scenery, a maximum of magnificent acting and crazy drive, the actors received a huge buzz from what they were doing on stage, people who just serve their number and say their cues at the right time - it was NOT! I had a feeling that this was the year of the premiere for the play, and not the second ten. To all who have not seen, go and see, I think you will not regret! Do not be afraid of some remoteness of the theater, it's not the most important thing for me, it's not important for me, if I'm very warm and comfortable, the distances for me do not exist .... And I was struck by the atmosphere in the foyer of the theater - warm and at home , all met as dear, loved ones and loved ones, who have not been seen for a long time. Emotions are simply prohibitive, as if you are rolling down from a high hill and the speed is more and more, the action is increasing and you again can not take your eyes off the stage! There are things that you can watch endlessly, and for me, this is a great acting game! The puzzle consisting of 12 pieces was collected, 12 masterpieces, 12 different roles and chic actors, each of which is magnificent! Such a performance can be reviewed again and again !!! Join us !!!!!

Visitor was 16 november on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

Pleased with the diversity of the cast and the atmosphere. "12 angry" gives a chance to see the rest of the productions. Thank you

Tat`yana was 26 november on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

Almost every person probably knows the feeling of first and pure love!)))) My love for the New Theater began precisely with this performance ....... "12 angry men" !!))) And it was after him that my I admire the talent of great actors to whom I simply can not come without flowers!)))) They are so different, unique, unique, convincing and simply brilliant !!)))) Roman Breev and Mikhail Kalinichev, of course!)))) From the Tenth and Eighth, again, it is impossible to tear off the eye, anti odes for everything: in behavior, in relation to life and human feelings, "ice and flame" ....))))), but they are united by high professionalism and skill, the ability to keep the viewer's attention on themselves and not let it go. ..)))) Yesterday was another, 7th (!!!) performance !!!!)))) And how wrong are those who come once and all !!))))) Another one unique, piece and moments madly ridiculous performance!))) Each of the 12 angry deserves a lot of laudatory words, EVERYBODY! Because they add new touches to their role, making it interesting for the audience!))))) THANKS TO ALL THE HUGEEST !!!! Another enchanting performance, which I need all the time and without which I am terribly bored ....)))))) # 12 angry muzhchin # detective story # favorite show # mndt

Alina was 18 january on "12 WRITTEN MEN" R. Rose

The event did not take place.

Tat`yana was 21 december on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

The amazing play of actors makes you forget that you are sitting in the theater and watching the play. So everything is alive that you believe without hesitation that you yourself are a direct participant in the actions, you observe and empathize with the heroes. Severe test in 2 parts. Oh, verily, severe! What would you choose, be in his place: to slander yourself, but to survive or be honest to the end? Difficult choice. It is striking that in many ways the relevance of certain issues is visible. All madly liked, thank you very much for such an interesting production. Thanks to you, we had a pleasant evening.

Mihail was 21 december on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

All liked it)

Ekaterina was 22 november on "FROM THE FIRST PERSON" M.Yu. Lermontov

I really liked the play! When I went to him, I was worried that they were distorting the classics. But that did not happen. There was no controversy, unnaturalness, vulgarity. The meaning of the work is perfectly conveyed, all the actors played wonderful! I advise him to go :-)

Sergey was 29 march on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Thank you, I liked everything very much.

Larisa was 10 april on "PROVINCIAL JOKES" A. Vampilov, premiere

As always received the expected pleasure from the play of the New Drama Theater, the actors play and made fun of it, and made you think about people's actions, about life as it is ......

Ekaterina was 22 november on "FROM THE FIRST PERSON" M.Yu. Lermontov

Emotions from the stage like electricity fill the atmosphere of the hall. However, as always in the performances of this theater

Alina was 24 january on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

I really liked the performance of the actors and the performance itself! I advise everyone, who likes thoughtful subjects, with sense, with exposure of moral foundations of a society of the shown epoch. I'm going to go to this theater for other premieres. The only drawback is that it's cold in the hall, so all spectators in the intermission dressed in outer clothing and calmly inspected the second part, and there is still no sideboard. But for me the latter is not so important. after all, we go to the theater for art, not to eat))

Kovalenko Aleksey Mihaylovich was 24 january on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

I liked the performance very much! The topics I've been paying attention to are very relevant at the moment! I really liked the game actors! Very emotional! Was at you for the first time, but now I am sure that I will come again =)

Alina was 11 april on "PROVINCIAL JOKES" A. Vampilov, premiere

in general, a good staging of two stories. but sometimes replayed. I liked the way in which real characters and morals are represented in reality. If in the course of the production a feeling of non-perception arose, the actors' dances at the end equalized the sensations and left the theater in a good mood.

Ekaterina was 14 december on "FROM THE FIRST PERSON" M.Yu. Lermontov

Great performance. Special thanks to very attentive employees of the auditorium.

Tanya was 24 january on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Were at the play on January 24. Thanks to the great actors for the tremendous emotions and great game! Strong impressions. The play makes you think. The actors' game touched the living. From today, we are regular visitors to the theater. The play inspired the acquaintance with other productions. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Nina was 26 april on "PROVINCIAL JOKES" A. Vampilov, premiere

A great performance, a wonderful play of actors. Thank you.

Alina was 17 may on "FROM THE FIRST PERSON" M.Yu. Lermontov

A great game of actors, an interesting production with an unusual approach to voicing the diary of Pechorin .. I liked very much and remembered reading the work in my school years

Vera was 28 march on "PROVINCIAL JOKES" A. Vampilov, premiere

We love theaters very much, but we have a special attitude to the new drama theater. He is not far from home and that's why we call him "Nash" affectionately. Yesterday we were at the premiere of "Provincial jokes". Again meeting with your favorite artists. feelings, new inspirations, Thank you all! Wonderful work. Delighted by D.Shilyaev, M.Kalinichev, E.Rubin, O.Burygin, S.Moiseev, D.Svetus ....

Anna was 13 december on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Very nice atmosphere, good setting, wonderful actors. Almost 3 hours of the performance flew by like an instant, plus a little intermission. I advise everyone, I'm going back to the New Drama for another performance.

Tat`yana was 10 november on "FROM THE FIRST PERSON" M.Yu. Lermontov

At the play I was with my son for 15 years, I liked the play very much. The son especially noted the emotions conveyed by the actors to the viewer. I would also like to note the director's production of the performance, which was not torn away from the Lermontov style, as well as the orchestra playing in the foyer, thus, before the performance, dipping the spectator into the atmosphere of that time. But even after the performance, there remains a sense of the problem of the eternal problem of the hero and that of our time. Thank you very much!

Ol`ga was 25 october on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Not bad, but still not 12+, but 14+, because quite dramatic and somewhat prolonged.

Anastasiya was 24 january on "SILEME WITCHES" A. Miller

Very interesting, unusual and atmospheric! Bravo!

Maria was 26 april on "PROVINCIAL JOKES" A. Vampilov, premiere

Many thanks to the actors! I liked it very much. Especially spectacular finale!

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