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Moscow theater "School of modern plays"

Feedbacks from viewers
Ruslan was 20 january on House

Last Thursday my husband invited me to the theater. As always, I accepted the offer and did not look for information about the theater and the performance. Only half-heartedly, doing household chores, I listened to a brief description of the performance. Therefore, my impressions were not spoiled by my own ideas about how the theater would seem to me and what I would see on stage. About the theater: The theater is located in the back, in the courtyards at the station. Metro Belorusskaya, but we found it quickly. Outwardly, a beautiful old building. In the small hall at the entrance to the theater, there are wardrobes filled with books. This creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. There is no sense of being in a public place; rather, I felt like a welcome guest in someone's spacious house. The second room is not much larger and is also quite cozy, despite the cloakroom and buffet located in it. The auditorium is quite small compared to other theaters I have visited (with the exception of the student theater). But it is unlikely that in this hall a situation is possible in which some of the spectators cannot see something. No pillars or semicircular rows. A friendly young team of theater workers meets everywhere. In general, the impressions of the theater are the most pleasant. About the play: Even before the start of the play, I was very surprised by the original arrangement of seats in the auditorium. Many sat sideways, and some with their backs to the stage. But this was compensated by screens on all four walls of the hall, and video cameras were placed in the corners. At the beginning of the performance, the lights went out and a video appeared on the screens hanging on the walls. When the lights came on again, I noticed several actors whom I saw in booklets and on posters in the foyer of the theater. They sat scattered in the auditorium. A moment later, the main action began right among the audience. I will not exaggerate in the least if I say that such a production aroused my delight. There was a complete immersion in what was happening, the feeling that you were not watching a theatrical performance, but that you were witnessing the discussion by ordinary people of pressing problems. In the heroes presented, I recognized myself, and my loved ones, and just acquaintances. Deep thoughts were expressed that made me think. At the end of the first act, I was sure that the play was over, but the screens indicated the beginning of the intermission. And the second act surprised me again. It lasted only a few minutes and consisted of videos that were simultaneously shown on all four screens hung in the hall. I can assume that the director decided to arrange an intermission in order to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect on how this story will end, and then offered his four options for the development of events for the viewer's judgment. Here is such an unusual theater and an unusual performance. I am grateful to the author for the depth of thought, to the director for the original production and to my husband for the opportunity to touch this art. I wish everyone to visit this place for this production and have a good time.

Elena was 20 january on House

Perhaps the most original of all the theater performances. The action takes place not on the stage, but right in the hall, where the chairs are arranged in a circle, and screens hang on the walls. At first, you don't even know who your neighbor is - an actor or a spectator. The problem is raised very urgent, that a person needs a house. Own. Which he can inherit. But here's the bad luck, when the main character accidentally finds his dream home, no one wants to lend him money. The actors' play, which, as always, is at the highest level, is accompanied by an interesting video sequence. The only drawback of the performance is a completely unnecessary intermission, it would not be there, and everything would become ideal. I want to give advice, take tickets in the last rows, and not in the center, to see everything that happens, because it's worth it.

Irina was 10 december on House

I liked the unusual staging of the performance very much. Even when ordering tickets for this event, I was surprised by the location of the seats in the auditorium. And when I came to the theater, I was delighted with what I saw. Unfortunately, I cannot say with the same enthusiasm about the performance of some of the actors. But in general, I liked the performance.

Ekaterina was 30 october on House

I liked the performance very much, lively, unusual, strongly affecting! Many thanks!

Irina was 30 october on House

The first time was at a play so that the actors played in the auditorium, and not on stage. I liked it very much. As if you are an actor in a play.

Dana was 15 january on House

A good performance, an interesting topic raised, an original production and, in general, everything is very unusual. If you want something new and fresh, this is the place for you. The actors are good, the buffet has the freshest cakes, what else is needed))

Olga was 27 august on House

I liked the non-standard production of the play, the emotions and dialogues of the heroes are very close to the realities!

Aleksandr was 18 april on House

The idea and organization of the space are excellent. The drama is rather weak - the constant and the same type of repetition of the theme that friends do not give money .... Gordon plays in the same emotional rhythm that he broadcasts on television (and you expect more from the theater !!).

Nadegda was 05 may on House

I liked the performance very much, wonderful actors, a wonderful idea with the location of the seats. We looked at it in one breath. Thank you!

Vadim was 16 january on House

really liked it! Thank you! of the shortcomings - they were sitting at the stage, it was very strong (draft, air conditioner?)

Marina was 18 december on House

I liked the performance very much. Especially, the organization of the space suggested by the director. Everything is very unusual and interesting. In general, this theater always pleases us with interesting performances. It's a shame that such a tragedy happened to the theater building. The building had a unique aura. And in the auditorium and in the buffet something indescribable hovered. It is hoped that the theater building will be restored.

Vladimir was 17 april on House

Went 17.04.2013 NOT Gordon not Grishkovtsa was not even in the Pamina, so it is better to clarify in advance who is playing, the playbill of the actors turned out to be nonsense. Ticket 1,500r 10 point scale pulls 7

Aleksey was 30 october on House

Thanks, that was great!

Anna was 10 october on House


Dlukyan was 10 october on House

This is a topical and on the pulse performance. The format is wonderful, as if the viewer is a neighbor.

Visitor was 10 october on House

Liked. Thank you

Sergey was 21 august on House

Neither Gordon nor Grishkovets really was. Overall good, puzzled by the second act lasting only 10 minutes (after intermission). The feeling of a crumpled denouement.

Tat`yana was 21 december on Overcoat

I didn't like the performance. I believe that theater, art in general, should raise the viewer to its level, and not fall for the needs of the crowd and for its empty entertainment. Gogol's "Overcoat" is a piercing thing, the tragedy of a little man, they made a funny musical with dances and songs out of it, and when a naked hairy actor jumped out of another overcoat, ran to the second floor and, turning, began to play the saxophone, which covered the causal places ... Well, you can't make a farce out of everything, you need the viewer, especially the young, to worry, experience certain feelings, and not look dismissively at the stage and grin, well, come on, make me laugh.

Arina was 02 march on A man came to a woman

I want to express my gratitude for such a touching performance. There is nothing invented in it, no newfangled special effects or conceptual stray. Everything is extremely simple, in the center of attention are two people: a man and a woman. When there are no additional "decorations", all attention is directed only to the two of them. Noticeable every change in mood. Each emotion filigree played by the actors is admirable. Eternal values are best spoken in simple terms. The search for love, a loved one - topics that everyone understands. The play "A Man Came to a Woman" about them. Another story, and each viewer imagines the ending in his own way.

Alla was 02 march on "ON THE PIPE"

So many diverse emotions can not be experienced at a time anywhere else. This is such a unique performance in which you find a literal reconstruction of historical events. They differ in genres. Perhaps the plot with the famous Frenchman Olivier and his salad can be compared with a culinary show. And from the scene in which Dostoevsky dissects Pushkin, blood runs cold. I was most impressed by the famous hall with luxurious chandeliers, with stucco moldings and columns. And Vertinsky’s performance was also especially memorable. Although it would be fair to say that all artists brilliantly performed their roles. From what she saw Alferova and Vedeneeva close-close, her legs gave way. Super performance, which you remember for a very long time!

Anna was 26 february on That day

It’s worth going to the performance at least in order to see Valery Lanskaya in an unusual role for her. The actress did an excellent job with the role of a young woman, whom everyone tells what to do. And she is going to give birth to a child even under the pressure of her mother. And somehow unexpectedly in the course of a comedy like a play, claims to the political situation, to the passivity of modern men are revealed. It would be just the latter that it would be especially useful to go to the play.

Andrey was 21 november on A man came to a woman

I really liked the performance. Thank!

Elena was 25 november on A man came to a woman

11/25/2015 I watched the stunning performance "A man came to a woman", with a twenty-year history. I haven’t laughed like this for a long time, all the little things of life are shown so funny, and the human oddities of single people are slightly over 40 so pronounced that most of the action is simply impossible to maintain a serious facial expression. I really liked the lyrical complement of the main action. You are waiting for the performance to begin, the light is still on, everyone is talking and the accordionist and violinist come in, the room dies down, the lights go out, and on the stage we see a standard apartment, after which the hostess enters and turns on the TV. On the second floor there is an artist and model, a toli, a sculptor, who revived his Galatea - an ideal story of love and tenderness. As soon as our heroine goes into the shower, when the doorbell rings, the man with whom her friends decided to bring her came half an hour earlier than the agreed time. Their further acquaintance takes place in the same spirit, either of complete mutual understanding, or of a quarrel. If you have not seen the play, be sure to go, you can take your parents with you, it will be fun.

Andrey was 14 february on A man came to a woman

For a long time I wanted to go to the new theater premises and went. Loved the interior: books were everywhere. The artist has a very good taste. Realistic scenery pleased the performance: all household items were very familiar and close to philistinism. Unusually there was a space of action, it is something of high-rise buildings in the context of several floors or a glass house. Actors played very lively, according to Stanislavsky, witted around Gogol, joked about Sholom Aleichem. The audience was tearing up their stomachs. Feminine-masculine skirmishes framed by the sentimental lyrics of live musicians. I advise everyone to look.

Elizaveta was 18 december on A man came to a woman

Unfortunately, it’s sad and gone ... A sad version of the modern model of behavior, when a man is not a man, but a rag, and a woman is not a woman - * takes the bull by the horns. "It was disgusting to watch, they left during the interval ...

Anastasiya was 25 november on A man came to a woman

11/25/2015 in the theater "School of modern play" watched the play "A man came to a woman." The performance left a twofold feeling: on the one hand, the eternal problems of loneliness of “middle-aged” people are affected - with their well-established habits and the desire to arrange personal life with outside help. On the other hand, in today's life there are many opportunities for solving the questions posed in the play. The allegory of the dance duo anticipates the ongoing action on stage. For today's production, the pace of modern life is not enough. During the performance of the performance, at times it seems that the actors conduct their game, not paying attention to the partner. In general, you can go to the play to relax after a working day and not think about your problems while watching. “All this would be funny when it were not so sad.”

Varvara was 23 february on A man came to a woman

Were 02/23/2015. Very good performance. The first act is very funny. The second did not hold out for emotions. But the actors play great!

Marina was 25 november on A man came to a woman

Good performance. A little old-fashioned, sometimes funny, sometimes sad story about loneliness and desperate attempts to find their happiness already elderly people. A very harmonious acting duet, they play sincerely and talentedly. The hero looks like Zhenya from The Irony of Fate, just as awkward and a little ridiculous. The heroine annoys the desire to certainly marry at least someone. But since the play is Soviet, this can be discounted). Interesting scenery - the atmosphere of a typical apartment, reproduced on the stage to the smallest detail. This is nice, because recently the directors have not really bothered with thinking over the design of the scene. A good duet of musicians, which gives the performance an additional charm. An interesting idea with a top floor, the sculptor and his model organically fit into the overall action. And yes, this is a performance for women.

Ol`ga was 23 october on A man came to a woman

Thank you, I enjoyed watching it a lot.

Oleg was 16 april on A man came to a woman

Very interesting, the plot is dynamic, the actors are on top. Beautiful and modern performance. Thanks to the director and the troupe! !!

Valeriy was 29 october on That day

First impression: MAT FROM THE SCENE cuts the ear very much. Comprehension and concept came a bit later. SPECTACLE BREAKTHROUGH. Many THANKS and a low bow to Joseph Reichelgauz for courage. The performance reveals all the main abscesses of our society: 1. culture in the pen, we can only talk obscenities. 2. Deputies: drunkards today, gays tomorrow, then bandits, but everyone wants to save Russia. 3. We do not know who Navalny is, but we are for him, because we want changes, we want the new leader of the country to come. 4. Demography in the pen. If the performance is not removed, it will become a pillar. Hurry up to see. The aftertaste from the mat passes.

Angela was 22 november on Monologues of cities

It’s not even a spectacle at all, but 13 stories that famous artists tell on behalf of the hero cities. The composition there is really cool, you will not say anything: Said Bagov, Albert Filozov, Irina Alferova, Elena Sanaeva, Vladimir Kachan, Julietta Goering, and others. And the idea is very good and unusual: a monologue on behalf of the city. As if the city actually has a soul that moans, cries, rejoices and knows all its inhabitants. He was amazed, to tears, by Albert Filozov, who represented Leningrad. He had bread in his hand, which he passed to everyone in a circle ... On the other hand, actress Juliet Goring, who represented Tula, opened up to me. Very deep dramatic actress. About Elena Sanaeva, whom I have known and adored for a long time, doesn't even need to say anything. She was Moscow. And this Moscow performed by Sanaeva is exactly the Moscow that would be if I could somehow draw in human form! Awesome! And, of course, this is absolutely my topic: war. Therefore, maybe I grabbed at once the opportunity to go there. The war was not shown as usual. No loud victories, no pathos. It was a war - a grief that is experienced quietly, alone with itself. War is life where there is a place for jokes. War - silence, which is more expressive than all words.

Viktor was 03 february on Evening Julia Kim

Great evening. Julius Kim's life is a joyful, charming man. God bless him!

Natal`ya was 25 march on While the beer is poured

Increasingly, I catch myself thinking that lately theaters are not pulling the viewer behind them, but are trying to get down to its level, and the level is sometimes not very good. So here - long rotten jokes with inserts of the latest news from the Internet for relevance, so to speak. The idea of rolling our everyday dialogues, disputes about politics, Moscow problems, possible emigration, etc. is understandable. but somehow in the forehead, not subtle, and not very funny, although judging by the individual roll-in viewers, I just want to ask Gogol: "Who are you laughing at?" It is sad that we are being held as a spectator for minded people ...

Artur was 29 december on Harmful Tips

I was with my daughter, 6 years old. She really liked the performance. And what else is needed, because it is designed for a children's audience? Those who are afraid of the bad influence of harmful councils - the artists, at the end, seem to be rehabilitated for these tips - they say, we are all this make-believe, so we should not behave ... In general, I recommend categorically! Bonus papas are cute actresses ...

Aleksandra was 27 december on HOUSE

Yesterday watched "House". Above all praise. The charm began when seating: The scene itself, we and the actors (some we did not guess) - in the chairs next to us. Favorite actors were, as always, sparkling and talented. Elena Sanayeva's voice struck me, Vladimir Kachan played his grandfather, despite the young sparks in his eyes. And most importantly, the meaning of the play: deep and ambiguous. We discussed it all evening. Is the wife right that supports the "crazy" idea of the husband, giving him a chance to be reborn, are the friends who are right to refuse the loan under various pretexts? Be sure to advise you to go to this performance. For myself, we decided to visit all the performances of the plays of Evgeny Grishkovets.

Ol`ga was 08 february on City

Thank you for a good Saturday night! The performance and especially the game of the main character was pleasantly surprised.

Tat`yana was 14 january on City

The performance itself makes you think about many things, the play of actors leaves much to be desired

Anna was 14 january on City

thank you, everything was good

Valeriya was 14 september on City

Very vital, very humorous and not without sadness, such a household philosophy. In general, very Grishkovetski. Just right for viewing on a rainy autumn evening :) I recommend taking a shawl, because in the hall is absolutely not hot. And it’s better to take places somewhere in the 6-7 row of the right side of the stalls, if you don’t want to roll the neck :)

Vladimir was 12 october on City

Great performance! We got great pleasure!

Ludmila was 26 october on City

thank you, I liked it very much

Irina was 12 october on City

Good day! We went to the play "City" for three. Everyone loved it. Thank!

Svetlana was 12 october on City

Great setting! A lot of pleasant impressions !!! Thank!!!!!

Elena was 10 december on Freud

The first time I write a negative review. I go to the theater for a long time and often. I love student productions, I recently watched Gorky's “Tradesmen”, staged by the students of GITIS - delight! And this performance is a complete failure. And the script, and direction, and the play of actors. The overall feeling of the performance is an amateur school production "Freud through the eyes of children." I was amazed at the patience with which the auditorium quietly sat through to the end (good one act!) Of the action. Of course, we have a wonderful intelligent viewer, but for this test it is necessary to pay extra, and not to take money. Something like this! Unfortunately!

Elena was 28 september on Night with a stranger

Were at this performance on September 27, 2018. Slightly ambiguous impressions ... an interesting story, but a little prolonged dialogue, lacked the emotionality in the game Alferova, well, as previously wrote the ending blurred. Separate emotions left the hall ... for the first time I was in such a theater until I decided for myself whether it was good or bad ... but it was cold in the hall and we were sitting in outer clothes. General impressions are positive

Elena was 18 september on London Triangle

The play really liked, a great game of actors. I recommend!

Visitor was 06 jule on Overheard, Peeped, Unrecorded ...

The idea is good, the implementation is weak. As Stanislavsky said, "I do not believe."

Elena was 21 june on Died - shmumer, if only he was healthy

The performance is light, full of Jewish folklore and humor. Well set, often changing mise-en-scenes, Although the jokes are not new, it's still funny, with pleasure you dive into the atmosphere of the Odessa courtyard. I recommend those who just want to relax, relax and get great pleasure from the humor and great actors. Vladimir Shulga is remarkable in the role of Chaim.

Ekaterina was 15 may on HOUSE

I watched "House" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. My place was generally quite comfortable, almost everything was in sight. Except ... In addition to the main character's parents, who were played by my favorite "schoolchildren" Albert Filozov and Elena Sanayeva. They "sat" just behind my back, slightly sideways, I had to turn around. And I liked their scene most of all. But! The performance is unusual, they play very well, someone is just super good, which is just good. Yes, conversations, phone calls, there is development, there is intrigue, everything is ok. And the fact that the audience is so unusually seated spectators, is also great. Unusual and originality begins even before the start of the play, as you enter the hall and start looking for your chair. ShPP fellows that invent such unusual moves, so original. I like experiments. And the artists here are healthy and within these experiments quite interesting subjects. You come out or filled out of the theater, or at least thoughtful. And it's not so bad. So it was not in vain in the theater. :)

Ekaterina was 11 may on While the beer is poured

Sometimes I go to the school. I like the style of their performances, he learns, he is theirs, they play and put only here. Irritation is not, many artists who play in the SHSP, I love. And on "Beer" for a long time was going to, today has visited. To say that I did not like it at all, of course there is no such thing. In general, I liked more than not. But when she came from the theater, her head chattered: "Hack-work." Perhaps, in fact, it should look like "improvisation" - one performance is better, another is worse, depending on the coherence for today, on the mood and well-being of the artists. But she could not answer herself to the question: what was all this for? And did not see the inner connection, the growth of the plot, again, as in "Overheard ..." - mini-scenes, united by one thematic platform, but in general - each in itself, individual works - no (why the girl "in the mask ", sitting the whole play in the proscenium, first for the laptop, then for the mobile phone? Or the final" omone "- for what, so joke-amused? Artists too - someone's storyline (if it was at all) is interesting, and someone's so-so and so-so-so-so, but I am very glad that Elena Sanaya plays in the SPB. I adore her in all the productions, where I am I saw it is so natural, so humorous, so real, thank you! The hall was met by the way, very well, amicably, well, and the actors also need to play somewhere, earn money. and you will get pleasant moments on it uniquely! In general, thanks. :)

Valeriy was 12 april on London Triangle

SUMPTUOUSLY!!! For a long time I did not receive such satisfaction from the actors' play. The plot for the rage of the day, the historical connection of times, the ability to love and forgive a loved one, the problem of other people's children, and more merged together. Thanks to the filmmakers, the actors' actions are honed to the slightest detail, and the actors themselves got used to playing roles so that they do not bow out of the role with difficulty. THANK YOU!!!

Dmitriy was 02 april on Tariff "Random communications"

The son presented tickets for a silver wedding. Before that, we never went to this theater, but we had to start acquaintance with something. The name of the theater is well reflected in the current performance. Starting with the unusual scenery, themes and famous actors which you see from time to time on TV. Irina Alfyorova created an unusual image and so got used to the role that for the whole viewing it is difficult to imagine that this woman was an ideal ideal for the Soviet Union. The rest of the actor's ensemble of the second plan, elegantly and tastefully complements its stories, in each of which lies the meaning and its idea referring to the famous film by Jim Jarmusch "Night on Earth." For us, the performance flew by unnoticed. I recommend everyone to get acquainted, because not all life can be preserved on Ostrovsky, Shakespeare and Chekhov. Great playwrights like Stoppard began with something, start and you from this performance. Dmitry K.

Katerina was 30 march on Tariff "Random communications"

Hello! Yesterday they were at the play in this theater, for the first time. The decorations are interesting and very unusual, they also liked the costumes. The idea is not bad (after reading the essence of the play and wanted to see), but everything else - to put it mildly, not very much. Only the last 10-15 minutes in the first act were funny, which, in fact, was the reason to stay on the 2nd act. But, as it turned out, in vain. The fourth part of the audience after the intermission evaporated. It was boring, jokes (if they were at all) understood only the person 2 in the hall, because they were laughing actively (judging by the votes they were women of old age). With a special "relish" from the stage, abusive words ("not male") were pronounced, apparently now it is normal for a modern play. But in the context of the play, they did not even sound and did not "save" the text. I would like to mention the game of Catherine Direktorenko (she seems to have played a girl who loved to talk on the phone), liked it very much, and sings in a pleasant voice. It was decorated with a performance, I would sing more, it would be excellent .. Maybe my response would be much better) In general, the scene with this actress was the only worthwhile moment in the entire performance. Her colleague on the stage, acting as a library worker (I'm sorry that I do not specify the actor's name, but did not buy the program and do not know who it was), was also on top. But the overall impression is not good. I repeat: boring, some flaw is felt. I do not recommend spending your time on this play. Katerina S.

Ekaterina was 23 march on Russian Jam

The performance was very pleased, they enjoyed the performance of the actors, the play itself and the production. Good humor, rather even a thin, sad irony

Nina was 12 february on Night with a stranger

A wonderful performance! Thank you!!!

Ludmila was 01 february on HOUSE

We were three, 49, 27, 17 years old. It seemed that the end of the play was a bit damp. As if everything broke sharply and it was incomprehensible that the toli could only clap toes to continue, but otherwise it was good.

Tat`yana was 18 december on While the beer is poured

Great performance, in one breath, not a moment of boredom. Like all the performances of E. Grishkovets!

Aleksandra was 11 december on Harmful Tips

We sat in the 11th row of the stalls, but because of the deafening music, nobody could make out a word. The ugly sound is two hours of rumble and yell. It is evident that the actors are laid out, but the impression is irretrievably spoiled by sound.

Ol`ga was 07 november on Superfluous Mouse

an interesting dynamic performance, but the story and the actors' play are intended for young children (4-5 years), were with his grandson for 10 years, he was bored.

Ludmila was 16 september on Russian Jam

A wonderful performance. "Cherry Orchard", "Ivanov", "Three Sisters" - all together in our time with Chekhov's irony and absurdity of our life. On the stage, the alleged descendants of Ani and Lopakhin from the "Cherry Orchard" and all the same talk about the need to work, work and complete inaction at the same time. This is a real comedy or, rather, a tragicomedy, as Chekhov wanted in the Cherry Orchard. And the cherry garden has not been preserved. In place of the dear helpless intellectuals, pragmatists, businessmen again came.

Ekaterina was 21 january on Overcoat

The theater is not in vain called "modern play". Therefore, even referring to the classics, directors play with the product both in the same way and that way. In 2016, the attention of art director I. Raykhelgauz appealed to Gogol and ... a very interesting production was born. Modern and ... classical. With jazz, vocals and even skating, Gogol's "greatcoat" is an ode to a small man who performed his duty with diligence, honestly and with pleasure. And, as is often the case in life, not receiving due respect. Not looking at the transfer of the plot into modern realities, during the performance you still find yourself in Petersburg of the 19th century. And the overcoat bought by Akaky Akakievich, which is present in the play and in the form of a modern down jacket, and in the form of a huge coat, becomes a bargaining chip of human life. In the production itself, everything is fine: the idea of ​​giving (especially the idea of ​​explaining certain words and certain life nuances characteristic of pre-revolutionary Russia), musical accompaniment (jazz music perfectly complements the performance), the actors' play and the main character's vocals, stage design. By the way, the musical accompaniment of the performance is based on variations of M.Dunayevsky's music.

Irina was 19 november on Overcoat

This performance allows you to move to that Petersburg, in which none of you were. Quiet streets, leisurely dance of snowflakes, bewitching snowstorm. And somewhere far away the desires of the protagonist are about to come true, but such an action is going on around him that you forget about him - the life of his mistress, his colleagues, his shadow, his greatcoat, but only himself. Is he so unattractive and pathetic? Be sure to watch this performance, excellent direction and the actors' play!

Ol`ga was 21 january on Overcoat

The tragedy of a little man interested me in school, when we passed the same work by Gogol. After a while I decided to attend a modern play staging and was not disappointed. Impressed the game actors. They are so accustomed to the role that at once you will not think that this is a game, and not a real life. Imagine what the protagonist should feel after realizing that he no longer wants what he aspired to. Is this not a payment for his righteous life?

Inna was 09 february on Russian Jam

Wonderful performance! Bright images, flashing subtle humor. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Ol`ga was 12 june on London Triangle

The story of how the heroes sought for happiness, to the search for some ideal. They love each other, realizing that their relationship hurts. A familiar story, but it is shown so that you sympathize with the characters, you suffer with them. These individuals left a notable mark in Russian culture, and their life deserves attention. With trepidation you are waiting for a happy ending, enjoying an interesting production. The personality of each hero is revealed in a different way, but would you risk falling in love contrary to everything?

Ekaterina was 06 june on Night with a stranger

On April 16, I watched one of the pearls of the repertoire at the "School of Modern Play" theater: "Night with a Stranger". To say that I went into raptures is to say nothing. Stunning actor's duet of Irina Alferova and Vladimir Shulga tells us about the drinking of fate. The fact that a single night with a stranger can change life and have a very interesting sequel. And the consequences are overtaken after 20 years. What about? About love, friendship, readiness to come to the rescue, that is not always external corresponds to the internal. At first everything is clear: the husband owes a lot of money and agrees to give his wife for 1 night to pay off the debts. But the intermission begins at the moment when what is happening changes direction abruptly. And it ends very unexpectedly. And you believe that a businessman Bobrovsky is capable of loving. And Ira is not Ira at all, but Zhenya, and she finally found her love.

Ol`ga was 12 june on London Triangle

I recommend watching to enjoy a great game of actors. They can be called professionals, since only they can express their emotions and feelings so brightly. During the viewing, there is a feeling that the actors do not play, but live on stage - so skillfully played dialogues, shows the relationship between the actors. I remained impressed!

Irina was 21 september on London Triangle

Thank you! We got a lot of pleasure from the performance. Interesting (and unknown - at least for me) story, interestingly delivered and played. The personalities of Herzen and Ogarev are revealed entirely from another, unknown side. I recommend to all. Highly!

Irina was 12 june on London Triangle

I recommend visiting the play for everyone - it's just that you do not meet such feelings in reality. You understand that this is just a game of actors, but you live with these two hours together, empathizing with them, praying for a happy ending. Yes, and how not to worry, when the happy future of a loving family with three children or the collapse of the love of those who dared to love in spite of everything is at stake.

Aleksandr was 17 august on Night with a stranger

An interesting production, unusual use of modern technologies - it's funny but extends the scene. A little conclusion is not enough, but there is unpredictability.

Nataliya was 25 august on Overheard, Peeped, Unrecorded ...

Light "sketches from life", a good play of actors, I liked the idea of ​​the scene in the middle of the auditorium, Pleasant aftertaste. The second time I will not watch this performance, but I was interested in other performances from the theater's repertoire. I want to get to know this theater more closely.

Viktoriya was 13 october on Russian Jam

Were with my husband at this play. I liked everything: from the situation in the theater, the girl with a live call in the hands to the last words of the artists in the play. Awesome game of all! Time flew by unnoticed, and my husband and I were still discussing the author's idea and the meaning of the play all evening.

Stanislav was 17 august on Night with a stranger

The performance, like the actors' play, was very popular. I would especially like to note Irina Alferov. Got a lot of fun.

Kristina was 30 may on Overheard, Peeped, Unrecorded ...

The action takes place, as in many theater productions, on the stage located in the middle of the auditorium. Several almost non-intersecting stories are played out in a real restaurant. Hungry to come is definitely not worth it, because the food in the restaurant is real, you will be distracted. Alternately, action begins at different tables - each has its own story. There is a musician, a businessman with a girl, a mysterious silent girl, a young man with two companions, an Indian with two escorts, a birthday girl waiting for guests and a coming, departing and returning girl, who keeps ringing the phone. In addition to the guests in the restaurant there is still a young man, visiting guests, a couple of dancers and, of course, two waiter. Each story is good in its own way and each has an unexpected ending. Personally, I most like a businessman with a girl and a trio with an Indian. The performance is easy and funny, it will be an excellent choice for a date. And for just a pleasant evening.

Kate was 04 may on Fool and Zek

How sometimes you want to be such a foolish little fool. They say something to you, and you believe, despite all the absurdity of what was said. And you look from the outside, you seem to feel sorry for her, but you understand that here such a fool is bound to be all right. And at the zek it will also be next to this fool. Bravo, Tatyana Tsirenina and Ivan Mamonov! I saw them in other performances, but in this they are especially adorable!

Kristina was 13 june on Russian Jam

This performance I saw in the SHSP is not the first, but it remains one of the favorite - it's a pity that rarely show. It has everything - and good humor, and bright images, and tragedy, which is not shown directly, but it is clearly visible. Very accurately reflects the tragedy and helplessness of the "intelligentsia." We must save, but how? -It does not understand. We must do something, they do, but without thinking. Every time watching the play, I see something new in it.

Kate was 18 may on Save the Camera-Junker Pushkin

"To save the camera-junker Pushkin" I was praised for a long time and very persistently. Maybe that's why I was afraid of going to it, but I decided to see it - and you know, I'm delighted! I did not expect that the performance about the probability (only) of the salvation of our great classics, practically a role-playing game - can be so unusual and interesting. Of course, he adds a small hall to the charm (the scene is again on display in the auditorium, and seats by sectors). And I did not imagine at all what it would be. If you and Akunin know what to expect (roughly), it's clear what to expect with the play of Mikhail Kheifets (and before Pushkin I saw only the children's play "In Search of Magic", but it's completely different.) And then the play began, (The time flew by instantly) was over, and I did not even have words, so funny, but serious, it's the most pleasant surprise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such performances !!!

Kate was 30 may on Overheard, Peeped, Unrecorded ...

I reconsidered almost the whole repertoire in the School of the modern play (something and more than once) and this performance is one of my favorites, because you never know what exactly is waiting for you. Everything happens in the same storylines, but each time is a bit different. Sometimes even guest characters come. I was lucky-I got to the play, when the young man right during the action made his proposal to his girlfriend. Improvisation is very good if the artists are able to improvise. And they definitely know how to do it.

Ol`ga was 14 january on Watchmaker

We went to the press-show of the New Year musical "The Watchmaker". A beautiful New Year's view of time and the New Year. A real musical with good songs and professional dances! Ideal for viewing by the whole family. The plot is original, but easy to understand by kids from 5-6 years old. During the entire performance (and after it) a fine mood. There are some points that you want to think about, for example, about the time that inexorably runs forward. Before the performance - the animation in the person of Santa Claus, who distributes small souvenirs for the rhyme, and adults and children is pleasant. The hall is comfortable, visible from any place, but without an elevation, so small children may have to be held, bear this in mind.

Anna was 13 june on Russian Jam

I really wanted to see this performance, because I love the works of Lyudmila Ulitskaya, I love for the recognizability of time, interesting characters, humor and sadness, which are invariably present in them. Particularly impressed in them is that the stories of whole families are told against a background of a certain period of time (history). Family sagas are my favorite works, because in them both the characters are curious, and the time in which they live is well and well described. So, "Russian jam", the story of one single family seems to be .. But no, this is a story about us. The history of the mysterious Russian soul, in which much is involved: both spiritually, and Orthodoxy, and the ability to empathize, and "maybe", and attachment to the "roots", and the desire for something new and unexplored and alluring. Vobschem baradak with a Russian broad soul)) Here is the curtain opens, and we see a dilapidated-first-summer dacha. This is where each floor falls through (but everyone knows that it is necessary to skip over, and then walk around), where the doors to the toilet fall off, where do not you understand something about breakfast or lunch. And the residents of this dacha correspond ... And more constant talk about the fate of Russia, arguments and grief, noise and laughter. Everything is intertwined in this house. How is everything painfully recognizable and close in this play! And also funny, mischievous and heartfelt. And, of course, the actors. Wonderful! Albert Filozov, incomparable Tatiana Vasilieva, Elena Sanayaeva, Vladimir Shulga.Masters! Great and younger artists played. I liked everything. Very successful hit in the characters and images. Especially liked Olga Gusiletova as a sharp-tongued Lisa, as well as business Rostislav performed by Vadim Kolganov.

Elena was 12 june on London Triangle

Absolutely incredible performance, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Everything is fine in it: an interesting historical story, and a wonderful game of actors. Men will be curious to see how the great minds of the nineteenth century worked, to women - to the way Natalie tries not only to get along with them, but also to find her own happiness and vocation. The action is accompanied by excellent jokes, so you do not have to miss exactly. I advise you to look at all.

El`mira was 06 june on Night with a stranger

"Night with a Stranger" Are you ready to spend "Night with a Stranger" to save a loved one? We again visited the theater "The School of Modern Play" and this time just could not take our eyes off the stage and counted the minutes when the interlude would end to return to the hall. Do you need a lot of actors on stage to create a strenuous dramatic action with criminal implication and an underlying sense of mystery? Quite a lot, two are enough, however, there are secondary characters, again a little, 3 people, and all on the stage they will only be at the final bow. Irina Alferova, an amazing and beautiful female actress, brutal Vladimir Shulga, I am subdued by their joint work. In the life of the heroine there are several secrets, and if one of them begins to guess from the middle of the first act (reservations, reservations "yes, she is ..." to herself) and you are convinced of the "shot of the Chekhov rifle" right before the intermission. And the second secret will open only at the end of the play, you do not expect such a recognition from the lyrical heroine, but the more it strikes. Puzzles form a single picture, and the only question why she went to the deal for Vlasov's sake remained unresolved for me. By the way, I was pleased with the unusual design of the space. With a minimalistically decorated scene depicting the living room, the image of the hallway is combined, which is projected onto the backdrop screen, and the characters seem to come off the video screen to the stage, voices from computer recording get the right sound when the actors appear.

Irina was 18 may on Save the Camera-Junker Pushkin

January 9, 2016, was, in the first place, in the theater "School of Modern Play" from at the play "To Save the Junkers of Pushkin". I liked you already from the front door. There are no queues for the entrance, probably because the tickets were checked already closer to the entrance to the hall (but there was no traffic). The theater is very interesting. It's not like the theater, and somehow everything is so simple and there is a feeling that now something will be so exciting. Live portraits of actors, true as from Harry Potter, it's straight something! All viewers hang out there and want each actor to consider. It is a pity that we did not know about this, would have gone to the second floor before) Girls - employees of the theater, rather quickly oriented on the terrain. The only negative - for this performance the location of the auditorium changes and it is difficult to navigate where what sectors, it might be nice to put some name plates on it. About the show itself. Before going, I read what he was talking about. But my imagination presented me with another picture. There was a story on the stage. And so it was so amazing, simple, without pathos, close, I think, to every Soviet / Russian schoolboy. Well, who did not have problems with Pushkin ?! Here is the history of a person's entire life and then how on its length the poet then destroyed him, then helped. Time is intertwined, characters, stories. Everything is so wonderfully beaten that almost two hours without intermission flew by unnoticed. How much laughter was in the hall, especially when in one moment the spectator could not restrain herself and giggled, the actors supported and could be seen how ridiculous they themselves are. The performance is live, the stage is located so that the spectators themselves become participants of the action. The actors are amazing! That's to say that someone liked it more, someone less - it's impossible. All smart! How quickly they reincarnated in different characters, as all the awesome singing and reading poetry. It was visible from everywhere everything was fine, the only thing was hard to hear when the actors dispersed in the corners of the stage and read or sang at the same time. But probably this is the idea of ​​the performance itself, every corner of the auditorium hears "its own". I did not want to leave, the mood has been excellent for a few days after the performance, I would like to come here to this theater more than once, and to this performance for others too. PS: the audience was also younger than the specified age, but I would not recommend it, there is obscene lexicon, a little truth, and even more interesting to older people will be.

Anastasiya was 13 june on Russian Jam

Almost Chekhov But not for his work staged a performance "Russian jam" in the "School of Modern Play" I did not read Ulitskaya's play, maybe that's why I did not leave the feeling that I was looking at a modern twist of Chekhov's plays "The Cherry Orchard" and "Three Sisters" . Three generations of a large family live on the old dacha, where there is always something to repair and patch. But money is needed for this, and where to get them, if nobody wants to work except their mother (Natalia Andreevna, and her children use this and do not want to change anything in their lives, they are all happy.) The spec is held on the game of two actresses - Tatyana Vasilyeva and Olga Gusileletova, her character is young Lisa, who probably will be able to escape from this marsh, although Albert Filozov (Uncle Dyudya) is also good, especially his love for the ballerina. "And the most memorable moment:" Lord, how tired I am! "It was three o'clock in the morning I can not fall asleep ... The night is gone ... All is lost. "If you are so nagged, then old age will be lost!"

Ekaterina was 23 may on And Choi-To-Thou Thou in Thrace?

Remember the work of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov "Proposal (A joke in one act)"? This is it! The performance is comedic and very light, it is performed as an opera and ballet simultaneously. The artists sing, and they sing very, very not badly, as well as funny and deliberately absurdly performed pas de deux, pas de trois, solo pirouettes and fouettes. Keep from laughing is impossible. The audience laughs almost at every word and gesture. The play "A choi-you in a dress coat?" Has been going on since 1992 and is considered a visiting card of the theater. In the first lineup, Lyubov Polishchuk, Alexey Petrenko and Albert Filozov played. We also looked at Vladimir Kachan, Ekaterina Pravtorenko and Ivan Mamonov. We really liked the play with my friend. We left the hall in a great mood.

Marina was 12 june on London Triangle

This play about the relationship between two close friends from the childhood of Herzen and Ogaryov - a friendship that has experienced all adversity, personal and political - is it about the relationship between wife, husband and ... lover? Probably, for our time this may not be so acute, not so condemnable, but in the 50s it was ... awful, strange? Most importantly, it's very scary for herself to experience the main character, a woman who was between two men who she loved. Feelings of guilt, pride, selfishness, friendship, love, children, death. So much has been mixed here. During the performance, we passed the life of the heroes from the moment they met in London until the end. Scenes succeed each other with a difference of a year, 3 years. As in a movie for us, a moment passed - the lights went out, the light came on. According to the situation on the stage, we understand the condition of the heroes now, what torments them, how they live their relations. But when I realized that in each "moment" for us - for them a year has passed, 365 days for 24 hours, when you suffer every minute, think "what next", "how hard", "why is it with me, When there is no clearance and I want to escape ... I know a lot .... tears come to my eyes. There were many moments when the hall laughed. I do not know if it was supposed to dilute this production so much, or whether this hall was so funny in our room. But, perhaps, without laughter it would have been very difficult. However, this is not humor. Rather sarcasm. Sarcasm, when people from outside can laugh, because this situation can be seen as ridiculous, ridiculous, far-fetched. But when you are inside, it's all very serious, really and hopelessly. The role of Tuchkova is very tense, disruptive. And the actress coped with it perfectly.

Visitor was 29 october on Russian Mountain

Performance Russian Mountain in the School of the Modern Play goes almost without scenery. During the performance, the viewer appears to be in a perverted theater of shadows: on a dark scene with a black back, actors in white suits play among the scenery in the form of silhouettes of objects. And it's great, unusual and allows you to create interesting effects, for example, having thrown off a white jacket the actor can instantly dissolve in the darkness of the scene. But you must agree, the main thing is still the action. The basis of the production was the comedy play of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin Griboyedov Woe from Wit. The director cunningly intertwined the author's lines with modern examples, which highlighted the relevance of this comedy in our days. Humor and irony are perfectly combined with the original text, which Greloyedov's contemporaries have been dragged into quotes. If you want to brush up on Griboedov's comedy or first get to know it - you definitely should not go to this play. But if you first refresh the memory of the play, many allusions to the present will become clear and understandable. What you want, you can safely choose tickets.

Marylyn was 18 may on Save the Camera-Junker Pushkin

The play narrates about one modern man from the point of view of development of his relations with Pushkin, if one may so express it, more precisely, with his heritage, from childhood and through life. Along with the growth of a person, his attitude also changes - beginning with "Pushkin I hated from childhood" to experiencing the death of the poet as a personal tragedy. The hero of the play is, in general, an ordinary person, with ordinary feelings. He is shown without attempting to embellish - such as a person is alone with himself, without unnecessary tinsel and a touch of decency. "Pushkin is our everything!" - this instigation was instilled into us from childhood, and it is taboo to speak ill of Pushkin. About this point in the play a lot of irony, but how true it is, everyone can feel on themselves. Personally for me, as it turned out, Pushkin is definitely "our everything", and I was repeatedly blown away by the ease with which the scene is treated with the sacred image of Pushkin for a Russian person. However, in this there is something - to break the prohibitions, in another way to look at what seemed unshakable and inviolable. For the main character, Pushkin is also "our everything", and even more than for anyone, although he does not immediately understand this. After the performance, somewhere inside, a little splinter is noisy (if not for this duel!) And there is a desire to find in the closet a volume of Pushkin and read-read-read ...

Larisa was 04 may on Fool and Zek

The play "Fool and Zek" was a surprise for me and my husband for two reasons: we went to the "Wick End", and got to another play. Another surprise - a touching story and a wonderful cast. A sad melodrama with interspersions of everyday humor. Laughter with tears. Very adult story: the disease can change a lot, but do not kill cravings to be loved. However, a prison can change a person, but do not kill the desire to love. The girl lost her memory and suffered a little after her car accident. Her parents died, she survived, and the girl from childhood is guarded by her aunt, mother's sister. Her meeting with a former prisoner turns the mind over. The aunt is played by Elena Sanayeva. With her appearance on the stage, there is a powerful talent force multiplied by professionalism. It is powerful, yes. It is in the theater, alive, it feels brighter, sharper. Just actor Ivan Mamonov, who played the prisoner, captivated. He was very persuasive! The play is small, one-act. But very heartfelt.

Natal`ya was 23 may on And Choi-To-Thou Thou in Thrace?

Easy, kind, cheerful performance, which keeps the attention throughout its entire length. Excellent singing and funny dancing. Liked.

Tat`yana was 12 june on London Triangle

A very strong performance about the fact that great people loved and suffered, were mistaken, and life brutally punished them for their mistakes. The theater told us a simple and very sad story about a woman who wanted to, but could not be happy, about how she had tormented herself and tormented the two loving men, although in fact everything could be quite different. This story is equally relevant in the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries, for the great and ordinary people. It gives an opportunity to think about many things ...

Tatka was 12 june on London Triangle

Even if you initially "drive" into the conventionality of the theatrical game, even if it seems impossible in the middle of the nineteenth century to talk and behave just like three artists on the stage, the maelstrom of events taking place between two men and one woman will capture you. You will be acutely worried for someone, and it's likely for everyone, because during the performance you become one of the participants in the unfolding drama of life. Impressive game of Vadim Kolganov (Herzen), Alexander Galibin (Ogaryov), Julietta Goering (Natalie). Thanks to the Theater School of modern plays for an interesting performance! Tatyana

Svetlana was 12 june on London Triangle

The play is unusual in that it has a biographical genre - it is about the life of Alexander Herzen, Nikolai Ogaryov and the wife of the latter. From the cast of names are all at the ear. What spodviglo go - the director. Dmitry Astrakhan. Director of my dearly loved movie "You have me alone". What is the play about? You can see in it just a love triangle, and you can something about nostalgia. For me - about how people interact and what comes out of it. At first - a little tightened action, then the tightness is not felt. Actors coped perfectly well. Especially Alexander Galibin - in his Ogaryov you believe from the first second. Is it worth it to go? I think it's worth it. In any case, you will see a wonderful performance.

Denis was 23 may on And Choi-To-Thou Thou in Thrace?

I knew that the performance according to Chekhov was expecting that there would be laughter through tears, but I did not expect that I would just weep with laughter. I went to the play, and got to the musical on the "Proposal" by Chekhov. The audience seats and then the real conductor comes into the hall, and after him is a real instrumental quartet and this immediately sets an incredibly serious tone for the action that is to take place on the stage ... Unexpectedly! It's amazing, but every character on the scene immediately evokes sympathy. They begin to be explained through complex vocal parts - a real opera with all its overtures and cantatas. If you try not to listen to words and not look at the scene - everything is very serious. Yes, and the reason is very serious - matchmaking, but not to the place mentioned a stumbling block between neighbors - Volkovya Luzhki and the dispute begins. Is it an opera or an operetta? Actors constantly walk along the edge. On their faces, the whole range of feelings is displayed, the silent audience attentively listening to the dramatic outset gradually begins to smile, and then completely laughed at the voice, because it is impossible to look at the facial expressions and the movements of absolutely unconcerned actors without laughter. It's very funny to see that actors are happy and fooling around on the stage, everything comes out somehow easily and smoothly. They really go to the gap and they would all just sing, but they start to dance and the hall just explodes. The show goes on, tights and pointes go into battle. Pantomime perfectly replaces the words and every output of our dancers on the stage is met with laughter and applause. Clapped constantly and absolutely deserved. All my childhood I heard from my mother her favorite saying: - Do not you like ballet? And you were in the Big? No? - So how can you then say that you do not like ballet? In Bolshoi, I still have not been so far, I repent. For a long time he was on the reconstruction, but now somehow it does not work out. But now I know the place where ballet is exactly possible to fall in love - in the "School of Modern Play". And what wonderful scenery there! Ivan Mamonov, Ekaterina Pravtorenko and Vladimir Kachan - great performance, your trio is wonderful!

Marina was 30 may on Overheard, Peeped, Unrecorded ...

Was at the play on October 28, 2015. I liked it. Light and unobtrusive - what you need in the evening after a busy day. There is no plot as such, just sketches from the life of ordinary people; Fragments, peeped and overheard accidentally in a cafe. Very much in the spirit of Grishkovets, cute, ironic, sometimes sad and very vital. Special thanks for the pleasant and not trite humor. Most of all I liked the scenes "Matchmaking" and "The Liar". Perfectly played! But I did not feel improvisation, on the contrary, I got the impression that all the characters strictly observe the order and sequence of actions and replicas. About the scene in the center of the hall. The solution, of course, is interesting, but when you sit in one corner of the hall, and the action on the stage takes place in the opposite, you can hardly see anything, take the tickets in the middle. I recommend this performance to those who want to spend an easy and positive evening in a friendly atmosphere.

Anna was 23 may on And Choi-To-Thou Thou in Thrace?

At this performance to get bored and, moreover, to fall asleep is simply not possible! As artists joke and fool around like small children. A sort of parody of opera and ballet in one bottle. Without platitude, niagno, it is incendiary fun and easy. Beloved Vladimir Kachan galloped around the stage, Catherine Dictorenko was building eyes, and graceful dolphin Ivan Mamonov was making a swallow in tights))) And the music, for a minute, by Sergei Nikitin, and the words of Dmitry Sukharev, ah! And do you think about that show? Yes, according to the classics- "The proposal of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, you will not think that it's so fun to play this play, and instead of ... to take a nap .. we were always clapping like small children, laughing and rejoicing. If you want to get a good rest and have fun, then definitely go to the Theater "The School of Modern Play" for this performance, which, by the way, is the visiting card of this theater (the first actors playing it were Alexey Petrenko, Lyubov Polishchuk and Albert Filozov) - Oh, how!

Anna was 12 june on London Triangle

A week ago, last Saturday, I visited this performance. Thought about it all week, that's why I'm writing only today. The triangle - Herzen and Ogaryov is brought to the absolute. The image of Natalia Tuchkova, formally Ogaryov's wife, but in reality - the lover of Herzen, who gave birth to his three children, is in part an image of a terrible destructive and passionate female power. On the other hand, Natalia Tuchkova is a woman of the 19th century, whose life is greatly influenced by existing rules and norms in society. She herself was experiencing the burden of the situation. Everything is very difficult in the fate of people close to each other, connected by friendship, love, and common cause. I liked the performance, I recommend to visit.

Lubov` was 13 june on Russian Jam

Were at the play on November 13. I love Ulitskaya, so I was very much looking forward to going to the theater. Immediately I say that the performance was like: both the scenery, and the acting, and that the director Joseph Reichelgauz did not distort the play of Ulitskaya. A play about the eternal. The same questions were raised a century and a half ago by the heroes of Chekhov's plays. And this proves that history moves in a spiral. The Lepekhin family (the "descendants of Lopakhins") lives on the old dacha, which is being destroyed, but no one wants to repair it, no one wants to work, so the dacha needs to be sold. But Lepekhins do not give up to the last and come up with business in Russian: cook jam on old recipes and sell at $ 10 per bank. But business, of course, a failure. There are no cherries, the banks are over, there is no money for sugar, because everyone spent on foreign paints for exclusive "handmade" labels ... Tatyana Vasilyeva as Natalya Ivanovna is, of course, remarkable. But despite the fact that there is such a prima on the stage, the play heals Olga Gusiletova as Lisa. No wonder she writes in her application form that this is her favorite role - direct, with a sense of humor and robust self-criticism. But it is impossible not to mention the master of the "School of Modern Play" - Albert Filozov, who in very old years plays very cheerfully and fervently. In general, thanks to "School" for the pleasure and a pleasant evening. I recommend to view.

Ol`ga was 13 june on Russian Jam

The play was liked: vital, funny and sad at the same time. Many thanks to Tatiana Vasilieva, Elena Sanayeva and Albert Filozov and Olga Gusiletova (in the role of Lisa) for the excellent game. Got a lot of fun from watching.

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