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Theater "Music Hall"

Feedbacks from viewers
Sof`ya was 11 june on Tsar's Bride

In general, the opera really liked. The scenery is great, the voices are five plus. Only the leading lady has pumped up. Words can hardly make out, and the voice is rather weak for such a hall. Where her best were Dunyasha and Lyubasha. But those girls are from the Bogacheva class, which in itself speaks volumes. The hall is very convenient for viewing: a draw's head does not overlap the review. I regretted not taking the cheaper tickets to the balcony - from there everything would have been perfectly visible. Recommend!

Natal`ya was 16 june on He, she and the movie

Went to a musical performance on April 29. Sumptuously! Has received huge pleasure from viewing. Looks at one go. During the performance, several genres of cinema were involved, dynamically and organically replacing each other ... And what artists! Just one team. Bravo to the director !!! Those who want a holiday, I wish to go to this performance - you will not regret it.

Uliya was 20 september on Dangerous ties

Great performance! Unreal, incendiary play of actors! Has received huge pleasure from viewing. Especially impressed Cecil))) Excellent arrangement of classics, the voices of the actors are simply adorable! Thank you for a great evening!

Mariya was 14 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

Sat with the daughter on the 1st row in the middle, liked the performance very much, but too close. Near us drove a cart at 30 cm from our heads))))) It was scary, but without consequences))) The performance is excellent, the child was very pleased. And the music is fun and mischievous. There were ideal bandits. A poor dog - all the while wet walked from a hot such a suit. But in general - all very much. I advise. The child was 3 years old.

Kseniya was 14 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

Great performance! Very bright and colorful costumes, a rich story. The production itself is simply excellent, wonderful actors. BUT! Long 1.2 hours for children all the same long; Dirty chairs, on my armchair was pasted gum, not dried up (((the performance itself was detained for about 10 minutes, so that by the time the performance began the child was tired.

Nina was 21 december on The Bremen Town Musicians

We really liked the performance, so that max is close to us familiar and beloved first-line. And still it should be noted och.horosho selected actor's composition. Children were delighted! Thanks to the actors!

Mariya was 21 december on The Bremen Town Musicians

I went with my friend and children (5 years) to Music Hall, the impressions about the performance are the best. Really beautiful voices, afraid of disappointment from modern execution. And I and the child the fan of the Soviet classics and the Soviet cartoon film, fortunately all my fears have disappeared. Absolutely, all the performance is as close as possible to the Soviet original, the suits are insanely beautiful exactly the same as in the cartoon, and the solo parts of the troubadour, the princess and the king are simply performed with a bang !!! The children's eyes burned during the whole presentation and the smile from the lips did not go away! Many thanks to the whole staff of Music Hall for the amazing performance. I highly recommend this performance, a lot of positive emotions and good mood are guaranteed to you and your children.

Mariya was 14 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

Went with the whole family and with friends. I really liked the performance itself, and the costumes, and the light, and the music, and the actors' play! Children 4-6 years old, looked at one go. After watching the performance, the son sings songs! Thanks you! Still want !!!!

Aleksey was 26 april on The Bremen Town Musicians

Thank you, very good performance, everything is done very qualitatively, with a soul. The child is delighted, wants again. Separately I want to mention Princess Julia. Delicious vocals and sincerity. My daughter, after the performance, barely tore it away from her. We will come again!

Irina was 04 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

We liked the play very much and to us and our children, thank you!

Sergey was 06 april on The Bremen Town Musicians

Beautiful production! It's a pity that some background songs sounded in the soundtrack.

Nadegda was 26 april on The Bremen Town Musicians

I liked very much the performance, good voices, bright costumes, I wanted to sing along! All are kind, all the characters are from the cartoon))

Valentina was 13 april on The Bremen Town Musicians

I liked the performance very much, the artists were very good, the production was excellent! The child was delighted. Thanks!

Svetlana was 21 january on The Master and Margarita

A wonderful performance! A real show! Go - do not regret it!

Viktoriya was 18 september on The Master and Margarita

Awesome sight. So amazing is the imagination and excites the soul ... music, voices, production ... BRAVO !!! I'll go myself again and invite friends !!!

Uliya was 19 september on The Master and Margarita

Great performance! Very beautiful show! Great sound! Actors fellows! An unusual vision of the classical work, several major points have been changed, but this does not spoil the overall impression. I advise everyone to go, do not regret it!

Anastasiya was 24 jule on The Master and Margarita

A stunning spectacle ... a real show! We were delighted, the voices, the actors' play, the light, the music, everything was at the highest level!

Mariya was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

A CHICKEN MUSICAL. I'm looking at the second, this type (the first was the Vampire Ball). How I love these men's voices, loud. The production is awesome. Tickets are not cheap, but it's worth it. I definitely go to Onegin, but there are no tickets. I advise everyone Music Hall

Pavel was 25 jule on The Master and Margarita

You can call it anything - fanaticism, love, madness, cry of the soul, but the truth is that it is sometimes difficult to describe the feelings that the book gives you, your favorite book. Master and Margarita - a very peculiar work, you can either love it madly or openly criticize, but the amount of emotions and disputes that it gives rise to both of them amazes. I read the novel not once, and not even 5, I looked at all the interpretations on stage, on the screen, but every time, honestly, every time I discover it in a new way. An ingenious statement, another success on the stage, the people stood applauding, and some even sobbed at the sound. The monologues and vocal parts of the artists were forced to simply freeze and not actually to breathe. And I will not even talk about special effects, choreography and divine voices of performers, it is necessary to see and hear it myself. Manuscripts do not burn, Bulgakov first of all gave immortality to his novel, to himself, and then to his heroes. It's more than just a book. More than just love. Thank you.

Mariya was 26 jule on The Master and Margarita

I very much want to share my impressions about the musical "Master and Margarita" for which I hit on July 26, 2015. Due to the 3D effect, the viewer has an opportunity to be transferred from Moscow to Yershalaim, to Wolond ball and. All the actors sing live. The suffering and joy of Margarita, the aria of Christ on the cross, the suffering story of Frida, the torment of Pilate-all this is transmitted through singing. To tears! Woland hypnotized the entire auditorium. From his voice, goosebumps ran all over his body and he believed that he really was a devil. The well-known scene with chervontsi in the variety show was played out with the audience. Chervontsy fell from the ceiling, and everyone caught them with screams. I remained impressed. Thank you so much!

Vladimir was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

Were with his wife in St. Petersburg, as in St. Petersburg "Music Hall" for the first time. I really enjoyed it! I have never heard such fascinating voices in my life! Very strong impressions of everything that is happening on stage and in the hall! The composition is just super! On behalf of fans of the musical "Master and Margarita" - "Thank you very much!". Health, success, well-being in creative and daily life! A secret admirer of creativity from Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region

Andrey was 21 may on The Master and Margarita

I went for the first time in my life to a musical. But so many impressions, so many emotions. I was not alone, but with the girl all the musical was sitting and watching without taking my eyes off)))) 0 We listened with great pleasure))) Everything was super))) the actors' game is gorgeous !!!! The production is just supper !! !!!! Some good impressions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I advise everyone to be satisfied and take only positive emotions))))))))))))) Thanks for the great evening! !!!!!!!)))))

Tat`yana was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

The musical "Master and Margarita" is incomparable. Ozhogin and Sveshnikov above all praise! Bravo!

Katerina was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

Were on the musical "Master and Margarita" in Moscow (Theater "Russian Song") 07.03.2015g. An excellent musical! Woland- which man - you can fall in love))) By the way, there you also bought the book "Master and Margarita" in the illustrated edition.

Igor` was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

I got great pleasure. The musical is wonderful, the voices are amazing, the effects and costumes are fascinating. Go, do not regret it. Everything went well.

Yuliya was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

03/19/2015 there were Master and Margarita on the Musical. I really liked it, and it was a great game and skill of the actors, an excellent choreography, musical accompaniment and lyrics. A lot of beautiful costumes, really an interactive scene. Thanks to the organizers and the cast, for a great holiday and of course the musical itself.

Aleksey was 18 june on The Master and Margarita

Gradually, towards the middle of the first part, the action grabs all attention. Intermission allows you to remember that you came not alone)). After immersing in the action is such that with ecstasy you feel yourself part of what is happening. This is achieved by an amazing game of actors and interactive interaction with the viewer. Throughout the whole performance, no applause was heard, but at the end, the hall exploded in endless gratitude.

Aleksey was 13 december on French Kiss

Was on the 13th of December. In general, on the fourth. Five girls and five guys tried of course, but with the suits somehow weak. I expected a little more.

Alexander was 18 january on The Master and Margarita

Dear friends! If you want to go to the theater and get three-dimensional pleasure, then you urgently need a musical "Master and Margarita." Gorgeous staging, gorgeous voices waking to shivers, beautiful scenery and stunning make-up. 3 hours passed like one. In February, personally, I go again. I think it's about something says.

Ekaterina was 22 november on French Kiss

The feeling that the creative team warmed up only towards the end of the program. Most of all I liked: the vocal of one of the members of the creative team. Most of all I did not like: the synchronism of the dancers, who limps a little.

Aleksey was 27 october on The Master and Margarita

It was great! I want to visit again :-)

Elena was 19 september on The Master and Margarita

I liked it very much

Vitaliy was 19 september on The Master and Margarita

Great musical, beautiful organization. A lot of fun :-)

Irina was 29 october on The Master and Margarita

Hello! The musical "Master and Margarita" really liked!)

Aleksandr was 18 september on The Master and Margarita

A beautiful introduction to the magical power of art. A strong game of actors, especially Ozhogin. A great solution for the scenery and 3D. Bravo.

Andrey was 03 april on French Kiss

Very much I liked, colorful bright and enchanting!

Anastasiya was 27 march on French Kiss

In the first minutes of thought were only about how to get out of there, in the future the show bewitched and wanted to delay the approach of the end)) thanks guys))))

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