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Nigniy Novgorod
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Musical Theater "Golos"

Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 23 april on DO NOT BE SILENT, HEART

Irina Tatiana Dolgopolova and # musical theater of voice Here you can sit for a long time above the keyboard, picking up words. And you can - after the critics, admiringly say: "Five octaves, gentlemen, five octaves!" But I'm talking about something else. Five octaves is, of course, a gift from God. And for connoisseurs. And sometimes I have enough octaves. I'm more about the soul. And here it is possible and more in detail. Because here the soul is like in the palm of your hand. One side. Come in, sit down, I'm open wide, listen, listen, do not move, if you can not breathe - and do not breathe. Why should you breathe. And on the other - like everything is said about "come in, sit down, listen," but you want to escape. Not because it's bad. But because it's too much. Because the concentrate. Because you are not used to it like this - a volley. When everything is included: ears, eyes, soul. You are used to being distracted by children, news on facebook, what you want to drink and grandmother on the front row to you, smiling as if you know a hundred years. And here in any way. Only you - and she. And that's all. Zakonchatilo. Go. And let it seems that this is a singer without skin to you, but in fact, she, without a skin, so you part, that you yourself now sit without skin and have no idea how you will descend into the subway. But because the conversation with God in our culture is very intimate. This is a tete-a-tete. And then - into the microphone. For all. From the bottom of the sea to the bottom of the sky. There is a bottom at the sky, is not present? Well, then to the dome. I'm very surprised that I first hear this name. True. Tatiana Dolgopolova. You can remember. And critics write: "Alien" - and I'm not sure that there, on other planets, they know "Our Father" and "Holy God." For me, it's just so different. And in the hall it was only heard - "it's completely different than all", "her program this time is completely different than before," "how does she do it? Never to know!" I do not know how Tatiana does it. How does it make you shake and do not move. As before millimeter sound, light, every gesture and turn of a head are verified. As everything is graphic and cinematic. There such plasticity, such actor's skill and such invoice, that poor Stanislavsky - did not see and now bites elbows. I want to shoot, do sketches (oh, and that I'm not an artist) and do not get tired of thanking the one who built the scenes. From the first minute of the concert I saw - laid out the components of the team's work. And I want to say this to the team, thank you so much. Long time fans received their portion of happiness. New fans repulsed their palms painfully and joined the ranks of regular fans, torturing administrators with the question "When is the next gig?" Special thanks for the repertoire - in the concert, songs were sung for the poems of Georgy Ivanov, Joseph Brodsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Eugene Klyachkin to the music of Tchaikovsky, Vertinsky, Isaak Schwartz and others. Konstantin Polyakov glittered at the piano, Dmitry Semenishchev caressed the strings of the double bass, Dmitry Zarubin was with you on the guitar. And it was amazing, yes. And for me it is ... well, probably the revelation of the year. Special thanks to the organizers for the fact that the concert took place in such a stunning place. Sleeping Alexander Nevsky Lavra, domes-domes, mosaic icons glowing from the snow at the gates of the laurels, a cozy and namolenny concert hall "Svyatodukhovsky." Thank you for the silence inside, when you go to the subway, the snow creaks, and you fly, and happy that you're flying. Good. And then she put the children to bed, and told Yasa about the concert. And I realized how I wanted her to come with me. Well, let's even go. And yes, if it's important - five octaves, gentlemen. Five octaves.

Yana was 23 april on DO NOT BE SILENT, HEART

Absolutely amazing - no, not even a concert, - EVENT! Everything is interesting and highly professional, extraordinarily beautiful and heartfelt. Tatiana Dolgopolova is a cosmic singer! It's such energy, voice and pitch that even the familiar songs suddenly turn out to be completely new and different, with a profound meaning and unexpectedly appearing before the eyes of the pictures ... I think each of them needs to be listened to many times in order to catch everything laid by the authors, arrangers, The singer! Bravo! And what an amazing place is chosen for the concert! Light, good, warm and with perfect acoustics! Be sure to come to the concerts of the Voice Theater - you will not regret!

Natal`ya was 23 april on DO NOT BE SILENT, HEART

I can not help but share the impression of Tatiana Dolgopolova's concert. Stunning voice and repertoire !!! The pleasure was just great! It is a pity that there is no advertising in the city and on television. (No halfword). Be sure to go, you will have great fun!

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