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Feedbacks from viewers
Uliya was 13 september on "Lady Perfection" with Grishaeva

Were with the children at the premiere of the performance "Lady Perfection" on September 9. We really enjoyed. Bright show, interesting costumes, scenery. And, of course, the cast. I liked that the performance was musical. Many songs that we have known since childhood. Two hours in one breath. I advise everyone. Excellent theater, wonderful repertoire!

Lubov` was 15 may on Important bird

Actors tried and laid out 100%. But as we crossed a large and diverse company: children from 7 to 12 years old, young people 20-21 years old, adults 30-45 years old, as well as people aged after 65 years, opinions on the performance were divided accordingly. Someone did not like the plot, someone staged, and someone was delighted with the performance.

Elena was 27 april on "Nightingale Night" dramatic tale in two acts

25.04.18 I wanted to send my mother and son to my play "Nightingale Night" for 14 years. And it's very good that my son could not go, we went together with my mother. Such a beautiful plot was ruined by a bad game. Somewhere replayed, somewhere they did not play. Do not believe not a single word coming from the stage, they say badly, the speech of the main part of the actors is not intelligible. I can safely call myself an avid theatergoer and have not seen such a hack-work for a long time. We barely stayed until the intermission. Tickets for Turgenev's "First Love" were taken in May, I very much fear to lead a child. I'm afraid of disappointment in this production.

Irina was 12 march on Fairy tales of Pushkin.

A wonderful bright musical performance. The kid especially liked the Goldfish, Balda, Fears (demons) and the Cat. Time flew by not noticeably. The guys in the hall are sitting well. The action captures all. Thank you!

Uliya was 26 june on "Three Little Pigs" Funny fantasy on human subjects

Were at the play 26.06.2016. Children 10 and 5 years. I liked both daughters. Do not miss the minutes, the hour of the performance flew completely unnoticed. Very fun, with modern songs and dances. Funny pigs and, simply, very posh Wolf. Children play this performance for the second day! Thank you so much!!!

Arina was 08 june on Shukshin

Bravo! Went with her husband Accidentally got into this performance, the connection with the replacement, I'm not a big fan of Shukshin's creativity, so I was upset at first. As a result, I did not regret a bit, it's not a performance, it's a masterpiece. A wonderful production, a performance, of course, is noisy, and in the countryside it can not be otherwise, besides, you get so excited about what is happening on the stage that you do not even notice the noise. The actors' play is simply amazing, not so often it is possible to meet such dedication and professionalism. Very emotional performance, and laughter and tears. Spectators for a long time did not want to disperse shouting "BRAVO!" It is unlikely that anyone in the hall remained indifferent.

Ekaterina was 30 june on 5 EVENTS

Wonderful, sincere, deep performance about the love saved through the war years and parting. About people who have not forgotten how to wait, they hope to meet and meet. Heroes after the war live far from each other, live as they can, but with dignity, without losing face before the difficulties. They store deep inside a great, warm and lively feeling. The meeting will not be easy either - so much has been experienced, changed, fear has appeared ... But for all their suffering and tears, for the years of loneliness they receive the highest reward - Love.

Natal`ya was 18 june on "Teremok"

We went with my daughter for 2.3 years. Full room, children no older than four years. Two little wolf boys were frightened)))), ran away with their mothers. Actors fellows, were not distracted by force majeure. We really enjoyed. Bright costumes, bright characters, a lot of music, a fascinating story. In my opinion, the frog should be thicker, and then all the actors are very slim))) But the frog loved most of all the girls) And the Hedgehog (so thorough and calm) and Cockerel is simply extraordinary. No, it's difficult to single out someone, the Fox is good (intriguing!), Mouse is wonderful (kind, economic). Thank you so much!

Anna was 04 june on "Ivan-Tsarevich" Russian folk tale

I would like to leave a review of this wonderful Russian fairy tale:) On July 19, at 12-00, I attended this event with my daughter (she is 4.5 years old). Immediately I will say that the impressions are simply enchanting, all day passed with a smile, not to mention the daughter. She was completely ecstatic, still sitting in the theater during the intermission, she asked, when else we come here, but come necessarily, but after August 30, when the new season opens, tk. We hit the last performance of the season. My daughter and I visited the theater for the first time, before that we went to various circuses and once attended the theater performance in the children's theater at the school. I was a little worried if she would be interested and if she could "sit out" 2 hours ...- she could and with pleasure, and although the show was designed for older children, she liked it, it was scary when "ominous music" played during Koshchei's speech , At this time, she held my hand. I will not go into details, but I advise everyone to stock up on time. Since We could not refrain from walking in the park both before and after the show. In general terms about the theater: the building is very beautiful, is in the "green zone", the interior is without a complaint, but very clean and tidy, there is an elevator for people with disabilities, the bathrooms are also equipped for people with disabilities. Moreover, there are 2 women's toilet rooms, so there were no queues. Everything is provided for the convenience of the audience. Also pleased with the very polite attitude of all the theater workers, from ticket offices and guard at the entrance to the staff of the buffet. We have not seen such a relationship anywhere, everyone is smiling, extremely polite, and they meet the audience with sincere cordiality, as in general, and see off. The impression was that everyone who works in this theater was sincerely glad to everyone who came to the audience. During the intermission the girl who was following the order of the hall told us about other performances, we will go to "Ulya Snail", "Three Little Pigs" and "Lady Perfection." By the way, for the convenience of small viewers at the entrance to the hall, you can take a high cushion to put on the seat, for a better view. We did so:) (maybe there are pads in every children's theater, I do not know, because in the children's theater we are for the first time, but it is definitely very convenient). So: -The location of the theater near the metro and Tsaritsynsky park-very comfortable -comfortable lounge and foyer -very friendly theater workers -game actors pleased-inexpensive tickets. Walking to the theater was VERY satisfied :) Score: solid five with a huge plus. I would recommend it to everyone. We will become regulars of this theater, and we are going to see all the performances. If suddenly someone will read this review from the theater workers, I want to say: "Dear sirs and actors, thank you very much for your work, it feels that you invest in It's a part of the soul. "Prosperity to your theater and all the best!" Anna and Cristina

Elena was 11 jule on "Cinderella" According to the play by E. Schwartz

How do we like the performance, the play was attended by 3 generations of our family, and everyone watched with delight! Not distorted and familiar plot, the sensual play of actors ... all united, the atmosphere of the holiday and the fact that we were expected at this performance !!! The administration of the theater has a special gratitude for the arrangement of seats for children, you do not have to worry that the child will not be visible from the chair, this moment is provided. For parents, I recommend following the recommendations of the theater by age. This performance lasted 1 h 20 min, though with intermission. For a child under 5 years old, it's still really hard to sit out. Be sure to visit this theater and have a successful viewing!

Only for children
Only adults
115516, Москва, Прохладная ул., 28
01 h 00 min


Once Christopher Robin told Winnie-the-Pooh: "You are so good at all these sopellks, puffers and noise, that I would have thought of a musical group if I were you." Winnie-the-Pooh staggered a little in his place and (although it was very difficult for him) thought: "Great idea!"

In the production of director Yuri Alesin, the story of Winnie the Pooh is told in the form of a concert of the rock band "Winnie the Pooh and Everything, All, All". About the amusing adventures of the awkward Mishka and his friends: Christopher Robin, Piglet, Rabbit, Donkey Eeyore and the Tigers you will learn from the buzzards they perform together. For such a decision, all actors learned to play musical instruments, and composer Ashot Hakhverdyan wrote original music to the musicians. Unlike other productions of Winnie the Pooh, this performance is chamber. Therefore, you will not go to the play, but directly to visit Vinni. And as he himself said - "Who goes to visit in the morning, he acts wisely!"

The genre of the performance is a musical fairy tale;

Duration of the Performance - 1 hour;

Number of acts (actions) - 1;

Age qualification (recommended to show age) - 6+;

A dramatization on the stories of AA Mill "Winnie the Pooh" and "House on the Downy Edge" author of the staging: Yuri Alesin;

Director: Yuri Alesin;

Artist - Alexei Lobanov;

Composer - Ashot Hakhverdyan.


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Turgenev. First love
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Fairy tales of Pushkin.
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Frost & Co. PREMIERE
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"Cinderella" According to the play by E. Schwartz
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"Cinderella" According to the play by E. Schwartz
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