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Moscow Art Theater of M.Gorky

Feedbacks from viewers
Yana was 11 december on Forest

Was 02/13/14 The performance is good. Doooooolgy and unhurried, but I was in no hurry to go anywhere. Aksyusha-Skorik didn’t like her, didn’t like her game. I don't even know it was overplayed / underplayed, but in general it looked unnatural. At the end of the second act, the sudden parody of Putin surprised. Overall very cool.

Ol`ga was 06 december on Hairdresser

I was looking forward to meeting with one of the most respected and oldest theaters in Moscow. I really wanted to see Inga Oboldina in the play "Hairdresser" with my own eyes. I went almost to the actress. Specific. Specially picked up a ticket for Friday! Before your birthday! I BELIEVED very much and hoped for a wonderful prelude before her holiday. Hoping to see the sparkling actress play! Indeed, in all of his cinema works, this was exactly so. Ease of play, diversity, nice voice. And then came the long-awaited day. The last time I was at the Moscow Art Theater was about 8 years ago. And what did I see? The huge size, the vastness of the building inside are striking in their inactivity. Semi-repair condition of the upper floors. A dull, dying feeling from within. The audience (usually mixed in all theaters: from old to young) - here 98% of women are 65-80 years old. What is it? It is on the "Hairdresser" comes the age-related female audience ???? Was it a flash mob ?? I didn’t figure it out. In the entire huge hall counted 4 men. And then - the 3rd call. And the expectation of meeting the Beautiful. With Actress! Waiting for a costume action with decorations worthy of the Moscow Art Theater. And so ... The light went out ... and it began. A huge, empty scene (from the scenery), in the middle - a cardboard box (one), which was modified as a "lego". Okay, this could be experienced as an “idea." And then .... a question for the NEW leadership: are you serious ??? Is this a performance for the Moscow Art Theater? This April Fools Day is not a joke ??? If I went to the KVN and that would be a departure from the 1st round. This parody of the play - could be shown as a diploma probe before release. What is it??? The fact that the floor of the hall was cut off from boredom in the 10th minute is to say nothing. Instead of a pleasant (cinematic voice) Inga Oboldina all 1.5 hours of unpleasant for hearing ultrasonic sound of the voice. She didn’t leave just because she was waiting for the Miracle: that this terrible dream would finally turn into a REAL performance with a GAME of actors, and not a pantomime for 3rd grade students. Then I waited for an explanation ... that someone would go on stage and say: this is a joke. Premiere. This horror rolled over us. Not??? The end!!?? They turned on the light ..., applause ... and all began to go out dumb. To understand that I was not the only one who went crazy or believe that I have a bad taste .... "I went to the people." Adjacent to one group, then to another .. And overheard: what they say. Uffff. Thank God ... I did not lose my mind .... Everyone came out in the same shock and TOTAL misunderstanding: "what was that" ??????? Even in the trolley, people continued to say: “why is it so boring, not interesting !? A role that could be a benefit for the Actress. And suddenly it is so gray, one-sided, without colors .....” It would be unworthy to even put on prom in vocational school !!! I am ashamed of the THEATER.

Svetlana was 02 december on Hairdresser

Yesterday I attended the play. To say that I did not like it, to say nothing. The plot is simply banal. It is not clear what the director was planning, and what he wanted to say by that. NO WORDS.

Mariya was 30 october on Scenes from family life

I liked Domogarov, he was convincing. There are questions to the formulation (especially when there is a film from Bergman himself from 1973). Look, evaluate. Very nice room, sat in the bed of the mezzanine on the last row, clearly visible and audible.

Sof`ya was 29 october on Fathers and children (premiere)

We were at the play in October 2019. I doubted very much when I bought tickets for teenagers who are just passing through the school curriculum this work, because The previous experience of visiting this mhat was sad. But surprisingly a decent performance turned out to be. As usual for adults, it is more relevant than for children)) the main conclusion is that you can go, a normal classical reading of the work. The least liked Bazarov just. For some reason, they made him a stupid wig that greatly spoiled his image) Bazarov's parents played amazingly, especially his father. In general, the moral issues raised in the play are probably no longer understood by the modern generation)), but this is a question of how to study classics at school)) and he isn’t here) so I decided to specially write even a review for other parents) )

Dmitriy was 02 october on The Master and Margarita

It so happened that I had never been to the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. I heard different things about this theater, unfortunately, more often something is not very good. I decided to go on reconnaissance and see everything with my own eyes. I did not expect much from this performance. My viewer and reader experience suggested that “The Master and Margarita” is unlikely to be completely traditional (until the smell of naphthalene in the buffet). At the same time, a steep, boisterous avant-garde was also unlikely. Therefore, morally, I prepared for the fact that they could show me anything. And I was ready to accept it! But it turned out that I somewhat overestimated my capabilities. Alas, it did not work out to accept this performance. Unfortunately, I can’t even say that I have a double impression. It is purely negative. This applies to everything: both the production and the play of actors. The first - a mixture of pop, in the worst sense of the word, and a children's matinee - I was very surprised and disappointed. I had a very high opinion of the late Valeria Belyakovich as a director. Probably any artist has unsuccessful work. But for the second excuse was not found. These were some howls with sharp gestures. I would like to hope that the matter is hack work, and not a low level of acting (and such thoughts involuntarily visited my head). Hackwork, unlike mediocrity, can be corrected. I really hope that the new management of the theater, in the person of Eduard Boyakov, will take some measures. Because the theater, which builds its genealogy to Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, should not produce such performances.

Aleksandra was 01 april on Blue bird

Was yesterday with an 8-year-old grandson. I liked the performance both, the scenery interesting is a bit too dark in the corresponding night scenes and there were not very audible moments in the dress circle, take the tickets closer. I recommend going to the classics and the music of I. Sats is very adorable for the action.

Marina was 11 march on The Master and Margarita

I liked the performance, and even despite the fact that I recently re-read and reviewed a completely not bad series screened for this work, I was interested! It can be seen and heard perfectly, although we had seats in the 1st tier balcony. The performance, as many have written here before, is long and it is not surprising for the staging of such a complex and voluminous work ... bravo to the director, the director and the actors! I recommend for viewing!

Andrey was 04 march on Fathers and children (premiere)

I liked the performance very much, a wonderful production, a great play of actors, costumes and scenery. Surprisingly conveys the emotion of the work! Korotaev is great in the role of Bazarov.

Sergey was 21 february on GOLD PARTY OF THE PRIME MINISTER

It makes no sense to tell for a long time - we liked it! I love the works of Polyakov - easy to read, intrigue, good humor! This performance is about 3 hours, but this time passes unnoticed. The plot, the play of actors, the scenery, and the theater itself (it was very, very long time ago, you need to catch up) - everything is top notch! Recommend! PS: thanks, bigbylet! Fast, convenient, reliable!

Nataliya was 11 february on THE TAMING OF THE SHREW

They marched on Hamlet, but there was a substitute for The Taming of the Shrew. Not at all saddened, because they wanted to pomotret exactly Shakespeare in the classical formulation. However, the classic production can not be called. Yes, it's fun. But no more than that. They stirred up some kind of gypsy. I did not like it at all, I would not recommend it to anyone. Although, with pleasure we go to this theater, of course, we didn’t see much, but such a “show” hasn’t been seen for a long time. How do you want to see and listen to this Shakespeare, but apparently, alas, everyone wants to do something such, something like, so that it would be interesting to watch those who come with food in the auditorium. Classical productions are not interesting to anyone ?? ...

Uliya was 02 january on Fathers and children (premiere)

Good classic performance! Were with children teenagers (13, 14 years old) Everyone really liked it!

Ol`ga was 30 january on Fathers and children (premiere)

Again and again, "Fathers and Sons", as if there is nothing more to put, someone will say with boredom and will be fundamentally wrong! Because about this performance should say something like this: "Fathers and Sons"? Cheers cheers! And it's not just that the phenomenon of the novel “Fathers and Children” is in its enduring relevance, because every generation is experiencing a conflict between youth and maturity. And the experience of parents, sooner or later, necessarily faces a thirst for change, which is always experienced by maturing children. The fact that the Moscow Art Theater them. M. Gorky, who has been led by T. V. Doronin since 1987, delivered and presented us with an absolutely amazing version of "Fathers and Sons". Director Alexander Dmitriev, starting to work on the play, saw one of his main tasks as close as possible to the time when the novel was written, so that the viewer, imbued with this atmosphere, wanted to pick up a book and reread it. And it was possible for 100% !!! As soon as the curtain rose, the hall gasped! How elegant and scrupulous scenery. It’s absolutely impossible to put into words how good they are! Even the lamp was burning before the icons! Yes! Moscow Art Theater them. M. Gorky proudly bears the title of academic theater, while maintaining loyalty to the traditions. And no matter how much I admire theatrical innovations, I will always love traditional theater! And yes, this production once again convincingly proves that tradition and classic are not naphthalene! Traditions and classics are a delight and ecstasy! It was the delight I felt at the end of the performance, going to the theater hall. And it was for this performance that I wanted to bring my son. Yes, in the performance the usual life of the society of the second half of the XIX century, shown generously and vividly, with very precise accents and careful interpretations and characteristics. Interpretations that completely coincide with my own. Of course, I went first to look at Bazarov. This uncompromising and impudent "hero of our time", the idol of the youth. And how gorgeous Bazarov here! From the very first stage to the final! A brilliant acting game of Nikolai Korotaev! Bravo! How many-sidedly the image is generously revealed, how the actor himself is textured in the image of Bazarov! And yet ... everything else that happened in the house of Bazarov's parents is to tears! Lydia Matasova - the best! I already want to see all the performances with her participation! It was she who forced me, sitting in the hall, to wipe the tears. Those were different tears. First, the tears of emotion, then the tears of sadness and, finally, the tears of delight. Thank! You can, of course, long to talk about this performance. Noting the amazing final harmony in a pair of Katerina-Arkady, or the nobility and aristocracy of the eldest Kirsanov, or Anna's obvious cowardice. Or noting the wonderful work of costume designer Elena Yarochkina. Or the main artist of the Moscow Art Theater. M. Gorky Viktor Vladimirovich Fedotiev (I think that thanks to his talent we all, sitting in the hall, saw in the background of the scene not just a rural landscape, but dawn, a hot afternoon and even rain. You can talk for a long time, but why ... when each of us has the opportunity to go and just see it? Go!

Oksana was 07 january on Hamlet

The performance is gorgeous, the second day impressed. Recommend to everyone

Nadegda was 24 december on Zoykina apartment

The performance is hopelessly outdated. The actors play a comedy, the audience laughs, although Bulgakov wrote a deep tragedy.

Tat`yana was 24 november on Vassa Zheleznova

The work for all ages and as of today is undoubtedly relevant. The staging, the scenery, the play of the artists reflect the spirit of that time. Tatyana Doronina is a great actress, but the team’s work is obvious in the first place! Silence in the hall is complete, but I had to listen all the same. But without words, emotions are obvious. Thank!

Aleksandr was 06 november on Zoykina apartment

I really liked it !! I didn’t even expect the performance to be so exciting

Ol`ga was 06 november on Zoykina apartment

Spectacular, interesting performance. Pleasantly surprised dance numbers and actors. An interesting lighting solution and the use of cameras in the play, you feel like a "guest" of the apartment.

Natal`ya was 06 november on Zoykina apartment

Beautiful performance, looks at one go. I liked everything - the director's work, the play of actors, interesting set design, musical series. I advise everyone.

Tat`yana was 06 november on Zoykina apartment

I watched the same performance at the Hermitage Theater very much, I even caused a tear, I decided that it was my favorite performance from all that I had seen. the feeling that they are deceiving me, I read the play and know everything. This production is not about the year 1926 in which Bulgakov wrote, but about us, according to our time. Very musical, live performance, reminded me of a cabaret. The actors are great.

Svetlana was 01 november on Romeo and Juliet

few people in the play, because the high prices of tickets (school curriculum)!

Irina was 23 october on Vassa Zheleznova

Brought to the play mom (87 years). We were glad to see Tatyana Doronina. This woman certainly has something to respect. liked the play. Beautiful scenery. Watch recommend from the front rows of the stalls. The hall was completely full, which is very nice.

Katerina was 16 october on THE TAMING OF THE SHREW

great play of actors, Bravo !!!

Marianna was 19 september on Vassa Zheleznova

She dreamed of seeing Doronin-at last she saw, sorry that she had not seen her before. Great actress! In general, the performance is not bad. Here's an audible ugly. !!

Elena was 16 january on Desperate Lovers

A bright, light, cheerful performance with beautiful costumes and decorations. I liked that the style and spirit of the time were sustained without fashionable modernization, multiple and unjustified change of costumes, stripping on stage and other techniques that are now universally used to attract the public

Ekaterina was 16 january on Desperate Lovers

Visited "Desperate Lovers" 01/16/2015 terribly boring performance. The actors' play is stretched and ridiculous. Inappropriate antics, jumps. The classic plot could not be pulled to a decent level. Watch is not interesting - they sat and fell asleep. The husband "considered jokes" :)) expected more, of course, for this money. (1500 rubles.) Separately, I must say about the costumes. As a rule, if the game is mediocre, then at least suits save the entourage. But even here a complete fiasco - mixed up several epochs - the coat coexists with the komzol, a hat with a hat with feathers from the times of King Sun. And this is all with a musical accompaniment in the spirit of the French boulevards of the early 20th century. In general, a bad impression, especially after a visit to "How the gods" - a stunning and spectacular performance in all respects.

Nataliya was 08 june on Desperate Lovers

Very pleased!

Alla was 08 june on Desperate Lovers

Excellent! Thank you so much!

Konstantin was 04 april on Desperate Lovers

I liked the performance very much. Wonderful costumes, great actors. Easy

Kseniya was 04 april on Desperate Lovers

Great performance. Very good actors and awesome costumes

Timur was 16 april on Desperate Lovers

The play of actors is convincing and expressive, but the script is boring predictable and not funny

Dar`ya was 18 january on Desperate Lovers

Really liked the play, sincere, friendly! bought tickets for the first time on the site bigbilet, very pleased that did not have to go buy tickets, because we live in the area and it's not always convenient, it's very good that you can pay and come to the theater and just call pin codes. We plan to continue to order on the site. Thank you!

Eduard was 25 february on Desperate Lovers

Excellent! I liked it very much.

Ol`ga was 25 february on Desperate Lovers

Thank you, I liked it very much.

Evgeniya was 06 march on Desperate Lovers

Great performance! Thank you very much for your wonderful mood !!!

Vladimir was 01 february on Desperate Lovers

1. Decided to go to the theater after several years of interruption. The choice fell on the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky, staged "Desperate Enamored" by Carlo Goldoni. 2. The Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky struck with his architectural grace both outside and inside. The ventilation system in the hall is beyond praise: it is easy to breathe, it is not cold and it is not hot. The buffet was pleased with a chic choice on assortment and quite budgetary prices. The call, announcing the beginning of the performance, sounded melodic and solemn. The comedy in two acts "Desperate Lovers" looks in one breath. The actors play amazingly, which are some lingering kiss of the main characters ... A change of scenery was also present. The costumes impressed with their splendor. Viewing such a comedy distracts him from our not very happy everyday life and gives a charge of cheerfulness until the next visit to the theater. I wanted to express some wishes of the theater administration so that the Gorky Moscow Art Theater could become one more step higher among the Moscow leading theaters: 1. To put the ceiling in the foyer in proper order: when you look carefully, you see the dust (like poplar fluff) on the ceiling grilles. 2. On some chairs (top of the back), wear of the fabric is visible. To solve this problem, it is not necessary to change chairs or upholstery, enough to put a cloth cover on the back (similar to the head restraints on the seats in the airplane).

Amina was 01 february on Desperate Lovers

I booked tickets for the performance Desperate lovers of the Moscow Art Theater named after M.Gorky through BigBilet, it is very convenient !!! I liked the performance! Wonderful actors, performance and very beautiful costumes !!! I advise everyone! :)

Natal`ya was 01 february on Desperate Lovers

A chic performance, light with a subtle humor of actors, beautiful costumes! No vulgarity, beautiful language, thanks to all the actors involved in the play!

Andrey was 18 january on Desperate Lovers

We liked the performance very much, thank you for the pleasure!

Dar`ya was 03 january on Desperate Lovers

Madly beautiful costumes (especially a purple dress :-)), a terrific performance of actors. I liked both the young man. Easy, not obtrusive performance (of course, with a predictable end). There is a similarity to the performance "The Venetian Twins" (the Taganka Theater). The mood increases, all advise! Thanks to the actors and creators for the work!

Mariya was 03 january on Desperate Lovers

A wonderful play of actors. Thank you for the wonderful time spent with you!

Evgeniya was 03 january on Desperate Lovers

Pleasant performance, very easy with the expected finale

Luiza was 27 november on Desperate Lovers

Good performance. Excellent actors play. It is a pity that there were so few spectators. Good luck!

Aleksandra was 03 january on Desperate Lovers

Easy comedy, but very predictable end

Artur was 04 december on Desperate Lovers

I liked everything very much! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Topta was 04 december on Desperate Lovers

Thank you for a wonderful evening, held at the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, for the sincere play of the actors. Thank you!!!

Ekaterina was 15 october on Desperate Lovers

The performance really liked! The actors' play is simply delightful. The entire performance was held in one breath. We are still impressed. Thank you for the good mood. ZY Write out bonuses to actors ☺

Visitor was 30 october on Desperate Lovers

The theater is good, the production is boring

Galina was 15 october on Desperate Lovers

I really liked the play. Got a lot of fun!

Visitor was 30 october on Desperate Lovers

Very good performance

Chernysheva Natal`ya Ur`evna was 30 october on Desperate Lovers

Very pleased!

Aleksandr was 25 june on Desperate Lovers

Very light and bright performance without any overtones. But at the same time there is no vulgarity characteristic of such performances. All the actors play at the level. Comedy Goldoni liked much more than another premiere of the season - "I do not want you ...". Very pleased with Tatiana Shalkovskaya. It is now rarely seen in the performances. Brilliant role! And the young actors of the Moscow Art Theater play well. A performance that captivates and after which a pleasant aftertaste of happiness remains for a long time.

Natal`ya was 04 october on Desperate Lovers

Thank you for the good mood, presented by your artists!

Konstantin was 04 october on Desperate Lovers

Everything was amazing!

Uriy was 05 may on Desperate Lovers

The usual medieval sitcom. No pleasure received.

Svetlana was 25 june on Like the Gods

Great performance. The scenery, the actors' play, all on "5"!

Yana was 15 may on Handsome man

08.05.18 were at the play "Handsome man" in the Moscow Art Theater. M. Gorky. The actors liked the game! We were satisfied! The main character played with an anguish, but naturally. "Stanislavsky would say: I believe!".

Kseniya was 07 may on Like the Gods

I agree with the reviews above, unnecessarily unwell, I thought not to go, but I was not yet in this theater, I overcame the disease and came! She did not regret! The play is not a masterpiece, but the THEATER'S ARTISTS are at the highest level! Classical school! The museum of the theater is also very interesting! The repertoire is deep! Many plays have not yet seen, many are not familiar Ostrovsky, with such a game of artists that I saw, I'll definitely come again!

Ekaterina was 23 april on In search of joy

From the performance there were only positive emotions. Went with children 19 and 12 years. Everyone was interested, the eldest still and everything is clear, Younger after the performance, some things had to be explained. For example, what kind of speculation was earlier put in prison and why the furniture had to be obtained through titanic efforts. The moral aspects, however, were understandable to all. The actors played very well, everyone liked it. Of course, this is not Arbuzov, of whose plays we are absolutely delighted, but also good. We sat on the 3rd row, if we counted from the very beginning, that is, a series of B. It is clear that it is not necessary to tear your head.

Dina was 09 april on PYGMALION - premiere

The performance did not like much, at 4. I went with my daughter for 14 years, she seemed to like it. But there were not any funny scenes. The average game actors in my personal opinion. Perhaps you should go to this performance in another theater, to compare.

Tais was 22 june on So it will be

I liked it very much, thank you very much!

Marina was 23 february on So it will be

A wonderful production that conveys the whole gamut of moods, feelings and emotions to the viewer. Thank you for a nice time!

Elena was 09 may on So it will be

Thank you for the wonderful performance! Really liked to come to you again!

Ekaterina was 09 may on So it will be

Very soulful performance, immersing the viewer in an atmosphere of wartime, helping to understand at least a little the experiences of people of that time. There was humor and touching moments, I liked it very much. Thanks!

Visitor was 23 february on So it will be

This review belongs to the play "It Will Be" on February 23, 2014. That evening, I was very impressed to leave the theater! When the game of the creative team causes so many reciprocal feelings, you begin to understand that the meeting with the true art took place! Very well embedded music design: we are all the time, as it were, in the arms of that time, so dear to our heart! And here, my God, Stalin's speech! How can you forget this? Never!!! This is all ours! Yes, at times we again find ourselves in captivity in that secret time, covered with such a Great Victory! And it is right! It should not be forgotten EVER! And for this many thanks!

Veronika was 23 february on So it will be

I really liked the game and the scenery! Insanely interesting performance. We appreciated the convenience and efficiency of electronic tickets!

Uliya was 23 february on So it will be

Great performance, I cried

Irina was 18 october on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

Friends, I recommend it to everyone! Get a real treat! Great play of actors, careful attitude to Schwartz - excellent director's work. Bright, colorful scenery! My son watched for 14,5 years without stopping!

Anna was 30 november on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

Colorful, musical and very exciting performance! Looks at one go! Actors fellows!

Roman was 09 january on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

I really enjoyed it, thank you very much!

Pavel was 31 january on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

It's very strange to watch a children's play in the evening. In 30 minutes, after the beginning, there was an irresistible desire to leave. It's unclear how actors can participate in this. At the interval we left. How good it is on the street! If in a nutshell - a rare nonsense.

Dar`ya was 15 december on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

I liked it very much

Marina was 28 june on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

The performance is magnificent! Many thanks!

Anna was 30 november on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

Thank you! The performance really liked!

Aleksandr was 23 june on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

"I do not want you to marry the prince." The new name of the play immediately sets the tone: a fairy tale, an uncomplicated plot and an obvious morality. The way it is. Alyapovatye scenery and costumes, a clear division of characters into "good and bad," without halftones - is a brilliant idea directed by Tatiana Doronina: so she tries to show the vulgarity of the modern world, the absurdity of existence. Clearly traced allusions to modern show business and politics, their relationship and opposition to another world, ordinary people. This performance is a farce, everything is brought to the point of absurdity. Regarding actress Korobeinikova. In my opinion, the most controversial figure of the theater. I agree that most of the roles she plays on one note, unnecessarily theatrical and her heroine for some reason you never believe. Well, what kind of Juliet or Nellie from "Humiliated and Insulted"? But here is another: Korobeinikova plays love in the same way, but this parody is here to the very point! Personally, I want to laugh at her amorous sighs. I do not know about you. A beautiful ending, when the main characters sing and go to the depth of the auditorium. Very impressed with the game Kondratieva (singer Julia Julie) - the prototype of modern representatives of corrupt pop music with all its vulgarity. Klementyev as a good doctor as always on top. But only Pietro (Samoilov) somehow played heavily and did not have time to pronounce the text in the songs. In general, the performance is not at all boring and highly recommended for a pleasant pastime in the theater!

Oksana was 18 october on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

Thanks to the actors for their professionalism! Decorations and costumes help to reveal the idea of ​​the play. Everything is colorful, beautiful and musically !!!

Galina was 03 november on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

A wonderful performance. Have a rest with all soul.

Tat`yana was 21 october on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

A nice and kind fairy tale! Spectal is nice to watch, there are a couple of funny scenes where you can laugh. Only music and songs seemed to me not very expressive. In general, the performance really liked. I recommend!

Nikolay was 30 november on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

Very pleased!

Uliya was 20 october on I do not want you to marry the prince ... (Ten

thanks for the pleasure, bright colorful, there was a pleasant feeling of contact with the beautiful!

Nataliya was 12 february on Her friends

Great performance. A wonderful game of actors.

Vera was 29 january on PYGMALION - premiere

The play was liked, well played, beautiful scenery, many jokes, irony.

Katya was 09 january on Her friends

I went with my daughter for 13 years, I liked the play, about real friendship and love. The actors played wonderful, special thanks to the actors of the older generation, bravo! A story with a happy ending!

Larisa was 05 january on The Master and Margarita

An interesting and rather successful version of the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov in the theater. The original stage decision: the scenery - a few hanging metal sheets, against which all the action takes place. This allows you to focus on the acting game and sometimes several lengthy monologues, without which, of course, the action on the stage will be incomprehensible. But, given that the audience who came to the play, know the content of the novel, it remains only to observe the excellent play of the actors. Some mass scenes are very interesting: for example, dinner at Griboyedov and, of course, Woland's ball. I thank the artists of the theater for their acting skills, which allows you to view the play to the end.

Elena was 05 january on Blue bird

The performance is beautiful, the fairytale's magical atmosphere is miraculously conveyed by the scenery and the whole plot of history itself. They were with children 3 times at different ages and every time - this is magic. It's good that there is something permanent like in our childhood, what can be shared with the child, to discuss the impressions.

Svetlana was 25 december on Treasures of Peter

Were at the play on December 23 with a child of 7 years. I really liked the game of actors! I especially want to single out the principal role of Peter. Costumes and decorations are also on top! The problems of enrichment in any way, touched upon in the children's play, are as relevant as ever in our time! I recommend it as one of the best performances for children! Thanks to the site Bigbilet for the simplicity and convenience in buying tickets! We constantly use! Happy New Year, everyone!

Anna was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

A long unhurried performance. Apparently, the actors have been playing it for more than a decade in the same composition. All of them are at least 20 years older than their heroes, and this is very noticeable.

Ol`ga was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard

Thank you for the classic staging of the play, Children of the 11th grade - I liked the performance very much. Doronin is just super! Please give her a microphone!

Lubov` was 07 february on The Cherry Orchard

Great performance! Renata Litvinova plays Ranevskaya exactly and correctly. Very lucky that Lopakhin played Kishchenko, and not Smolyakov - just fine! Only Yana Sexte was irritated - she was overacting and terribly screaming her lines. But it became clear why Lopakhin did not make her an offer :)))

Larisa was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard


Irina was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

I really liked the play. Good scenery, the actors play is wonderful. Sometimes it was hard to hear the actors, I had to listen, although they were sitting in the mezzanine next to the stage.

Nina was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

I liked it very much, thanks for a good evening

Aleksandra was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

The play takes the main role - Renata Litvinova, which completely fits into the context set by the director. Everyone comes to look at Mrs. Litvinov. And really - the actress surprisingly gets used to the role! It's a pity that the scenery did not please: the idea is good, but not for the "Cherry Orchard".

Natasha was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

Bravo, Tatiana Doronina, Thanks and a deep bow to Chekhov and for the architecture of Kubasov!

Liudmila was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

Beautiful performance. Good ticket organization. What can be improved? In the buffet to put 2-3 sellers instead of 1. :))))

Natal`ya was 07 february on The Cherry Orchard

February 7 were at the play. We sat in the 13th row, but Tatiana Doronin was very poorly heard. The game of this great actress is gorgeous, but if you did not know the text of the play it would be difficult to understand the content of monologues, and after all, Chekhov in each phrase has a great meaning. And at the very end of the play, the knocking of an ax, many took for a mobile phone call - it was completely unlikely, again the knowledge of the play saved. Really liked Firs, and Lopakhin looked more like a retired soldier, but this is a personal opinion. Conclusion - reread the play before attending the theater, and then you will get a real pleasure.

Vyacheslav was 31 may on The Cherry Orchard


Oleg was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

The performance is interesting in its own way. Yes, there is not enough dynamics, but it is prolonged, but we managed to completely relax and get a piece of summer in the middle of winter.

Aleksey was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

A wonderful performance, a virtuoso performance of actors, it is better to play, probably, impossible, but absolutely not audible to Doronin. Absolutely.

Larisa was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard


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