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Theater of Marionettes

Feedbacks from viewers
Marina was 25 june on Gosling

A wonderful performance for children from 3 to 7 years. The granddaughter liked it, said, we will come again. It's good that children take an active part in the performance of the play!

Svetlana was 29 december on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

December 16, 2017 went with his granddaughter (3.8 years), the performance liked the child, a lot of rhythmic music. But the granddaughter was upset that before the performance there was no show with dances. Were in this theater last year, in a play based on Ay-Bolat, before the performance of children entertained two characters: a tiger and a mouse, there were a lot of songs from the "cuckoos," the children danced with pleasure and this added fun to the theater.

Ekaterina was 27 november on Gosling

We went with the child for 2.3 years. This was our first visit to the theater, so everything was unfamiliar and a bit scary. It's great that children are introduced to the play when they are still in the foyer. They immediately switch and at the very beginning of the fairy tale they are completely ready. We really enjoyed. It is clear, interesting, not long and fun. For kids very good.

Veronika was 20 november on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

Thank you for the performance! Actors perfectly communicate with children. Squirrel well done!

Elena was 26 october on Seven kids

we liked it) 2 years and 5 years)

Kadchikova Yana Petrovna was 26 october on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

Thank you! We go to your performances with the second child, really like it!

Uliya was 03 january on Adventures of a Snowman

Thank you so much! It was the first time, I liked it very much. And the plot, and costumes, and implementation. Cozy small room.

Tat`yana was 08 january on The Frosty

I liked the performance very much, and even more dances and games before the performance! Thank you for the warm atmosphere!

Natal`ya was 06 january on The Frosty

A wonderful performance!

Natal`ya was 23 august on Seven kids

Many thanks. I liked the premiere. Do more performances, since we looked at you all. Natalia and Artem.

Emma was 26 jule on Seven kids

Thank you very much to all actors and employees of the theater! Granddaughter Anyutka (2 years) was the first time in the theater. Very friendly staff, well organized waiting time for the start of the performance. I liked the performance very much. The child is in ecstasy !!! Anyuta said that she will definitely go again!

Elena was 13 jule on Teremok for flowers

Vellykoleno, the child is delighted

Sergey was 17 august on Miracle Doctor

All very much. Thank you

Veronika was 19 jule on Miracle Doctor

A wonderful performance. A lot of heroes, musical. I was delighted, and the child. I strongly advise everyone!

Anna was 17 august on Miracle Doctor

Everything was good, just a bit stuffy and loud

Tat`yana was 16 march on Miracle Doctor

This is the third performance, which we saw together with a three-year-old son! He really likes the performances of this theater! Miracle Doctor is very cheerful, a little even mischievous performance !!! It is easy and with pleasure looks like children, and adults !!! Thanks to the actors!

Helen was 23 february on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

A wonderful performance. The actors' play, musical accompaniment, dekarations - everything is on the level. Excellent, that there is animation before the performance. Kids really enjoyed it. It is necessary to correct the seating of small viewers. From 7 rows on my mother's knees it was very bad.

Ol`ga was 20 october on Miracle Doctor

The performance is excellent! The child really liked, did not want to leave!

Kseniya was 02 november on Gosling


El`vira was 24 november on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

Thank you. We with the child with pleasure have looked performance is the third.

Natal`ya was 26 october on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

The performance is wonderful. Very funny. Of the three performances that were viewed (Gusenok, Hedgehog Hare and Treadmill), the child most 4 liked this

Elena was 26 october on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

Thank you for the pleasure, very much everything, great actors and friendly atmosphere!

Tat`yana was 14 december on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

A wonderful performance! Colorful, lively, funny! There is as much as a small child can withstand! The son looked, not looking up! He asked when will we come? And we will definitely come again more than once! Thank you!

Kseniya was 01 may on Three merry little pigs or how to make friends with Wolf

Great performance. By the time goes exactly as much as children can withstand from 2 to 5 years. Live communication from the scene of the actors with the audience. It is interesting for adults and children. Convenient ticket purchase service online. All were satisfied and we will definitely go again.

Mariya was 04 october on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

Thank you, my son liked the play very much. We will come to you again.)

Damir Il`dusovich Fatkullin was 10 may on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

We liked. Thank you!

Svetlana was 30 november on Auntie Lusha and Kolobok Vanyusha

Representation very much, the child (2,5 years) looked with pleasure.

Ol`ga was 09 november on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! Were with two children 4 years and 2 years. I liked everything very much, the children laughed heartily. The eldest child said: "Mom, I did not think that it would be so fun! Let's come here again!" We are going to go to another play. The only drawback: very stuffy in the hall and from the last rows of poorly visible to the children, t. K. Ahead are very tall dads: (

Ivanna was 03 february on Hedgehog, Bunny and Tread

We went with my son, 2.6 years old, to this play. My son liked it. We plan to go to another play. Thank you.

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