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Moscow theater of Illusion

Feedbacks from viewers
Oksana was 29 november on Spring fantasy

In general, not bad, dynamic. The three-year-old was pleased (she needed more performances). The costumes are wonderful, the tricks are amazing, the animals were not enough for our taste. Ferrets - m-la-dtsy !!!

Dinara was 09 november on Relax with us

Not for the first time we go with my son to the Theater of Illusions, and always get only positive and good mood from viewing circus performances! Fun, interesting, exciting ... this is the way the day off, during the visit to the play at the Illusion Theater. Thank you great!

Dinara was 09 november on Relax with us

Thank you for the interesting and positive work of the actors! Gave a good mood to me and my son! We will try to visit you more often. Good luck and prosperity to you!

Irina was 02 november on Illusion concert

Thank you very much, pleased with the wonderful play of the actors. The child is just delighted with the magic!) Now he himself wants to show tricks)) still come, be sure!

Uliya was 04 december on Ball of fairy tales

Excellent idea, my daughter really liked it. Baba-yaga was just super realistic .... the child even frightened that she is real)))) Koschey just darling ..... funny and funny ..... the other heroes of the same really liked ....... The young people played well. The animals at the end were simply magnificent. Thanks to everyone who participated in the preparation of the show .... ACTORS well done. The hall is small, which pleased, cozy. Be sure to come back.

Dinara was 24 may on Ball of fairy tales

Thank you for the presentation! We really liked it, fun, lively, interesting and positive! We are your regular viewers and have already become fans of the "Illusion Theater". Thank you very much for such a kind and bright atmosphere !!!

Elen was 04 june on Show of monkeys

Went with a child 5.5 years old, did not particularly like the repertoire for little ones. We went to the show of monkeys, as a result, the monkeys went out twice, and so only the boars and foxes did not ... just the animals showed that they can. To be honest in the theater of Durov, much more interesting, although there was a plot. Very stuffy, air conditioners did not work, you can see there are for the decoration. And if you take seats with 1-3 rows. We sat at 5, my child saw almost nothing, t. By the time the big uncles and aunts sat down. If it were possible for the children to be ahead and the adults behind, then it would be all clearly visible. Actors fellows-tried. And tickets are less budgetary.

Marina was 06 december on Show of monkeys

6.12 visited the show "Monkey Show", a child of 5.5 years is still delighted with what he has seen. He tells everyone. It is very surprising, but my daughter remembered everything that happened there, up to the names of all the characters. In general, the Moscow theater of illusion has fallen in love with us for a long time. Presentations on time are not loaded, the child can easily sit out. And it is suitable even for the smallest spectator. A HUGE PLUS ITS STILL AND THAT THERE IS FULLY FUNNY AND EXCITING (THE COUNT OF ALL-AVAILABLE AQUARIUM WITH DIFFERENT FISHES AND OTHER LIVES.) Well and of course the mini-zoo which is near where you can feed the pets !!!! Thanks for the holiday, which gives the theater !!!!

Svetlana was 09 may on Marriage of Koshchei

Have been with my daughter for 9 years. I liked the performance very much. Bright, funny, with episodes of illusions and playing with the audience. The only BUT, parents for some reason do not see the age limit and come with the kids, who in turn are frightened, crying, etc., thus very much interfere with the viewing.

Natal`ya was 11 may on Moscow Beast Show

Thank you. Children and adults are very ponavilos.

Tat`yana was 17 may on Show of monkeys

Really liked it! Daughter of 3 years in ecstasy !!! Thanks for the show !!!

Denis was 06 april on Carnival of Magic

Everything was super. Thanks

Vlad was 26 april on Do You Have Wizards

All liked it. Thank you

Uliya was 02 march on Do You Have Wizards

Thank you, we liked the theater, but my five-year-old child was a bit boring, in my opinion this is a performance for schoolchildren.

Kseniya was 18 june on Moscow Beast Show

We love the theater of illusions. With a daughter we often come there. Like all their performances. We love to go to the exhibition of animals. The atmosphere is homely warm. I want to come again.

Dinara was 16 november on Moscow Beast Show

Strong impressions and amazing emotions gave this show. Son was delighted, and me as a mother, it is twice as pleasant to see my child happy, with a lot of impressions !!! Thank you for such a hard work !!!

Dinara was 07 november on Let's do it together

Thank you very much for the fascinating and fun performance !!! we with the son received a lot of positive emotions !!! We thank the artists for their work !!!

Aleksandra was 01 december on From the mouse to the cub

All super kids are enthusiastic and adults too, you fellows great thank you !!!!!

Alina was 04 november on Do You Have Wizards

I liked both adults and children 2 and 9 years. We thank all artists of the theater for the given holiday. I wish you success and prosperity! We will be very glad to meet you again.

Dinara was 16 november on Moscow Beast Show

Very interesting show. We thank you for the fun and exciting pastime. Thank you very much!

Olya was 01 december on From the mouse to the cub

The child is delighted, thank you!

Dinara was 01 december on From the mouse to the cub

Thank you, walked the whole family, it was very interesting and fun! Thank you for the fascinating pastime in your Theater of Illusions!

Dinara was 07 november on Let's do it together

Thank you very much for the interesting and fun performance and work of the actors. I liked my son very much. We are going to visit your theater again tomorrow.

Irina was 26 october on Show of monkeys

Thank you! Liked

Elena was 16 november on Moscow Beast Show

Thank you very much for the pleasure. My daughter and I liked everything. There would be more such theaters.

Ol`ga was 16 november on Moscow Beast Show

Good afternoon! The show itself was liked, only the theater itself was disappointed, the place is very small in the hall, all are hustling, the hall is uncomfortable, for some reason, many jump from place to place, very much, ventilation works badly.

Elena was 19 october on Parade of attractions

The organization and sale of tickets is wonderful, bad, you can not book tickets for the first row :-)

Sergey was 17 november on Show of monkeys

Thank you for the interesting presentation. We will definitely visit you again.

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