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Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksandra was 01 april on Ibid, at the same time

A very strong performance with a great play of actors - time flies by, you really don’t notice how much you are already in the hall, just watch with bated breath. Anna Yakunina opened with a new side, she is beautiful! Definitely recommend.

Margarita was 21 january on Ibid, at the same time

I often want to go to the theater. So, I put this performance in the first place of all that I have seen in the last 5 years probably. !! I just felt in my heart all the experiences of the heroes, and laughter, and leprosy, and grief and sadness. THANKS YOU!!!

Elena was 11 january on The Doctor Knows Everything

The actors played great - nothing to complain about. But the plot itself is so beaten up that it didn’t touch anything, just looked at the play of the actors. The four of us went and all opinions came together. And bought tickets for enthusiastic reviews. Delight did not cause, I will not recommend to anyone.

Inna was 03 december on The Doctor Knows Everything

I really liked the performance !!! There was a lot of laughter despite the fact that the topic is serious at all times! Bravo actors! All are great !!!

Tat`yana was 28 november on Ibid, at the same time

The performance is amazing! Two hours in one breath. To the best of romance, to the best of irony. Anna Yakunina and Maxim Averin are great! I thank them so much for such a high quality of the game and mastery of reincarnation !!!! I always treated both with respect and love, and after the performance I simply joined the ranks of their loyal fans)))

Valeriya was 28 november on Ibid, at the same time

There are no words to describe the delight of the play. Amazing play of actors. thank

Inna was 25 september on From scratch

Excellent! I liked the performance! Maria Aronova - just bravo! Fun and instructive.

Visitor was 24 september on From scratch

Yesterday they were at the play (September 23, 2018) WITH A CLEAN SHEET in the Theater of Entreprise. Terrific! The performance is deep, the sparkling humor of the actors raises the mood. There is something to think about. Looks in one breath, did not want to break off on the intermission. Thanks to the actors! We must pay tribute to the magnificent game of the young actress who played the daughter, Angelina Rimashevskaya, She played perfectly!

Tat`yana was 17 jule on The Doctor Knows Everything

From the performance just delighted! And I just love these artists, and they played wonderful, and the topic is serious. They got such a drive! I advise everyone to see.

Ludmila was 10 jule on From scratch

A wonderful play of actors. Everything is plausible. Easy, humorous and pleasant performance. You can relax and forget all your problems. Go, have fun! .

Nadegda was 07 june on From scratch

It's great. In different scenes she recognized herself, her relatives, and acquaintances. Very believable, realistic, funny and sad. Maria Aronova plays very reliably. I enjoyed the trip to the theater. I wish the same pleasure to others. Go to this performance and enjoy the wonderful game of artists!

Elena was 07 june on From scratch

Yesterday 06.06.18 visited the performance C PURE SHEET at the Theater "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors". I liked the first act. Magnificent grotesque Aronov and very professional neatly playing his role Feklistov. The event is worth a visit!

Svetlana was 05 june on Ibid, at the same time

A stunning performance !! To tears!!! Actors are great! Got a lot of fun !!! The most pleasant surprise was that Maxim and Anna after the performance gave out aphotographers and photographed with all comers! Thank you very much!!!

Ol`ga was 23 may on From scratch

The performance is wonderful, sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad. The play of actors Maria Aronova and Alexander Feklistov is amazing. I do not want to offend "young talents", but it was sometimes unpleasant to look at the game of a young actress. Sometimes it seemed that the girl does not know where to put her hands and constantly yells (there is a microphone, everything is audible).

Elena was 08 may on Adult games

I recommend this performance for a visit .. The first act seemed a little tightened. But do not rush to draw conclusions. Because the second act compensated. Interesting and instructive story, and of course I really liked the game of all actors.

Naylya was 27 december on From scratch

Great performance! Great play of actors,. Aerobatics of Maria Aronova and Alexander Feklistov! The feeling that you are inside the performance is so reliable. A sea of ​​humor! A wonderful performance!

Inga was 10 december on Netakoyakakall

10 December. was on the play "Netakoyakaksev". Easy comedy, had a good evening, was pleasantly surprised by the game Belogolovtseva, Jeanne Eple is always good! Thank you

Ludmila was 28 june on Adult games

Great performance! The actors played great! Bravo!!! I'm totally ecstatic! I recommend this show to everyone: both married and single. An instructive story.

Inga was 18 april on Adult games

April 18 was at the play "Adult Games." Good staging, great actors !! I really liked Alena Yakovleva! Go, look, you will not regret.

Aleftina was 27 march on performance

I always wanted to see the game of E. and A. Strizhenov in a pair. Very good!!! The performance is fun, beautiful, easy. All actors are fine fellows. A lot of positive emotions !!!!

Tat`yana was 05 jule on From scratch

I watched on the stage of the Taganka Theater of actors. The plot is instructive: a single parent does not find a common language with her teenage daughter. Relationships are all the worse, the higher the requirements of the mother to themselves and to people. And then the chance, whether the desire to pristanutit daughter from constant scandals, my mother takes the house of the homeless in order to charity. Next out of logic, but so funny. Pleasant impression left of the game and the plot. Laughed and laughed. Thank you!

Oksana was 01 february on Friends

Watched on February 1, 2017. A very good comedy, Muhammadeev played Ivan simply gorgeous. In some places they laughed to tears. Merzlikin and Yushkevich also gave their best. The minimalism of the scenery only helped to listen to the characters. Bravo!

Elena was 12 december on From scratch

Visited with a friend Theater "Commonwealth of actors on Taganka" on December 12. With great pleasure we saw a wonderful light comedy performance "From a clean slate"! We had a great rest. Many thanks to screenwriters and directors, to all workers of the theater, beloved Maria Aronova (Catherine), Alexander Feklistov (Michel) and a young actress who played the role of Sarah's daughter. Highly recommended for viewing. Straight, only two hours with intermission. Interestingly, modern, fun and there is something to think about ... Minus one - SMOKING cigarettes in the course of the play. On the first row of the stalls, at 1.5 meters from the actors, little nicotine smoke breathes! Replace with electronic cigarettes, please!

Tat`yana was 15 june on From scratch

Were on September 14 with a friend in the play "From a clean slate." We were very satisfied. Actors play wonderful, Aronov and Feklistov as always great, but we can not fail to mention the game of a young actress who plays a daughter - sincerely, incendiary! Well done! Thank you all for the pleasure! I recommend!

Inga was 15 june on From scratch

Super!!!! Has received huge pleasure !!!! Maria Aronova as always is incomparable !!!

Aleftina was 26 june on Valentine's Day

We went yesterday with a friend to the play "Valentine's Day". We liked Konstantin Yushkevich very much, I've only seen him on TV series before, and it turned out that on stage he is a wonderful and talented actor. Julia Menshova is charming, in general the entire performance is very gentle. I advise everyone

Inga was 19 april on Friends

I liked the play, really think about real male friendship. Actors are all done well !!! Thank you for a pleasant evening!

Only for children
Only adults
115093, Москва, Павловская ул., 6
02 h 20 min


The Doctor Knows Everything

Comedy with meaning

Cast: Oleg Fomin, Alexei Makarov, Vladimir Feklenko

Directed by Oleg Fomin

This is not a sitcom. This is a comedy of one position, in which the characters of the play turned out to be. It seems to be an ordinary situation: two come

to the doctor with his mental problems. Only patients are not people, but an angel with a demon.

And the problems are such that it is unclear who the doctor should help: him, himself or humanity. The complex relationship between the representatives of light and darkness will make you laugh ... or cry.


2 hours 20 minutes with intermission


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