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Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 13 january on MAKI

Bright, dynamic, very musical performance. Three hours fly by like an instant. An interesting topic, a great game of actors. Thank you very much for the mood and emotions! I want to return to this performance again.

Elena was 15 march on Sweetheart

I was at the play on 03/14/19 Very much! Everyone will get something for themselves after viewing. A lot of jokes and a very sad ending, which makes you think, but despite this, she came out with a high mood. I visit this theater often, a fabulous place! Reviewed the entire repertoire, it is remarkable that there were new productions.

Elena was 04 march on Lyromania

Was at the performance 03/01/19 Wonderful theater! Almost all the performances visited and always delight! I rest there with my soul, and my head is disconnected from everyday life and hears the wonderful and musical play of the actors !!!

Marina was 08 january on Two poor Romanians speaking Polish

Easy performance, looks at one go. A good option for those who do not want to boot deep drama, but just want to have a good evening. A sort of farce, but not without a philosophical vein. In general, like, recommend.

Ruslan was 27 december on Romeo and Juliet # alchemy love

It is difficult to call a performance, but what stands out for it is made tasteless, vulgar, vulgar, with a complete lack of meaning, talent and sound mind. And I’m not talking about what they have threatened, not about what they have tried in a new way, or that all roles are played by men - I was ready for all of this. But HOW! it was all done and filed ... Throughout the hour and a half, it did not leave the feeling that these were examinations of beginner actors who were given the task as poorly and unprofessionally as possible, boring, uninteresting to dream on "Romeo and Juliet." He left the theater annoyed, distressed, with an absolute reluctance to return there again.

Tat`yana was 11 december on Dali and the Queen from Kazan

One of the best performances of the theater of the moon. It was on it three times, I recommend to friends, colleagues, all those who appreciate beauty, humor, sense and style, Bravo !!!

Irina was 13 june on Mata Hari: "eyes of the day"

I liked the performance very much, I wanted to go for a long time.

Mariya was 27 march on Chanticleer

I liked the performance very much, the actors' play is beautiful, especially Arthur Pokhodnya in the role of Chauntecleer.

Ol`ga was 15 january on Dorian Gray

Thanks to the actors for the game, the young talented guys played very well. It was very interesting to see this work on stage. Best regards, Olga

Ekaterina was 09 january on Ordalium

Went company. Opinions were divided. Performance for an amateur. I do not regret that I went.

Marina was 10 december on Ordalium

An excellent performance for those who are ready to see new formats of presenting material on the stage, but at the same time does not want to run into something terrible and repulsive. Of course, this is not a classic with its depth. But in this case, the form of submission is important: complex, dynamic, constantly changing. A bit strange, but in any case, qualitatively. The actors play perfectly.

Nina was 07 december on Old New Faust

The performance is stunning! Actors give themselves to the game, you look at one go. Olga Kuzmina impressed. Thank you and bravo!

Natela was 03 november on Dali and the Queen from Kazan

More disgusting performance for a long time did not see. Disgracefully all-play, scenography, costumes, staging, music and dance numbers. Interested in the life and work of S. Daly I recommend the book Meredith Etherington-Smith - for my taste the most worthy book. Of course, there are no comrades for taste and color. But the taste must be! In the theater of the Moon - tasteless and base. Unfortunately.

Pavel was 02 november on Dali and the Queen from Kazan

Surprised incredibly. I did not expect such a qualitative statement for such a cheap ticket. It's a shame that the hall is half empty, there are not even queues in the buffet. Visit necessarily, you will not regret.

Mariya was 23 february on Antigone

Were a family at the premiere! Did not really like it, especially the "extra bonus" in the form of a song performed by Bikbaev.

Nadegda was 19 jule on Antigone

Great performance. Got an unforgettable pleasure. The actors play is excellent.

Ol`ga was 20 may on Antigone

I was on a tragedy for the first time. A superb play of actors, a good production - all made an indelible impression! I am delighted!

Elena was 23 february on Antigone

A wonderful premiere! Thank you!

Visitor was 22 february on Antigone

The premiere is simply awful, you can read the book on roles at home, the incomprehensible movement of the stage props by actors was a mystery. The dancing girl is not in the subject at all. I do not recommend this performance for viewing, wasting my time and money.

Visitor was 10 january on Antigone

How beautiful and sweet is the Greek! What interesting images of ancient mythology were presented to us by superbly playing artists. Interesting in the plot and an instructive play.

Yulia was 22 february on Antigone

The play "Antigone" really liked. Especially I would like to note the musical accompaniment and the game of Theodora Yannitsi. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Elena was 23 february on Antigone

A wonderful performance, a talented cast of actors! A wonderful impression of the scenery and costumes.

Aleksandra was 04 april on Antigone

The performance is magnificent! Beautiful music and bewitching Greek! Madly liked the game Kurdzidis Euclid Kiriakovich and Bikbaev Dmitry Amirizovich! Many thanks for the pleasure!

Irishka was 23 february on Antigone

The premiere in the theater is an exciting event. Show on the stage the tragedy of Sophocles so that the viewer becomes interested - believe me, it's not easy. The Moon Theater coped with this one hundred percent. Intriguing scenery from the ancient Greek shields, which undergo miraculous metamorphoses during the performance; Greek music by composer Nikos Xantulis; replicas of the Antigone in Greek; a magnificent plastic dance (I even came up with a name for it, "Life chooses love") ... And the images of the tragedy themselves are treated in a very interesting manner. So, the main attention of spectators is attracted ... by King Creon (Euclid Kurdzidis). Why - is he, in fact, a villain who condemned Antigone (Theodora Yannitsi), and Hemon (Dmitry Bikbaev), and his own wife? Yes, because it is the "degeneration" of the king in the process of the play that is of greatest interest. "For daring speech, the madman will be overcome by great sorrow, and later learns wisdom ..." She taught, and how! Only here the deceased, alas, not resurrect. Neither Antigone, who preferred to die, but did not betray the memory of her brother; Neither Hemon, who committed suicide over the bride's corpse; nor the wife of Creon, who did not survive the death of her son ... The final of the tragedy in the production of the Theater of the Moon is also an alternative, but so unusual that few of the audience expected it. I will not reveal the secret: I hope that you will see everything with your own eyes. What I wish for you!

Vadim was 20 may on Antigone

A wonderful performance, an excellent actors' play, thank you!

Larisa was 22 february on Antigone

Everything was wonderful.

Nina was 05 october on Antigone

I liked the performance very much! Beautiful costumes, modern interpretation, the Greek atmosphere. Sophocles in the interpretation of the Greek actors in the main role, monologues in Greek and Greek music - the revived era of the ancient Greeks! The dances and clothes of young heroes - beautiful athletes who perfectly played the prophet and the son of the king - contributed a note of modernity to the play. A mysterious girl - whether the ether, or the spirit of the moon enveloped in mystery, connecting the Times in dance.

Natal`ya was 21 march on Antigone

I AM DELIGHTED ! The play of the artists and the arrangement is simply GREAT!

Dina was 19 jule on Antigone

All OK! I liked the performance. Invite!

Victoria was 20 may on Antigone

Was at the play on May 20, it's something amazing! Actors bravo, encore and endless applause! They tell such a complex, tragic story, they bring it to the viewer. Special thanks for the monologues and experiences in the Greek language. Shivers on the skin from empathy. Thank you!

Marina was 21 march on Antigone

Great performance! Costumes are beyond praise, and Creon and Antigone are just stars, true heroes of the ancient Greek tragedy. Special thanks for the un-modernized text.

Anna was 21 march on Antigone

A wonderful play of actors, but the performance was boring, expecting more music in the play.

Dina was 19 jule on Antigone

All perfectly! Thank you so much! I love your theater! Invite!

Elena was 16 october on The wife of Bis

Performance "Wife encore" really liked. Light, easy and very relevant.

Ulya was 27 september on Twins

A brilliant performance. It amazes with the first minutes. An excellent musical selection. All the actors But Alexey Kondrakhov's play, Elena Lazurina, Anton Biryukov, Dmitry Dyachenko. The play should be watched !!!

Elena was 25 september on Twins

Sumptuously!!!! Seized from the first minute. Modern production, musical accompaniment, poems that make you think. Bravo to the director and actors !!!!!

Lena was 29 march on Fanta - Infanta

The new building of the "Little Moon" opened in the Theater of the Moon! And now young actors are performing on the new stage! Sergei Borisovich Prokhanov again, years later, put his play "Fanta-Infanta", but with a new generation. I'm delighted with this performance, it's so beautiful, magical and bright that you forget about everything in the world! The artist takes you to the world of fantasy, beauty, music, dance and art! It's like a magic dream, where you fly, as in childhood, where everything is like in a fairy-tale country. Love and friendship, extraordinary characters, bright colors and wonderful associations! This performance is suitable even for the smallest ones, since it pays much attention to movement, color and imagination! And children love and know how to fantasize, they live with kind emotions, live in the circumstances, and feel great in this wonderful world!

Valentina was 03 january on Fanta - Infanta

Excellent. Thank you. See you.

Evgeniya was 18 december on Lyromania

The play is hardly a musical. Very nice, take on the soul of the party, which then constantly go and sing. I went 2 times (the first one - I had already managed to do Lera Lanskaya) and the tear at the end of the proshibal, in addition to the will, I will definitely go again. Very tender, touching and tragic. Modest relevant scenery, no unnecessary shine and tinsel. You can watch without getting acquainted with the original, everything is simple, accessible and understandable.

Elena was 03 december on Lyromania

Unforgettable performance thanks))) a sea of ​​emotions

Elena was 18 march on Lyromania

The play did not like, left after 1 act.

Ol`ga was 03 april on Lyromania

Nebotchno, brightly. The scenery is beautiful, they sing well. It's more of a musical.

Elizaveta was 17 may on Lyromania

The performance was pleasant, very warm atmosphere. Thank you! It was a little loud

Olga was 09 february on Lyromania

We liked Lyromania's play very much! We left in full delight. Thanks for the given emotions !!! :-)

Ol`ga was 23 april on Lyromania

A stunning performance! Great acting game! Very beautiful music! I advise everyone to spend an evening.

Irina was 05 jule on Chanticleer

Very fun, dynamic, beautiful scenery. My husband liked it! Little disturbed by the little detey.Vse still in the evening play they do not belong

Dmitriy was 21 december on Chanticleer

The performance is excellent, fun, cheerful. Went to the play on November 29. I liked it very much. I advise everyone.

Anna was 12 january on Chanticleer

I really liked the performance and I had a great time

Ekaterina was 07 november on Hamlet is a point of G

I liked the performance very much. My husband and I are delighted

Petrakova Galina Vyacheslavovna was 11 january on Chanticleer

Performance bright, dynamic, has not seen this for a long time. Liked!

Ekaterina was 19 february on Hamlet is a point of G

The performance aroused very prototictious emotions. The first 45 minutes did not like categorically, and the second 45 were very much carried away. A non-standard pitch, I've never seen this before, there's a lot of criticism about choreography, music, etc., but despite this, the overall impression of the trip is good. And girls are really great. I especially want to mention Anastasia Borisova - she is incomparable!

Elena was 26 october on Chanticleer

Elena 25.10.14 Very positive performance. Excellent singing, especially the "nightingale". Bright, easy.

Sevda was 14 december on Chanticleer

I liked the performance very much! The main character's voice charmed

Arkadiy was 19 april on Chanticleer

Thank you very much for the performance In the theater of the Moon for the first time, but I want to see other performances of Bravo Dmitry Bikbaev Bravo Sergey Borisovich

Oksana was 19 february on Hamlet is a point of G

I like this theater very much. The performances are always quite interesting. In this case, the roles are only girls. At first I thought that everything would be faded and tense, but I made a mistake. The girls play superbly. I advised all my friends. I did not hear one bad response from them. I recommend .

Larafort was 01 march on Chanticleer

I did not expect that I will get such a lot of fun .... the energy message of the artists is amazing) is grateful and everyone who participated, created and served: an indisputable winning team game !!!!

Nataliya was 12 january on Chanticleer

Choosing an event for the evening, I wished for easy and pleasant impressions, especially as I invited my mother to the play. "Chauntecleer" surpassed my expectations, my mother's, by the way, too. A penetrating, completely human story in the feathered kingdom. There is an opportunity to laugh and cry. Thanks to the huge staff of the theater for the given emotions! By the way, the children will also be interested!

Oksana was 06 april on Vanya in the sarafan

Thank you so much. The child is delighted.

Konstantin was 19 february on Hamlet is a point of G

Yes it's Hamlet! Implemented by a team of young ladies in TriKo! Without forewords, without decorations, without fear and without looking back at the classics. Today, Shakespeare is often read epic, often RAP. The change of costumes is present - even the director is the same prompter. He is a woman on the stage. The game of actresses is really good, dramatic and does not leave a chance to fall asleep (to men in general without options). The production gradually tightens and everything is clear to the finale. Very SHARMAN.

Oxy was 12 january on Chanticleer

A magnificent performance, a game of actors makes the plot of the play live with the characters. The theater is very cozy! Thank you for the pleasure.

Stihiya was 06 jule on Chanticleer

Crazy, but insane performance =) Forever remember drozdokotika.

Mariya was 01 march on Chanticleer

Thank you. All very much!

Elena was 04 november on Chanticleer

Delight! Troupe, costumes, play! Got great fun! Thank you! Creative success!

Irina was 11 january on Chanticleer

I did not like it, unfortunately

Tat`yana was 20 december on Chanticleer

"Chauntecleer" in the Theater of the Moon - a performance for family viewing. Bright interesting scenery is set up for equally vivid impressions. However, the indistinct first action is obviously unaddressed: in my opinion, the children are not clear, the adults are bored. The second action is a real well-played fairy tale for children.

Viktoriya was 17 april on Hamlet is a point of G

Perfect sensual performance. The girls were beautiful, each in its own role. Beautiful voices, wonderful accompaniment made the skin crawl. The work of the choreographer can not be left unnoticed: the dance numbers were staged remarkably, sexually and eccentrically. Thank you. I like it!

Elena was 04 november on Chanticleer

Liked, thanks

Igor` was 01 february on Chanticleer

I'm going to this show for the second year, really like it! In the production of 01/02/2014 wonderful played, the actors completely immersed in the role and give out the magic of the theater! It was just great! Thank you so much!

Larisa was 19 april on Chanticleer

Great performance!

Irina was 26 october on Chanticleer

Very beautiful setting! A fabulous, musical performance is a fairy tale. Shook scenery, costumes, the game of little actors. Bravo!!!! It was very joyful and pleasant to see in the hall a large number of children who followed with interest the events on the stage

Alexander was 04 november on Chanticleer

I liked the performance! We will come again!

Olesya was 22 april on Hamlet is a point of G

Incredible emotions are covered with the head. The first 10 minutes is an easy degree of confusion, but the smile does not come off the face. Further, understanding the original of the play and its obogryvaemost you come to delight. I recommend that you visit the play and enjoy the spectacular talented play, great singing and unexpected flashes of surprise throughout the game. I liked it very much.

Larafort was 01 march on Chanticleer

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants of the production for the pleasure they brought)

Lena was 19 april on Chanticleer

Thank you very much for the opportunity to buy tickets to the theater for nonresident, the performance is wonderful, the actors are great!

Evgeniya was 19 april on Chanticleer

I want to say a big thank you to all the actors for the amazing game! A game that creeps into the skin, which you want to look at again and again! And every time, as in the first! This is an incredibly strong performance with a great cast! We ourselves are not local, from Anapa, and we will definitely come more than once;))

Marina was 06 april on Vanya in the sarafan

Thank you. I liked it very much.

Svetlana was 04 november on Chanticleer

Very interesting performance. Great play of actors. Stunning performance of songs. Thank you.

Anastasiya was 17 february on Hamlet is a point of G

The play left an ambivalent impression. If the first minutes of 15 - frankly regretted that she came, then gradually the events were carried away, and by the end there was such tension that it was impossible to tear off the view from the scene. Especially liked the scene of "farewell" to Hamlet and Ophelia. Girls are great fellows, the role of Hamlet and Polonius played a sparkling good. Thank you!

Stihiya was 06 jule on Chanticleer

Introduced a new word in the lexicon - thrush. The performance is crazy))

Elena was 06 april on Vanya in the sarafan

Little actors tried, the performance was musical and bright. But there were a few questionable scenes not for the Dtk's ears. My opinion

Tat`yana was 13 october on Chanticleer

Thank you granddaughter.

Darya was 30 may on Mary Poppins - NEXT

The play really liked, the children were delighted. Thanks to the actors and directors!

Galina was 25 june on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Galina (walked July 19, 2015) Mary Poppins Next. The whole family is happy! Went with children: a girl of 9 years old, a boy of 5.5 years. On the way from the theater, the son sang songs from the play. It was nice to listen to the excellent performance of old - good and new songs!

Natal`ya was 04 january on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Were at the play (03.01.2015) with two children 11 and 10 years old. The impression is generally good. Pleased with scenery, costumes, actors' play. Wonderful children played. BUT: you have to be prepared, that the plot is very far from the original tales of Mary Poppins. Those who have not read, remotely remembers the film and is under the age of 10 years - the play is likely to please, those who remember the story and love the fairy tale - waiting for disappointment. My 11 year old son said that there were too many hints of sex in the play and was upset and upset by the plot. Songs of Dunayevsky, sounding very organically in the film, here seem completely out of place in the plot, completely superfluous, in my opinion, is the line of jealousy and quarrels in the family, the culprit in which is the main character. She is from the "ideal in all respects" in the play becomes some sort of vicious, which is also completely incomprehensible to the children remembering the tale. And it is absolutely superfluous to tear up the skirt and show the cowards a ten-year-old girl on whose behalf the story is being conducted ...

Uliya was 13 september on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Great performance !!!

Galina was 26 jule on Mary Poppins - NEXT

This is the best that we have seen for children. Thank you!

Nikolay was 13 april on Mary Poppins - NEXT

I would not take my children for this ...

Natal`ya was 13 april on Mary Poppins - NEXT

The performance could be very good, if not for some vulgarity that should not be in children's plays. I really liked the costumes, the scenery, the singing of the actors, the game is good.

Kolesova Ol`ga Viktorovna was 03 may on Mary Poppins - NEXT

The play was super, very much liked by adults and children, there was one minus in the beginning badly tuned microphones, there was a split sound.

Elena was 12 april on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Thank you children are delighted, spectacular performance, cheerful and positive))

Uliya was 15 february on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Liked, good performance.

Irina was 15 february on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Super! I liked the performance very much! I will recommend to my students and their parents!

Anna was 25 june on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Good afternoon dear friends! Long did not dare to go to this play and as it turned out not in vain. Initially, I will be distracted from a direct recall and say that my child is 8 years old, we have been going to the theater since 2 years. Revised all significant performances of Moscow and a sufficient number of mediocre performances. We give our assessments on the basis of the quality of the story line, of course the quality of Russian speech and entertainment. To performances "on motives", always I concern skeptically and cautiously and once again on an example of this performance it was convinced that mediocrity now prospers. The performance "on motives" is terrible. In the performance of a wonderful good story, we were introduced to the mother of hysterical children, through every word, her husband suspects of treason at work with the secretary of the bank (??????) This is sorry? A play for children, whose fathers bankers went to the secretaries and abandoned their children? What do we carry from the stage to the children? For this reason, my mother is looking for an ugly, stern nurse, but Mary comes and mother is frantic .... You know, after such a start of the play, I already wanted to get up and go. The child sincerely did not understand what an unusual performance, where the clowns in the play? Clowns are also a separate topic with a separate text. I want to say that I'm very sorry for the time spent on such bad taste. The play for those who bring up children in slang, goes to the theater once a year and does not read books. For everyone else, it's just nonsense. Now I understand that even to describe in detail all the vague scenes, it's unclear where they come from, it's unpleasant. For those who genuinely love theater and impeccable productions, I advise you to see Cinderella in the operetta theater, performances in the theater of Theresa Durova, children's musical performances in the theater of V. Nazarova, musical Carlson in the Variety Theater (Radziukiewicz is incomparable). There are many other things you can list.

Svetlana was 15 february on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Terrific !!! The children were happy.

Elena was 30 november on Mary Poppins - NEXT

We liked the play. A good play of actors, colorful decorations. A lot of musical moments. Especially I want to mention the game of young actors. Molodtsy. My daughter of 8 years was just delighted with the performance.

Ol`ga was 25 june on Mary Poppins - NEXT

Very cheerful and musical performance! I liked adults and children.

Kristina was 23 june on Ordalium

I was lucky to be in the premiere of the performance. To say that I really liked it - it's nothing to say, it's awesome! So much in this performance that I will certainly return again. Every actor is brave, self-giving is so high, bravo to the director! To come up and implement this is a titanic work!) And I really liked the costumes, the scenery, the music. It is necessary to look necessarily!)

Olya was 23 june on Ordalium

I got to the premiere of this magical-mesmerizing performance)) It's hard to describe it, as they say it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. I did not regret that I went to this show and sat on the front row 😉 I plan to go again) the performance on the one hand is complicated, I can not say anything ... I then at some moments even during the interventions, I delved into it, but if you are not a fan Complex reflections 😄 there is also a lot of merry moments, if you look superficially, it's a detective story that happens during the USSR in a small town where everyone knows each other, for me it was a detective mixed with comedy, at some points the audience was just out loud " "From laughter)) is also very successful selected top music) Well, you understand what I mean, if you get on this show) So the whole creative team did a good job), the actors played their roles very well, special thanks to the director Dmitry Bikbaeva without difficulty that we would not see this amazing performance!)

Anna was 23 june on Ordalium

Was at the premiere of this wonderful performance. In my impression, the performance turned out to be universal, absolutely for everyone, if you love a comedy, here you will laugh with all your heart, if you came for deep meaning and food for thought, there is something to think about, in which to dig searching for deep meanings. If you are sentimental, believe me in this performance there are moments piercing to tears! And as already the corporate style of director Dmitry Bikbaev, this presence of poetry and choice for this production is incredibly pleasing. Very impressed with the actors, there is not a single secondary role, for me all were the main ones! And this is another, undoubted talent of the director, to reveal new faces in the actors. I highly recommend the play "Ordalia" for viewing!

Elena was 23 june on Ordalium

Was on two premiere shows of the play "Ordalia". My first impression is complete delight! A very strong performance in all respects, multifaceted, deep in meaning. And although the performance of the performance takes place in the recent past - in the dashing 90s, I was not left feeling that these are our days - as far as it is in tune with our current reality. The performance is very rich, according to the director Dmitry Bikbaev, "there is nothing accidental in the play, every character has its own meaning," so it's not so easy to unravel everything. But it's good that there is a lot of food for thought, it's a reason to return many times!) Despite the fact that the theme of the play is very serious, it has a lot of humor, comedy scenes, which I really liked. Magnificently selected cast, modern original design, including a stunning sound design, special effects - everything looks very harmonious and gives integrity to the production. Interactive communication with the audience during the performance of the performance gives a full sense of the reality of what is happening!) I highly recommend watching this amazing performance. I am sure that you will not regret!))

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Ордынка М. ул., 31
01 h 50 min

The play, surprisingly combines the techniques of the classical and avant-garde theater.

In the provincial city, after a long time, the famous director returns to meet again with those with whom he began his journey in the theater ... There were friends, beloved women ... He needed an "interlude" to rethink his life, think about the future, "look at the Yourself. " An open final makes the viewer think about something most important ...


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