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Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 01 october on Egoists

The play really liked both the plot and the actors' play. The plot to date is relevant and delivered to us, to the viewer in an understandable performance. Performance Pts is useful for men (my neighbor said so: well, just like me)))))) My wife really liked it too !! I advise !!! Do not be bored about serious and musically !!!

Svetlana was 17 april on Dangerous boys

This performance does not need advertising! The hall is full of spectators! The plot is modern! The play is very close to many, sincere, childishly cheerful, not vulgar! Laughed all over! Captures by 100%! Feel yourself a participant, not an audience! GOOD FELLOWS !!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Elena was 19 april on Egoists

Yesterday I was at the play "Egoists" with the participation of my favorite actor Vladislav Kotlyarsky. The theme of the play touches the spectator's soul. A lot of things I understood from the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman, between a son and a mother. Through psycho-training and psychodrama, the actors tried to convey to the viewer the depth of the relationship between people, between loving people. The relationship of each pair is unique, and this world of harmony that they created with each other should not violate everyday problems and the social society that surrounds them. They must together go through all this along a long path of life, without violating their uniqueness and harmony, where they feel good, warm, cozy and tender. Actors delighted us all this, through his game.

Natal`ya was 17 april on Dangerous boys

Opinion is contradictory, the plot is complete nonsense, the actors are lads, especially V.Kotlyarsky.

Aleksey was 09 march on Egoists

Deep, sometimes sad, but all on the topic! Great! It is worth to spend a certain amount on tickets and enjoy the NON-TIME TIME !!!

Natal`ya was 07 february on Dangerous boys

I liked the performance very much. A dynamic, funny, bewitching actor's game. We got great pleasure from viewing. We recommend to go.

Natal`ya was 13 february on Egoists

Good performance. Cool acting game. Looks at one go. I advise everyone to go.

Anna was 07 april on Dangerous boys

The performance is super! The whole audience laughed heartily - both young people and middle-aged people! This is an easy, modern comedy. Particularly like the fans Pyatnitsky, Karpov, Gluharya.

Ganna was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Excellent, comedy performance with elements of surah. Laughed with her husband to the point of indecency (though it was so with the whole audience) !!! Highly recommended! Excellent acting! Most importantly, with pleasure on occasion we go to the play again!

Evgeniya was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Fun, dynamic, enchanting, with a twinkle so to speak. A comedy of situations and situations with a logical end and media faces of Univer - Gluharya. If you want to unload in the evening after a dull work day - it's the most! In the TsDKZH at the play was not the first time, but really the first time was sold-out, even in the stalls!

Uliya was 10 january on Egoists

Good day! Wonderful performance! Actors are just great! Spent out, at 100! Excellent comedy, great story, great scenery! Good lighting, beautiful audibility, but very stuffy in the hall and not comfortable chairs, practical legs on the neck! After the intermission there was not one free space, the applause did not stop after the performance of 10 minutes! I recommend it to everyone, if you want a lot of positive and a note of joy, then run quickly to this performance and you'll be inspired for a week!

Anna was 07 april on Dangerous boys

The performance is super! They laughed heartily! Do not expect anything spectacular from the performance, it's an easy comedy, it's good to spend an evening, without a deep sense, etc.

Anna was 21 april on Egoists

The performance is on the four, if it is fair .. The husband (the big admirer of a serial "Karpov") laughed in places. Feklenko handsome Bobrov well sings and moves, Kotlyarsky ... whether his role is so boring, or whether you expect from him something more, a man with a strong character, but he's completely different and look at him bored. Couple near and really went 15 minutes before the end, saying that this is nonsense. And I waited for the game on the guitar and waited. Have not regretted that descended, but do not tune yourself to what you see on the poster;)))

Tat`yana was 21 april on Egoists

I want to start with the fact that I never wrote reviews, but after yesterday's march to "Egoists" I just can not remain silent. The disappointment is complete, I bought a ticket for "Dangerous Boys", from whom I was delighted, like the whole hall, which is almost I did not slip from my seats with laughter. Here the actors tried themselves in a different role from the philosophy of life and love. We must give credit to the actor's game is almost impeccable, but the plot !!! A nightmare! Everything came out, like me, in complete perplexity , Everyone expected absolutely another! Especially because of the advertisement, which is so contrary to the performance! Here on the "Dangerous boys" I highly recommend to go, do not regret it !!!

Alina was 04 december on Elegant wedding

Excellent, humorous performance. We watched in one breath a big company, they laughed all the time. After the first act, they did not even imagine that you can still see further on the development of the plot, which is very intriguing. We walked 04.12,2014. In full delight. I advise everyone

Nadegda was 01 april on Elegant wedding

I recommend to everyone! Spend a very cheerful evening, everyone will enjoy the game of actors, time will fly fun and unnoticed !!! Thanks artists for a wonderful Saturday night!

Nadegda was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Were on October 18 in the theater at Serpukhovka. Two and a half hours of laughter to tears. Bravo to the artists!

Kseniya was 25 september on Dangerous boys

Full of delight! Thank you very much! I liked the performance very much! The cast is just brilliant!

Uliya was 14 august on Dangerous boys

I liked the performance! Actors fellows! 5 +++ !!!!

Marina was 01 april on Elegant wedding

All liked it! The actors played well. The plot is simple enough, however it was fun.

Natal`ya was 14 august on Dangerous boys

Excellent game of all actors! Especially surprised Bobrov A., did not expect after the serial roles of such a talented game. Thank you.

Nataliya was 06 april on Dangerous boys

April 6 was at this play. Terrific !!!!! Very positive !!!!! Got a lot of fun !!!!! AND WHAT SELECTION OF THE ACTORS !!!! SIMPLY MIRACLE !!!! FAVORITE actors, and their amazing game !!!!! I liked everything very much, I will advise friends and acquaintances !!! Thank you for what you have !!!!!

Ol`ga was 06 april on Dangerous boys

I liked the performance very much

Aleksandr was 09 march on Dangerous boys

We really liked everything)))) a good performance))))) for those who understand the black humor))

Alisa was 16 february on Dangerous boys

Great performance! I liked it very much. I wish he would go more often in Moscow. We want to bring our friends and relatives. Thanks you. Excellent actors, especially the protagonist Max and Larissa Brohman. And a very convenient system of buying a ticket online.

Natal`ya was 16 february on Dangerous boys

Very, I liked the performance. Light, cheerful. The cast is amazing! My husband and I were delighted.

Svetlana was 07 april on Dangerous boys

The play is a dummy! This refers to the plot itself. This is also full on TV. You should not even spend money. People left without waiting for an intermission. The only thing - I want to thank the actors, tk. For them - it's work, and they worked 100%. Commercial project - no more.

Vladislav was 08 january on Dangerous boys

All very much ponravilos.Ostalis one positive emotions.

Alla was 08 january on Dangerous boys

Great production! Laugh all two and a half hours! I liked it very much!

Anna was 08 january on Dangerous boys

The plot is amazing! The cast is amazing! My husband and I loved it! Still impressed! Thank you!

Dar`ya was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Thanks to the actors that we arrived in the city of Domodedovo with such a spectacular performance !!! Laughed all the time, the actors play super! There is no monotony, the plot is not tightened. Excellent, I advise everyone to see!

Natal`ya was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Very cheerful performance, modern, pleasant actors, a sparkling plot and very vital. If you want to spend time and have a good time with a good and pleasant atmosphere, I recommend you to watch it, you will like it :)

Natal`ya was 07 december on Dangerous boys


Ol`ga was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Cast members are super. In fact, what the author showed in koedi occurs quite often in our life. But, it is predicted interestingly.

Elena was 03 november on Dangerous boys

The play was more like! But somewhat contradictory, lovers of classical productions may not be impressed! Wandered exclusively because of V. Kotlyarsky very much wanted to see not only from the screen)

Elena was 03 november on Dangerous boys

Thank you. We really enjoyed.

Mariya was 05 october on Dangerous boys

The performance really liked! But the unpleasant situation occurred before the presentation, it turned out that the places I had paid for were on invitation cards and other theater guests, namely, the actor Stanislav Yarushin and his companion who showed respect for us and agreed to other places in the hall, for which he had a separate "thank you" ". The situation is unpleasant. The same problem was with neighboring places, tickets were sold twice.

Irina was 05 october on Dangerous boys

I liked the performance very much. Great plot and actors were laid out to the fullest. I will be grateful for the recommendation of similar performances.

Sergey was 05 october on Dangerous boys

I liked the play, had a good evening, thank you :)

Anna was 05 october on Dangerous boys

I liked everything, thank you for your concern.

Dmitriy was 05 october on Dangerous boys

All very much! Thank you so much ! Kotlyarsky separate sraksibo for the photo!

Elena was 05 october on Dangerous boys

Thank you.right

Ekaterina was 07 april on Dangerous boys

Great performance! Easy, kind, positive! Very dynamic, there are no long monologues. The boys are good fellows - they showed a well-coordinated work. Bobrov kept in suspense all 2.5 hours. Kotlyarsky is simply super. I advise those who want to abstract from the Moscow bustle, just relax and have fun.

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