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Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 24 september on Piglet Chok

Have been at your theater for the first time. The children liked the play very much. Phrases of the heroes were on their lips throughout the day. They told their friends about the visit of the play. Very cozy hall, from any place you can see the heroes of the play. The duration of the performance is designed so that children are not tired. Thank you. We will be very glad to get acquainted with the new heroes.

Elena was 22 february on Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit

a wonderful performance! cheerful, a lot of music, interesting, although familiar plot. actors are young, they come from such a positive energy that you sit and involuntarily smile. the theater itself is small, very cozy, there is a feeling of domestic warmth. and what kind of people work in the theater! we were received so spiritually that it seemed to me that we were visiting friends whom we know for a hundred years. I came with a child, and it turned out that they let her husband to the play for free, there were simply empty seats. you know more such places in Moscow? or such, where you will be smiling sincerely, put music, so that children will not be bored, calm children who are capricious? me not. thank you to people who work in the theater. of course, I recommend this theater. and of course, we will come again. by the way, the child is delighted, the second day plays a brother of a rabbit))

Elena was 15 june on Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit

Thank you for the good

Ekaterina was 24 november on Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit

My son really liked. Easy, funny, dynamic, musical. Everything is as in a book, which pleases

Ol`ga was 06 january on How a Hedgehog and a Teddy Bear celebrated New Year's Eve

Were on 01/06/2018 in this theater for the first time with my granddaughter (4 years). I liked both the theater and the play. Everything is well thought out for kids. Before the performance was a performance with a Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. The children who were not the first time in this theater were very active and liberated - they hugged Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, sang songs and conducted a dance. I will say more that my parents also sang and took an active part in the performance ... I will say that everything is also planned for the kids, before the performance, 20 minutes of performance and 30 minutes of the performance. So no one is tired). I strongly advise to visit, who did not go to this theater .. We learned about other performances for this age. Dads will also like it, because all with humor).

Ekaterina was 31 january on The sun and the snowmen

We went to the play with the whole family and got real pleasure. Parents who go to this theater for the first time should know that they put the children separately - on the first two rows. If your child is impressionable and can be afraid of loud sounds, you will be allowed to sit with him together on the 3rd and subsequent rows. The performance is dynamic, sometimes amusing, in places touching, it keeps children's attention well, characters alive and memorable. Thank you very much to the organizers and actors!

Uliya was 07 january on How a Hedgehog and a Teddy Bear celebrated New Year's Eve

A wonderful New Year's performance. Watched last year (January 2015) Daughters (then it was 3.5 years) really liked. Before the performance was a small interactive performance with Santa Claus, and then this is a short (30 min.), But very "New Year" performance. I really liked his atmosphere - a dark winter night, only white snow falls. Very cozy and warm. The play was based on the eponymous cartoon of Sergei Kozlov 1975. It seems to me that for young children this is one of the best Christmas trees in Moscow.

Natal`ya was 20 november on Sunshine

On the site of the theater, the performance costs 12+ and this is correct. A wonderful performance for a thoughtful viewer, but not a fairy tale for kids.

Vera was 20 august on The Tale of the Golden Cockerel

The performance was excellent! Ulyana, 7 years The performance is good, chamber, dynamic, with curious visual moves, reincarnation, the transformation of actors from one hero to another, with elements of the shadow theater. After a tense action, the light ending of the play, as it were, starts all over again ... Mom

Olesya was 23 february on Princess Krapinka

I liked very much, the remarkable theater, heard the broadcast on the children's radio and decided to go, and not for nothing! Thanks to the huge team.

Anna was 23 february on Princess Krapinka

I really liked the performance for both me and my son (4 years)! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 26 jule on Tales from different pockets

I really liked it. Sonya, 7 years old.

Ekaterina was 25 may on Scratchcases

Thank you very much for your sincere performance! Touching dolls, wonderful artists! Especially liked the wolf with his hilarious song about the spring: -D

Mila was 20 april on Tales from different pockets

The storyteller is real, even her parents believed her!

Anna was 04 november on Piglet Chok

I liked the performance, thank you.

Tat`yana was 17 june on Piglet Chok

Thank you very much. Very pleased! We will come to you again.

Tat`yana was 17 june on Piglet Chok

Thank you very much. Very pleased! We will come to you again.

Ekaterina was 10 november on Scratchcases

Beautiful setting, dolls are charming. We liked

Pozdnyakova was 06 october on Piglet Chok

All very much! Thank you.

Ekaterina was 04 jule on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

Were at the play with my daughter (3,5 years). I liked it very much. Actors play with the soul, theater workers are friendly, organize seating for children and adults in places. Everything is very thought out. A wonderful playground in the courtyard of the theater. We will definitely come again.

Marina was 02 november on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

Wonderful performance: alive, bright! The artists are great! Parents were as excited as their children!

Elena was 02 november on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

Hello! I liked very much, thank you very much!

Marina was 21 september on Masha and the Bear

Many thanks for the performance "Masha and the Bear". Very kind and beautiful performance!

Natal`ya was 18 june on Masha and the Bear

Went with a 3-year-old son. They laughed together, they were ready to cry together, when Masha and Misha said goodbye. In this theater you will definitely return: friendly staff, a cozy room, good clear sound, soft light effects, colorful beautiful dolls. And separately it is necessary to note the actors' game - clear speech, pleasant and funny voices. It is felt that people working in the theater, love their work. The performance is funny, the kids and in 2 years they understood everything, laughed, clapped, did not miss. This story is known to everyone, I think, there's no point in retelling it. I recommend to visit!

Svetlana was 24 jule on The Canterville Ghost

Many thanks for the extraordinary performance! Amazing production, actors, costumes! Children are delighted!

Ekaterina was 17 may on Masha and the Bear

Many thanks for the performance! A wonderful theater and friendly staff.

Ekaterina was 12 april on Masha and the Bear

All was pleasant! A minus that in a hall was a little stuffy

Ol`ga was 22 march on Masha and the Bear

The puppet is very bright, beautiful! The chamber atmosphere, a cozy small room, the performance is interesting even to the very kids!

Dar`ya was 16 february on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

All very much!

Nataliya was 16 february on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

All the performances in this theater are fabulous, funny, bright, my son and I are delighted

Ekaterina was 19 january on Masha and the Bear

Many thanks for the performance! Absolutely alive Bear and Masha! Thanks to the actors! Ps In the regional puppet theater was the first time: a very cozy theater and friendly (and attentive) staff.

Olesya was 04 november on Masha and the Bear

We went with my daughter (2 years and 10) to the play "Masha and the Bear". My daughter liked the play very much. Yes, and me, too, to be honest. There are funny moments))) Theater itself is small, but very cozy))) And the people who work there, benevolent))) I strongly advise!

Uliya was 16 november on Golden Chicken

The scenery, the actors' play, the dolls, everything was pleasant. Minus is not allowed to take pictures during the performance

Svetlana was 20 october on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

Thank you for the performance! Wonderfully had time!

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