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Feedbacks from viewers
Dar`ya was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

We were at the play on January 17, 2015. Impressions are only the most positive ... A wonderful game of talented actors, in some images you can see yourself, your friends, if not in the image as a whole, then in some scenes ... I’m going to relish once again if possible. I advise everyone. Thanks to the actors and the director !!! Bravo!!!

Evelina was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

In general, a good performance, but a little tedious with a confusing end.

Natal`ya was 20 march on A little bit about a woman

I visited this performance on March 20, complete nonsense, I didn’t like the production at all, moreover, neither in the programs nor on the site it was said that a replacement was made and Maxim Vitorgan will not be made. The managers in the hall were also not aware of the one and who actually plays ...

Alina was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

A wonderful performance for the female half of humanity.

Viktor was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

There were 01/17/15. I liked the performance. The acting is wonderful. The second compartment seemed a little protracted, but did not spoil the overall impression. Thanks.

Irina was 20 february on A little bit about a woman

I really liked the performance! Actors play amazingly! Even not very fractional chairs could not spoil the impression of the performance. Thanks.

Visitor was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

An interesting performance with the plot and composition and creative decision of the director. The combination of irony, sadness, tenderness and rudeness. The selection of actors and the images created by them are very unusual. Very musical and dance. I liked it, I hope that you too!

Larisa was 17 january on A little bit about a woman

Just-PERFECT !!! We watched with the whole family, with different age categories! For age 18-22l. for some reason, the performance was not interesting! (at the end of the first act, the “H” number “left”, but fortunately, there were not many !!! The cast is impressive, the impulse of the true artistic intent was completely realized. Inga and Irina is a duet worth looking at !!!

Natal`ya was 19 november on Captive Perfume

I waited and hoped that it would be awesome. And it happened. For a long time there was in my mind a performance that could eclipse Ornithology. Now I know 2 masterpieces on one level. Bravo!!!

Tat`yana was 25 october on Captive Perfume

Thank you for the performance! The evening was delicious! Excellent acting, good fellows!

Elena was 26 may on Captive Perfume

A wonderful performance and great actors! hit him almost by accident and now I advise everyone. They play seldom and this is even more valuable from him :) And touchingly lyrical and crazy and covet. Required to view!

Irina was 11 april on Captive Perfume

We watched the performance on April 11, 2015. We sat in the middle of the first row. I was amazed at the actors' play: true experiences and feelings. The performance is very unusual. Actors, which we saw in the movies, open up in a new way. We are delighted with the production and the play of the actors. We recommend everyone to visit and enjoy the performance.

Tat`yana was 27 november on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance impressed. Non-standard story. It's funny, sad, makes you think. I really liked the game of all the actors, but especially Dmitriy Kosenkin.

Natal`ya was 27 november on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is wonderful. The actors played awesome. I recommend 100%. There is something to think about, to laugh. Thank you guys, everything was from the heart.

Al`bert was 23 april on Apocalypse for flute

A wonderful performance, laughed heartily! Finally, they drove openly and officials, and warriors, and "our everything", not forgetting stupidity, hopelessness and zomboyaschiki. Jokes more than on the evil of the day, "the drivers warmly greet the blocking of the Rublevsky highway and joyfully stand in traffic jams," the audience laughed! Well done !!!

Tat`yana was 18 april on Apocalypse for flute

I am delighted with the performance; A game of actors, scenery, a change of plans - at the height! The irony and humor of Shenderovich are perfectly conveyed. The auditorium leaves much to be desired, but even in such conditions - the feeling of unity between the theater and the viewer.

Tat`yana was 30 november on Apocalypse for flute

True mockery of our reality, stupid execution of orders from above ... All this is acute, but I like classical productions much more, but what has been shown in this performance - this is enough in life and does not need to go to the theater !!!!

Dar`ya was 30 november on Apocalypse for flute

I liked it very much! Fun, with a sense, the actors performed well, played several roles!

Diana was 30 november on Apocalypse for flute

I liked the performance very much. Satire on our modern world, on our society, while it is easy enough with humor. I liked both the actors' play and the production itself (big screens are involved). Leaves a very pleasant impression.

Elena was 28 september on Apocalypse for flute

In some places it's funny, touching and even scary. Very topical play. Like always in the Other Theater, a wonderful actors' game!

Svetlana was 30 november on Apocalypse for flute

I liked the performance. Precisely, the "excesses" of modern Russian reality were noticed. The scene with the "Holy Father" and the portrait is simply masterpiece !!! The actors' game at the level, happily spent time. I think that I will go to other performances of the Other Theater.

Marat was 12 october on Apocalypse for flute

Great performance! He brought the children to expand the perception of the world. Thank you!

Elena was 28 september on Apocalypse for flute

It's sad that all this is true. A piercing play. Thanks!

Mariya was 29 june on Apocalypse for flute

There were 5 young girls (26 years old) in some places. It was rude and harsh, the first act did not suit, slots were such that it was too hard with the theme of the church, it was not good, and there was also a response that they were trying to impose on me Opinion and invade your personal space, but after the second act, the picture is folded you are something whole and finished, and we came out in general satisfied and satisfied. The actors play is good! The theater is not bad either.

Alla was 12 april on Apocalypse for flute

The performance was like: laughter through tears. Actors-good fellows!

Kseniya was 06 april on Apocalypse for flute

A wonderful production, a play of actors! Very sharp plot, I'm afraid, soon will close the play!

Natal`ya was 22 march on Apocalypse for flute

We are delighted, awesome!

Ol`ga was 23 april on Apocalypse for flute

Super! Topical, funny and interesting. A wonderful acting game, a subtle parody, wonderful!

Sailor was 15 march on Apocalypse for flute

Thank you, I really enjoyed it! We enjoyed the time spent.

Larisa was 22 march on Apocalypse for flute

Awesome, courageous, talented work. Thank you so much!

Aleksandra was 15 march on Apocalypse for flute

A great performance, I will recommend it to everyone!

Boris was 22 march on Apocalypse for flute

Great performance

Dgul`etta was 15 march on Apocalypse for flute

I liked very much, clever and sad

Marina was 22 march on Apocalypse for flute

Sumptuously! Thank you! I liked it very much. !!

Anna was 24 october on Valentine's Day

A wonderful play of actors. It was for Steklovsky's sake, and it's gorgeous. However, the play is depressing, the script itself is as follows. The feeling after the performance is heavy.

Ol`ga was 14 february on Valentine's Day

The performance was very popular, it was due to Lomonosova and Steklov. I got great pleasure from the game.

Andrey was 08 november on Fear of the soap bubble

Do you remember yourself as a child? How long have you thought about how your words and actions affect the inner world of your child now and how will affect his future fate? The performance "Fear of the soap bubble" certainly did not radically change our relationship with the child (I still consider myself a good and responsible parent), but I definitely made me think about the problem of "fathers and children" and allowed me to plunge into this long forgotten feeling of childhood. Moreover, the production does not "load" and periodically the audience laughs heartily. In general, everything in the classic genre of the tragicomedy - and laugh and cry .... I would put a solid four out of five points only because I was on really masterpieces (and by the way not in Moscow, but, for example, in Ryazan - Theater "Transition", in Petrozavodsk - dramatic, in Perm - "At Most").

Maksim was 08 november on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked the performance. Maybe he expected more from Beroev, other actors overacted him. And a little bit of the final. It's uncomfortable to sit on the chairs.

Irina was 08 november on Fear of the soap bubble

Very serious topic, presented easily. Because of this, probably, the audience often laughed in the hall, although it is not funny - they tend to tears. The game of actors, as always, bewitches, although, in my opinion, the female role in the beginning is strongly replayed

Nadegda was 30 november on Valentine's Day

A beautiful actor's tandem, the game of which can not remain indifferent. She left all in tears, the story is very touching.

Elena was 27 september on Fear of the soap bubble

Many thanks, Above all praise. Only for the disabled is nothing provided. Ramps, elevator to the toilet and tp !! But we still liked everything

Natalia was 27 may on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance was very much liked. The actors' game captures. It was very interesting to hear about your childish fear: "when the hands lived under the bed"))). I'd love to go again

Kseniya was 27 september on Fear of the soap bubble

4.5 out of 5, well done, great.

Uliya was 01 june on Valentine's Day

Went in March 2014 the four of us, sat in the front row, unforgettably, highly recommended. A wonderful play of actors.

Elena was 01 june on Valentine's Day

The day was not very much - the rain, the wind, it got colder. I did not want to go at all. I thought how to sell tickets and go back home under a blanket. BUT! How could I have been poor without seeing this performance !!! To say "the actors' game is magnificent" - do not say anything. They again broke into the soul and beat the strings to pain. I did not notice how I started to cry. The viewer then laughed at the short ridiculous lines and situations, then quickly sank into silence from the sad storm-war for the priceless - for love. And everyone has their own methods of achieving victory on this front. Who has won? Who is defeated? Is it possible that anyone has a love triangle? Do I have to concede? Is it possible to correct the error if it is obvious? How to live with the fact that love can not be erased from the heart of anything, no time, no substitute! And here it is - life, just that everything was available, here it is - next, as now, but as in a dream ... because it was, and not is. There is already only emptiness, terrible emptiness and memory. And how many do not touch the things, it does not get any easier. Yes .... These guys know how. I was convinced more than once. All that we are trying to keep quiet, pushing ourselves away from ourselves for the screen of daily routine, to close the mask of the townsman, to whom everything is violet and nothing will not alarm him, they tear these blinkers from our unperturbed eyes and shake emotions so that you feel coming out of the hall - I Still alive! I feel! I remember how it is: to feel, to love, to hate, to resent betrayal, to fight against oneself, to fight for oneself ... Performances at the Other Theater for adults. And for this they THANKS !!! Everything is experienced with them, as their own, as for the first time, again to the pain in the heart and to tears. Maxim Averin came to the play with a huge bouquet and after the performance gave ... guess who? Coming out of the theater, I sat in the car for a long time, waited, when I could see the road - I cried. This has never happened. Always your viewer, Elena. I want to see all the performances of the Other Theater.

Galina was 28 june on Valentine's Day

I liked Steklov, the performance itself is not very much: the plot and the production

Ekaterina was 28 june on Valentine's Day

Delight! A huge aesthetic pleasure from the play, when everything is garnished. The case when the actors forced their play to survive the palette of feelings and yet no gesture, not a single word from the scene did not prevent this experience, did not jar that is rare. Very beautiful work. Thanks to the actors and everyone involved in the Valentine's Day performance for the talent.

Aleksandra was 25 may on Valentine's Day

Heartbreaking performance! A great game of actors! Such a feeling arises that they do not play, but live life on stage. I recommend that you warn the audience to store your handkerchiefs :) Thanks, "Another Theater"!

Evgeniya was 25 may on Valentine's Day

The play "Valentine's Day" is wonderful. Actors are laid out completely, many emotions. Especially I liked the reincarnation of Agrippina Steklov. An interesting find of the director about sleep. Impressive lack of a scene. Everything is wonderful.

Larisa was 23 may on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is not simple, the problems raised in it make you think! In this case, the exaggeration of situations causes laughter in the course of the action. A wonderful game of actors, but the last action seemed somewhat prolonged!

Susanna was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

We really enjoyed the performance of the actors

Natal`ya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is very interesting! Famous actors are simply brilliant! But in the end it was a little difficult to track the development of the plot.

Uliya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance did not like it at all. I could not understand with my husband for what age category it is performed. Absolutely stupid humor, I do not know what some laughed at ?? Represented at this performance her daughter (she is 19 years old), she would also not like it. But I do not regret that I spent time in your theater because of the price of tickets (500 rubles). Actors in general lads! We will come back on another trip ...

Ol`ga was 01 june on Valentine's Day

So many emotions that just do not tell. Great! The actors are brilliant! And directing and plastic - many interesting finds and very sincere!

Irina was 06 april on Valentine's Day

Great performance! Many thanks for the holiday!

Natal`ya was 27 april on Valentine's Day

Good performance

Anna was 05 april on Fear of the soap bubble

Incredibly strong, to tears. I was not the only one who was crying. How sad, it even hurts, but I really want to live. Thank you!

El`mira was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked the performance very much. The game of ALL actors is fascinating. Makes you think about your relationships with children, about their and our fears, about what mistakes we make and how not to commit them (in the upbringing of children). I recommend.

Ol`ga was 05 april on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked it very much !! Very emotional!! She laughed to tears, then froze and did not breathe, and goose bumps. Bravo!!!

Elena was 30 march on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is magnificent. The staging, the actors' game, everything is fine. Thank you for the pleasure!

Anna was 30 march on Fear of the soap bubble

I am delighted! A wonderful production, such a touching play of actors! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

Thank you, I really liked the performance and the actors' play! Come again, we already choose the play. It is a pity that we can come only on Saturday, we live in Tula.

Nina was 27 april on Valentine's Day

A wonderful game of actors! Thank you!

Mariya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

Great performance, good atmosphere, wonderful actors' play. Many thanks, we will definitely come to other performances

Aleksey was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

A wonderful performance. The only thing, his meager intellect did not understand why it was exactly 2 video installations and it was in those moments.

Viktoriya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance really liked, thanks for a good evening!

Alina was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked very much, a good game of all actors

Visitor was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked it very much

Viktoriya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

An unusual staging of the play, a wonderful play of actors, thank you!

Zul`fiya was 12 april on Fear of the soap bubble

The play was liked, actors are good fellows.

Irina was 06 april on Valentine's Day

I liked the performance very much. Makes you think, but there's something to laugh about. Not the first time in the production of the "Other Theater". Well done! New ideas to you!

Vladimir was 30 march on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is good. Liked it. Slightly longer than necessary .. minuses: The chairs are very uncomfortable ...

Ekaterina was 06 april on Valentine's Day

Simply delight! Bright, unexpected, frank. Agrippina the star.

Ekaterina was 27 april on Valentine's Day

It's amazing! 2 hours soul inside out !!! The theater should be just like that !!!

Visitor was 14 march on Valentine's Day

Thank you for the evening, for returning to the values ​​of parents, their clean and bright language. Stunning reincarnations of 18-year-olds in 60-year-olds, and then in 40-year-olds. A great play of actors. Steklov is a genius.

Farid was 14 march on Valentine's Day

The performance, despite 2 hours, was held on one "breath". All three are bravo! Very satisfied!

Sergey was 27 may on Fear of the soap bubble

"The play is unusual, it makes us remember our children's (and adults) fears, dug in the past, draw conclusions that nothing appears in life just like that. There are reasons for everything." The actors performed well, BRAVO! The psychoanalyst slightly It's simple.

Ekaterina was 27 may on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance really liked it !! We sat in the first row and in the middle, it turned out right on the stage, the actors were a meter away from us, so we were in the center of the plot (next to me sat an actor who was playing psychotherapists and actors constantly circling near us, at the end they threw balls at us) and It could not not capture us. Brilliant game Beroev and Alferova, they are just super, my husband and I laughed the whole performance. I recommend to all!!!

Ol`ga was 07 march on Valentine's Day

Thank you, everything was great!

Ludmila was 28 february on Fear of the soap bubble

A wonderful performance, a wonderful play of actors, have received great pleasure!

Anton was 28 february on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is good but the end is tightened.

Dana was 28 february on Fear of the soap bubble

Very kind performance, thank you :)

Mariya was 28 february on Fear of the soap bubble

The performance is amazing !!! Very pleased with what I saw! Extremely life stories that affect the soul, filling it with warmth, light with a mixture of bitterness and sadness! I would love to see it again!

Alena was 25 january on Fear of the soap bubble

We went with my girlfriend, I liked everything, smiled and laughed constantly. The actors were wonderful, they were sitting close to the stage, it was perfectly audible all and it is visible. We will definitely come again.

Nina was 09 february on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked the performance. However, we did not see A. Lundin, for whose sake we went to this play. Why do not they write about replacing actors on the site?

Irina was 09 february on Fear of the soap bubble

A stunning performance! Very emotional, keeps in suspense from beginning to end. The audience laughed and cried. We recommend to watch all parents! Many thanks to the actors!

Anastasiya was 25 january on Fear of the soap bubble

Excited! Laughed and cried, the actors are great. Another theater, I'm yours forever!

Tat`yana was 09 february on Fear of the soap bubble

Thank you! Very good!!!

Elena was 25 january on Fear of the soap bubble

We want to express our great gratitude to the staff of the "Another Theater", the authors and actors for such a piercing and laconically eloquent performance. It's amazing that two and a half hours fly by in one breath, despite the absence of an intermission. Sincere, touching play of actors captures the viewer, forcing him involuntarily to associate himself with the characters, to experience the drama unfolding on stage as his own. Thank you!

Anastasiya was 25 january on Fear of the soap bubble

We liked it with my friend, very touching production. We will come again)

Aleksandr was 27 may on Fear of the soap bubble

Yesterday January 25, 2014 was in the Other Theater on Lesnaya 18 on Fear of the soap bubble I went for good reviews. I saw this breed for theater for the first time. Inept. No direction. Poor squalid atmosphere of setting and so on. I'm sure that you will not write this in the response, I will track it and find how to really bring it to the viewer. And all the organizers of this performance is just a shame. I would still give a chair to the organizers of the gathering and put them on this chair for two hours without getting up. Very offensive where we go! And for that we pay also not small money !!!! People I write honestly my opinion and I'm very sorry for those who write good reviews !!!!

Alena was 15 december on Fear of the soap bubble

Wonderful performance! For two hours I plunged into childhood and remembered how it was good. The play reveals the roots of fears and doubts of adults who were buried in childhood. It is very difficult to unearth this cache of fears and insecurities and find them there ... So come to the play, you will also be told everything.

Yana was 25 january on Fear of the soap bubble

Great team game. There are two protracted moments, but in general, and funny and think it is necessary. From 5, I put 4 with a plus !!! Alferov the Princess!

Anna was 15 december on Fear of the soap bubble

I liked it very much. Well done

Vera was 27 may on Fear of the soap bubble

Recently, with great pleasure, she and her husband watched the play "Fear of the soap bubble". A performance about how fears from childhood grow into complexes in an adult person. Fine actors play, especially Ksyushenka Alferova, she was like a sun. It was surprising and unexpected to watch the game Yegor Beeroev (usually he is such a macho, and in this play he plays the role of a complexed and insecure ochkarik). The performance leaves a trace in my soul, I periodically return to his theme in my mind. It will be very useful to see the parents ( Present and future) to avoid some mistakes in the upbringing of their children. Very recommend!

Anna was 30 november on Fear of the soap bubble

Thank you, the performance was wonderful. All the actors played wonderful, but Yegor Beroev is beyond competition! Once again many thanks to the theater and actors for a great time.

Natal`ya was 30 november on Fear of the soap bubble

Interesting production

Marina was 30 november on Fear of the soap bubble

It was awesome! Highly recommend to visit!

Elena was 30 november on Fear of the soap bubble

Original, exciting, fresh.

Aleksey was 30 november on Fear of the soap bubble

A beautiful evening, a terrific acting game. Thank you!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Лесная ул., 18
02 h 00 min
Playwrights: Nina Belenitskaya, Mikhail Durnenkov, Vladimir Zabaluev and Alexei Zenzinov, Svetlana Kocherina, Maxim Kurochkin, Vadim Levanov.

Five of the timid, morbidly insecure young people take turns looking at the patch in front of the audience.

They are presented - a beautiful, slightly exalted girl, speaking excitement with a loud, slightly tearing voice (Ksenia Alferova). A full young man, almost a boy, who, on the contrary, quietly murmurs something under his breath (Roman Hardikov). "An intellectual in my mother's jacket" (in the words of E. Kowalska), in which Egor Beroev is unexpectedly recognized, unexpectedly, because this nervous, vulnerable person is so unlike the characters that we are used to seeing in the performance of the "hero-handsome" Beroev ...

Seated among the spectators, the psychoanalyst (the first violin of Moscow Virtuosi Alexei Lundin) is ready to check their homework: each of the five had to come up with a little play about his childhood, his childhood fears, what tormented him at that age. Now they will act out these stories - who will manage how - while the psychoanalyst plays a beautiful and sad melody on the violin to set the mood ...

What was frightened of the child in childhood? "I'm not afraid of anything!" - the last thing the boy said before entering the cage with the tiger.

Psycho-training is a useful thing. Society of anonymous alcoholics or gamblers. From the beloved: a society dependent on social networks (twitter and vkontaktofilov). People come, throw their problems on others, and the whole world begins to solve them. For example, they decide to fight fears. A group of complex, obviously neurotic people is going to a psychoanalyst to become normal. Is it possible?

Imagine today did a good homework: wrote about his childhood, tomorrow told about it. And all ... came out as a new man: not a stammerer, but a sexy macho ... Now there are no fears.

How it works? We invite you to a mass session in the Other Theater.

The play "Fear of the soap bubble" is, in its own way, an experiment. Actors sit on the stage in a semicircle, as in a session of psychoanalysis. In turn, they go out into the center and play mini-plays: sketches from their childhood, their fears and joys. And the therapist, meanwhile, plays a pleasant background melody on the violin.

The production grew out of a student's acting class, when it was given the task to play a scene from his childhood.

The play captivates with "naturalness", the roles do not look memorized. Sincere monologues of artists who open the most intimate to the audience.


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