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Moscow Drama Theater "Man"

Feedbacks from viewers
Anait was 11 october on Art

The lack of scenery, a small hall, all the attention on the play of artists. I recommend the theater, which I discovered yesterday, to which I will come again!

Marina was 10 march on Art

A good performance, revealing many aspects of human relations. We enjoyed our time!

Petr was 15 may on Art

At the theater, "Man" came for the first time, and did not regret it at all. A small, cozy hall, when the actors are at arm's length and give the impression of communicating with them and, practically, engaging in action. The performance is very interesting, touching the actual theme of friendship. Great game of actors. I think that I will come here and on other productions.

Lera was 26 january on Art

I liked everything very much, good actors and excellent staging.

Elena was 31 october on Art

A magnificent performance and a play of actors. For the first time I caught myself thinking that I did not want the show to end.

Kseniya was 07 september on Art

Great performance! Very serious and funny at the same time, it perfectly illustrates the relationship of three friends. I was two times, the second time I brought my colleagues, I watched with no less pleasure, my colleagues were also delighted! I am ready to go a third time!)

Elena was 10 march on Art

The play really liked, there is much to laugh and think about. Thanks to the talented actors Oleg Cassin, Kirill Kyaro and Alexei Shakhbanov for the authenticity!

Anastasiya was 16 march on Art

It's very fun and interesting! Thank you!

Mariya was 01 february on Art

A very bright, memorable performance with unlimited possibilities for both a humorous and quite serious view of the subject! Thank you!

Nadegda was 27 february on After Magritte

The theater liked its intriguing intimacy and comfort. The distance between actors and viewers is minimal, so there is a feeling that you yourself are involved in this story, that you are its direct participant. Such a sensation can rarely arise in a big theater. The production itself is very dynamic and light, but the denouement of history remains unclear until the very end of the story.

Elena was 13 may on About Masha

We went to this play 2! Raza, the second time specially went with flowers, because it's a miracle-performance! Interactive, fun, mischievous. There are only two actors, but they so light up the hall and amuse not only children, but adults as well. Must visit, from 3 to 8 years

Ol`ga was 10 june on After Magritte

Olga, review for the play "After Magrita" I watched this performance in 2013. twice! I liked it very much! The play of this author is curious, in my opinion, in RAMTS its "Utopia Beach" is coming) The first time was very surprised, almost did not understand anything, and the second time I looked with pleasure! All the actors played very well! The actress who played the role of Mother especially liked us (we saw her after the performance, expressed her admiration for the game, she was from Peter, she just forgot the name, it seems Elena Fomina, but maybe I'm mistaken)! Thank you very much to all the creators of the play "After Magrit" !!!! But I can not bring my grandchildren to your theater, everything that does not add up in time, but we will try to come to children's productions! We wish success to the theater "Man"! With love and respect, Olga

Tat`yana was 04 october on About Masha

Yesterday I was with the children at the show! Madly liked it! Very exciting, interesting, instructive! Children under impressions

Roman was 15 march on After Magritte

Oh ... Wretched. Remained a sense of self-activity. And not very good at playing. Although the play is interesting. But ... And direction is no execution. I sat for the rest only for one reason: how the author of the play will turn out from an absurd situation. In general, it is a pity for money and time. And a spoiled Saturday night

Evgeniya was 26 february on After Magritte

The performance surprised with its scenography, the brightness of the images. It did not have a bit of organicity in the actors' play, but it did not spoil the impression of the production!

Kseniya was 26 february on After Magritte

The performance is wonderful. "Tuba in the fire" !!! :)

Ekaterina was 12 february on After Magritte

Emotional and lively performance! Especially it will be appreciated by couples who have an experience of living with MOM:) Unusual scenery, dying light and dancing make this theatrical performance dynamic and memorable. Really liked it!

Mariya was 14 december on About Masha

I liked it very much. Thank you!

Oksana was 10 june on After Magritte

We love the good performance and the theater "Man" very much.

Elena was 12 october on About Masha

Thank you, we really liked the performance !!! Full delight! We will advise all friends !!!

Anna was 23 june on Or or...

The first performance, which I saw in the theater "Man", is fascinated. Full immersion in the TU era. Milena Tskhovreba captures and does not let go for a minute, a woman to the last drop. Dmitry supports each of her steps, every sigh, well-coordinated duo, play eye to eye with each other and with the audience. Interestingly, the direction is set up, the spectators are involved in the action, in the end the actors play in the auditorium. Thanks for the pleasure, I will go to this theater. A small remark: the production is not classical, it may not be suitable for fans of classical productions.

Evgeniya was 21 june on Winter under the table

We did not go to this theater for a long time, although five years ago we loved his performances very much. And then, having received tickets as a gift, we decided to attend the play "Winter Under the Table". Very vital, very honest performance. It's about people, about our emotions, about our lives, about behavior in different situations, about the mistakes we make, and our longing, when we are afraid to risk and do not do what we really want. Yes, the production is not quite usual, but that's why we like this theater. Many thanks to the actors for a wonderful evening!

Uliya was 11 october on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

Kind, funny, life-asserting performance. Children become direct participants in the action, they sympathize with Kantika) especially in the finale, when they all run out onto the stage together - very happy)

Katya was 25 june on Klopomor

We really enjoyed)

Tat`yana was 15 may on Klopomor

It is joyful that for two decades the theater has remained the same miracle! For the time of the play, her husband even had an allergy))

Kseniya was 15 may on Klopomor

We expected the worst (the price of the ticket and the "suspense" of the theater set us skeptical), we deliberately decided to experiment and were pleasantly surprised! There are no complaints, the performance is interesting and well executed, we will definitely visit your theater again!

Kseniya was 15 may on Klopomor

It's easy, fun, enjoyable end of the day.

Elena was 01 june on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

Went with my niece, Masha loved it very much! And I even cried out how sorry it was for Bunny

Zinaida was 01 june on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

The performance was wonderful, positive. This was the first experience of visiting the performance with improvisation. Many thanks to the actors and the whole team of the theater!

El`mira was 05 april on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

The performance is simply magical! Such a kind, touching. Children are participants in the performance, not just spectators. The actors play is wonderful. Recommended. We went with my daughter (4 years). She just loved it. Thank you so much!

Grigoriy was 07 may on Klopomor

The atmosphere of the theater is extraordinary. You are an involuntary participant in what is happening on the stage. The first minutes of the performance were painful, it was so difficult to accept what was happening. Such a feeling that I had got into a madhouse. Shock gradually passed, when the girl-klopomor appeared. So sincerely were her emotions! Mimicry and movements showed real experiences. The eccentric owner of the apartment continued to amaze me with his antics. Especially his unexpected attitude towards the transformation of a girl into a woman was unexpected. The finale is natural, but the death of the main character is strange. It is not clear the presence of a neighbor with his constant desire to prick. The appearance on the scene of a female bitch was effective and timely. In connection with the emotional explosion, the female insecticide lost a thread of reality, and a morbid condition returned to her. Leaving, I felt embarrassed. I was passed that despair, which seized the heroine. How little did her happiness last! The actors' play is true and sensual. With pleasure I will visit this theater more than once.

Anna was 22 june on Klopomor

I was at your theater on wonderful performances "Art" and "After Magrita" with my family, there were only positive emotions. A good play by actor Oleg Kassin, an interesting production, in Magrit very liked the scenery and decisions of the director. Yesterday I decided to go to "Klopomor", as the opening of the main stage. The play was liked, an excellent game of actors, a great impression made the role of the main character in the performance of Lyubov Gorbatova. However, a little embarrassed the behavior of an elderly woman with black hair, sitting in the hall, as I understood, the administrator of your theater. When they started to run the audience into the hall, they turned off all the lighting, which created some inconvenience, she was already in the hall, loudly shouting in a bad voice, to turn off the lights (phone lights). Throughout the performance, she expressed her emotions inarticulate sounds, it seemed to me, it hindered the actors. And in general, the impression of the performance is positive, the main stage is much more comfortable, we were in another room, it was very stuffy, and this time the theater created pleasant conditions for viewing the performance. In the future I plan to visit "Winter under the table"! In conclusion, I advise everyone to visit this theater!

Elena was 27 march on Winter under the table

The actors play is excellent, the play is weak

Evgeniya was 19 march on Winter under the table

The author of the work staged at the Man Theater is French surrealist Roland Axor. And this, perhaps, is the main thing, what you should pay attention to when buying tickets. I chose where to go, in a hurry, so when I saw the playbill and the name of the performance, for some reason I decided that a sweet, warm love story was waiting for me and my husband. What you need to relax after work in the middle of the week. Do not do this)) Read carefully the information about the performance and reviews. I can not say that I did not like the performance. For me, he was strange. The plot, when a man takes a woman's place under a table, is not the most amazing thing that awaits the viewer. From the outset, a bit stymied manner of playing actors, nervous, jerky. They seemed to try to overdo it deliberately. Between the Frenchwoman and the Yugoslav migrant, love is born, but happiness is hampered by different circumstances and people. In the course of the action, the characters sing, dance a little, smoke, drink and very much shout and inadequately, at a third-party glance, react to familiar things. I hope I managed to at least convey the spirit of the performance. I can not say that I really enjoyed this trip to the theater, but I'm glad for the new audience experience. This, too, had to be looked at.

Anastasiya was 01 april on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

wonderful! And cute! And loud! And joyfully! Went six months ago, and my daughter (3 years) occasionally remembers. If your child is not afraid of loud sounds, he will not be afraid if the actors (their two - the watchman and the Hippo) greet him by the hand, if he wants to run around the stage - to you here. We were in 2d. 10 months, I think sooner from 3 to 7 years. The children sit in front, parents behind, the hall is small, everything is before the eyes of the children. Janitor (he is also the author of the play, and the director) is so real - he does not babble with children, but he does not go too far. There were children who, from loud sounds, went down on their knees to their parents, but there were two of them, there were no more than 10-12 children in the hall. And give flowers at the end of Bantik, please, he is waiting for them !!! Next time do it!

Aleksandra was 02 november on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

Touching and lively, the play about B.Bantik is one of the best adventures, which happened to us this fall! Actors really create TOGETHER with children the play space, and it's so valuable, rare and beautiful! Special thanks to all the miracle personnel: a cashier, a ticket dealer, a cloakroom attendant, and even a guard with a mustache! - thanks to such people the proverb "the theater begins with a hanger" can be pronounced with pride!

Alla was 07 december on The Adventures of the Hippopotamus

Everything is super! I liked my daughter and parents!)

Evgeniya was 02 december on Art

O4en 'ponravilos'! Vostorg! Spasibo!

Aleksandr was 19 october on Art

Thank you, the performance was wonderful!

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