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Feedbacks from viewers
Elizaveta was 14 february on South against the North

All the heroes of our time met in one performance, and in the center - representatives of the older generation, who are trying to keep up with the youth. I would describe a new production that I enjoyed watching at the Army Theater last spring. I never cease to admire the vibrant and energetic Bogdanova. The role of an active entrepreneur is very to her face. Lyric songs Golubkina touch the soul. In general, I got the impression that I visited the evening of the author. Actresses shared personal memories, and the audience listened with enthusiasm. In the hall, by the way, there were many young people. She appreciated the images of modern characters. My daughter also liked the play. So I advise everyone to go and see!

Varvara was 12 february on South against the North

We went to our favorite theater with pleasure and watched the new performance “South / North”! The contemporary TSATRA play has pleased with the original plot, the complex interweaving of several topical themes. It is always interesting to observe how the relationship between parents and children develops. In this case, the love story of Roman and Anna turned out to be a completely unexpected continuation. Which once again proves that life is more complicated than classical literary plots.

Nadegda was 25 february on Unusual toy escape

The fact that the world is cruel, but pleasant and surprising moments still happen to those who believe and wait for them - this is the play “Unusual escape of toys”. According to the story from the store, they escaped toys, all together they went to the boy Seryozha to give him themselves. But not everyone will be able to walk: someone will remain with another poor boy, who has met on the way or with a girl freezing in a snowdrift; someone will distract themselves from the chase or take the fight so that the rest can freely leave. Sergei, by the will of fate, will be in the store from which the toys have escaped and there is an unexpected meeting waiting for him. When Cleopatra Lvovna came on the scene, I realized that this was a man and thought: didn’t she find an appropriate woman actress? And then I realized that Roman Bogdanov is the best in this role, we can say that he is the “nail of the program”! His facial expressions, jokes - everything makes laugh, not only children, but also adults.

Mariya was 23 january on The Gull

The performance of the Seagull on the small stage of the theater of the Russian army leaves just an amazing impression: the play was staged classically, but the action takes place literally two steps from the audience, since only three rows of the auditorium are located in the back of the stage, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful performance of the artists!

Vikus was 18 january on The fate of one house

You need to know the story. Convenient and uncomfortable. About war without embellishment. About repression, genocide, occupation, and discipline and price for its non-fulfillment, love and, of course, Victory. It is difficult to watch for those who do not recognize the real truth about the war, which was. Each performance will leave an indelible impression. It will be very useful for the children, because it touches such topics as discipline and responsibility, honor and courage, loyalty and betrayal, heroism and cowardice .... The play contains all the bright events of that time, known and hushed up. Songs of the war years and poems by authors who became famous after the war, such as Ion Degen, will be performed. Hike adults is welcome, because the younger generation knows less about the war, and you will have something to discuss and explain.

Svetlana was 14 january on Old-fashioned comedy

Wonderful evening! I really liked the performance, despite the fact that I had once watched a movie with Friendly. Alina Pokrovskaya beauty, and Kolesnikov is good!

Elena was 07 january on Classmates

I really liked the performance! Touching, vital, truthful .... The actors did not play, but we, the audience, lived on the stage together with them! The plot is quite dynamic, but it will probably be more interesting to those who are 35 and above, although the youth applauded heartily! ... I recommend for viewing!

Ol`ga was 07 december on the main role

In the center of the performance, the heroine of Olga Bogdanova, Polina, is a middle-aged and lonely woman, despite her loving son. Yes, she feels lonely and afraid of this loneliness. He is so afraid that he tortures his son for years trying to subordinate his life to himself. She desperately wants every minute to be present in his life, to play a major role in it. The husband died early, the career of an actress remained a pipe dream. And now the son, for many years the center of her universe, suddenly took and got married! But Pauline is one of those who just won't give up! So she arranges one concert after another! By investing in them all their remarkable strength and talent. Moreover, after each concert Sergey, Polina’s son (Timur Eremeyev) will certainly run to Mom’s, which greatly upsets his wife (Olga Gerasimova). Even from America she will bring a burning Mexican Carlos (Ilya Baranov) symbolic bridge to the new life. I hope, already happy and joyful for everyone! Bravo, Olga Bogdanova!

Irina was 01 october on Elinor and Her Men

Great performance. Ludmila Chursina is beautiful, but her diction spoils the whole impression of the performance. I'm afraid that if I sat on the fifth row, I would not understand anything. Very good Sergey Kolesnikov!

Valeriy was 09 april on Elinor and Her Men

The original production, somewhat different interpretation of the plot from the Lenkom "Aquitaine lioness." Strong are all the actors, except Chursina L .. Her diction is no, no power, spoiled the whole play. Very good Sergei Kolesnikov, already the second performance with his participation, sileen.

Dmitriy was 09 april on The fate of one house

To the disgusting staging of V. Eremin does not even fit the definition of "performance"! An indefatigable, unintelligible act where everything is in line with the modern "liberal-democratic" paradigm of filing our Soviet period of history: the "innocent" deserters who have been shot, the "good" soldiers and officers who are not obeying the order, and sending them to death, threatening and delivering on them " bad ", drunkenness, slovenliness," horrors "of Stalin's repressions, traitors and beautiful, Nordic Germans ... There is not only the Great Patriotic War itself! There is no heroic deed of the people and the army, merged into a single powerful organism! It's a shame for actors of the older generation, who are known for their excellent game, participating in this low-grade trampoline. Young actors (with rare exceptions) are not that "overplayed", but simply twisted as animators from a cheap Turkish hotel! Bezalannym directors can even be advised to look at the wonderful films "Rise" and "Zhenya, Zhenechka and ...", and just make them a tracing-paper, it's a pity that there was not enough consideration for this ,,, Everything left from the second branch: from the young pupils of the military institute, to well-deserved, gray-haired colonels from the ground ... The only ray of light is waiting for the end-the appearance on the stage of Alexander Alekseevich Petrov, the oldest theater actor who passed all the hardships of the war veteran! His short monologue sounds like a wise farewell to the descendants of a living witness of a great era, an old soldier who gave us the world! Summary - this questionable quality production stands alone in the repertoire of the beloved theater, it is unpleasant that the spectators are going to this pseudo-patriotic, pseudo-historical dramatization in the hope of seeing a bright play by the Victory Day, spending budget funds ...

Sergey was 05 march on Ma Moore

The production itself was not impressed (the storyline of the work itself is very banal), but the actors' play is simply gorgeous. The first part is very boring, even tended to sleep. In general, it was pleasant, in the main the performance is drawn by actors with their high professionalism, good scenery, a large number of actors and extras. I disappointed the half-empty hall.

Natal`ya was 05 january on Elinor and Her Men

A wonderful performance. We went with my mother, this is the third performance in this theater, which we went to. The first was - "Playing on the keys of the soul." In the play "Eleanor and her Men" eats where to laugh, there is where to think about the eternal and the nature of man. I like that. Everyone played great!

Valeriy was 25 september on Ms Minisha

A wonderful play of actors, beautiful scenery. We received great pleasure. Olga Bogdanova is gorgeous, they opened it in a new way. Separate scenes are simply delighted with their directorial development and playing all the artists on stage. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLEASURE,

Tat`yana was 24 january on The Sevastopol Marsh

A wonderful performance! Heroic and patriotic! It will be very useful for students in both history and literature.

Tat`yana was 24 january on The Sevastopol Marsh

Very good patriotic good performance

Kseniya was 19 november on The Sevastopol Marsh

Very pleased! Experiencing a patriotic rise!

Dmitriy was 24 january on The Sevastopol Marsh

A wonderful patriotic performance for the whole family

Tat`yana was 14 march on Elinor and Her Men

03/14/2012 were at the play "Elinor and Her Men" and, as always, the Theater of the Russian Army did not disappoint. It's not a game - it's living heroes' lives !! This is all the more tangible when the audience is small and the actors are there. Sergei Kolesnikov (I see him no longer in the first performance, in fact, this time it was on him) - a talented actor! Thank you!

Zinaida was 19 june on Old-fashioned comedy

Were with her husband on January 3, 2017g. At the play. Very kind, nostalgic play! Got great fun! Only two actors, and they keep the whole show in suspense. Bravo!

Marina was 03 january on Old-fashioned comedy

Were on the 03.01.17. At the play. A wonderful game of actors! The performance is so lyrical, life-affirming, giving hope. After viewing, there is a beautiful "aftertaste". Marina.

Irina was 13 may on The amazing adventures of Masha and Vitya

A quality product (which is certainly guaranteed by the status and level of the theater), the source is recognized (for me it was important), the authors successfully bypassed the trap, into which remakes often come. Gladkov's music has been preserved, and new musical fragments have been built in a balanced way - neither to diminish nor to add. Acting performance, vocals. Choreography - all at a high level. I personally was captivated by Kashchei (unfortunately, the surname of the performer is unknown, there is no list of actors of this production on the theater's website). One remark - a very loud sound, sat in the lower tier of the amphitheater, sometimes simply deafening. In the intense moments of action, the child was clearly uncomfortable. Therefore, the desire of the directors and the sound engineer is to solve the question with loudness. And so - on a five-point scale "5-". The original was treated with great respect and care, modern elements are not strained, built neatly. I recommend

Kira was 24 may on Filumena Marturano

I really liked it. Real Italian passion. Viewing before this movie did not stop. On the contrary, it helped. Of course, there was not enough dynamics - the whole show unfolds in some scenery. But here emotions from monologues are more important. I laughed and was moved to tears. A wonderful performance.

Lena was 29 june on Wolves and Sheep

Great performance! Sparkling, dynamic, funny, witty and really liked the dresses of heroines!

Tat`yana was 19 june on Old-fashioned comedy

Wonderful soulful performance!

Ol`ga was 24 may on Filumena Marturano

The play is based on a famous play by Eduardo de Phillippo. In her youth, she watched the film, where the main roles were played by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. The film is much more lively and colorful. Here, rather boring first action and not very successful attempts by Russian actors to convey the Italian temperament. The second action saves its short duration. Very nice impression of the artist's work on costumes. Conclusion: once you can go. Especially for those who did not watch the film.

Lena was 16 june on Tsar Feodor Ioannovich

Were at the play on December 10. The performance impressed! Excellent production, convincing game of all actors without exception! Interesting director's moves, such as the spectacular exits of the boyars of Shuisky, elected from the people on the side of the hall, the light that was not completely extinguished in the audience hall, which created a feeling of a space with the stage! Very pleased! Thank you!

Viktoriya was 05 may on A long time ago

Bright, dynamic, funny performance. Literate direction, beautiful scenography. Artists are organic, precise and passionate. All hussars are great fellows! The line of relations between Germont and Pelymova, performed by L. Tatarova and V. Pozharsky, is perhaps more interesting than the novel of the main characters.) The Old Guard admires the magnificent diction, submission. A. Petrov, Yu. Komissarov, A. Chutko, V. Abramov-bravo! AT

Lubov` was 28 june on Classmates

Were at the play on March 24. We looked at one breath. Fairytale conclusion) The monologues of the heroes were somewhat tightened, but the overall impression remained good.

Eleonora was 31 may on Stingy

I saw the play many times already, and now I came again: the amazing actor Boris Plotnikov plays amazingly there. It makes you laugh and compassion, and hope that you yourself (the spectator) can more adequately, humanly, exist in a world where the power of money is so strong. Money that you can lose at any time; Children with whom they can not find a common language ... - everything is relevant to "ah!", To tears and spasms in the throat. And constantly there are new blyostki of actor's finds, improvisations. Plotnikov involves the elements of the game and his partners on the stage, they try, some get cool, but the main thing for the whole evening is Carpenters, Carpenters and Carpenters. :) Not all viewers like minimalistic decoration. But it does not interfere with seeing movements, their funny and sharp, almost ballet drawing (it is optimal to look from afar and higher).

Elena was 09 june on Classmates

Were with my friend 09.06.2015, I liked the performance very much. Actors are just fine fellows, they played so cool that they watched the play in one breath. Well done !! Thank you very much!!!!

Alla was 02 may on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

I liked the performance very much. We had a wonderful Saturday night with my husband and enjoyed playing the actors.

Irina was 09 june on Classmates

A wonderful performance, visited June 9. The play of the actors did not leave indifferent, they did not regret that they chose this theater for a visit, they were passing through Moscow.

Alexandr was 01 april on The One That Is Not Waited

Lyudmila Alekseevna Chursina in the role of inevitable, inevitable, but for some reason pretty and understandable Death. I did not expect such a "powder in the flasks" ... I was at the play yesterday, but I woke up today and the first thing I remembered was the performance. I recommend to the indispensable viewing!

Natal`ya was 08 june on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

Not bad, but it is advisable to pre-read Hasek.

Valentina was 05 february on Forever Alive

Was 5.02.15. It's amazing ... It's amazing that the performance does not roar about Moscow. All artists are great professionals. Comparison with some familiar in the series is not in their favor. And Nyurka-bread-cutting is a cultural shock in a good sense of the word! And I really liked the skill of the performers of the role of Vava and Antonina

Ludmila was 17 june on A dream in a summer night

I just returned from the play, I hasten to share my impressions! I recommend to all! The performance is very sweet, kind, light and bright! From the hall she came out, smiling and almost dancing!

Ol`ga was 17 march on Sanya, Vanya, with them Rimas

The play did not like. Very dreary, sometimes even boring. In my opinion, there are a lot of moments with the "silent scene", such ... a long pause. It will be interesting for fans of Gurkin and Shukshin. The rustic routine of the war. The actors performed the script well, to the extent possible. Waited for the similarity of "Love and Doves", but received a heavy drama. In general .... thrown to the wind money.

Tat`yana was 08 june on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

The performance is good! The first act is not as dynamic as the second one. A lot of songs and dances, fun!

Irina was 20 february on Classmates

The performance touched the soul. "The history of my class" was thought by everyone who was in the hall. Mine is accurate, because it is my classmates who have been called to serve in Afghanistan. But the youth also came out shocked after the performance. The performance is wonderful, I recommend.

Irina was 01 february on Elinor and Her Men

I went to the play with a heavy heart to look at the "pensioners", but received a lot of pleasure. Magnificent literary material, magnificent direction, magnificent actors - incomparable Chursina. Relax for a second is impossible - the plot changes every minute, from fear to touching tenderness, love replaces hatred. Six actors are kept in suspense hall for 3 hours. Everything, as in life - there are no right and guilty, there are no black and white. Highly recommend.

Vladimir was 14 february on The One That Is Not Waited

Very philosophical and thoughtful play. Stunning game of all actors and of course Lyudmila Chursina. Her game on the stage is fascinating, you can not tear yourself away! I advise everyone to see this performance.

Lubov` was 28 march on A dream in a summer night

Surprisingly fascinating staging, professional game, the best impressions. Thanks for the performance !!!

Tat`yana was 19 march on Forever Alive

The play left only pleasant and positive emotions. The actors were able to convey and convey all the tragedy, the pain of loss, the atmosphere of wartime. As always on top! Well done and thank you very much for this work!

Nikita was 08 may on Stingy

A wonderful performance, I'm happy to go on it!

Shurshynchik was 08 june on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

Such a nice, home-made play about Prague during the war ... and those soldiers), namely, about Svejko) read the book for a long time, so I did not understand a bit but played cheerfully and cheerfully)

Ivan was 14 february on The One That Is Not Waited

A wonderful theater! A stunning performance, the performance is very interesting for any of the generations of viewers. I strongly advise. All liked it.

Natal`ya was 22 february on Dr. Aibolit

The play really liked, the play of the actors is impressive, especially I want to mention "Barmaleya". Daughter (4 years) the performance looked at one breath and listened attentively, she liked the monkey Chi-Chi. Cheerful and positive performance. But there was not enough for the four of them, the child was not comfortable to look at, sitting on their laps, they took a row 7.

Marina was 09 january on Sanya, Vanya, with them Rimas

I'm delighted with the performance. Such emotions for a long time did not test. In this performance everything is fine: both the actors' play, and the director's work, and the scenery. And most importantly, there is sadness and joy in it, and tragedy and humor. The play leaves a very bright feeling: positive, hope. There is neither vulgarity nor blackness. Thank you! Bigbilet! Good work, thank you. Ludu use your service

Marina was 13 june on Sanya, Vanya, with them Rimas

Marina. Were with my husband at the play on January 05. Both the theater and the play left the most positive emotions. The story of love and life is conveyed by the artists very warmly and sincerely. I would also like to note the excellent performance of the song with the leitmotif throughout the whole play.

Ol`ga was 25 january on A long time ago

On the play went on January 25. I liked it very much. The actors are on top. With us was a teenager of 15 years, was sitting with his mouth open. Is not this the best praise? In the presentation, Zeldin participated. Well, there are no words at all. It's not enough to live to such an age, still be in the mind and play virtuoso on stage. Above all praise. Overall excellent. I recommend to everyone!

Tat`yana was 03 june on Dr. Aibolit

Watched the performance Dr. Aibolit with his grandson 3h.11mes.Ochen liked it, the child looked without stopping, everything was available without asking questions. Do you like Obezyanka and Krokodil.Nachalo with assistant doctors is a little oppressive, it would be better to start the action of animal artists - Fox, Goat, Dog, Utkonos and others (instead of toys) that "come" to Aybolit to heal. There are little children in the hall - They make a lot of noise, they do not perceive the performance and can not stand it by the time. Advice to parents-children up to 3 years is better for a puppet show for 40 minutes. Thanks artists and the theater - well done!

Mihail was 23 june on Ma Moore

"Ma-Moore", 24/01/2015. I went with my son for 18 years. I liked the performance, I liked the audience. They were very surprised at the number of theater-goers - the hall is full. As always, the TSATR is comfortable and comfortable. To the theater offer - do not force to print out electronic tickets at the ticket office. For the convenience of visitors, provide the ticket holders with mobile terminals and everything will be easier for everyone. So they act in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, for example.

Aleksandra was 24 january on Ma Moore

The first part of the play is somewhat prolonged, the second is more dynamic. It was not always audible well. But in general there was a good impression, thank you to the actors!

Dmitriy was 05 december on Classmates

The performance was excellent. It was on the 5th of December. The play of actors and the play by Yuri Polyakov are incomparable. I highly recommend everyone to go. You will not regret.

Aleksey was 06 june on Ms Minisha

I liked absolutely everything: both the plot, and the production, and the actors' play. After watching, I learned to play bridge and started smoking. Well ... everything, nothing else did :-)

Larisa was 14 december on A dream in a summer night

December 14, 2014 A Midsummer Night's Dream is a performance of the Russian Army Theater. A chic performance, costumes, scenery, music, lighting - everything gave a real pleasure. Thanks to the director, thanks to the actors for this Shakespeare. All the actors played with great impact.

Aleksey was 10 december on A long time ago

My opinion is that for the film Gusar Balada you need to see the performance in the Russian Army's Theater "Long-Long ago", because in the play as on December 10, 2014 everything is shown more fully, but I will not tell in advance.

Katerina was 06 november on Classmates

I gave my mother tickets for Birthday. We went with her alone, both after work, tired. We thought 3:00 could not withstand.NO! All 3 hours sat like enchanted! It's great! And funny and sad to tears.Energy can not be conveyed in words! We advised all friends and acquaintances! Go, do not regret it!

Natal`ya was 29 june on Wolves and Sheep

Very pleased! Actors GOOD FELLOWS !!! Have a nice evening!

Maksim was 30 september on A dream in a summer night

In the first for a long time visited the theater. We chose the plot, and we did not make a mistake, then we must! The actors were on top, and everything, I'm not at all assiduous, but soon I got involved, because An interesting plot and elements of modern humor (eg, light ostentatious replay), it's ridiculous and invigorating without letting it get tired. Funny costumes of animals are very appropriate, everyone laughed. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Anastasiya was 08 may on Stingy

A wonderful performance! Funny, but at the same time not unprincipled. With very modest decorations (we confess honestly - they are represented there all in the form of one item on stage), but so exciting with a wonderful game of actors that you do not pay attention to the modesty of the design!

Dar`ya was 15 october on A dream in a summer night

The play really liked, the actors are great! To admit, we did not even expect that we would be so enthusiastic.

Ol`ga was 05 october on Ma Moore

Thanks to the actors, but the expectations were greater

Snegana was 05 june on Ms Minisha

As always a beautiful and delightful performance. So much positive. The game of actors is simply mesmerizing, all without exception :-) you are all great fellows.

Mariya was 03 june on Dr. Aibolit

Great performance! Were with my daughter 4 years for many, this one liked the most. The performances are staged with humor, even children understand. Barmaley is charming. Daughter gave flowers to him-)

Yana was 08 june on Ma Moore

Thanks, all very much. The actors play is gorgeous.

Nataliya was 18 june on Ma Moore

Many thanks for the delivered emotions and pleasure

Elena was 15 june on Tsar Feodor Ioannovich

Great performance. Very deep. Everything is impeccable and the director's work and the actors' play! They applauded standing to the redness of the palms! We love your theater very much and will be happy to visit you! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 18 june on Ma Moore

Very pleased! Wait for us next season!

Irina was 15 june on Dr. Aibolit

Thank you ! Barmaley is super! Good stage version. Got grandchildren a lot of impressions! The children did not understand, true, the story with Robinson, he did not fit well into the plot. And a little delayed 1st action.

Uliya was 05 june on Hamlet

Classical production, no innovations, thank God. Hamlet for some reason did not get pants from props, he was wearing jeans. Speech actors can be dismantled when they stand on the edge of the stage. It is worth moving further away, begins to "fonit." They got bored and left after the first act.

Anastasiya was 06 june on Ms Minisha

Thank you all. Very positive. My husband and I had a very good time. After this performance, we often went to the theater of the Russian Army)))

Andrey was 18 may on Dr. Aibolit

Costumes, decorations are very good, attract the attention of small viewers. Sound-disgusting, namely, singing to the phonogram actors sound loudly, and the quality of the equipment is bad, a lot of low frequencies, the texts are deaf. And right after the loudly sounding music the actors speak very quietly. Perception loses integrity. Exit hinged microphones, or remove the singing in the soundtrack, sing live with quiet music. Andrei

Elena was 17 may on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

I did not like it, they left after the first act. Unpleasant feeling that the director in this nonsense did not even participate. As if the KVN contest among the first-year students of the provincial institute, and the actors would do well to work on the diction to work, the lyrics in general could not be disassembled ... And of course to look at the bare lashes of the "young" Svejk, dressing his trousers in the scene, is also not a very pleasant pastime, Is it really difficult to make two steps for the scenery? And about the Theater itself it was not clear at all that half of the audience, and so not a large hall, came free of charge (I do not know why) and occupied redeemed places, and did not feel at all relieved .... And the "saleswomen" Yourself completely ugly, without exaggeration - screaming without stopping "Programs, programs, who have not bought the program! You are lucky, you got to premiere performance!" As in the bazaar ((and in the buffet now instead of cognac, they offer beer, there are still devices with a popular put ((((We went to the theater, to stage our favorite Hasek, not to the cinema or to the stadium (((

Galina was 29 may on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

We really enjoyed

Nadegda was 10 may on Ma Moore

Cheerful and at the same time touching performance, but it is impossible to imagine that oboyatelnoy Golubkina is 106 years old, she is too good!

Angelika was 30 may on Ma Moore

Thank you for such a wonderful performance!

Anastasiya was 16 june on Tsar Feodor Ioannovich

The performance is very classy! Lazorev played the king very cool. I adore him, this is a very talented actor !!!

Anastasiya was 08 june on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

Musical comedy is fun, family. Thanks to the cast.

Ekaterina was 02 may on Elinor and Her Men

The performance is good only for ardent admirers of historical themes. Actors play flawlessly and simply perfectly. You look and, as Stanislavsky said, "you believe." Elinor in the performance of Chursina is beautiful. A sort of narcissistic queen-queen. The king is a scolded womanizer and a dork who thinks only of how to preserve his empire and most sweetly live. Unexpected komizm introduces in the play the unconventional orientation of King Philip and his love affair with Richard. Oh, I always thought of King Richard (Lionheart) as a knight without fear and reproach, but here he is petty, narcissistic, almost nasty. In general, at the end, you want to exclaim something like "Plague on both your houses!", In this case, however, the house is all the same, but it has a huge number of opposing sides and each for the most part only for themselves . I do not recommend going to the play if you want to touch something "reasonable, kind, eternal". The viewer will never get the state of catharsis, although the actors are trying hard to bring him somehow. But ... alas, ah, this is not the material, not the play where it is possible to realize it. There remains a slight disappointment and a feeling that the three hours of my life (and that's how much the show lasts) have gone beyond remembrance and vnikuda. Once again, the actors played within their role perfectly, but, apparently, the play is really not for me ...

Ekaterina was 18 may on Dr. Aibolit

Good performance! Children are very interesting and fun!

Uliya was 11 may on A long time ago

Thank you. I liked the performance. I am delighted with the participation of Zeldin. Only he did not have time to take a picture.

Irina was 24 may on The One That Is Not Waited

Fantastically wonderful performance! All the artists played great! Chursina is incomparable!

Tat`yana was 25 may on Ma Moore

Thank you! I liked the performance very much. The actors are gorgeous! Creative successes to you!

Mariya was 25 may on Ma Moore

All very much! Many thanks for the wonderful performance !!!

Natal`ya was 18 may on Dr. Aibolit

The performance really liked! Thank you!

Irina was 30 march on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

Performance och.horoshy. The chamber hall needs repair.

Elena was 10 may on Ma Moore

Larisa Golubkina, gorgeous. She plays amazing! She liked the performance.

Mariya was 10 may on Ma Moore

We liked. Thank you for the pleasure.

Uliya was 06 april on Ms Minisha

A classic story and a good game of actors liked! Especially the game of Nikolai Kozak in the role of son-in-law. But the performance did not have enough scenery.

Pavel was 30 march on The Adventures of the Brave Soldier

All very much. 5 points

Aleksandra was 01 april on A long time ago

Thank you so much! We got a lot of pleasure from the performance and a positive charge! Thanks for your work!

Irina was 01 april on A long time ago

A positive, bright performance! We went, frankly, to Zeldin and a little upset that on that day he was not busy in the play. But they enjoyed playing the actors. Surprised scenery: very original and beautiful.

Marina was 17 april on The One That Is Not Waited

Thank you! About presentation only the best words !!!!

Ol`ga was 05 may on A long time ago

Unfortunately, very disappointed. The play is not divorced in the light, music. The mise en scene is torn, flat. At the level of the drama circle. Of the whole composition, 2 actors played well, the rest ... most of the text is not audible, because the headsets are only included in the songs. A huge scene of the most beautiful theater building is used at 5%. The production for the 42nd year, maybe, was good, but now it is insanely outdated. It is necessary to put it in another way. We left in the intermission, like half the audience.

Ekaterina was 01 april on A long time ago

I express great gratitude to all the actors for the amazing game! I liked it a lot, thank you!

Ol`ga was 06 april on Ms Minisha

A wonderful play of actors, musicians on stage, are simply incomparable! Deep, but old as the world, meaning, which is essential to reflect more often.were with a child of 13 years old, looked with interest, but only perceived external effects. After the performance, the meaning was explained in words accessible to the teenager, and everything he saw fell into place .Thank you!

Ol`ga was 27 march on Tsar Feodor Ioannovich

I liked the performance. N. Lazarev-bravo! But N. Kozak little need to refine the role of both the internal state and the external appearance. Thank you all for the pleasure. :-)

Ol`ga was 27 april on Ma Moore

Adorable !!!

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