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Moscow Drama Theater "Benefit" by A.Nerovnaya

Feedbacks from viewers
El`vina was 18 march on Summer of love, or life is stopped

Wonderful performance! I really liked! The actors are all so young, beautiful, lively, especially the main character. Received a lot of emotions and experiences. I did not regret that I went to this play. I advise all my friends to go.

El`vina was 18 march on Summer of love, or life is stopped

Summer of love, or life is beautiful! I really liked the performance! The actors are all very beautiful, young, alive. Received a huge charge of emotions, especially from the main character. A performance about love in all its manifestations! Looking at the heroes, I remembered my moments and experiences from life. I am very glad that I went to him.

Dmitriy was 03 december on How important it is to be serioznym

The Benefis Theater itself is unusual - there is no scene here !!! You "live" with the actors. We spent a wonderful Saturday together with the troupe "How important it is to be serioznym" - positive for the week ahead! Thank you very much!

Denis was 13 march on How important it is to be serioznym

Good staging. A brilliant game of actors. Separate thanks to Anna Mikhailovna.

Viktor was 07 november on Matchmaking in Moscow. The second

A lot of young actors, played great!

Lubov` was 09 march on Matchmaking in Moscow. The second

The performance is light - one-act, the actors liked the play. The theater is small, in this performance the stage is located in the middle of the hall, on tickets we had the 8th row, but in fact from the stage it turned out to be the 3rd. It was clear that everything was fine.

Svetlana was 01 february on Matchmaking in Moscow. The first

The play really liked: Ostrovsky + Kim - it's very cool. The chamber theater, everything happens directly in front of the viewer, but there is no sense of the children's matinee. We are going to the second part too.

Galina was 12 january on Matchmaking in Moscow. The second

Thank you! I liked it very much!

Elena was 16 november on Matchmaking in Moscow. The first

Good performance !!! The actors play with such fervor and are so natural and incendiary that the spectators feel themselves participants in the action. Beautiful artists, beautiful costumes, magnificent live voices. I would like to get into the theater Benefit! Throw all the business, run and look !!!

Ol`ga was 17 november on Matchmaking in Moscow. The second

I got great pleasure from the performance. Actors - well done - active, perky, play with the soul. I recommend this performance for an easy and fun evening.

Zaretta was 13 december on Matchmaking in Moscow. The first

A magnificent performance full of sincerity and dedication. The theater greets with warmth and a smile at the door. With a smile and leave it after the performance. Bow to all the actors and employees.

Marina was 10 april on My Dad is the most, the most!

The performance is good for children from 3 years (in the playbill of the theater is indicated from 6). Very cozy theater with home furnishings, friendly workers. A low rise in the rows, so young children recommend choosing the first rows.

Marina was 09 november on My Dad is the most, the most!

thank you, everything was good

Nefin was 21 march on My Dad is the most, the most!

Actors on stage laughed on their own, discipline is lame

Ekaterina was 21 january on Summer of love, or life is stopped

Summer is love, or life is beautiful. Great performance. The main character played just fine (with emotions, with tears, sensually). We received great pleasure. Thank you!!!

Elena was 21 november on Love me more than life

Very complex, not understandable. Many just slept. Although my husband and I discussed him for a long time. What is the play in general? But he is about loneliness

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Summer of love, or life is stopped
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Matchmaking in Moscow. The first
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I was having a dream...
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How important it is to be serioznym
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Matchmaking in Moscow. The second
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