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"CULTURAL INVASION" - a musical and poetic production. “As a little girl I got on a strange train, I sang a ringing song and my friends were with me. Where I was yesterday, there today is not to be found, This is how my life passes, every day on the road. "- once sang the diva Irina Ponarovskaya ... Life is often compared to a train. And what, a beautiful allegory - "the train of our life" ... So, having come to the musical performance "Cultural Invasion", we first find ourselves in the waiting room: waiting for the performance and waiting for the "train" (in front of us is the train schedule board). I look at the schedule - choose any direction, you want Paris, you want St. Petersburg, you want Voronezh ... you even want "St. Petersburg-Leningrad". Yes, yes, there is such a route! And I thought - where will the "train" of the Cultural Invasion take us? And how serious will this "Invasion" be in my life? The music of Alexei Aiga performed by the ensemble "4'33", specially written for this project, and three beautiful male actors, each with their own charisma and charm: S. Chonishvili, D. Strakhov, S. Shnyrev, are playing on the stage. They perform verses of poets of the 20th century. Sergei Chonishvili had the most character and I remember them most of all. I even wanted to know the author of each poem. I don't know if this information was in the programs, and whether there were programs, I flew into the hall at the very last moment, like on a departing train. Here, again, a comparison with the "train". Such a stage solution for the performance (waiting room, station) is very successful. After all, poems are about life, love, friendship. We either meet someone, then wait, then say goodbye to someone. This is what our life consists of. For an hour and a half I immersed myself in the living of these stories in verse, periodically projecting onto my experiences and events, finding in many ways an echo of my own feelings, even though these were “men's stories”: “..... He jokingly put me in an empty carriage, I jokingly left on the train at night ... ”The performance left a pleasant aftertaste of good music and poetry, and the joy of contemplating talented actors and musicians. Therefore, I even "googled" about the creators of the project, it became interesting to me. This is the "Commonwealth of Actors, Musicians and ..." (SAMi) - a creative team, the name of which was born after the release of several similar projects. Now I will be happy to watch their other performances.


Was on June 3rd for Cultural Invasion. And on the way home, I thought how to make it a rule not to put off life and do everything in full force, without drafts. This performance turned out to be such a powerful, sober, real and uplifting invasion for me. All the performances of the theater itself are amazing, and this new work of theirs is definitely. All the same, and all the same. And each time it is like a psychotherapy session, with a guaranteed effect. I know that poetry is not for everyone, but if you want to give yourself and her a chance again, do it with YOURSELF -theatre. Because in a moment you will cease to distinguish between poetry and prose, but you will hear music and meanings that will awaken something in you, and maybe even you. I admit, I first of all go to Sergei Chonishvili. And it's always not enough for me. It seems to me that if he was talking about quantum physics, I would know it. He speaks and everything without barriers penetrates inside, into the soul, heart, head - totally. Honest, real poems told by talented actors to the live music of the wizard Alexei Aigi made my evening! And also incredibly I wanted to go to Peter. Such a sudden plunge into the St. Petersburg atmosphere happened. For this, Daniil Strakhov is more responsible than others. And how tasty, frankly and beautifully Sergei Shnyrev spoke about love and women .. mmm .. Natalia Semyonova "conducted" all these beautiful men and history without beginning or end. The magic happened again. The magic of music, the magic of the word.


On May 14 we were at this performance with my husband. I'm 62, he's 66, I'm disabled. left the second department for the first time in their life. we see ourselves in these unfortunate people, so it's hard to look at all this. The youth were having fun and my heart was breaking. I wanted to relax and unwind, but it turned out to be a bitter grief.


Since the time of the story "Childhood" in the 6th grade, Gorky for me was a boring and not at all catchy writer. But I went to the play "At the Bottom" with curiosity. I already knew that the director Y. Grymov knows how to stage classics in such a way that the boring becomes interesting, the philosophical becomes accessible, and the protracted becomes dynamic. Expectations came true 100%! The modern inhabitants of Rublevka speak in the language of Gorky, and you would never think that the play was written in 1902. Despite branded items and rich surroundings, people's problems have changed little. Someone is looking for love, who is the truth, someone is already holding the "bottom" with a stranglehold. The actors play great! Each has created a unique image. Vasilisa, Vaska Ashes, Actor seemed especially bright to me. I read reviews - many consider Luka in the play as a negative hero. And he seemed pretty to me. In a difficult situation, he is always there, finds encouraging words, calls on a person to be human. This is important! Music perfectly complements what is happening on stage. I liked the performance and will be understandable to high school students when studying the work. Theater "Modern", in my opinion, is doing a very important job - it reveals the world of classical literature for young people, and this is very valuable. And yes ... I have not read the play, but now I will probably read it ...