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I watched the program with my grandchildren last year. The Pokrovsky ensemble pleases with its professionalism. Special thanks for the respect for folk traditions! The grandchildren are delighted. We bought a season ticket this season! Let's go again!


Shrovetide songs, dances, games and rituals and the atmosphere of fun folk festivals on Shrovetide. Wonderful live action! Thanks to the Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble!


Unfortunately, there was no program. Therefore, I cannot say the names of the actors. I'd like to note the high level of performance of "Schastlivtsev" and "Neschastlivtsev", as well as "Raisa Pavlovna" at the play on February 2, 2016 "Forest" Main stage of GITIS. I wish them every success in the future. N.Kalutskova


We always go to the GITIS theater with joy. Watched 03.03. production of "Forest". I liked it very much. The performance is wonderful. The guys are GOOD. Many thanks to the organizers, the EU and the administration of the theater for the opportunity to have such pleasure.


I bought tickets at my own peril and risk, because Platonov with his Soviet utopias and depressing world was always difficult for me to read. My wife was wary of my act, but let's go. And they never regretted it! Each action, and it lasts two hours, was dynamic, emotional and with good humor. Thank you very much to all the participants in the performance!


December 18, 2014 were with her husband at R. Leoncavallo's opera "Pagliacci" at the Opera Center of G.P. Vishnevskaya. Bravo! Bravo to all! Soloists, Choir, Directors, Conductors, Orchestra! Great costumes, great decorations! Excellent production. So alive, real. "And the heart beats in ecstasy, And for him resurrected again And deity, and inspiration, And life, and tears, and love." I'd like to go again and bring children and friends. Thanks for a wonderful evening.


Luxurious production, they understand a lot about opera here. Young singers, but professionals, sang with pleasure. Orchestra, scenography, staging of 2 parts, everything is very professional and tasteful.


Almost two years have passed since my friend and I went to the play "All Ways Lead to the North" from the Ballet Moscow Theater on the stage of the Stanislavsky Theater. And then it turned out that not only adults can enjoy modern dance, because especially for children, the Moscow Ballet has two whole performances: "Thumbelina" 0+ and a new performance "The Wizard of Oz" 6+. During the quarantine, the January Blonde got carried away with computer games, so for him to go to the ballet, where each action resembles the completion of a mission in the game, and the scenery and costumes of the characters are constantly referring to Minecraft in a pixel square, and makes you remember about endermen (black mobs) and creepers ( green kamikaze mobs). Perhaps very little ones can be a little scared, because there are many battles, missions, obstacles in the performance, but older children will appreciate the dynamism. The main idea that our strength is in unity and brotherhood, in my opinion, is read very quickly, because only together the heroes of the classic work of Lyman Frank Baum "The Amazing Wizard of Oz" and the book by Alexander Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City" can cope with everything and to reach the Boss, in this case the Wizard, who gives the Rewards. Everything is like in the Game, everything is like in Life. We also liked the choreography (Toto was especially successful - Andrey Tikhonov), the costumes: what a luxurious mane Lev (Azamat Ishkin) has, why -that I took it at first for Fire. The most fascinating scene with the Poppies, to the music of Murat Kabardokov, immerse the audience in a hypnotic state of delight. The ballet takes 1 hour 15 minutes with an intermission, for the kids, who were very many in the hall, it can be too long, but they will be able to sit out the first action.In front of KZ Izmailovo there is ample parking, and the metro with ground transport stops is literally 10 minutes away. but to leave the shift, for this you don't even need to contact the employees, they show the shelf where the mothers leave the packages. Before the play, kids have a place to run in the foyer, decorated with fancy lights. There is a small buffet that accepts cards, but it is one, and the queue cannot be avoided.


Bright, musical, dynamic. Without words from the stage. And here it turns out interesting. How do you think children watch the play without words? They are drawn to talk and to voice at least something. Literally every new scene is accompanied by a hum in different voices like: “Mom! It's the Lumberjack! " An interesting effect, curious. And not stressful at all. On the contrary, it is pleasant to observe genuine involvement, especially when it is with respect towards artists and spectators, in a whisper. The fairy tale looks at one breath and leaves a feeling of celebration. The performance is recommended from six years old. And although, of course, everything is individual - plus / minus, I would like the parents to take into account the recommendation and not take the kids at all. Now the theater's performances are held at the Izmailovo Concert Hall with a spacious and comfortable hall. We had ideal seats in the center of the seventh row (better visibility and the price is more pleasant than the sixth row). I strongly advise you to take just such😉.


"False Note" is one of those few performances that do not require reviewing. Even with a strong desire to say something, it is very difficult to clearly formulate a thought, you need to see and feel it. However, I will try to comprehend at least a small part. Firstly, I, surprisingly, have nothing to complain about: neither the acting, nor the script, nor the production, nor the concept itself. This performance gives odds to many feature films about the Second World War, because, unlike them, it is not pretentious and has room for the viewer's thought, giving him a choice, thereby making him a direct participant in the action. The idea of castling the executioner and the victim may not be so original, but the way it is shown is commendable. There is a decision to create a casual comedy style first for the sake of emotional contrast, as was done in Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful. As for the historical context, I did not find any obvious blunders, and the story of the main character about his stay in the camp looks convincing, and even too much (perhaps this is the best part of the play). I was pleased with the small number (they are inevitable) of manipulations and speculations on this topic, inscribed organically. Summarizing all of the above, we can say that the performance will not leave anyone indifferent.


The performance has everything - laughter and tears, melancholy and joy ... But, most importantly, throughout the entire performance it is somehow unobtrusive, as if questions about the complexity of being arise by themselves, and they do not let go for a long, long time .... "They cannot die, but there is no place to live there anymore" "Everything has already been negotiated" ...... What about us? Do we have "where to live"? The same routine ... And what about us? Do we always find a topic for conversation? Alas, we are more and more silent, buried in the TV, in the computer, at best in the book ... Life goes on, and we all wait - just about it will happen and we will be happy ... But, as the author of the play Danila said Privalov "" We must appreciate what we have here and now. Because it may not be better. Even THERE. "


Beautiful Far Away is a Beautiful Job


Was at the premiere. I hope that it deserves an "excellent" grade now. Some of the scenes seemed underreported. But in general, I like performances in the small hall for their intimacy and closeness to the actors.


I didn't like the performance. I believe that theater, art in general, should raise the viewer to its level, and not fall for the needs of the crowd and for its empty entertainment. Gogol's "Overcoat" is a piercing thing, the tragedy of a little man, they made a funny musical with dances and songs out of it, and when a naked hairy actor jumped out of another overcoat, ran to the second floor and, turning, began to play the saxophone, which covered the causal places ... Well, you can't make a farce out of everything, you need the viewer, especially the young, to worry, experience certain feelings, and not look dismissively at the stage and grin, well, come on, make me laugh.


Great game. Excellent production. Only there is no spark that makes you empathize with the actors. They are too majestic and far away.


thanks for the performance 12/5/2020 Olga TERENTIEVA is undoubtedly the most beautiful Elsa - a beautiful and very even voice. The voice is gold. I liked Andrzej Beletsky Alexey Antonov Anastasia Bibicheva and Alexander Skvarko. Thank you!!!