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Кладбище понтов

Кладбище понтов16+

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105082, Москва, Спартаковская пл., 9/1а
01 h 25 min



Gasoline is a very sad smell. The smell of anxiety and goodbye "

Surely, many remember my father's car from childhood, and later - his first "iron horse". We are so used to cars that today we equate them in importance with new shoes. If you wanted it - threw it out, tired - bought a fashionable novelty; some to the theater, others to shift.

But tell me, which of us doesn’t like to get into our car, the interior of which has a unique - our own - smell, turn on our favorite radio wave, put the most valuable things in the glove compartment, blink headlights and just drive forward? For lonely people, a car is like a second home, for majors and bandits - a way to "throw show-off" in front of homies, and rich "princes" easily give cars to their beloved girls.

You may not have thought about it, but machines have a Soul. The car can both save its owner and destroy, offended by inattention and coldness ...

This is exactly what Yuri Grymov's new play "Ponte Cemetery" tells about, a production unique in form and content that will completely turn your idea of "iron horses" upside down! This is a dynamic, eerily true story about responsibility and uncontrolled strength, fragile mercy and the ability to hear the world around us. The performance will remind you of what true kindness and love are.

… Look at the night sky more often - they say that there, next to the Big Dipper, sometimes you can see the constellation of Abandoned Cars.

"In the play, I talk about what love and beauty are, that they live around us. Compassion, believe and forgive even those who, it seems to us, have no feelings. Love is a colossal force that can save a person even from "Ponte Cemetery" is a male performance with a kind female heart. It will give the audience what everyone needs - the awareness of love and goodness in this lonely, rapidly changing world. "

Stage Director Yuri Grymov
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