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Бешеный хворост

Бешеный хворост18+

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Москва, Неглинная ул., 29/1
01 h 40 min



The play "Crazy brushwood" was sent by the author to participate in the drama competition "Characters-2021". With its audacity and relevance, the work immediately attracted the attention of the artistic director of the ShSP Joseph Reichelgauz and the literary section of the theater, so the School of Modern Play immediately entered into an agreement with the playwright, having received exclusive rights to stage the work.

Joseph Raikhelgauz saw in the play a rhyme to the old film by Eldar Ryazanov "Dear Elena Sergeevna". The play tells the story of a high school student who was persecuted by teachers because of political dissent, as if mirroring the picture of 1988, where the teacher herself is the victim.

There is a metaphor in the title of the play. Crazy brushwood is a plant that is poisonous to humans and animals. At the same time, it has a fragrant smell and bright, attractive beauty. Just like crazy brushwood, people whose life values are far from high matters and are focused primarily on personal benefit and pragmatism can be toxic and dangerous.

Is there anything a teacher who forbids students to express thoughts can teach something for fear of losing their own reputation? And what about a teacher who puts pressure on their pupils because of a difference of opinion? However, the author does not divide the characters into "black and white". The protagonist is here, not a victim or a hero of our time. However, it depends on the point of view: each viewer will be able to interpret the motivation of his actions in his own way.
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