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Mowgli. Song of the dead

Mowgli. Song of the dead16+

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Moskva, Stromynka ul., 6
02 h 00 min


The first director's work on the native stage of Stromynka of the leading theater artist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation DMITRY BOZIN.

According to the director, this is a performance about bestial rage and bestial tenderness. About a great warrior, in spirit and anger not inferior to Achilles, and his mentors, in the wisdom of his equals to the centaur Chiron. About clarity of mind, when you reach the edge of life and consciously cross the threshold of great fear, or when your mind commands an angry heart to keep the blade in its sheath. And more ... Undoubtedly ... This is a performance about the Witchcraft of the Great Nature.

It is not easy when two people converge in one being - the nature of the human tribe and the first nature of the animal essence. Mowgli's cub has grown up, and it's time to decide which tribe to follow, the voice of which blood is stronger. While he is a wolf, even dead ropes-vines come to life on his body, becoming the elastic body of a boa constrictor, he is served by the forces of the forest and all its inhabitants help him, space obeys him, and Kaa's voice is born from his breath. But it is still unknown what nature will prevail, and whether he, who grew up in the wild, will be able to be in those cells that people call home.

The space, organized by the artist Efim Ruach, is, without exaggeration, a live participant in the performance on an equal footing with the actors. It is being rebuilt, is in continuous movement, often turning into the very heroes of the book of this magical jungle ("The Jungle Book"!) - those whose scale can no longer be captured by human perception, nor limited by the framework of the visible stage space.

But the theater is the theater, in order to expand consciousness, awaken imagination and sharpen all the senses. A chorus of cautious voices merges into an otherworldly sound, unusual for the human ear, from which the words of the wisest of the inhabitants of the jungle Kaa are knitted together. Bagheera, two-faced and unpredictable, plays with her shadow, hearing the spring singing of the forest. And the tusks of the Silent Hatha, tracing somewhere high above everyone in the wrong light of forest mornings and evenings, give peace and allow not to be afraid - as the highest justice, as a constant realization that it exists.

Glorious hunt will be the last for many, but this does not mean that you need to escape from the fight ... and from the rebirth of your own nature.

We have all known the choice of the matured Mowgli for a long time from our favorite childhood book, but still we will wait for his decision with the passion of a child who first opened this book. Kaa has already grown old and blackened - "are you still alive, little man?" - yes, this little man will always be alive. As always, this book will be alive.

The song of death will sound over the jungle more than once. But those who hear it will be ready for it, firmly knowing that the course of life is inexorable, and death is just the first step along the road of the sun.
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