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Вишневый сад. Комедия

Вишневый сад. Комедия16+

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Москва, Земляной Вал ул., 76/21
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"The Cherry Orchard. Comedy"
Based on the play by Anton Chekhov, director - Yuri Muravitsky

A bold and witty rethinking of the classic text of Chekhov, embodied in the Estonian style.
“For me, this is primarily a continuation of the study of Chekhov's drama, the specifics of his humor. Chekhov the playwright was made a sacred cow, although in fact he is an incredibly lively, sarcastic, sarcastic author. "The Cherry Orchard" is his last play, which leaves a certain imprint on the perception of this text as a kind of testament. Therefore, playing "The Cherry Orchard" as a comedy is not an easy task. This is a deep, dramatic text that draws you into the territory of piercing sadness. We play in the open - we are doing a performance about how we all try to overcome this very “Chekhovian melancholy”, into which we inevitably fall through each time. It can be funny if you look at it from the outside, ”says the director.
For the Taganka Theater, this is a special play: "The Cherry Orchard" by Anatoly Efros in 1975 with Vladimir Vysotsky and Alla Demidova in the lead roles, according to many critics, was the brightest and most poignant interpretation of the play of the same name in Soviet times. All of Moscow spoke about this production - the director boldly broke stereotypes and embodied on the stage what no one had ever done before.
Muravitsky also intends to destroy stereotypes, opposing pop aesthetics to the pathos of high tragedy. "The Cherry Orchard" is the last play by A.P. Chekhov, written in 1903 and staged for the first time a year later at the Moscow Art Theater. From the very beginning, Chekhov insisted that The Cherry Orchard was a comedy. “I wrote a comedy, not a whiny drama. Why is my play persistently repeated as a drama in posters and newspapers? ”He wrote in frustration. Many directors did not agree with the author's opinion - for example, Stanislavsky immediately perceived the play as a tragedy and argued with the playwright: “This is not a comedy, not a farce, as you wrote, it is a tragedy, no matter what outcome to a better life you open in the last act ".
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