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Сирано де Бержерак

Сирано де Бержерак12+

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Москва, Волгоградский пр-кт., 121
03 h 30 min


The heroic comedy in two acts

Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with the beautiful Roxanne, but does not even dream of confessing to her, believing that she is not worthy of a reciprocal feeling. He is a fearless soldier and desperate brater, he is a Poet who writes beautiful poems, but he is frightfully ugly. The ugly nose of Cyrano becomes almost his main enemy. He is ready to fight to the death with everyone who looks askance at him, proving with verse and a sword that the mind, honor and courage are more important than pleasant appearance. But he himself does not believe that the lady of his heart can prefer inner beauty - the beauty of the outside ...

The history of Cyrano de Bergerac is a story of great love, honor and courage that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Wonderful costumes, multimedia, exciting battle scenes, enchanting tricks and star cast ensemble guarantee the success of the performance.

The performance already has its own history and even rewards. It was staged in 2008 by the producer center "Art-Piter" and for several years went with great success not only on the venues of Moscow and St. Petersburg, but all over Russia and abroad, visited the USA, Germany, countries CIS and Baltic countries. In the play, wonderful actors of the theaters of St. Petersburg were engaged.

Clarify the composition of the artists on the official website of the Moscow Provincial Theater

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Unfortunate Cyrano was in love, and once he happened to learn that his love is not mutual: Roxana in one handsome soul does not chaet, but does not want to look at Cyrano.

Well, so be it. All the same, the poetic talent and subtle spiritual qualities of Cyrano will not be lost: he will help Roxana in her own way, will write poems and letters to her ... on behalf of the one she loves. Why make her upset with her claims? Let him think that he fell in love with a man who is not only externally good, but still thinks and feels deeply.

Was Cyrano de Bergerac so ugly that he did not dare count on Roxanne's love? Maybe he could be happy too: his poems conquered him! But, alas, he who, not timid, grabbed his sword at every opportunity, was timid before the lady of his heart ... She will understand who is the author of poetry dedicated to her, who is the real hero of her soul - but will understand too late ...

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