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Высоцкий. Рождение легенды

Высоцкий. Рождение легенды12+

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Москва, Волгоградский пр-кт., 121
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Musical performance

The name of the poet, bard and actor Vladimir Vysotsky during his lifetime became a legend. And everything began in the post-war Moscow courtyards, where a modest boy from a military family grew up, dreaming of becoming an actor. And he became it - and lived hundreds of lives, not only on stage and on the screen, but also in his songs, which the whole country heard.

The creators of the play are far from the idea to present a theatrical Baeopik about Vysotsky's life, but they will try to answer the question: how is the legend born?

Vysotsky's image is not given to a specific actor, he arises from episodes of his life played on stage, confessional verses and songs. The play was based on the memoirs of contemporaries, little-known facts about Vysotsky's life, fragments from letters and diaries. Like many poets, Vysotsky's biography is written in his songs and poems. The most famous of them will perform in the performance of the actors of the Moscow Provincial Theater, noting the notable milestones of his life: "I do not like", "My Gypsy", "The Ballad of Love", "My Black Man", "The Lyrical", "I Brought My Trouble "," 07 "" Cony fastidious "," On the Big Coach "and many others. Vysotsky's songs will be performed in different genres: from classical bardic performance to guitar and orchestral arrangements in the style of the 70s of the last century - to a completely new rock sound.

Sergey Bezrukov:

"This performance is a tribute to the memory of the great talent, genius - Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky, his confessional work. Such seemingly pretentious words, but now he is really a legend. My and older generations grew up on his songs. In my childhood, everyone in the house had his records, and it was somehow strange to not know and do not like Vysotsky. And now much depends on us, whether our children and those who will come after us will remember it. Most of those who read and sing Vysotsky's songs in our performance are already another generation, young people who were born and grew up after Vysotsky's death and after the collapse of the USSR. It was important for me that they let Vysotsky through himself: his amazing sincerity, his nerve and emotional tension, his songs and poems. In this, it seems to me, is an inseparable link, the continuity of generations: if we do not break this thread, then Vysotsky's poems will be read in a hundred years. To sing his songs is not easy, because there is an amazing author's performance. The most important thing is to live these songs, because Vladimir Semenovich was an artist, and he himself did not just sing, but lived them. Similarly, his poems can not simply be recited - these are the author's own monologues, utterly confessional, sometimes at the break. "

The performance was created with the participation of Vysotsky's House on Taganka.

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Legend of the Soviet scene, beloved author and singer, who became an iconic figure in the life of a generation - Vladimir Vysotsky was dedicated to the performance by the artists of the Moscow Provincial Theater.

What if not creativity, best conveys the life path of the poet, bard, actor?

His songs reflected the milestones of his biography, inextricably merged with the life of that period of the USSR, in which Vysotsky lived.

These songs can be performed in different ways: singing in a friendly manner to the guitar, reciting under the accompaniment of the orchestra, turning strong words and music into rock. In the play, the pearls of Vladimir Vysotsky's work are played in a different manner, but invariably one thing is the sincerity with which the actors approach the performance.

After all, piercing sincerity, extreme emotional honesty - is exactly what so conquered in Vysotsky. By this he is strong after a year, this creativity is charged with this truthful nudity of feeling, and now this intonation is picked up by those who play in the play about the legend by the name of Vladimir Vysotsky.

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