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Раковый корпус

Раковый корпус16+

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Москва, Ленинградский пр-кт., 71/Г
02 h 00 min


A play about the value of human life and its trials. Only being isolated from everyday bustle, patients of the cancerous body think about the true meaning of their existence. "Than people are alive?" - a question that the heroes constantly ask. Their main desire - the desire to live, the opportunity to live - is in question.
On the stage is a large hospital room - a closed world of cancer patients, a space in which they are left alone with the disease. The dramatic action will become a series of frank stories of the heroes of the story, each of which will have to undergo a great internal path: from panic rejection of the fact of a fatal illness to acceptance or flight from it.
Dmitry Akrish: "In this work for me are very important three phenomena - life, death and love. The hospital ward as an image of the society of the whole state, in which there are absolutely different people, dissimilar beliefs and social roles. They all become equal before the power of death. This performance is a warning, an alarm for a modern person and his ability to think independently, especially in such a borderline state as a terrible disease. "
The Laboratory of Directing is an interdisciplinary project carried out by the artistic director of the theater Vladimir Pankov, one of the main tasks of which is the creation of experimental works that combine theatrical and performative art, music, modern dance, contemporary drama and media art.
Last season the participants of the laboratory were Alexey Zolotovitsky and Dmitry Akrish. They are given a unique opportunity to do independent directorial work and release premieres on the stage of the Central Democratic Republic.

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