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Белые деревья. Иллюзии

Белые деревья. Иллюзии12+

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125284, Москва, Беговая ул., 5
00 h 50 min


The impoverished aristocrat Blanche Dubois, forced to move to her sister Stella, finds herself face to face with a mundane and rough reality. Her main enemy is the owner of the house - Stanley Kowalski, a simple man who organically cannot stand the representative of a completely different, luxurious world. Blanche enchants and annoys him at the same time, so he destroys her last hope for happiness with bestial cruelty.
Having become a hostage of hurting memories, the heroine again and again experiences the pain of losing her own illusions. The figurative solution of the performance opens up for the viewer the inner world of Blanche, a delicate and passionate nature, unable to find a place for herself in the vulgar world of ordinary people.
“White trees. Illusions "- a performance based on Tennessee Williams' play" A Streetcar Named Desire. " Director Ekaterina Migitsko does not follow a recognizable storyline, but seeks to reveal the deep meaning of the play. A deliberate departure from a single choreographic solution and replacing it with a series of emotional and plastic sketches make it possible to visually show on the stage a dramatic confrontation between man and society. The verbal and sign languages, equally used in the play, are intertwined, reinforcing the themes of loneliness and disunity.
A performance by deaf actors - graduates of the acting department of the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts (RGSAI), the workshop of Igor Mikhailovich Vostrov (graduation of 2019). The premiere took place at RGSAI in February 2019.
The Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts (RGSAI) is the only inclusive university in the world, where at three faculties (music, fine arts and theater), gifted young people with hearing, vision, musculoskeletal problems and general diseases receive higher creative education.
The play participates in the project “Central House of Culture. Start". The site on Begovaya has become a new place for experiment and professional development of graduates of theatrical universities. The theater opens up an opportunity for the young generation to play performances created within the walls of institutions and hone their skills.
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