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Elena was 03 november on In a smart place (18+)

Very pleased with the performance and the very small scene. Thank you very much to the actors!

Natalia was 03 november on In a smart place (18+)

We liked. Thank you!

Andrey was 06 january on In a smart place (18+)

Magnificent performance !!!

На бойком месте

На бойком месте18+

Purchased earlier: 302
121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 19/13
02 h 45 min


At this inn, and warmed - and wrapped. Saved text Ostrovsky, costumes of the XIX century can not deceive the viewer: in the cruel customs of the Russian province of the century before last as in the mirror looks today.

But how fascinating it is to look at the intrigues of these crooks and worry about whether the young sister of the owner of the wretched place can get out of the vicious circle and find love! In this energetic and ridiculous performance you will not understand at times who is positive and who is the negative character, the director laughs at, and who takes seriously. But the essence is unchanged: it's a theater!

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Hope dies last…

A terrible devilry can happen in the Russian outback. At first glance - an ordinary village, an ordinary inn. Few of the merchants did not stop here to rest and chat with the beautiful housewife.

Everyone is welcome to the Vakula Bessoudny Inn. Here you will be fed, here you will be given a drink, here you will be wrapped up to the last thread. This place is ... lively.

But the owner is not what he claims to be. Do not be deceived at the expense of his cordiality and hospitality.

The owner of the establishment is a real werewolf. In the afternoon - hospitable host, at night - a highwayman from a big road.

He does not lose his night hours and his wife, "a beautiful woman for thirty years". What does she have to lose with a sixty-year old? The husband at the door - she immediately takes in her young lover.

Handsome, boyar and landowner likes and the sister of a rogue-innkeeper. Seduced all with his magnificent mustache a retired cavalryman.

How to unravel this family-love ball of jealousy, jealousy and greed?

Acute psychology of family relations against the backdrop of criminal history.

Gudezh, robbery, gulb, firing.

What conscience? What pride? These words are forgotten in this lost place at the crossroads.

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Elena was 03 november

Very pleased with the performance and the very small scene. Thank you very much to the actors!

Natalia was 03 november

We liked. Thank you!

Andrey was 06 january

Magnificent performance !!!

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