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Angelina was 12 june on Created a miracle

We really enjoyed! Chamber theater, the feeling that you are on stage! The performance itself and the work are excellent!

Сотворившая чудо

Сотворившая чудо16+

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 23 корп.9
01 h 50 min


A performance based on William Gibson's play

The American writer Elena Keller, because of her illness in early childhood, lost sight and hearing for good. Learning the manual alphabet - the language of the deaf, transmitted to her through touch, she graduated from Cambridge, then the University of Radcliffe (part of Harvard). In those years she wrote her first book.

Elena Keller became so popular that many famous people who came to the USA from all over the world were in a hurry to meet with her: Maxim Gorky, Rabindranath Tagore, Maurice Maeterlinck. As a deafblind, Elena lived an incredibly interesting life, became the author of seven books, traveled throughout America, lectured. What is this, if not a miracle?

The play of the American playwright William Gibson talks about the very beginning of this amazing path, when the fates of two remarkable women - Elena Keller and her teacher Anna Sullivan - crossed.

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Deaf-blind ... Sounds like a verdict.

But it is always important not the position where you are, but the direction in which you are moving. And she always went only forward!

Little Ellen not only managed to overcome the gravest illness, but she gave all her strength to fight for the right to live a decent life.

Having lost sight and hearing in a year and a half, a small American woman has not lost her fighting character. Her family was in a panic! How to help the girl?

She was lucky. At seven she met an amazing teacher, a woman who became her second mother for her.

Slowly and gradually, she taught the child the difficult language of signs and gestures. It was invented by the monks three hundred years ago for communication among the initiates.

Ellen turned out to be a diligent student. Nobody believed in her success!

And she became a celebrity. I graduated from college, then - a university in the USA.

I wrote several books. I met with well-known writers and politicians of my time.

The courage and kind heart of Ellen Keller helped her live happily.

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Angelina was 12 june

We really enjoyed! Chamber theater, the feeling that you are on stage! The performance itself and the work are excellent!

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