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Me and Frida

Our turn to talk about Frida Kahlo. At the heart of the play, as befits the DOC Theater, documentary texts are her diaries. “Me and Frida” is a dialogue. Three characters - two actresses: Nargis Abdullaeva speaks to us on her behalf, on behalf of Frida and Catherine Dar speaks on behalf of Death. A conversation of three women: living, departed and eternal.

Nargis of Fried:

“I like to look at her paintings.
I love to reread her diary.
I love to catch her in a lie.
Frida does not like shamelessness. She does not tolerate familiarity. But I still go deeper: somewhere inside, there is an answer, and I need it.
Why is they talking about her as if she had not died? Why do they fantasize about her as if she didn’t live?
And still I am in a claim. On her, on her life, on her inhuman luck. She owned what I did not have. Absolute fullness of love, controversial and partly ugly - but who am I to decompose what I have not seen in my eyes?
In short, I envy. We are so alike! So why did she have it, but I don’t?
Fortunately, I'm still alive.
Unfortunately, I keep talking to her. Constantly".

Why did Frida herself become a symbol, and her life an artistic expression, inspiring and bewitching? Did she find the answers to the questions herself? Did life in the confrontation with Death tell her the way?

How to collect a happy life from the fragments of a broken life?
How to find strength and a reason to live when the joys of earthly life are not available to you?
How to push the boundaries of the small that is available to you?
In the mirror is your image. The whole world is in you. And she writes and writes her portrait, peering at herself. She sees herself differently. Sees his past, his salvation, his death. Says Death: “Death, wait!” And Death is waiting.

Playwright - Zhenechka Palekhova
Director - Ovlyakuli Khojakuli
Artist - Natalya Krankova
Composer - Olga Shaidullina
Choreographer - Alexander Andriyashkin
Musician - Arseniy Kotov
Actors: Nargis Abdullaeva and Ekaterina Dar

Age restriction: 18+
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
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