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Дядя Ваня.

Санкт-Петербург. Дядя Ваня.16+

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Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский пр-кт., 12
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In Yuri Butusov's play "Uncle Vanya" the characters appear before the public as before God: in all spiritual nakedness. It seems they are drawn backwards - bright, broad strokes. But the motley picture is full of nuances.
There are no familiar Chekhov intonations, there is no web of relationships-more precisely, it is torn to shreds. Each hero seems to be taken out of the fabric of action and presented to the viewer in all charm and in all weakness ... Characters of Chekhov, performed by the "stars" of the theater in a tragicomic frenzy, rush to fight with the world order. There are moments where everyone is tall, there are moments where everyone is pathetic. Eccentric, grotesque and buffoonery, and yet the speech in this tragicomic clownery is about a man, about the thirst for happiness, which is so natural and so absurd.
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Is there any hope for Chekhov's heroes?

Unhappy, long believed in the special giftedness of Professor Serebryakov, Uncle Vanya (the more was his disappointment: the professor in fact turned out to be a windbag); the unruly Sonya, who knows how to love deeply and faithfully, but who loves non-reciprocity; Disappointed in all and all Dr. Astrov; Elena Andreevna, who flirted unconcerned ...

All of them have already ceased to be living people, heroes, who you believe and empathize with; they have become masks-symbols: their gestures, gestures, phrases, monologues are brought to the limit in their repetition, predictability, immutability.

Well, character is destiny. Heroes, like spectators, are doomed to walk in a circle, repeating and multiplying their cues, movements, mistakes. Or not?

The light of hope is dim and just about to fade, but it can not fail to be. Write a description

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