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Балет Шерлок Холмс

Балет Шерлок Холмс12+

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Москва, Вернадского пр-кт., 5
02 h 30 min




For over 100 years people of different countries and ages have read and reread the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. How many of the most intricate detective stories they managed to reveal! One of them will come to life on the stage of our theater in dance and music. In addition, a story about this will be performed by People's Artist of Russia Georgy Taratorkin. Yes, you will learn not only about the events connected with one mysterious crime, but, perhaps most importantly, you will learn the main secret of the famous detective, who possesses an unsurpassed method of deduction. Remember this word! After all, it includes a whole chain of conclusions, which in the end will certainly help to uncover even the most intricate crimes. Estimated date of the premiere - December 22, 2012. SHERLOCK HOLMES (Based on the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle) Detective-ballet to the music of Georg GENDEL, Franz Schubert and Irish folklore music. Choreography, scenography and costumes - laureate of international competitions, laureate of the Maurice Bejar Award Elena BOGDANOVICH Lighting Designer - Taras Mikhalevsky Assistant director - Natalia Vracheva Characters and performers: Sherlock Holmes - Dmitry Kruglov, Maxim Podshivalenko, Oleg Fomin Watson - Oleg Montoyev, Ivan Titov, Gleb Utkin Mrs. Hudson - Anna Markova, Olga Pugacheva, Natalia Savelieva, Vilina Savkin Mr. Neville Saint Clair, he also Hugh Boon - Maxim Pavlov, Sergey Tatarkin, Gleb Utkin Mrs. Neville Saint Clair - Ekaterina Zaitseva, Elena Music, Julia Selivanova Vorishka - Mikhail Galiev, Semyon Ilyin, Pavel Okunev Chinese woman - Xenia Malobrodskaya, Tatiana Passer Sirs (they are passers-by, policemen, Sherlock Holmes thoughts) - Ekaterina Blaschik, Victoria Eremenko, Ekaterina Zaitseva, Anna Markova, Julia Osipova, Natalya Savelyeva, Mark Izyurov, Ivan Kapitonov, Yuri Kravets, Dmitry Kruglov, Maxim Podshivalenko, Sergey Tatarkin
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