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Feedbacks from viewers
Elina was 10 april on Treasures of the Moscow Kremlin

I do not recommend it to anyone. Promise to tour, and they force you to come 2 hours before the event, met in the subway, escorted to the Kremlin. Hand in hand Tickets that I could buy at 2 times cheaper. And that's all! Then we were told by the official Kremlin guide. For what I gave an additional 2 thousand rubles (I was with a child) ?? Apparently, for the gala departure from the subway! Divorce for money. Negative from deception killed all impressions from the Kremlin and its treasures.

Anna was 30 june on Moscow Ancient

On August 19 we visited the excursion "Ancient Moscow". Firstly, the tour lasted no more than an hour instead of two and a half hours, it is possible that this is because of the small number of people (3 people), but Secondly, the guide, who looked very untidy, did not tell, and chattered as if he wanted faster To get rid. Thirdly, the story turned out to be insubstantial: everyone knows the year of the foundation (first mention) of Moscow, the name of the author of the horses on Manezhnaya Square, the location of the Bolshoi Theater and the State Duma. Why talk about this? Directly to "Ancient Moscow" in the excursion was paid negligible time. On the street. Ilyinka and Birzhevaya Square, we did not visit, but the building of GUM was not even mentioned. And the guide did not take us to Red Square either. Here so. As a result: the tour was bad and had to cost 200 rubles.

Tat`yana was 08 june on Moscow Dvoryanskaya

A great event!

Elena was 23 jule on The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin

We went on an excursion with three children. We counted for 3 hours, but it turned out more than 4 hours with the Armory. I did not specify the duration and tickets were more expensive because of the Armory. As it turned out, they offer two variants of the excursion. But in general, the children were happy. The youngest (8 years old) stood firm. Was a little on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because I wanted to see the King immediately gun))) So, who goes with the children - keep in mind. Many thanks for the informative and interesting excursion to Andrei Vladimirovich. He did his best to keep the children's attention and they remembered our main attraction - the Kremlin.

Elena was 07 may on Secret Moscow

On sale only children's tickets, but I need to buy 1 child and one adult

Daefuin was 07 may on Secret Moscow

Please give tickets for adults on sale. 3 bought, 1 missing!

Nataliya was 29 june on Moscow Hollywood

Indeed, this is not worth it, rather, it's not worth 750r per person. Meeting in the metro and 20 minutes of the story about the station with the over-shouting of trains, then you together get on public transport, pay for it yourself, and you join a group excursion, you wait like everyone else, the general gathering on the transmission point of the Mosfilm. Then you are simply transferred to a general group of excursions from Mosfilm. And if you arrive at the appointed time to the place, there will be a place in the group and the official ticket costs an adult of 200 rubles. To our disappointment, we paid 750 rubles and asked for what ?! Better yourself go to Mosfilm. On the territory of Mosfilm interesting: a museum, a pavilion, and if you're lucky, you'll see how they shoot a movie. In general, it was more interesting to us than the child, since Soviet cinema, heroes, actors are "legends and tales" of our time.

Nadegda was 05 november on Moscow Hollywood

I liked everything, thank you.

Ol`ga was 08 jule on The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin

Sharaga \ beginning at 15.00 on 08.07.13 in the subway were at 14.45 no-one was \ waiting until 15.05 \ useless \ money is lost \ mood is spoiled

Elena was 23 june on Moscow Ancient

Why tours are only on Monday? It's impossible to get!

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