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Theater Behind the Black River

Feedbacks from viewers
Larskiy was 23 november on Mr. Sherlock Holmes (from age 12)

We are delighted. I liked it very much

Svetlana was 24 may on Marble

Thanks for the wonderful production and professional performance of the actors, I enjoyed myself. According to previous reviews, there is not much censorship in the play, it absolutely does not agree with this. It is just as much as in Brodsky's novel of the same name, and it was not vulgar and vulgar! I recommend rereading the work before the performance.

Simona was 16 february on Marble

For me, it turned out to be very frank (there is not too much censorship), but the actors are talented.

Oleg was 01 november on Marble

The performance was liked by the playful actors. The two of them, I believe, it was hard to talk continuously for 2 hours, but they coped successfully.

Liya was 30 march on Marble

Bold, atmospheric, certainly enjoy the one who read the work. Brodsky's admirers will certainly not remain indifferent.

Larisa was 14 september on Marble

Interestingly unusually rich

Svetlana was 15 march on Marble

I really liked the production! The actors are gorgeous!

Liya was 18 may on Marble

Very atmospheric, acting is admirable. Fervor, which will have to the liking of Brodsky's lovers!

Vera was 22 march on Love and wanderings of Ensign Grinyov

Thank you so much! performance och. liked, we will come to you more often!

Sergeykl was 02 april on Lieutenant from Inishmore Island

Sadistic comedy beautifully played by good actors. It's great for re-enacting maniacs.

Viktoriya was 08 april on "Premiere" The story of one night

Great performance! Got incredible viewing pleasure! Makes you think about many things! Very subtle and sincere! Actors are incredible! Believe every word and action! I advise everyone!

Tat`yana was 13 march on Lieutenant from Inishmore Island

Black comedy without goodies. The absurd plot captivates and captures thanks to the wonderful play of actors.

Viktoriya was 29 april on Oorfene Deuce

A wonderful musical family performance! Very good!

Olesya was 27 april on Oorfene Deuce

A remarkable idea, for a child 6-8 years old just super!

Uliya was 28 march on Oorfene Deuce

Great performance !!

Lubov` was 11 may on Visiting Andersen

I liked the performance very much. Children and I are delighted. We plan to visit you again.

Marina was 30 november on The leader of the Redskins

Great performance. I really liked my son. All the children in the hall looked and laughed. Excellent dynamic production, super game actors. Songs - separate +: the son sang one of them one week after the play, although in general there is no such thing for him))

Sergey was 07 march on Lieutenant from Inishmore Island

Thanks guys. We received great pleasure.

Valeriya was 06 december on Oorfene Deuce

Got great fun! My daughter (7 years) immediately after the performance said: "Mom, let's come again and give Oorfene Dzius flowers!" RECOMMENDED!

Viktoriya was 01 may on Teach me to fly (6+)

Touching and simple! Very delicate and sincere performance! There are no words! Gentle and bright! I will definitely come again with my daughter!

Viktoriya was 22 april on Art

I really liked this performance! So lively and beautiful! It has so much irony and humor, although the topics are pretty serious! I advise everyone! That's cool!

Nikolay was 22 april on Art

Very cool! Super-performance!

Nikolay was 02 april on BALBES

It was very cool! Got great fun! They laughed heartily ... I could not imagine such an interpretation of Alexander Pushkin! Super! I advise everyone!

Viktoriya was 06 may on My friend Carlson (6+)

It was super!!! Very cheerful family performance! Got a lot of fun !!!

Viktoriya was 22 april on Art

Very much! A wonderful comedy about friendship and art performed by beautiful actors! I liked it very much! I'll come and see again! And I advise everyone to see it too! You will like it !!!

Nikolay was 09 april on Hello, Mary Poppins!

We went with my daughter to this play! Very lively and interesting! We really enjoyed! Got a lot of fun! Very suitable for family viewing! I recommend to everyone!

Viktoriya was 28 april on Premiere of "TRUCK"

Touching to the core! We cried and laughed! Incredible dolls that say a lot! The lump in the throat was throughout the performance and long after ... Amazingly deep and tender! You start to appreciate life more! I advise everyone to see this performance!

Ol`ga was 06 september on BALBES

Original, talented and very fervent! Thank you for a nice evening!

Viktoriya was 30 april on Little Mermaid (from 6 years old)

Very gentle performance! It will please both children and adults!

Ol`ga was 14 june on Rendezvous with Capricorn

Great comedy! Actors fellows! They laughed heartily.

Masha was 28 february on Rendezvous with Capricorn

The beginning of the performance was very pleasant, really funny, and then it is already predictable. In order to custom-tailor the evening is quite suitable, but nothing serious, deep, taking on the soul, which makes thinking here is not.

Nataliya was 15 december on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance is very bright, on the verge of emotions, contrasts. Artists bowed low, so sincerely, flamboyantly, looks at one go. Nothing superfluous and nothing missing, there is something to think about, again and again, and there is much to laugh at. Thank you from all my heart.

Andrey was 21 november on Lubka

This story was interesting and the actors' game is good. I liked the soundtrack during the performance. Rated 5 out of 5.

Uliya was 05 october on Hello, Mary Poppins!

Went with two daughters 5 and 7 years. Were in delight! And they laughed and sang along to the actors. All just great! We think in the near future again to visit you.

Visitor was 22 november on Rendezvous with Capricorn

Liked. Thank you.

Liya was 17 september on The Catcher in the Rye

The play is not very, long read and could not understand, but the actors liked the play

Angelika was 17 september on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance is wonderful! Acting at the height! Sergey B. - THE MINISTRY! Thank you very much for the pleasure! Keep it up!!!)

Denis was 26 may on The Catcher in the Rye

I liked the sincere performance, interesting throwing of sadness in humor, in the hall it was hot. DAW.

Tat`yana was 10 may on Little Mermaid (from 6 years old)

Thank you for the pleasure! Beautiful setting. Direction and design thought at the height!

Uliya was 26 may on The Catcher in the Rye

Very impressed, wonderful game, sorry that without flowers.

Ekaterina was 30 may on The Catcher in the Rye

I really liked the performance, a wonderful game of actors, the musical accompaniment complements the atmosphere, very close to the plot. The only thing that did not like it was waiting for those who were late, yet most people come on time and make them wait not quite right, it seems to me. But it did not spoil the general impression, the performance is too good.

Vitaliy was 30 may on The Catcher in the Rye

1. There are no questions for the game of actors - I did not read the book, but I did not like the plot. The work did not enrich anything. The actions of the hero were read in advance. Probably, one former friend saw 90%. 2. I do not like when the red line is written not to be late - all who respect themselves with the troupe and other viewers came on time, and the theater makes its choice in favor of the "lost sheep". Due to the fact that everyone in the country is accustomed to not responding for anything - the theater spit at all and delayed calls. To be by 18-30 my wife's leg in the blood has erased.

Natal`ya was 30 may on The Catcher in the Rye

Thank you very much. I liked the production, the amazing play of actors. We got a lot of pleasant impressions. Before, we did not know that there was such a theater. Now we will come to the theater for other productions.

Svetlana46 was 25 may on BALBES

Thank you! I liked it very much

Valentina was 19 april on Art

A wonderful performance, a wonderful play of actors. All the best and health

Anna was 10 may on Little Mermaid (from 6 years old)

The production is magnificent, the child is 6 years in ecstasy.

Roman was 14 april on The Catcher in the Rye

Beautiful production, great actors, thank you very much)

Nataliya was 23 april on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance is interesting. Problems are affected forever. Pts like a little girl with tails!

Evgeniy was 12 april on BALBES

Petrosymschima ;-(

Irina was 06 april on Mr. Sherlock Holmes

All our family very much liked the play "Sherlock Holmes" in the theater "Behind the Black River" (St. Petersburg). Such a great game of actors we have not seen for a long time, insane devotion, new reading, new cheerful image of Sherlock-EVERYTHING WE LIKE IT !!!!, why we recommend everyone to watch this performance!

Svetlana was 05 april on Art

We really enjoyed. Everything is fine: the actors' game is just perfect and the play is pretty. With pleasure we will come.

Pavel was 06 april on Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Everything is fine, thank you very much

Marina was 13 april on Rendezvous with Capricorn

The performance is stunning! I really liked the actors game! Positive emotions did not leave me from the very beginning of the play until its end. I advise everyone!)

Ol`ga was 31 march on The Catcher in the Rye

Thank you. It was wonderful. Come again!

Ekaterina was 04 may on Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Great performance for family viewing !!! Thank you!!!

Marina was 22 march on Hello, Mary Poppins!

Thanks to the actors and the staff of the theater.

Larisa was 16 march on Four billion dollars

Thank you for the performance! All very much. An interesting story and an awesome game of actors!

Aleksandr was 01 march on Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Wife and child really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Kseniya was 22 february on Art

The theater is cozy, the actors play is amazing! I liked it very much!

Yana was 01 march on BALBES

The performance is wonderful !!! Cheerful and light! Suitable for both children and adults. And adolescents must watch! It is possible that after the performance they will start reading Pushkin AS.

Visitor was 20 january on The Catcher in the Rye

The performance is amazingly magical!

Elena was 28 december on Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Wonderful, witty performance, the actors play is amazing, with the child received great pleasure, thanks for the gift of the mood

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