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Theater-studio "Theatrical Ark"

Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksandra was 18 march on Intended for scrapping

I liked the performance. The game of actors heartfelt. Great music and light design. The minimalism of the scenery emphasized the drama of the loneliness of the characters. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Tat`yana was 11 february on Romeo and Juliet

Were at the performance on February 10 with my mother. I liked the performance, the play of actors at a high level. I advise to view.

Aleksandr was 25 january on Intended for scrapping

It was about this state that I came to this performance. And what is happening on the stage has penetrated deep into my soul. How I wanted to talk about the play, when it ended. To share emotions, to express gratitude to the director for accuracy and conciseness ... And the time came, the lights came on, the audience rose from their seats and headed for the exit. I stood with my back to the stage, looking into the hall.

Irina was 09 june on Judas. Passion

Judas. Passion. The performance is magnificent !!! Over the past 10 years, visiting theaters 3.4 times a month, I have not seen anything better. Scenario, staging, decoration, actors' play, costumes - everything is amazing. I experienced a cultural shock. Marina Petukhova deserves the title of not deserved, but a people's artist. It is a pity that this performance sees such a small number of people. In the autumn, when the season starts, I'll bring all my theater friends. Thank you!!!

Nataliya was 23 april on Fan

Thank you very much for the stunning performance! The director's work deserves the highest praise. Dynamic action, interactivity, mood, humor, unusually decorated dialogues, dances and music kept in suspense throughout the whole performance. The play of the actors admires, as always the inimitable R.Ikonnikov and I.Kurylyov, M. Zhuravlyova and G. Khasanov are very organic, S.Nedugov and M.Petuhova, A.Kravchenko and M. Simonov are undoubtedly talented, M.Fudina is fascinating, We are waiting for new works of our wonderful and already beloved troupe.

Elena was 20 april on Fan

Thank you very much for the provided service. The work of the site is satisfied.

Elena was 05 march on Sanya, Vanya with them Rimas

For the first time the performance produced not just an impression, but literally a shock - to goose bumps on the skin and a lump in the throat. And she laughed and cried ... And she does not let go until now.

Ludmila was 07 february on Do not Cast Ashes on the Floor

It was the first time in the Ark in the play "Do not throw ash on the floor." All very much! Talented actors, an interesting production, a cozy home-like room! Many thanks! A huge request! - Tell me, please, what is the name of the final musical composition in this performance?

Nataliya was 04 february on Sanya, Vanya with them Rimas

Many thanks for the pleasure! A fascinating plot, all the actors playing in the play are simply magnificent, and Marina Petukhova, Pavel Zverev, Maria Zhuravlyova, Vladimir Shelekhin, Gennady Khasanov are incredibly authentic and organic. The performance looked at one go, did not want to part with the heroes of this remarkable play.

Irina was 15 november on Sanya, Vanya with them Rimas

Great performance! Great play and staging. Actors - brave! I will definitely look again.

Alena was 23 october on Children of the Sun

A great performance, an amazing play of actors! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 06 october on Unparalleled Soloha

Were at the play. Stunning performance of actors, laid out in full. It feels like you are in this time. Thank you very much for the pleasure!

Anastasiya was 17 september on The Scarlet Flower

It will be pleasant to all children and adults unequivocally! Chic costumes and scenery, actors play in one go! I recommend to see it all!

Elena was 23 october on Very Simple History

The performance really liked, the actors play super, I recommend to Everyone!

Anastasiya was 23 april on Sanya, Vanya with them Rimas

A wonderful performance! Vital. Actors play unmatched, immediately immersed in the atmosphere of the plot. Marina Petukhova and Pavel Zverev are so talented that I do not want to part with their heroes, I want to continue! We laughed, and cried, experienced for the heroes, their fate. We will definitely come again to this performance. I highly recommend it! Has touched! To the depths of my soul, right in the heart! Bravo!!!

Irina was 16 january on Excellent Party

Very pleased! Never were in the theater in Sergiev Posad. I liked the game of young talented actors. The production is excellent. Professional game. Everything is super !!!! The son of 13 years sat attentively looked, and for it 2,5 hours to sit out, it is necessary to carry away very much. Thank you. We will definitely come again.

Elena was 03 february on Very Simple History

We went to the play "A very simple story," just a stun performance! When the intermission began, I did not believe that it was already 50 minutes, it seemed that the performance was only 5 minutes. Actors live the life of their heroes, the game is simply gorgeous, has not received such pleasure from the performance for a long time, the same was said by my husband and son of 15 years. In this theater went 3 times with the whole family and decided that we will see as much as possible all the performances in this small home theater.

Galina was 26 january on Very Simple History

Great performance! In the second ward, everyone had tears in their eyes. Everyone applauded for a long time and standing! I have not seen such a thing in the Theatrical Ark yet! The audience did not want to leave .....

Ekaterina was 03 february on Very Simple History

Went with my parents on the 22nd of February for the performance "A very simple story." The performance is simply amazing. The actors play is gorgeous. Particularly liked how animals played. In the capital's theaters you do not always find such professionalism. Time flew by not noticeably, because they were simply fascinated by history. During the action and laughed and cried. They left under the impression. I wanted to note that I was in the theater for the first time, but from the entrance you feel the comfort, kindness and warmth.

Yana was 07 december on Excellent Party

Thanks to the actors for the excellent game and an interesting and funny production)

Elena was 26 january on Very Simple History

The performance is stunning! The staging and acting are gorgeous! Bravo to the director Ogornichnykh O.L. We decided with my husband that we will not go to cinemas, it's better to go to the theater, where the actor lives the life of his hero, and you together with him, where the energy of everything that is happening is felt. I will not tire of repeating BRAVO! Now we will be regular spectators of this theater.

Nataliya was 28 april on Do not Cast Ashes on the Floor

Many thanks for the pleasure! The actors played the game, watched the performance with interest and admiration, in one breath, it was very unfortunate to part with this interesting pair, and after the play they discussed for a long time what would happen to them further ...

Nataliya was 04 march on Romeo and Juliet

Recently watched this stunning performance. Amazing performance, unexpected interpretation, very talented work, Romeo is irresistible, Juliet is charming, Tybalt is inimitable, Brother Lorenzo is brilliant, Nurse is above all praise, very talented work, Mercutio surprised, fascinated, kept the hall in suspense, the versatility of the actor is admired, the whole acting team Worked just brilliant. I really want to see the play again.

Valentina was 25 november on I believe ...

I liked the performance, the soulful play of the actors. I was thrown up for a living ... Very convenient service of purchasing tickets. I use it regularly and will recommend it to friends.

Nina was 28 february on Do not Cast Ashes on the Floor

I liked the performance very much, the actors were wonderful, they fascinated the whole audience. I really like Maria Petukhova, an excellent actress. Thank you very much for the pleasure!

Natal`ya was 26 april on Unparalleled Soloha

Gift is immaculately good. Bravo to the actor

Nina was 20 september on Liperady

I really liked the performance, the actors are good fellows, many new young actors.

Uliya was 01 march on The Elder Son

Well done! I liked the performance !!! Good luck to you!!!

Alina was 09 february on I believe ...

I liked the performance, the theater, the cozy atmosphere, the actors are wonderful.

Andrey was 07 february on I believe ...

At the event "I Believe" from 07.02.2014 in the teotorial ark was the first time. Despite the limited possibilities of the theater-studio, it was pleasantly surprised by the acting skills of the entire collective. Thank you for a well spent evening.

Irina was 08 december on Do not Cast Ashes on the Floor

The performance is wonderful! Actors fellows!

Ekaterina was 24 november on The Elder Son

Thank you very much! The play really liked, wonderful director's and actor's work!

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