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Theater "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors"

Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 04 december on Afghan

Wonderful performance! Thanks!

Tat`yana was 30 january on My Marat

Thanks to the young actors of the theater! They play very diligently and heartily. I enjoyed watching the play with two friends. It is a pity that the actress was sick with a cold. Poor Raikova was snooping and coughing ... The first time was in the hall of the small stage of the theater, and I did not like it: it was very stuffy and cramped in my legs, as on a cheap economy flight. But this does not apply to the play.

Andrey was 14 january on Shit

I didn’t like it ... I went with my wife on January 12 .... "Dur" she is crap ... like in a madhouse .... maybe it was so intended, but somehow everything is ridiculous, not funny .... Earlier watched "You need to marry, sir," starring Marat Basharov - the same story, but it was great and funny .... Apparently you call it a ship, so it will float ...

Uliya was 20 december on Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Good day! We went to the play with children of 4 years, 6 and 8 years. I liked everything and adults as well. Children are not completely tired, everything is bright, colorful, cheerful and with humor. Be sure to come back for the performance. Thank !

Lubov` was 11 december on Chao

Easy and ironic performance. They laughed heartily and had a great evening. I recommend for viewing.

Galina was 19 november on Shit

Great performance for Sunday evening: fun, musical. The actors play organically, they are very well played together. A few scenes well, just hilarious! Live performance of musical numbers is very good. The performance is uplifting, but not only fun. It seemed to me that there is something to think about. The hero constantly asks the question: “What to do?”, And answers with actions that make up the action on the stage, but the question continues to sound, and every viewer should look for the answer to it ...

Marina was 24 october on Two Baba Yages

This is some incredible performance !! We watched with children twice, the first time two older, the second time with the younger. And once again they would have gone, but there are many other equally interesting performances around. Here we laughed heartily both children and adults !! Thanks to the cast! And Baba Yaga is canceled !! To the depths of the soul have touched everything! Highly recommend!

Angelina was 01 october on Cipollino

Do not wait for the classical interpretation. Bright, musical, modern. Despite the fact that many children and adults during the presentation spoke out loud. Everything was audible. The actors play, the costumes, everything is on the level. Children liked it. I like the adult, I liked the ending. In the sense that the right emphasis, that everyone should live together and respect each other.

Uliya was 20 september on Ordinary miracle

A good performance, an average game of actors, an actress for the role of a princess, in my view, is chosen unsuccessfully, it is more customary for a princess to see a delicate, delicate girl. The performance was protracted, half an hour could be safely cut. To my acquaintances, I would not recommend viewing this work, although tastes and expectations are different for everyone

Sergey was 29 may on Devilry

What the director wanted to say, giving out roles to actors who are many times older than their characters is a big mystery. The spectacle, when married to Nicholas II, instead of 22-year-old Alix, comes out 50-year old woman - unforgettable. It is so deeply imbued with the atmosphere of severe schizophrenia that only one scene is worth attending to this spectacle. On the king's wife, schizophrenia does not stop, the old people playing pretty young grand dukes - there too ... Unfortunately, unfortunately, they play badly, cardboard, in one screamingly pathetic tone. Tear in the non-stop mode for 3 hours in a row, the characters talk with a cry - so most of the dialogues carry a sense of falsehood. But (this is about good)! On this sad background, a writer brilliantly performed by Perov, very talented, with a wonderful intonational range reading author's text and "leading" this performance, looks very advantageous. And most importantly, for what exactly is it worth to go to the play (well, except for the old lady in the role of a girl, of course) - this is a great set design! Here it is serious - everything is done great, masterful, expensive. The performance is made in the form of reading a novel by a writer (here we were lucky, since Perova is a great performer). Made in a clip-style manner - the action is divided into dozens of small scenes (from a few seconds to several minutes), organically woven into the thread of the story. This manner of giving does not allow the viewer to get bored, attention constantly switches from the narrator to the actors. with actors on the back screen, which displays video, historical or, more often, with the same actors, but stylized under the video of the early 20th century. It redeems everything and makes a three-hour play with bad actors interesting and boring. As for the most told story about Rasputin and the royal family - I did not read Pikul to my shame, so I do not know to whom to address the claims. Who on the spot of Rasputin drew some small merchant, why did Nicholas make a scrap, etc. etc. The shown story with reality has little in common, but one can not get irritated about this and just take it as a fairy tale variation on Rasputin's theme.

Natal`ya was 29 may on Devilry

The play was liked, a good play of actors (tried very hard). Subjective reading of Pikul. Although Pikul himself was very subjective in his assessments.

Elena was 11 march on Forget Herostratus!

Did not like! A good play, but the production is not. In addition, the play - in the attic and in the hall it is uncomfortable to sit an adult person. Claims are not only to Maximova and Basov.

Ekaterina was 26 february on Princess Frog

Were with my daughter 8 years in the play on February 25. The performance is vivid, very musical and memorable. In the best traditions of children's theater performances. A great game of actors. We really, really liked it.

Tat`yana was 19 december on Chao

I really liked the play. Simple, easy. The game of young actors was very pleased. There are also in our country performances that are played without vulgarity and newfangled quirks. And you can just go to the theater and relax. Thank the actors for a wonderful evening.

Tat`yana was 13 november on Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

We watched the play on 12.11.2017 with a child of 7 years. The performance is good. I liked the child.

Andrey was 14 september on Shit

The performance is magnificent for its unrestrained gaiety, joy, kindness and recklessness. All this together creates a unique atmosphere on stage and in the hall! Russian folk songs, dances, cute jokes, unpretentious plot make the play extremely easy for the viewer! Moreover, it seems that actors also enjoy the material they work with! In general, an actor's ensemble of like-minded people has been created, watching him is also a pleasure for the viewer! I recommend to all! You will not regret!

Andrey was 10 september on The millionaire

The performance is very interesting. The director and actors carefully work with the material! The atmosphere of England in the 20s of the 20th century was transferred subtly! Actors believe - they work without tearing, sincerely and expertly! For lovers of history, politics, life and everyday life of Englishmen, English literature, light humor, this performance will bring maximum pleasure!

Tat`yana was 03 june on Great impudence or passion of the artist

I liked the design of the play. The play of the artists is a bit controversial, but nice. Probably, in order to better understand the play, then it is necessary to watch the film "Drawings .... I will not say the name of the film. There will be one who will be interested.

Sabir was 22 september on Great impudence or passion of the artist

Very strange performance. The main essence could not be caught.

Svetlana was 30 january on Great impudence or passion of the artist

A wonderful performance, which I viewed from and to in one go. A wonderful game of actors that convey very accurately the characters of the characters, the excellent work of the decorators, with which you seem to really feel yourself in the place of the plot. Everything requires praise - small, that a grateful spectator can give.)

Viktoriya was 26 november on Very simple story

A kind of spectacle .. more for children and adolescents. Honestly I expected the ending more instructive .. I liked the game of a pig, a rooster and a host.

Ol`ga was 23 november on Adventures of a lion cub

Many thanks! The play liked the child and adults))) we will definitely buy tickets for another performance.

Irina was 09 may on Four toasts for Victory!

Many thanks for the magnificent performance! There were 9 May and 10 came again. We felt the need to see and listen again. The play touches the depths of the soul! A great combination of music and poetry. There were moments when it was impossible to hold back tears! Once again, many thanks !!!

Uliya was 23 november on Adventures of a lion cub

Very intrenresny performance. Makes you think about many things ...

Tat`yana was 20 february on Very simple story

Thank you! We were satisfied.

Aleksandr was 23 november on Adventures of a lion cub

The play was liked by children, the adult is less. Terrible, rude! Control at the entrance. Confusion at the checkout and at the entrance!

Elena was 25 november on Afghan

Thank you very much to Nikolay Gubenko and all actors involved in the play! A low bow for the memory of our guys: those who died, and those who, thank God, remained alive! This performance should be watched by everyone !!!

Inna was 26 november on Very simple story

26.11.13. I liked the performance, I went with the whole family. There were tears in some places. The actors play very sincerely. I would advise to go to teenagers.

Anna was 24 october on Afghan

Spasibo Vam za spektakl! Nam on ochen ponravilsya! Dostoyno i trogatelno!

Uliya was 23 november on Adventures of a lion cub

An interesting performance. Children liked.

Marina was 02 march on Adventures of a lion cub

Mostly I liked it. A bright quality performance, but there is one boooolshowoy minus actors just open their mouths to the phonogram!

Ekaterina was 04 november on Adventures of a lion cub

The performance is super, the children are delighted, and the adults are the same.

Vladimir was 25 november on Afghan

Thanks for the performance, the actors played well, looked at one go.

Uliya was 16 february on Confessions of a bully

All very much! Thank you. We will recommend to friends!

Mariya was 24 november on Ivan-Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and others

Overall I liked it, but the 10-year-old said that the play for kids

Rumiya was 18 january on Confessions of a bully

Thanks to the director and actors of the Taganka Actors' Union! Touching, lyrical and at the same time cheerful! Yesenin everyone has his own, who admires "sysyat duras", I'm closer to the soulful "Letter to the Mother", for example, so that one can argue endlessly which setting is better ...

Ludmila was 31 october on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Thank you for a wonderful evening! Special thanks to the BigBilet service. Sincerely, Ludmila.

Ol`ga was 04 october on Two Baba Yages

Went with my daughter (6years). I liked the play, it was interesting. The actors played well, the children during the performance helped the main characters, cheered for them. I liked Koschey-just brilliance. I found it interesting. We'll go to this theater. THANKS!

Elena was 09 march on Mad Money

Went to "Mad Money" in the Commonwealth of actors of the Taganka Theater on March 9, 2014. This is a gift for the holiday! We often go to theaters, there is something to compare. But this view is really not expected! Simply beautiful! Actors laid out to the fullest! Simply delight! We sat in the 4th row, we practically practically participated in the play. Well, and Belotserkovsky, there are simply no words! Everything is beyond praise. Thanks guys !

Marina was 21 february on Cipollino

I liked the performance very much! Wonderful actors! Senor Lemon and Senor Tomato really liked! The child of 5 years - sang along and danced! Costumes, the production itself, everything is very bright and spectacular! We will definitely come again!

Ol`ga was 29 march on Mad Money

The second time already at this play, and again I'm delighted. A wonderful play of actors, excellent production, leaves a charge of positive emotions for a long time! Thank you so much!

Ol`ga was 30 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

We went with my daughter for five years for the New Year holidays. I liked and the New Year's program - Christmas tree, Santa Claus with Snow Maiden, presentations of magicians. Gifts are very beautifully decorated. The very presentation is beautiful - dynamic, not boring, beautiful scenery and outfits. Excellent acting. The king is simply incomparable! I liked the play and liked my daughter, and I enjoyed myself.

Elena was 06 november on Mad Money

An interesting staging of the play! Wonderful actors! We liked!

Mariya was 23 march on My Marat

Thank you for the incredible impressions of the performance. The hall is small, but it even has a better viewer. The actors play is amazing!

Anna was 09 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you! We got a lot of pleasure from watching! Very good Actor's work!

Nataliya was 11 november on Miss and Mafia

We liked it very much, we will come again with pleasure!

Irina was 16 march on Cipollino

Delightful performance !!!

Tat`yana was 19 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked the performance very much !!

Evgeniya was 26 september on Ordinary miracle

I really liked the production! The king is incomparable, the director's unusual view! Thank you! Eugene.

Svetlana was 28 march on My Marat

A piercing story about courage, love and true friendship. About people who are almost gone among us. Played great, the emotions are the strongest. I buy my friends as a gift. And my opinion is that such performances should see and feel, let through all the people .. I would like to see everything. Learn to be strong and honest.

Maria was 12 february on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

This is journalism, not a work of art. But it makes you think.

Elena was 23 march on My Marat

An excellent performance, vital, bright, makes you think about true values, a great game of actors. Has received huge pleasure from visiting.

Evgeniya was 04 november on Ivan-Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and others

There were Ivan the Tsarevich, the Gray Wolf and others on November 4, 2014. The wonderful performance, beautiful actors, the child liked the woman-yaga, which sings and dances most of all, Mom liked Koschey the immortal, who wanted to drown in glasses and a rubber cap , Who wrote the script of this performance - a man with a great sense of humor, this is not an ordinary performance, this is an extraordinary comedy, bravo !!!

Larisa was 19 january on Cipollino

Great, colorful performance! Actors on top! Children are delighted, applauded with pleasure. Thank you.

Helen was 06 april on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A great performance for the whole family. Exquisite costumes, excellent actors' play. We watched in one breath. Of the minuses - the organization of the buffet. Not everyone has the opportunity to have a snack during the intermission, a long queue.

Dmitriy was 02 october on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Great performance! It would be for the whole country to show that everyone would see. Maybe in the performance something is changed, something that is embellished, but something is not told, nevertheless the idea of ​​the play is understandable and very relevant. To look to schoolchildren of 10-11 classes is obligatory. It is a pity that rarely show. With great pleasure would go again!

Uliya was 23 march on My Marat

Absolutely stunning production. The whole next day does not let go of the plot. So it comes back to the heroes.

Natal`ya was 16 november on Two Baba Yages

Were at the play 16.11.2014 with the husband and the child for 3 years. The theater itself liked, the seats are comfortable, the hall is not stuffy. The performance was pleasant to us with the husband, but to an age category "1 +" it does not concern any way. Of course, because of the duration, and because of a lack of understanding of what is happening on stage. My child liked Snake Gorynych, as the most spectacular character, but arguments and philosophical meaning did not attract him, it was necessary to explain what was happening. The conclusion is this: kids less than 5-6 years old can be present, but without understanding what is happening, this is probably a waste of time. I want to note the incomparable image of Kashchei. Actors fellows! I would like to come to this theater, but for more understandable, for young children of the production.

Svetlana was 27 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A magnificent performance. I especially want to mention the actor A Tynkasov for the bright image of the Tsar. Thank you

Ol`ga was 28 march on Cipollino

Thank you so much. A wonderful performance. We walked on 03/03/2015. Two boys of 5 years. They liked it. The costumes are wonderful, bright, juicy. Very much it was pleasant to children when actors left on the middle of an auditorium. Very positive, bright. All the heroes of the heroes, so perfectly played to the end. The performance with intermission.

Anastasiya was 10 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Very bright and fascinating performance. Wonderful costumes.

Natal`ya was 25 october on Two Baba Yages

Today we were with the 4th form in the play "Two Babes of Yaga". I want to say to everyone - rather watch this performance, wonderful, bright, musical, very positive! Children are delighted, and we, adults, too, left in such a cool mood! Well done all the actors, without exception! That's great! All the girls just fell in love with KOSHCHE)))). Belotserkovsky Dmitry, a special thanks to him, went down at our request after the performance and gave the girls an autograph and of course a selfie))))) ..... It turns out DREAMS are coming true ... already in 10 years! Everyone will recommend this theater and performance! We are your fans forever))))!

Evgeniya was 12 october on Two Baba Yages

Thank you so much!!! I liked the performance !!! A wonderful work of actors!

Dmitriy was 13 january on Miss and Mafia

Was at the play on January 13. The performance is amazing. The actors play is wonderful. I recommend everyone go!

Inna was 09 december on Miss and Mafia

I liked the performance very much. The actors play very sincerely. Inna

Ekaterina was 12 october on Two Baba Yages

Good afternoon, I really liked the actors' play - they played with my heart, not for a tick! We spent time with pleasure! Thank you.

Ludmila was 01 december on Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Excellent performance, a cozy theater, wonderful actors and employees, was pleased that the foyer does not sell Chinese toys, very satisfied!

Vadim was 06 february on Mad Money

Well done! Excellent play, give the profession to the full! The hall is very cozy, in the forefront you are simply a participant in the action! Bravo! 5+

Vera was 17 january on Two Baba Yages

At the play (it is no coincidence with a capital letter) 2 women Yaga went with his son for 4 years, each of us looked with his own eyes, through the prism of his worldview, but the survey was crowned for us with exceptionally positive emotions! What beautiful and well-chosen actors! Perfect interactive with the audience, Baba Yaga (inimitable Alexei Yemtsov) appealed to the kids for help, and having received it, he offered many pleasant things! Bright and charismatic Koschey (Kesh in the performance of Belotserkovsky), movement, style, speech, at the height, the dialogues are clear to any category of viewers, before this performance my son did not want to hear about Koshchei, but now he is in love with this character! But what was the surprise and delight of the children from the Chupa Chupsa from the hands of the Koshchei! Music ... a separate topic, it's so laconic ... sonorous ... pure .... I do not agree with any of the negative feedback on this event, it's an excellent children's play ... in which both laughter and tears and love .... LOVE sincere and pure! Bravo aritistam, they did not play, they lived !!! (

Aleksandra was 16 february on Confessions of a bully

Fantastic performance! Poems and music are simply mesmerizing. I will recommend it to friends. We got a lot of emotions, thanks to the actors and the director for the amazing production!

Tonya was 05 november on Two Baba Yages

A very good, high-quality children's play, the children did not like the only loud music sometimes (5 and 6 years)

Natal`ya was 20 march on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Went with children 3.5 and 5 years. Many thanks for the wonderful, bright, colorful, dynamic performance that completely captivated children and did not leave indifferent adults! The actors play remarkably well!

Aleksandra was 26 june on Chao

The performance really liked! The game of Mary Dobrzhinsky is beyond praise! Excellent pastime.

Andrey was 07 november on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Good performance. Makes me think. Lead the youth on him!

Dmitriy was 09 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

The concert was held in the Central House of Artists. Were there for the first time, but really enjoyed it. The hall is small and cozy. Tickets are not at an abstruse price (the third row of the stalls for 1700 rubles.) Of course, there is no one left of Pesnyary's old staff, but the collective supports traditions. The voices are chic, songs of both old and new repertoire. I liked the multi-instrumentalist, who played on pipes, pipe, bagpipes, flute, saxophone, bayan. And the voice is not worse than Bartkevich's. Very warm welcome, almost homely atmosphere. I advise everyone. I was at the concert Pesnyary 3 times. The first in 1975 in the green theater at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, the second in the 90's in the State Center of Russia, and the third now. I do not regret at all.

Antonina was 11 november on Miss and Mafia

Were at the play "Miss and Mafia" the whole family. The family was delighted ... Live scenery, winged phrases of actors, an unusual ending ... Everything is 100% like! We will definitely come more than once to the theater of the commonwealth of Taganka actors.

Tat`yana was 09 november on Ivan-Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and others

I liked very much, the children were satisfied

Maksim was 20 january on Ordinary miracle

The production is very weak, the artists play badly !!! I did not like it at all, I wanted to leave in the middle of the first act, I could hardly wait for the intermission to leave the play.

Andrey was 03 jule on The Star of Deception

I liked the performance very much. Harmonious plot, a good play of actors. Humor and jokes are funny, with a sense of proportion. Many thanks!

Viktoriya was 13 march on Mad Money

I liked the performance very much! Cozy atmosphere and magnificent actors !!!

Uliya was 09 november on Ivan-Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and others

Good afternoon! I liked the performance very much. The child has a lot of impressions and emotions. Thank you.

Galina was 19 september on Mad Money

Great performance! We went all together with my son 13years. He, as we really liked. With humor, but there is something to think about. The only drawback is a hall with very narrow passages.

Anna was 18 may on Two Baba Yages

Very much it was pleasant, we will return to you again !!!

Veronika was 02 february on Ivan-Tsarevich, Gray Wolf and others

The play is fun and cheerful! The actors are wonderful! We are very enthusiastic about the time spent! Thank you very much!

Natal`ya was 17 january on Two Baba Yages

Went to the play with a child - 5 years. Despite the fact that the production takes two hours (with intermission) looked like in one breath. Very dynamic, musical, humorous, with unexpected plot twists. Excellent scenery, costumes, actors' play is also beyond praise! Artists constantly worked with the hall, which is also a plus, when the audience is children. In general, SAT as always pleased. Daughters really liked it, and other children too.

Natal`ya was 09 april on Pictures from Moscow life or "The Marriage of Balsam

Very lively and cheerful performance, very much.

Andrey was 18 december on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Abaldet. The most truthful performance about our life! I advise you to see.

Yana was 13 march on Mad Money

Great performance. Belotserkovsky .... Bravo!

Nadegda was 17 january on The Star of Deception

Sorry for the lost evening. The actors did not make a proper impression, for the first time in the theater they were bored.

Anna was 13 april on Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Good afternoon! We visited three children's plays: Humpbacked Horse, Two Yaga Babes, Kingdom of Kr.zerkal. All the performances are wonderful! Children 4 and 7 years look easily and with pleasure! The most wonderful impressions of the Humpbacked Horse!

Narina was 08 april on My Marat

The play "My Marat". I liked the production about Love, the friendship of young people in besieged Leningrad and life after the war. A wonderful director's work and the actors play does not leave anyone indifferent. I reviewed almost all the performances on the small stage, I'm totally delighted !!!! I advise everyone !!!

Nadegda was 24 january on Mad Money

Sumptuously! We recommend it to everyone!

Natal`ya was 23 february on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Thank you for thinking! Ambiguous performance. In some places sooo sad, tragic, sometimes beautiful, lyrical. It is worth watching especially young people!

Natal`ya was 19 april on My Marat

I liked it very much. A small hall, all as in the palm of your hand. The actors played amazing. Very touching and really. Thank you.

Mihail was 24 january on Cipollino

On January 24, there were (grandfather and boy 6 years old) at the show. The tickets were issued without any problems, which made us happy. The performance was very pleasant, musical, joyful and very positive. The boy looked with his mouth open, which is rare. Distracted and a little annoyed, but only me, the presence of children not age-appropriate presentation. Dear fathers, moms, grandmothers - respect and regret yourself and your children, and other people. Do not bring children of younger age than indicated on the playbill of the show. The purchase of a ticket at Bigbilet is organized well. Thank you .

Galina was 17 may on Cipollino

It's great, in September we will have YOU still

Uliya was 19 january on Cipollino

I liked it very much. Thank you

Ivan was 22 january on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

Beautiful performance. Very unusual performance. You are with the actors, but not on the stage. In the hall was sold-out. Although with the director in many ways you can argue.

Ludmila was 15 october on Mad Money

Excellent setting. Many thanks to the organizers and actors. Were in the play "Mad Money" by a company of 6 people, everyone is delighted. With respect, Lyudmila Lyah!

Vladimir was 18 december on Concert on the occasion of the end of the world

A wonderful performance! Many thanks to N. Gubenko. Presented tickets for this performance to children - let them grow patriots!

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